Indianapolis Colts

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    Actually 2-1 in Super Bowls now... :)

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    Fri Jul 24 2009

    This may be out of bias, however I hate the colts! I hope Mr. Manning really bites the bullet this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright ... maybe I should calm down. I just had to be born in New England. Never the less hopefully the colts will drop the ball.

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    Sat May 23 2009

    Another very old team, but have a very old style.

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    The Colts are consistently among the best teams in the league even though they usually have one of the toughest schedules. They are classy, hold their players to a high standard and are one of the most active teams in their community. I don't believe the Colts are going to fade when Manning leaves, nor do I see a massive re-building effort in their near future. They will continue to draft well and to take an advantage by finding quality college free agenst after the draft. The Colts find ways to win but do it without compromising their high moral standard. While there are a few NFL teams of this caliber, unfortunately they may be becoming more of the exception rather than the rule.

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    Fri Mar 27 2009

    Indy has it all. Super bowl win,classy orginization,new building and the list goes on. As long as Manning sticks around they will be a contender.

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    These things need some serious upgrading.Also go back to the blue face mask,and bring back the blue pants for the white jerseys.

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    Sun May 25 2008

    Gomer Manning

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    Sat May 03 2008

    the colts are good because of peyton but if they lose him in an injury next season they would probably win about 5 games

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    While Payton Manning is an awesome QB ~ this team is WAY overrated!  Ever since Harbaugh (the Comeback Kid) left the Bears to actually DO SOMETHING, I have no love for this team!

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    Mon May 28 2007

    BLAND AND BORING....I understand that this is one of the retro throwback teams, BUT THESE AREN'T THE BALTIMORE COLTS ANYMORE!! PLEASE REDESIGN YOUR UNIFORMS!! Keep the logo, Keep the colors (but add a third to the blue and white, maybe silver or something). Change the facemask to white and take the stripes off of the sleeves and replace them with the horseshoe. Indy and KC, I believe are the last two teams in the league that need to redesign their uniforms. They are just absolutely boring to look at!

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    Sat Mar 03 2007

    I like them - they are classy, but not intimidating at all - a lucky horse shoe?

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    Thu Feb 08 2007

    They are an okay team and the real MVP is Marvin Harrison or Dwight Freeney.

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    Mon Feb 05 2007

    I guess I gotta give up the goodies since Peyton ditched the monkey.

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    Mon Feb 05 2007

    They Did Good Last Night

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    Sun Aug 13 2006

    The Colts window is closing fast. Their cap situation was greatly helped by the new collective bargaining agreement, but how long can they keep their core offense/defense together. Marvin Harrison is getting up in age, and I don't think that Reggie Wayne could dominate as a true number 1. He'd be good, but he's more valuable with another great WR with him. The Defense is pesky, and they did great last year. However, they wore down at the end of the year. I'm just waiting for Peyton to win a big, memorable game. They will win the AFC South unless the Jags can win their game in Jacksonville, and get past their tough schedule.

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    Thu Mar 23 2006

    TParker is a horse's arse.... and a numbskull to boot! GoColts!

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    Tue Jan 24 2006

    I was really pulling for the Colts this year. I was just glad there was another team being talked about other than the damn Patriots. Was very disappointed in the outcome of the divisional game as they just looked rusty and unprepared to play. I guess Peyton Manning has to get monkeys off his back one season at a time. This season it was beating the Patriots on their home turf in Boston, hopefully next year the monkey shaken off his back will be losing in the playoffs. Then we can enjoy seeing him in the Super Bowl.

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    Sun Jan 15 2006

    They are the best team in the NFL. If the Colts don't win the superbowl, they never will. UPDATE: They never will win the Super Bowl because the Choke Artist brothers (Manning and Vangerjagt) did what they did best. Choke!

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    Sat Dec 17 2005

    It's hard not to rate a 13-0 team a 5, even if you think they have a weak run defense and an overrated secondary. Offensively, they're rock solid. Defensively, they have holes, but nothing that anyone could take advantage of... yet. I don't honestly think they're the strongest team we've seen in recent years, (the Steelers last year were way better), but a weak schedule makes them look alot better.

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    Sat Nov 12 2005

    I think this is the Colts year. With advent of this staunch run defense and Edgerrin James tearing it up on the ground Peyton is not forced to win every game with his arm. That being said they can actually control the tempo of the game, win games on grass and on the road. With their undefeated record and 5 home games remaining I don't see anyone challenging them for home field advanatage down the stretch and this would ensure they never leave a dome for the entire playoffs including the Superbowl. And I don't see anyone in the NFC beating them.

