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    Sun Apr 22 2012

    I can not believe that a company that stsrted satellite communications is as disorganized as this one. Very poor service and slow speeds WITH the premium package. If I owned stock in this company I would recommend selling it today.

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    Sat Mar 10 2012

    HughesNet Satellite internet is the best option for people that live in rural areas, If you are trying to use Satellite Internet the same way you used cable back in the city you are going to run out of tokens and you are going to hate the service, You need to use it the right way. You need to budget your tokens and take advantage of the hours that they allowed you to use it without any limitation (at night) I use a download manager and never had any problems, for me is the solution to all my problems, I just can work with dial up. Hughes allows me to live where i like away from the city and work from home. I can not wait for them to upgrade to 12mbs in just a few months, then satellite internet is going to be the best hands down. One thing you need to be careful is with who you sign out, there a lot of contractors, and not all of them know how to apply all the rebates to make it cheaper you can save almost $50 month if you do it with the right dealer, just make sure you ask about all r... Read more

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    Sun Sep 18 2011

    Customer Service is Terrible !!! THERE ARE MANY HIDDEN FEE'S !! Don't believe anything that you are told when signing up for Hughes Net. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. THEY LIE TO YOU ABOUT PRICES, SERVICES AND YOUR COMMITMENT REQUIREMENTS!!!! The Installers are rude and tried to get more money at installation. The rebates are fraudulent. You never receive them. The rebate come from a separate company and Hughes Net states that they have nothing whatsoever to do with the rebates. They make up an excuse that you don't qualify for some reason. YOUR BILL ENDS UP TO BE WELL OVER $100.00 PER MONTH FOR 24 MONTHS !! A DISHONEST AND FRAUDULENT COMPANY !! MUCH BETTER SATELLITE SERVICES AVAILABLE. FIND SOMEONE ELSE..NOT HUGHES NET !!!

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    Sat Jul 30 2011

    HORRIBLE! Only had for week and half and already canceling. If u want to use it during non peak times it does good, but forget about using ur internet at night or on weekends with this crap!!!! the usage is supposed to reset everyday at 2 am. well saturday morning i got up and first time using it, i couldnt even download a youtube video. when i called to complain they told me i had already used my limit of data for the day. i said that was imposible cause i had not even been on it. She then told me that updates that run automaticaly on my computer must have used it all up!!!! r u kidding me. I had verison wireless with less allowable data downloads before switching to crapnet and i never went over my limit. I canceled!!!!! do not wast ur time on this company!!!!!!!!!

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    Mon Jul 04 2011


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    Sun Jun 19 2011

    I should have done my research before agreeing to this terrible service...I have only had Hughesnet for a week and already I am ready to cancel; I just can't see much difference between them and dial up, except maybe with dial up I am not limited to 200 daily usage. I remember when the internet first kicked in; one was charged by the amount of hours they used. Well, Hughesnet has brought back that approach. My very first day using the service I noticed my speed and ability to view a simple thing like local newspaper slowed to a snail's pace. Pictures wouldn't open, page formats were way off, and speed was worst than dial up. I called customer service to see what might be the problem, only to be told I had already reached my daily allowance and would have to purchase tokens if I wanted my service back up to par. Are you kidding me? I doubt if I was online a good 45 minutes before this happened. I asked the technician how could I have reached my limit so quickly? Does listening to my loc... Read more

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    Mon Jun 06 2011

    Hughesnet was so awful I actually called them and told them I WANTED them to charge me an early termination fee and get this c**p out of my house! I spent an hour on the phone with a person from India to convince her I WANTED to pay the early termination fee and I wanted the service canceled. I called them because the Hughesnet service had stopped working and I was able to determine that the modem was not communicating with the satellite dish. The person in India had me try some things and they sent a reset signal to the modem, none of which worked. They told me the next day that a technician would need to come to my house and it would take 7 to 10 days for them to get here. Right then I went out and purchased an AT&T hot spot and began using internet service from AT&T. MUCH faster than Hughesnet!!! So I wait 7 days - no tech, no phone call...nothing. I call them back to tell them to terminate my service. Find out they never even processed the order for the technician to come out. So... Read more

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    Wed Apr 27 2011

    Hughesnet is absolutely awful. I could never get my internet speeds to meet their posted minimum requirements and I could never get tech support to tell me why. But my latest experience was the 'last straw'. My modem died - no lights, no nothing. I spent two hours with tech support for them to tell me my modem died. They send me a new modem for a price of $176. I spend another 3 hours on the phone with tech support trying to get the new modem working. Finally he says that he can't figure it out and it will cost another $125 for a technician to come to my house. Unbelievable. I asked my Indian friend if he ever bought a moped, took it home and didn't work. Then when he told the moped dealer that it didn't work, the dealer told him it would be $300 for a technician to look at it.

