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American medical drama television series that originally ran on the Fox network for eight seasons, from November 16, 2004, to May 21, 2012 Website

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    Wed Aug 03 2011

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    I love shows that make me think everything is real as I watch. This is what House does to me. It catches my emotion. This show is well written and well acted such that I don't want anyone to convince that it is just a show. All the medical activities, use of medical equipment, solve medical mysteries etc. House may be sarcastic, but he is a miserable man that needs something to keep him going. That makes it more real and original. In nature, not everyone is nice.

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    Sun Feb 06 2011

    This is one tv medical drama show that brings a different taste to the usual medical drama we see and have seen on tv. For one, the protagonist, Dr. Greg House (from which the show title is derived), is one unusual interesting character who, I would say, brings most of the flavor on the show. His wit, smart-ass, at times inhumane, character is something fresh to the viewer's eye and immediately sparks interest at first watch. The show mainly focuses on the medical cases handled by the diagnostic team that Dr. House heads, each different per episode, and lesser on the personal drama of the characters. This is what keeps the show interesting, since it always deals with a unique unusual case on every episode. So if you're into mystery and problem-solving, this show would definitely keep you glued. I, for one, have been glued for the entire 7 seasons (and counting), even if I'm not inclined on medical stuff. I really hope this show has more seasons to go, because I can definitely say that... Read more

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    Sat Aug 07 2010

    I love House, but since I never get to watch it on TV since I am usually working at the time it comes on I just go to

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    Thu Apr 01 2010

    I am not actually sure how HOUSE does what it does. After all, weaving complex medical mysteries that must then be understood by a non-medical audience, is by itself an incredibly difficult task. Next you have to consistently pose the ethical questions that doctors face everyday about doing things that may violate the laws and guidelines of their positions which may save people's lives. These two layers are really complex and HOUSE does a decent job of laying them out each week and keeping the mysteries fresh. What is ironic of course is that none of this really has to do with the shows appeal. The story lines are just a backdrop for the shows true appeal, which is of course the character Gregory House whose unconventional and socially offensive affect plays off the humanness of the other characters. In fact, with a few exceptions (like "13"), most of the characters are grounded and ethical people who are so shockingly different from House, the layers of their characters are peel... Read more

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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    An emotionally stunted doctor who seems bent on getting under the skin of everyone around him happens to be so good at what he does that his hospital simply can't get rid of him. A pretty simple formula for a show, but it works surprisingly well. Parts are fairly graphic, and remind me why I hate hospitals. Other parts are heartbreaking -- an episode I just watched involved a cancer-riddled 11-year-old. Mix in some comic relief from an oddly sympathetic dirtbag of a doctor and you have what I consider one of the best shows in recent memory.

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    Love to hate this show! My husband and I watch it every week and cant wait for the new season!

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    Thu Feb 05 2009

    Very, Very Good entertaining show that I will stop everything to watch!!!

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    a 4.5 I watched a couple episodes from last season and i found it interesting. Our family intend on watching it this season. Hugh Laurie is very good as Dr. House a bitter sarcastic not always likable doctor. there is usually one patient case the doctors try and solve by the end of the show. I like how they go inside the patients body to show the audience what is happening to them.It is interesting to see if the illness can be solved. It usually is by the end of the episode after trial and error.Good show so far with good writing and actors.  UPDATE: I have since watched all three seasons and it is one of the shows i look forward to each week. well done and acted. Hugh Laurie in particular is good as House.  UPDATE: still a good show but did not like all the additions to House since last season. nothing against the new actors just not fond of having a show that works get changed so much.

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    Thu Nov 27 2008

    I don't get to see much primetime TV anymore and I'm discovering this show in reruns on USA Network. I love it so far. It's always good to see a main charecter that doesn't give a crap rather than the standard goodie two shoes. Not that there isn't room for goodies two shoes, it just gets stale.

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    Great show. Hugh Laurie is superb in his role as Dr. House. A curmudgenly crank of a brilliant doctor. He is the head trouble-shooter surgeon who is kept on staff at a big city hospital because he gets results. He is an absolute jerk in his dealings with other people including the new doctors that he is training. The cast of student doctors changes from season to season and that keeps it interesting. The only downside is the graphic visuals and the cases are a bit too fantastic at times. Omar Epps was excellent as one of the trainees that House rakes over the coals with great delight. But in spite of his bitter attitude the new doctors are all being well trained for their future work.  Top flight television.

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    too sarcastic.

