Indigo Coastal Grill

Located at 1397 N. Highland Ave, Indigo Grill offers a large variety of seafood. Phone number: 404-876-0676.

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    Tue Jun 04 2013

    Nice and cozy grill, atmosphere is pretty awesome and its a romantic place.

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    Tue Feb 04 2003

    Our 1st visit was just short of the best ever in a dinning exp. The Ribs are a must to try. Our 2nd visit is what brought the rating down. I had decided to try the Whole Scarlet Snapper..Bad mistake.. The sauce that is used is not a good one.. And everything on the plate blends into this one flavor..I was very unhappy with my choice. My husband stuck with the Ribs and enjoyed once again a great dinner. He did share part of his with me so it wasn't so bad. My 1st exp. makes me still want to go back. The sevice is great. You will enjoy your meal, just don't order the Snapper.

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    Wed Apr 25 2001

    This restaurant has been closed down.

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    Thu Apr 27 2000

    Great laid-back atmosphere and I could eat any entree on the menu and love it. They always have great specials. Good restaurant to go on a date.