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    Sun Apr 24 2011

    My husband & I were "suckered" in by a flyer in our mailbox 4 months ago from HughesNet....sounded great..."broadband" satellite..faster than our Juno dialup...three months at $39.95 along with $200.00 back. We fell for it discovering this "high speed" was nothing of the sort not much faster than our Juno dialup! Also we were never told about FAP ..a measely 225mb per 24 hour download limit!! Three months still no rebates nor $200.00 cash back and when we called to complain about the horrid speeds they lied to us saying we were getting what we were paying for??? Then they had the nerve to scold us for "not reading about thier Fair Access Policy on Hughe's website." Wow so we were dealing with a company we needed to read the fine print on their website? Not a thing was printed on Hughes mailing flyer about download limits or YOU paying to return their equipment if you cancel service! We ran into satellitedslvictim at our local post office here in Oklahoma. We heard him telling the fema... Read more

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    Sat Apr 23 2011

    I have had Hughesnet for an abysmal 15 months and have still not felt like I could disconnect my dialup connection because of Hughesnet's persistent unreliability. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced and I used to have AOL back in the day! I don't blame the customer service representatives too much because they seem to be reading off a script and I do not doubt there is nothing they can do to make my service any better, which I also consider ridiculous because I pay $120/mo!!! I would pay more if it would just freakin work! Although I have been told I have their fastest "personal connection available." Only occasionally are they faster than my Earthlink dialup connection, and seldom are they more reliable. It normally takes me about 10 minutes to download a simple Adobe Flash update. It takes a minimum of 5 minutes to download a song, and that's after waiting a minimum of 3 minutes for me to connect to the iTunes store. Netflix is completely out of the question, a... Read more

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    Here is the update to my update: It appears Hughes got the account closure correct; however do not hold your breath on receiving a "shipping kit" from them (box,styrofoam, tape,allen wrench, *postage paid label) to return their junk after closing your account. We chatted online with them repeatedly & all we got were lies..."your shipping kit will arrive within 7-10 days...your kit will arrive within 15 days, but wait til the end of the month before contacting assured your kit will arrive within the week... your kit was sent via FedEx." A kit was sent via FedEX W/O a destination address on it, so it never left MD (insist on a tracking number so you can track it ASAP) We tried the BBB filing a complaint against Hughes, one of their "A+" rated companies LOL. After 25 days past we sent back their required junk out of our own pocket. For those of you who are unaware: you have 45 days from account closure for Hughes to have their modem, its power cord/power pack/radio transmitter ... Read more

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    Sat Apr 02 2011

    I have been a customer of Hughesnet for years because dialup was my only other option. I lost my signal when it rained, and I had to brush snow off the dish if it snowed. It was so slow that I could not get a download for my GPS. Hughesnet said I exceeded my daily useage limit and that you get what you pay for. Obviously $60 a month doesn't pay for much in their eyes. The signal got progressively slower and was comparable to dial up when I finally cancelled the account. I was tied into a contract because they upgraded my modem because they no longer serviced my old modem. It was no better than the previous one. I called several times to complain about my service and every time they would make a few changes for latitude and longitude, but it never helped. Needless to say, I have changed to an air card from a large cell phone service. I have 6 times the data useage for $10 less a month and it is portable. And I don't loose my service. When I called Hughesnet to cancel, I was offered serv... Read more

