How the Grinch Stole Christmas

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (2000) is a live-action children's movie starring Jim Carrey, Jeffrey ...

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    Tue Jul 10 2012

    Awesome holiday classic.

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    Tue Oct 18 2011

    This is one of my all time favorite Jim Carrey movies, okay I admit this is the first movie to ever introduce me to Jim Carrey as even though I watched the Mask animated series as a kid, at the time I didn't know it was actually based on a movie. I really wanted to see this one when it came out in theaters, but we had to take a friend to see 102 Dalmatians instead, which wasn't too bad - but I did feel kind of bummed out about not seeing this movie when I had the chance. I have nothing against Glenn Close or her portrayal of Cruella De Vil but I really do regret not seeing this movie when it came out. When it came out on dvd and video I was one of the first to get it, I've watched it so many times that it's inspired some of my stories as well. It really is quite an enjoyable film and one of the many reasons why I love Rick Baker and his amazing makeup artistry. You can barely tell that it's Jim in the grinch makeup and costume, but that's the genius of it - the ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    i love jim carrey..

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    Thu May 17 2007

    It's a travesty that one of the best written children's stories that has a pure and simple message about the true spirit of Christmas being love and sharing would be bastardized by this crass film.  They paid little or no heed to the intent of the story and padded it with poorly executed movie cliches and Hollywood formula story elements.  Worst of all, they actually had the audacity to use the film as a vehicle for product placement and commercialization of the Christmas season, the very thing that Dr. Seuss wanted to put an end to by writing the story.  The film should have been picketed by the followers of Dr. Seuss for being sacrilegious.

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    Wed May 09 2007

    I give this movie a 3. The cartoon version is much better. Jim Carrey, however, has a few funny moments with his one-liners.

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    Mon Jan 09 2006

    Horrible remake of a kids cartoon that needed no such treatment. It expanded the 'Grinch' universe. It just speaks to the arrogance of Hollywood. The notion that they could do something like this is appaulling That did not need doing either. Jim Carrey plays him ok, but not what it should have been. They should learn from their mistakes and not do things like this. Twenty-two minutes is just right for the Dr. Seuss classic.

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    This was better than the original version.MUCH more information!!!And totally HILARIOUS!!!I LOVED it!!!

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    Sun May 15 2005

    not as good as the cartoon but great family entertainment. i love seeing jim carrey transform into whatever role he plays. so much energy and personality.

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    Sat Apr 03 2004

    my childhood, and the childhoods of those i know would not be complete without this movie. The cartoon, not the crap Jim Carrey One...

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    Fri Oct 10 2003

    Dr.Suess was genius with the Christmas special It's funny, classic and a very good cartoon movie!!

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    Sun Aug 10 2003

    Best Christmas movie of all time!

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    Wed May 21 2003

    When I first heard of this film, I dreaded the idea of Jim Carrey playing "The Grinch". However, after finally seeing it, I not only enjoyed the film, but I thought that Jim Carrey did a pretty good job at playing the not-so-jolly green fellow. I really plan on watching this movie every year around the holiday because beneath all the humor lies a lesson in the real meaning of Christmas, and I think that espescially now we need to be reminded of that. A lot of slapstick, sarcastic, and silly comedy which makes for a very entertaining holiday flick. It loses a point for going a little too far away from the origional story, but it's still highly reccomended.

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    Thu Oct 24 2002

    I was very disappointed to hear that Jim Carrey was going to play the Grinch. Why didn't they get a good actor? I can't bring myself to watch the whole thing. I'm afraid it would tarnish the memory of the classic cartoon.

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    Mon Jan 21 2002

    Wow, I am really in a minority here! But I really don't care. I feel this needs to be said. THIS FILM WAS TRASH! I got it for Christmas and only watched it once. This was nothing at all like the cartoon. I can't believe they consider this a children's movie. Scenes of the Grinch eating the top off of a beer bottle, COME ON!! There is no way I can justify anyone allowing a small child to watch this film! As far as I am concerned, Hollywood has once again butchered a classic.

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    Wed Jan 16 2002


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    Sat Jan 12 2002

    As a lifelong fan of the original animated version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” I was skeptical that it could be stretched into a 2 hour movie. Then I discovered that Ron Howard had directed it, I considered his good record and that gave me new hope. However, about 45 minutes in my hopes were dashed. This is just a cheesy overblown version of the original – and one in which the original, tight story has simply been pulled and stretched until it is barely recognizable. For obvious reasons, Jim Carrey was without a doubt the best choice for the part of the Grinch (although a very close second could easily have been Tim Curry – who would have also been wasted on this). As you would expect, Carrey manages his usual spastic, scenery-chewing interpretation to perfection. Still the whole premise that the Grinch isn’t so much mean as he is maladjusted due to problems in his early childhood is just a tad too PC for me to accept. I also think that the show would be pretty frighteni... Read more

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    Sat Jul 14 2001

    The Grinch was deserves an OKAY rating. Not Great and not Terrible. It was a fun movie for kids but was a little drawn out and somewhat boring. I found myself checking my watch to see how much longer it would last.