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    Thu Oct 20 2005

    The most boring of the classic uniforms but I hope they never change it. I like predominantly white away uniforms, especially on grass. The dirt smacks of effort and it's a riot seeing some spotless bench warmer enter the huddle with ten muddy pigs.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    So far so good. But that's the story every year until choke time (AKA the playoffs)

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    Mon Sep 26 2005

    Heads up guys. Last year the Jags were the only team to beat The Coltst at home. This year, they won at home against the Jags, but wait a minute, why did they only beat them by 5? How is this possible? You've got two teams here that are very very decent, and I'm going to tell you now that I am not a Colts fan, but I have great respect for how Manning is leading this team; how in the world could a souped up defense only give their offense enough for a 5 point lead? After boosting up their defense, I think Jacksonville is another team to look at especially when talking about Playoff capabilities. My point is, either the Jagaurs are very very under rated, or the Colts arn't much better this year than they were last year. Superbowl? It looks good, but we'll have to see how well they play against their next opponent. In my opinion it's too early to tell.

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    Tue Sep 13 2005

    Indy looks great this year and opening with a big win over the #1 defense AND holding ANY team to 7 points is a plus from the 2004 season. I see the Colts in the Super Bowl and I see them winning it.

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    Wed Jul 27 2005

    With the decline of N.E. the Colts are the next Superbowl champion.

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    Thu Jun 16 2005

    Need some new colors, or at least a blue helmet with a white logo. The gray face masks look better than those blue ones. The blue ones stuck out like a stick in the mud.

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    Wed Apr 27 2005

    Manning, (the former Vol) is a great QB. Like Elvis Presley, Steve McNair, Faith Hill, and others before him.....he may have been born in Mississippi......but he was refined in TENNESSEE!!

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    Sun Apr 03 2005

    i love indianapolis .. thats my city BOOOOOY =) reppin 317 [naptown] to the fullest. and lets just say i've met ALL of the players... and they look GOOD even when they are all sweaty in their uniforms. NO ONE ELSE DOES! GO COLTS!!!

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    This team is desperately in need of a serious update to the uniform. They are not the same old classic Baltimore Colts so they should do away with these unis altogether. I like the color scheme but I would darken the blue slightly (not navy though) and go with a blue helmet. Also, get rid of the double stripes on the sholder and put the numbers up there rather than on the sleave!

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    Mon Feb 07 2005

    I like the uniforms. The face masks look better being blue instead of gray.

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    Great uniforms. Just fix the stripes one the sleeves and build an open air stadium.

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    Nice classic uniform, good thing they haven't changed it much.

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    Thu Feb 03 2005

    Excellent job sticking with traditional look through the move to Indy, despite brief flirtation with blue pants/white jersey combo, and kudos for recent retro tweaking, but shoulder stripes have become a little ridiculous.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    perfect. no frills. blue and white. black shoes. grey facemasks. lose the astroturf and get them muddy and they look better.

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    Sun Dec 26 2004

    Indianapolis colts have really helped to build a team spirit for the citizens of Indianapolis. The city is full of blue and white Colts banners, pendants and posters. I wear my 1984 very rare Indianapolis Colts hat to the game once and a while & several people try to buy it. Why is it they have never offered me more than $20.00?

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    Just waiting for the elder Manning to stub his toe.

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    Uniforms are ok, Helmets are Ugly.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    Another Hall of Fame Look...never to be changed....probably the 2nd best logo for a helmet ever!!(2nd to the RAMS logo)(as opposed to all the hype over the Raiders logo that you can't even read on less your 2 feet away!)

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    Sun Aug 29 2004

    classic uniforms - like the Jets - 2 colors - that's it! shows these teams that have to have 6 colors, and every one has to copy the raiders and steelers with the black motif. that simple is just as good. i did like them with blue facemasks better though.

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    Wed Aug 25 2004

    A great team, but not quite a Superbowl-calibur team.

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    Classy. Home uniforms would look even better if they didn't play in that ugly dome.

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    Thu Aug 12 2004

    Tradition overrides plain design. Blue pants a few years back were okay with white jerseys.

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    I used to like when they had silver pants in the 1980's

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    Mon Jul 05 2004

    Great traditional look. The only change that needs to be made is to have the Baltimore franchise wear these classic uniforms.

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    Sat Jun 12 2004

    Great offense, decent defense equals a super bowl tea right? Not when they choke in the playoffs.

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    Fri May 28 2004

    Todd Parker you fall into a category too, Dumbass. I enjoy watching the colts play, they are doing better every year with Peyton.

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    Wed May 26 2004

    The bright white is the coolest color in the league. Simple & traditional.

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    Fri May 21 2004

    As with the Browns, the enlargement of the stripes on the pants was a bad move. Shrink the stripes or move to just one single stripe down the side like the helmet and these uniforms could just be a five star.

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    Wed May 19 2004

    almost a good team. todd parker, your talking about the cowboys fanbase, not the colts.

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    Thu Apr 22 2004

    As of right now it is 3 days before the 2004 NFL Draft and the Colts offense looks great. Now their defense is a whole other story. They lost their starting CBs and their best linebacker and somehow expect to get away with filling an already porris defense with rookies? They better have something REAL spectacular planned for this offseason that wont cost them cap space or else i just dont see this team being its superbowl-birth-deserving-self it was last year. You never know though with Peyton Manning behind the wheel.