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    Mon Mar 28 2011

    I have had Hughes net for a year and have been very unhappy with it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The first time I called I was told that my computer was at fault. It was practically brand new. I had the service for just about a week and couldn't use it. They refused to send a repair man unless I paid for it. The next time For some reason my password would no longer work and I called and of course got someone in India whom I couldn't understand. Finally hung up and got someone who knew computers at home to straighten it out. 3rd time Had my granddaughter call and she was told by some foreigner that it was Hughesnet's fault and he could do nothing about it. I couldn' t use my password again. I went about a week getting madder and madder. Finally got on chat line and person changed my password so I could get on. Another thing it freezes up all the time, takes forever to see video's, won't let me send my email half the time, or keeps popping back to the home page. I want out but ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 16 2011

    The worst customer service, connection, and system that has ever plagued this planet. I think that they are a huge group of scam artists that eagerly take your money for a terrible connection and make no actions to improve anything. Someone should sue!! lol Do NOT waste your time or money---trust me, it's a huge scam and you will most definitely be extremely disappointed!

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    Mon Mar 14 2011

    I have had Hughesnet service for 2.5 years. What a nightmare. THe only service is done in India and the technicians are allowed to do only 1-2 kinds of items and then they have to forward your call to another department. The average call is 30 minutes for me. Sometimes 45 minutes. Usually with the result that I have to call back and start over. You don't get much support on weekends because their supervisors do not work in NEw Dehli at that time. The service is medicore when it is working. The signal strength is weak to moderate. THe equipment failed after two years and had to be repaired. There was little choice of contractor in my area, so that is why I had to go with HughesNet. See if you can find a different service. Magnum38super

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    Thu Mar 10 2011

    Hughes informed me that I had to upgrade my modem from the DW7000 to the HN7000S because they were switching my service to another satellite. There was to be no charge for the modem or the installation and no additional service term commitment. I even got all that in writing. Still, they charged me $125 for the installation and added a 12 month term commitment to my account. I've been trying to get the installation charge and the term commitment removed for 2 weeks now, and their response to repeated emails and calls is to apologize profusely but to take no action to correct the problem. I've been told repeatedly that they have to "further investigate" and that someone will call me back in 2-3 days. Still not a single call from anyone 2 weeks after the first promise of a call-back. I finally disputed the installation charge with my credit card company, and on a 3-way conference call between the credit card company, Hughes, and myself that lasted nearly an hour, with transfers to 3 di... Read more

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    Sun Mar 06 2011

    We live out in the country so our internet service options are limited. We can get dial up, Hughes or an air card. Since the aircard limits you to 5 gigs, we opted to try Hughes. It was all just a huge waste of money. The initial cost of the equipment was around $400 plus $70 per month. I honestly don't think it's any better than dial up. I couldn't even upload a low resolution photo to facebook. I couldn't even send attached files in an e-mail. I spent countless hours on the phone getting transferred from India to Florida to God only knows where. Since the speed tests came back OK. They said I was getting the service I was paying for. I was so mad every time I got off the phone, it's a wonder I didn't have a heart attack. When I was finally so fed up I asked them to cancel the service because they could not find a problem, they charged me $310. I would have understood the fee to break the contract if I was getting good service and just wanted to switch to something else, but as I s... Read more

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    Thu Feb 24 2011

    We signed up with Hughes Net because we live in a remote area & don't have another alternative besides dial up. The service almost NEVER worked! We called & had technicians come try to fix it several times, but it never helped for very long. We finally gave up & decided we were stuck paying $90/ month for service that didn't work because we had the 2 year contract. Then one day, there was a disconnect fee charged on my debit card for nearly $600! We called to see what was going on & they said that it was automatically disconnected because our computer wasn't being detected by their system. NO KIDDING!!!!! It's because the stupid service doesn't work, it can't connect!!!!! We tried reasoning with them, explaining that we didn't cancel & it isn't our fault their service doesn't work, but they didn't care. I filed a dispute with my bank & got my money back, but then Hughes net sent me to collections. I filed a dispute with the collection agency, wrote a letter to the Better Busi... Read more

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    Tue Feb 22 2011

    Hughes Net is a Fraud, I got it for a 30 day trial money back guarantee and I tried to cancel the trial before the 15th day and they asked me to pay an additional $400.00 and they would refund me $200.00 from the first $400.00 I payed, I had to change my card to be able to disconnect the service that was still on a test trial. Another thing is that there service in limited to the MB that you would normally use in an hour or two for a 24 hour period. Dial up is better and DSL is a lot better. Now I receive a letter from a agency demanding the payment of a two year contract that never started. They paint it very pretty on there TV adds, don't be caught with it. The government should shut them down.