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    Wed Jun 27 2001

    Haven't seen it but I wouldn't. Even though it has Jim Carrey in it, it isn't really a funny movie like his other movies.

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    Sun Jun 03 2001


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    Tue May 22 2001

    This is a great movie to see around the holidays. Jim Carrey plays as The Grinch who plots to steal Christmas. This is also a good movie because it explaned why the Grinch hated Christmas in the first place. My favorite character is Max the dog.

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    Sun Apr 08 2001

    The movie brought out the kid in me. I found myself cheering in the theater like a child again. I liked the feeling it gave me, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Jim Carrey was hilarious.

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    Thu Apr 05 2001

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one over stuffed movie, and by the end of the first hour, it nearly explodes, and starts losing all of it's momentum and stuff. Jim Carrey however, for the first times isn't annoying and that's a record.

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    Tue Feb 13 2001

    This movie was pretty cute, Max the dog, Cyndi Lou Who, and the Grinch as a little kid! I really liked it. Great special effects!

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    Sun Feb 11 2001

    What a foul and terrible waste of Jim Carrey's talent. This movie was little more than eye candy with ridiculous subplots. I was not at all impressed at this film that I thought would do at least a little justice to the Chuck Jones cartoon version. Sad to think that this movie was the highest grossing of the year.

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    Fri Jan 26 2001

    This is a really good movie. I luv the way Ron Howard made it like the book plus a more imaginative way also. I think it is one of the best films of the year! :)

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    Sat Jan 13 2001

    Even if you don't like Jim Carrey, this is a great see for adults. Ron Howard does an excellent job of really bringing Whoville and its characters to a cartoon. May not follow just by the book, but a great, creative and funny movie. Can't tell the Grinch is Jim Carrey. Definitely a good film to see.

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    Tue Jan 09 2001

    My family has begun a new tradition for Christmas Eve. We venture out to dinner and then a movie together. This year we selected this film. Having read the book I was interested in the way they would thread the original text through the film. Cindy Lou Who's character is greatly enlarged in this version, but then it is appropriate to the story line. She is the main bearer of the message that you are left with at the end. Yet even more magnificent,and what I did not expect, was to be enthralled by was the set and costumes used to tell the tale. What a wonderful job! I would love to watch it again to study the settings etc. I also loved the little dog. Hard to believe that they found him in a pound. This film has a real message for all to see. I hope it becomes a Christmas Clasic in years to come. As an added note - when my family left the theatre that night and walked to the car we saw a shooting star. Perhaps it was heralding the birth of a new king of Christamas films. Or perhaps, sin... Read more

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    Sat Dec 23 2000

    OMG! this movie is my most favortist movie in the world! i laughed so much anad i think jim carrey acted sooo good. no one could ever play the grinch as good as he did. he still played a mean character and stil made u laugh. i tohught the grinch was so cute as a baby, and i laughed sooo hard when he was trying to find something to wear and he was like dancing in the mirror! AAAAHAHAH. omg! i cant wait till it comes out on video!!!!

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    So I had little expectations when going to see The Grinch but I left thinking, what a fun movie. The costumes were colorful and festive and that one song was so darn catchy. I was impressed with how well Ron Howard managed to stick with the book while at the same time using artistic liberty to create an imaginative world and entertaining sub-plots. Max, the dog, was the coolest movie dog ever and you have to give Jim Carrey credit for his great improvisations throughout the movie. I especially like his Ron Howard-esque pep talk to Max on how to portray Rudolph. Great matinee movie, see it with the kids. But watch out, it runs to almost two hours so there are bound to be some slow parts where you'll be wishing it the movie would just hurry up!

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    Tue Nov 28 2000

    I had been looking forward to seeing the Grinch for awhile due to all the hype of Jim Carey and Ron Howard. The movie stuck to the book and was definitely geared towards kids. It was good, not great. I went in expecting more humor (or adult humor). I thought it would be the kind of movie for adults and kids. Like more of a comedy but I was wrong. It definitely is a kids movie. The moral is strong and it is a great movie for kids to see. It is incredibly creative. The sets and costumes are amazing. The makeup is unbelievable. It is a good movie to get you in the holiday spirit but don't go expecting too much.