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    Fri Feb 26 2010

    I think IMVU is very fun! It's an awesome way for ADULTS to interact with each other online. There are many rooms that allow you to be yourself or be who you'd like to be. The main problem I have found, is there seems to be no age limit as to who can join. I've ran into children as young as twelve. This site, like every other poses a risk of children running into a situation they need not face. Since there are no children avatars, except the ones you can buy, (but not BE) it is obvious that this site is directed at adults. Therefore it needs a minimum age limit. Having Access Pass only chat rooms does not keep children from seeing things they need not see, or interacting with people that may be harmful.

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    As a frequent user, I have learned that IMVU is just another social world, much like New York or California, where you must float into your own section of IMVU. In real life, you wouldn't just walk down an alley at night and decide to chat with the guy in the corner, holding a rusted knife. In IMVU, you wouldn't blindly chat with the default guy standing in the corner, because odds are, he will ask you for sex or your address. What I'm trying to say, is that IMVU can be potentially good for you, so long as you are smart about it. Its not going to be a simple join and have friendly chatter for hours on end and you get to learn about other cultures from people who actually live in a foreign place, inless you resolve to find that sort of place. Tip 1: Know what you want out of IMVU. I mean, if you get on there to cyber and gawk at the scantily dressed pixels, then you should know that walking into a General Audience room that is marked," ~Kids Play WaterPark!~" isn't going to get... Read more

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    Tue Nov 24 2009

    This review is based on over 4 years experience with IMVU Inc. My standing with IMVU is as a developer, customer, and parent. The most recent activity I have viewed that impacts all levels of my experience as a user is what I will review here. The sheer amount of neglect and direct disregard for their users needs is only surpassed by the incredibly disconcerting customer service. I have logged customer support requests for several reasons and some have yet to be responded to. There are three still pending from two years ago. One more recent customer service request I made was in regards to their Daily Outfit Challenge in which a naked avatar was on the second page. It took 6 weeks for them to respond and the only comment made to me regarding the matter was that it was being looked into. Six weeks is a great deal of time for small children to view such nudity. IMVU claims to be in Beta yet has been open to the public for more than 5 years. This is a clear misrepresentation to av... Read more

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    Fri Apr 17 2009

    IMVU can be fun, if you're 13 or 14 and stick to your clique and have never, ever been on line before and have an IQ under 75. If you expect anything other than chatting dress up pixel Barbie dolls then you're SOL. Customer service is at an all time low. There is no service. Customers file help tickets that sit in queue for days or weeks then suddenly their tickets have been deleted by staff. Customers have very little protection from the cyber bullies that troll the site. From public homepage to public forums, the atmosphere borders on a feral feeding frenzy. At times the cyber bully bloodbath is so vicious that IMVU loses customers. Complaints to staff result in indifference and outright denial. The packs of wild dogs in the form of supposed young adults reminds one of National Geographic specials that end with images of bloody antelope pieces and growly fat lions. Content creators who sign up to texture or make 3d products pretty much sign away any rights they should have as a ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 04 2009

    imvu is a discrase.people can go on there and get you. any age). it put a virus on my computer. when i went on there and talked to some one. they tried to get some info about myself from me. it's a good site if u wanna take a chance at being killed! so dont go there. the virus on my computer was -i could'nt send e mails , and my internet stoped working. my computer was brand newwhen it happened.

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    I'm a long time user, and even tho I like the place, the customer service is sinking into the worst possible scenario. Virtually, there is NONE. I wouldn't spend any money there unless they get it together better than now. Everything is buggy, nothing gets fixed and they are constantly adding more buggy stuff. The place needs a complete wipe out of the current staff from top to bottom and they need to get some one to drive the boat who understands how to make a business run on something other than scamming customers for quick cash. They aren't growing for a very good reason

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    Thu Jan 10 2008

    IMVU is NOT appropriate for anyone under 18. You can read what adult users of IMVU have said about what really goes on,on imvu,and view the shocking evidence by going here: 000166&start;=0

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    Thu Sep 20 2007

    My friend and I downloaded this one night when we were bored after seeing the ad on myspace. The graphics where good, but we did meet alot of morons. Our avatar was asked out a few times (yes really) and was begged for cyber by one person. It seems to me that alot of people on it either dont have a gasp on relatity or they're living the life they want through it.

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    Fri Aug 03 2007

    I wouldn't reccommend this site to very many people. Yes the graphics are nice(no bar scenes, just a boring coffee shop, you have to buy the rest of the scenes), but it's still in the BETA stage and very disorganized. The IMVU staff doesn't handle issues well at all and I get tired of having to update IMVU, then finding out it contains some type of virus or bug. There are many other sites out there that I'm sure are better. Don't waste your time.

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    Wed May 03 2006

    I saw a demo of IMVU last night, and it is pretty unbelievably cool. IMVU lets you set up 3D avatars and customize your ID with thousands of clothing and accessory options. But the neatest thing is the blind chat they offer. During the demo, the guy clicked a button which launched chat with a random person from somewhere else in the world who also had their settings set to "chat." A table appeared on the screen with a couple of beers - I think it was a bar setting. Both avatars came to the table, and started chatting in bubbles. There's all sorts of actions you can do during this chat - for example, the presenter stood up and did a karate kick on the screen, and asked the person he was chatting with, "can you do that?" The person's response was to get up and walk away. It was sort of a 3D, live Sims or something... incredibly cool. I can't give it 5 stars as it doesn't support Macs, but this is a service to keep an eye on.