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    Tue Feb 15 2011

    This is the worst internet service I've ever subscribed to. I moved to a remote area and this was really the only provider available to me. The speeds are extremely slow and don't even begin to try to use VPN with it. At peak times I thought I was using dial-up the speed was so slow. We recently moved from the remote area and I'm now on Comcast, what a huge difference! I just called to cancel my service with HughesNet and, of course, they make this as difficult as possible. I have to pay an early termination fee of $130.00 because I'm 5 months short of the 2 year contract period. Of course they have you commit to two years because they KNOW their service is terrible. OK, I can deal with the termination fee, now the next part. They want us to go up on the roof and remove their radio transmitter from the dish, if we don't they'll charge us another $200.00. I can see returning the modem, that's standard procedure for most companies, but get on the roof and remove the transmit... Read more

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    I agree with some of the reviews posted below as far as the capping issue goes, but other than that i love my Hughes Net internet service. I live in Wausau, WI and was stuck on dial up until last March now i have HughesNet and it does not take me twenty minutes to check my email. To me time is money and HughesNet saves me time. I enjoy the ability to check my email easily and directly at any time of the day without the annoyance of the ridiculous dial up monster in my CPU.

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    During peak usage hours my Hughesnet Internet service connection would slow down to a standstill. 2 tin cans connected by a string would make a better link to the internet than the Hughesnet satellite system. I endured the 2 year contract with this less than poor 'service' from Hughesnet. I have not payed the past month for this non-service, as it was quite unusable. Now Hughesnet is coming after me with collection agencies. I now use a cell data connection to the Internet. It is much better. Too bad I paid over $300 for the Hughesnet dish and modem...

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    Tue Jan 18 2011


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    Sat Jan 15 2011

    Hughesnet is the same speed as dial up. It takes 15 minutes to watch a 5 minute video, and you are limited on how often you use it. I would not recommend it. If you are on dial up and want to go to high speed but can't because of your location, i would recommend a mobile air card .... if you can get a cell phone signal then you can get high speed internet. The mobile air cards, or mobile hot spots as they are also called, are high speed and are only $35 a month on verizon. You can also get them from at&t, sprint, and t-mobile i believe. The mobile air card is the better option in my opinion.

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I would rate Hughesnet as the worst possible internet provider ever- would not even give it a one star rating. We weren't told that Hughesnet runs a 2 YEAR CONTRACT and we were NOT AWARE OF THIS when the modem was installed. If we want to cancel, we suffer AT LEAST a $300 cancellation fee for something we were unaware we are trapped in. Hughesnet is unhelpful, costly and has the lowest morals of any internet company ever. This is just a way to make money and lock customers in a horribly costly contract that isn't even worth the slow internet. Hughesnet is causing us many headaches and money we can't get back. DO NOT GET HUGHESNET!!!!!

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    My fault I guess - I should've checked out these rating before I signed up. My experience was much like the worst reviews here - and my last phone call went 'south' big-time due to the arrogant attitude of the foreigner at the other end. Sucks to have their job! So, if you are considering Satellite internet because you don't have DSL/Cable available, at least try using your Cell phone (there are apps that will enable you to use your cell - definitely if you have a smartphone - to connect via USB to your PC, and modems are also available -- it'll be A LOT faster and NO Fair Access Policy that kicks in after you watch a short video on YouTube or download a few pictures --- IT'S NOT WORTH IT, THAT'S THE BOTTOMLINE! Save your money, call your Cell phone provider and use that if you don't have DSL/Cable -- if you do have DSL/Cable, there's absolutely no reason to get Hughesnet. Oh, and after they have bent you over and violated your pocket book enough, you'll have to pleasure of spending... Read more

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    If I could give it a worse rating I would. Unfortunately satellite is my only option out here in the country other than dial-up. Which is really pitiful seeing as how I live within 100 miles of NYC, and I can't even get DSL or cable! Hughesnet FAP is the most unfair BULLSHIT ever! We pay MORE than any other broadband subscribers and get the LEAST! 250M is good for about a 15 min video clip! Forget everything else. As soon as another broadband service becomes available I will flush these foreign ASSHOLES like this mornings turd!

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    Sat Jan 01 2011

    If there were negative ratings for this service I would give it. Have been a customer for 3 years, and if continuous outtages, slow downs, and limited downloads are what u want - then you'll have IDIOT tattooed across your forehead like me. Have DW 4000 series, and upon different conversations with tech/sales support - say the answer is the DW7000, but upon further investigation from their own sales dept, was advised that there would always be service degradation during peak hours (oh, by the way, it took 5 minutes for this site to load on 2/13/07 at 8:00 pm CST) and would still be limited by FAP downloads. PLEASE PLEASE hear my confession of HE-- with DIRECWAY/HUGHESNET - I would not wish this on anyone with a choice, and hope this might save someone the frustration of Hughesnet... Everytime I see that Red Headed lady on TV saying "You're Welcome" I flip her off - I'm sure i'm not alone.

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    We've had HughesNet for 1.5 years. Let me SHOW you my experience. I did a Google search on “HughesNet reviews”. One of the links was to so I clicked on the link at 9:18:40 PM (Hour, Minute, Second). At 9:21:40 the page still waiting to communicate so I reloaded the browser at 9:22:50. Finally, at 9:24:09 the page loaded. From 9:18 PM till 9:24 PM I waited for this page to come up! Then I clicked on “rate it” so I could post this link. That was at 9:24:09. The page loaded at 9:25:02. Yes, it took 53 seconds for the page to load so I could post this rating. In other words, it took me almost 7 minutes to wait for two web pages to load. Since you are reading this review, I suggest you hit the “reload” button and see if it takes you 6 minutes for the page to load, or perhaps the quick 53 seconds to load the rate it page. We spend about $100.00 per month for HughesNet's 1.5Mbps package. It is NOT 1.5Mbs. Up till about two weeks ... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    My suggestion to anyone that has Hughesnet.......get rid of them. Cut your loses while you can. Its is the worst provider we have ever had. It is S L O W E R than a snail. Yes downloading a file can be ridiculous. Let alone when they feel that you have been on line for too long, they slow it down more. They say everyone needs a fair chance at using the internet..what gives with that? You pay good money to have access to the internet and get crap. We have had then since 2-2009, and only use their service here 5 or 6 months of the year. You pay a lower cost for the months it's on vacation, but those month don't count toward you contract month. Do you know on a 24 month contract we still have to go 10 months more. We are seriouly thinking of just paying themthe $220 they want to end the contract. We will save money in the long run of the almost $90 a month charge. Would not give these people a star if someone paid me.

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    Sun Dec 19 2010

    First of all we are rating hughesnet not verizon as someone was posting mostly about Verizon. I agree with most of the negative ratings on hughesnet. The only reason why we still have it is because we are in contract until Nov. We requested to terminate our contract early and they said ok with a $400 early term fee... REALLY?! That was the most insane thing I've heard. We just changed to the $30 a month plan and said forget it. The $30 plan will basically allow me to check a few web sites and check my email a few times. Not to mention when we had some issues with the modem not staying connected to the internet.. I told them is was the modem and it needed to be replaced and after calling to speak with someone who I could not understand for the 10th time, they said we will send someone out to your house but charged us something crazy like $50 or $100! Which I refused to pay because at the time we were paying about $150 a month after all the FEES they throw in and taxes. Word to the wise.... Read more

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    Fri Dec 17 2010

    At first they give you the impression that their service is the best. Since the very beginning the downloading speed never picked up as they said. The people who came to install it they were not Pros at all. I had to let them use some of my tools. (I'm a contractor myself), After complaining twice they kept sending guys to correct the other guys mistakes. I thought for the money it would be a faster connection than ATT@T DSL, but I was wrong. I TERMINATED my contract since it was a promo trial in my area. Went back to another service provider. Please do not get their service. You will be lamenting their service until you contract expires.

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    Switching from dial-up to HughesNet was a huge mistake for our house. With their tight download restrictions there is little one can do but check e-mail and other simple tasks. If you want to watch videos or transfer files, forget about it. HughesNet offers a download manager that lets you schedule downloads after 2am when the limits are lifted, but the download speeds are so slow then that my computer thinks a failure has occurred and aborts the process. The slightest weather shuts the whole thing down completely and it even crashes for no obvious reason as almost a daily occurrence. The service is expensive and the customer service department is incompetent and rude. HughesNet is only moderately faster than dial-up, far more expensive and comes with a great deal more headaches. We cannot wait until our contract is up to get rid of them.

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    Thu Nov 25 2010

    Just finished my two year contract with HughesNet. At the time, I had no choice but HughesNet because of my location. Paid $90 a month plus the initial setup fee. From the get-go, slow as molasses; (barely faster than dial-up, the slowest $25 DSL in my previous location was many times faster), very limited on download limit; would not play internet games smoothly if at all; my remote connection to my office computer was dropped every 3-4 minutes, and the list goes on. Had the HughesNet people check it on several occasions, response was always "everything is fine." So glad when Sprint put an antenna in our area. I now have a Virgin Mobile Hotspot at $40 a month unlimited access with no restrictions. It is blazingly fast compared to HughesNet. If you have ANY other option, don't do Hughesnet!

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    I have been dealing with Hughesnet's awfull service for almost 2yrs now, they have terrible interenet service, its really not any better than dial-up. basically paid $72 per month for crap. Very slow, lots of problems and crappy customer service. Any time I called customer service I was on the phone with them forever, getting the run around and being placed on hold constanly. A few weeks ago, about 1 month before our 2yr contract was up, I was fed up, so I called them to complain once again. They tried to tell me that they would send a tech out to see what was wrong with the satillite, it was gonna cost me $125 just for them to come out and look at it. I finally somehow got them to let me cancell my service a month early for only $57. I automatically said HELL YES, I was so ready to be done with them. I boxed up the equipment they said had to be returned paying the $20 it took to ship it back to them, a week and a half later I contact them yet again to verify that they had received my ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    Wow, I just read about 10 reviews trashing Hughes Net and would first state that I used to be with the predecessor Direct Way for 3 years and dropped them about 4 years ago before Hughes net took over. I went back to dial up for 4 years but just could not download anything. So 1 week ago I tried Verizon's 5 which is a setup like mentioned below for Sprint card etc. where you hook it up to your computer and it's mobile. It all sounded great and was working great but then that same night it wouldn't work and then it would and wouldn't. Unlike Hughesnet verizon goes to bed around 9pm so I couldn't get tech support. So the next morning it decides it's going to work but now after less than 24 hours of usage and watching one 5 minute clip and surfing google map it's at 3.5 gigs usage and you only get 5 gigs for the month. So I said I have to call Hughes net reluctantly and compare them to the old directway who I hated. They told me the problem with verizon was because of where i was l... Read more

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    Thu Nov 18 2010

    This has been an ongoing battle with us because we don't have the service we are paying dearly for and Hughesnet will not do anything about it! DO NOT get Hughesnet installed! Dial up is better than this trash!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER Email I sent HughesNet This is a bunch of crap and I'm getting angry!!!!!!!!! I went to IT said Download Time 38.3 seconds That is a BUNCH of CRAP! It took me OVER 4 minutes for that page to open, NOT 38.3 seconds!! DO you have it rigged????????? I am not stupid and I sat and timed this!!!! I don't know if the dish needs to lined up again or if this stupid HN9000 is bad but I can NOT sit here for 10 minutes each time I want to send an email or get online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile Hughesnet does nothing but give me the runaround. I finally broke down and tried to call Hughesnet AGAIN. I got someone who I could NOT understand. I requested someone who spoke good English and was told NO, that can't be done! What t... Read more

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    Barely better than dial-up. Frequent slowdowns and stoppages, and not because "fair access" limits exceeded. Poor customer service. Almost criminal put in a new "upgrade" dish pointed to a different satellite but did not have the requisite IP addresses for me to complete the setup. He left me with a non-working system. I had to call tech support (long wait) to get the info.

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    HugheNet and our money. As most should know HughesNet is owned by foreign investors. They were awarded $53.8 million dollars by the FCC to expand internet access to areas that are not serviced by DSL or Cable. It launched on OCT. 26th 2010. Your money, tax dollars, is going to pay for people who have no access, not bad but what is going on now is how the system is screwing some who are getting turned down. People who live next door to people who get approved are not getting approved. I would say this is very unfair and my be with in the bounds of breaking federal laws. Here is the deal, if you are turned down and you have NO internet offer to you from cable or other kind of service and if your neightbor gest one and you don't you need to file complaints with the FCC, your Better Business B. and of course your Senator.

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    Sat Oct 09 2010

    This review is for Hughesnet customer support. The remnants of a tropical storm came through and blew the dish off target: it's pointing right at the ground. I called the toll free number; got a voice mail automated assistant that wasn't too bad- it understood my speech well, and I mumble a lot. But when I answered that I wasn't at home I was told that the system could not help me unless I was at home because HughesNet couldn't troubleshoot the issue unless I was at home. Uh, the dish is pointing at the ground. How hard is that to troubleshoot, and since when do I have to be at home for that to make a difference? It will still point to the ground whether I'm at home, at work, or in the Bahamas. I couldn't get back to the main menu, so I hung up and tried again. Lied when it asked if I was at home. Then the automated assistant asked me some troubleshooting questions for some of the basics, was there heavy rain (no), did I already try rebooting the modem (yes), were there any obstructi... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    Someone said that having Hughes Net as your internet provider is worse than having a rout canal without anesthesia. This is about as close to our experience as I can come. When we first got the service, they at least had a phone number that you could use to obtain customer service. Now all they have is number that you can use if you have a problem. You are sent to someone in India. That is where the last few technicians said they were the last few times I called. I don’t have a problem with people in India but I do have a problem that the person I connect with can’t understand me and I can’t understand him/her. Our service is down more and more frequently. Our service is faster than dial up but incredibly slow and sometimes impossible. We are allowed a very small amount of megabits daily. We have only gone over our allowance one time so that is not the reason for the slowness. When I tried to download a software update for my phone this week I was timed out after around 10 minutes. I t... Read more

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    Wed Sep 29 2010

    Hughesnet are scam artists! Their service is unreliable. When mine wasn't working they told me I needed a new modem. After 3 weeks, 4 tech visits, and at least 8 hours on the phone with tech support, the system still didn't work. I called to cancel my service and they argued with me about a termination fee...after 7 years as a customer! !!!! They finally said I would be receiving a $49 credit. Next day they charged me $350. When I called, they said I would be getting a refund in 45 days!!!??? Hughesnet will outright lie to you and deceive you. These people are crazy and have no idea how to treat customers. If I could give them a negative 10 I would!! I got Sprint 3G card, and my internet is faster than it ever was with PewsNet!

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    Wed Sep 08 2010

    I suffered through Hughesnet for 2 years, shortly after my 2 year agreement was up I had hardware issues and Hughesnet wanted $175 to come out and look at the system. I tried to sign up for wild blue but their customer service sucked and they lost my order 2 times. While I was trying to get wildblue to find my order I did some research on cellular service with sprint. They had a 30 day trial that I can return and get out of my contract. WHAT A GREAT MOVE. Even though the speeds are suppose to be the same, the cellular is at least 2-3 times faster than Hughesnet. Sprint does have a 5 gig per month limit but I am half way thru my first month and have used less than 2 gig. Because of the daily download limits hughesnet has we never downloaded movies or large files. But with sprint it looks like we may be able to download a few a month and still be under our limit. The have a overdrive unit that allows you to set up a wireless network in your house with 5 devices. Verizion also h... Read more

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    Wed Sep 08 2010

    Hughes net is not reliable, clouds, wind rain, etc effect your connections. It's very bad service, in the rural area we live in (Texas). If you had a business or was using it for school and relied on the internet service you'd be in bad shape, it goes in and out. When you first sign up and if you choose to lease the equipment, they miss lead you that if you have equipment problems since it's leased you don't have to pay to get it fixed. If anything breaks, or if you need repairman to come out and just "check your satellite to find out "just why" your not getting service - you have to pay the service man it's not covered by Hughes Net. This is so wrong, if you buy the equipment it would be understandable, but when you lease their equipment - HUGHES SHOULD STAND BY THEIR EQUIPMENT WHEN IT'S LEASED. Is there anyone out there that can explain why weather somehere else in Texas not in the area you live, makes your satellite connection not work. The satellite is way out in space not ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    Hughesnet is expensive and slow. I paid $250 to get out of my contract. Went to cable which is cheaper and much faster. The download speed with Hughesnet was marginally better than my dial up service. When you need service, you're connected to a person in the Far East whose accent makes it difficult to communicate. If you have no choice in your area, you're stuck with the miserable Hughesnet service. You'll pay, pay, and pay for service that is slow, equipment that goes bad, and less than ideal customer service. When you return the equipment--radio receiver, power supply, and modem--you have to pay for packing materials and shipping costs. When I read the other reviews for Hughesnet, I kept nodding, acknowledging my experience with those of the many other dissatisfied former Hughesnet customers. Avoid Hughesnet.

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    Several things: When you sign up for their service, you implicitly agree to a 2 year service contract. No signature required - they charge you for early termination. Initial cost is expensive, around the $400 mark. If you get their service on a promo, and are unhappy with the service, which you most likely will be, be prepared to repay that full price. Monthly service is expensive, considering the speed is barely better than dial-up. You cannot run a reliable wireless network on this system. Also, you have a daily maximum download size (250 Mb), and if you exceed that amount, no connection for 24 hours. You can pay more than the base rate of $59.99 per month if you want to be able to download more, but its not like that changes the speed. AND if there is any in-climate weather, your service will be down. And when you do try to cancel, they give you lots of reference numbers, in fact, I have reference numbers for reference numbers. Their system is so convoluted and it is diffic... Read more

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    Wed Jul 21 2010

    I have tried to use this system on two different occasions with nothing but problems. Their service and technical support are awful. I have had many problems and cancelled twice, now being sent letters from an attorney because they have no record of my calls cancelling their service on 3 different occasions and force to stop payments through American Express for lack of signal and no technical help to correct my problems. I would not use these folks for any reason.

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    I got hughes net on July 5th since then, i can't access the itunes store or app store from my ipod touch, and have a terrible lag on my xbox 360. On my xbox 360 i cant ever find a game. everything I've read is true. No one should buy hughes net. I got it because its all thats available for me, except for my old internet which is around 15 times faster. Hughes net commercials are completely backwards dial up downloads a whole album before they download a song. NO ONE BY THESE LIARS INTERNET ITS RATING SHOULD BE NEGATIVE 999999999999999999999

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    Thu Jun 11 2009

    It is the only option where I live. The other satellite company has maxed itself out and only Hughes is available to me. I pay 80 bucks a month for the lowest level package. Rip off! The FAP being calculated on a daily basis is ridiculous! If you do nothing on the Internet for days and then watch a few YouTube videos they cut your speed to the point that you cannot even load the usage page to see if you exceeded your FAP – which by the way will not update for an hour after they cut your speed. So you really cannot track your usage properly anyway. While you are being punished for going over your limit, you won’t even have dial-up speed. Really beware of Window’s Update – that will eat up your FAP allotment in short order. Plan on only doing that between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. which is FAP Free time. Some people sleep but if you have Hughes, you better learn to live without it. The other satellite provider figures FAP on a monthly basis and no one I know with that service ha... Read more

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    Wed Jun 10 2009

    HughesNet is the most horrible "service" that I have ever been scammed into. Instead of listing the several reasons for why HughesNet smells like a dead rotting fish, I will provide a story of my experience with these malovelent fiends. We live out in the sticks and had been tired of not being able to so much as have one video bother to be buffered because we had Dial-Up. Staring at the monitor for 20min for the google page to be displayed lost its entertainment value quite quickly. We saw that HughesNet could supposedly reach our location and provide high speed internet, but we were mistaken. They offered a $100 rebate so we decided to agree to that criminal two-year contract with these bastards. Some guy was supposed to appear to install a box with flashing lights and a dish that isn't even useful enough to carry a chicken caesar salad but maybe to sled on, but he apparently thought that humans are blessed with immortality so he could show up whenever the hell he brought his wide a... Read more

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