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    Fri Jul 18 2008

    Funny/smartass/intelligent....Whats their not to like about House?   His show really makes you think sometimes too.  It can be interesting as well as funny.

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    Fri Jul 18 2008

    Awesome show!!! I love House's attitude, and the mystery of the diagnosis.

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    i never watch it

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    Tue Jun 17 2008

    house house house house!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol love that show

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    can't stand Hugh Laurie except in the Stuart Little movies and the 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    Looks really good!

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    Tue Mar 25 2008

    Great show. At the risk of being redundent, Hugh Laurie in particular is great as House.

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    This is one of the best and most original shows on TV. From a medical standpoint, it goes beyond the bounds of reality, but the charecter of house and his relations with the other staff members of the hospital are wonderful. There's never been anyone on television like House, and Hugh Laurie is a great actor. My only hope is that that the network doesn't feel it has to "fix" House and his addiction problem, because that will hurt the show, and maybe even kill it. There has already been a bit of a tendency to back off the addiction angle in the past season or two and this is a big mistake. Without the "fatal flaw", House isn't the great anti-hero he has portrayed for the past few years. This also has some of the funniest dialogue on the small screen.

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    Thu Jan 03 2008

    Absolutely my favorite. Well written, compelling.

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    Sun Sep 30 2007

    house has grown on me......i like the fact that he doesn't get along well with others.........hugh does a great job playing the asshole......and i like trying to guess along with them about the cause of illness (of course i am NEVER right) lol

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    Gotta love the doc

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    UPDATE: If you ever see Hugh Laurie on an interview it is amazing at least to me that he has such a strong British accent. You would never know this by watching the show. He does a great job getting into his TV character. Original Message: This one has grown on me. At first I really did not care for House but as I watched it more and more I've come to enjoy it.

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    Wed May 30 2007

    I don't particularly like medical series, and honestly a lot things that occur don't seem at all realistic. But I feel like that's not even really the basis of the show, the hospital is just the catalyst for the terrific character development. The creators realized this somewhere into the first couple of seasons, and each season following has been increasingly better. So much more to say about this show but no need to bore anyone. 5 stars

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    Wed May 30 2007

    I do like house, but my problem with it is that this hospital only seems to deal with the absalutly bizarre medical cases and I got tired of every week solving some off the wall disease or medical breakthrough.

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    Sun May 06 2007

    I like House it's a very entertaining show.  I think Hugh Laurie is great as Dr. House.  House is a very sarcastic doctor that can usually always figure out what is wrong with the patient which is a little unrealistic.  Other than that the show is good.

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    Mon Apr 16 2007

    this show is great!!

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    Fri Feb 23 2007

    This is another, bad, boring medical drama with an unlikeable character.

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    Fri Feb 23 2007

    I occasionally watch this show and I have few complaints about it. I love Dr. House but I don’t like how he’s almost always right, no one’s that smart.

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    Tue Sep 12 2006

    very entertaining i think house is a great invention but might not work without a brit at the lead. well worth watching

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    Wed Aug 30 2006

    Just an outstanding show. Season 1's "Three Stories" and Season 2's finale were the two best-written episodes of anything I've ever seen on television. The first one even won the Emmy for it. Hugh Laurie makes this show and plays his part perfectly. Suspense, tension, shocking moments, confusion, comedy - it's all here, on one of the best shows currently on TV.

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    Tue Aug 01 2006

    This has been my favorite show for two years! I love Dr. House's character and the interaction with the patients and other doctors. I love watching the process of solving each medical mystery. I try not to miss a show.

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    Sun May 07 2006

    Dr. House is cruel and insensitive, but delivers is such a humorous manner, that it's impossible to hate him. The cast is a great balance of humor and seriousness and the stories that each are part of, are intriguing and catchy. The scenarios are usually completely off-the-wall, which probably adds more to the shows medical appeal.

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    Sun Apr 30 2006

    Pretty cool show. I like how they come up with off the wall cases and really disect the scenario. Of course Dr. House is pretty cruel, I mean cool at times. Thats what makes the show so funny though.

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    Sun Feb 26 2006

    'House' is a compelling, character-drive drama in the heavy guise of a typical medical procedural. In the center of it all is undoubtedly one of the most compelling character to ever grace the television screens: Dr. Gregory House. Unraveling the layers to this character's complexity -- he is far deeper than the amalgamation of amusing quirks, quotes, and habits that he comes across as at first glance -- will make 'House' appointment-TV for many viewers in the seasons to come.

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    Thu Feb 09 2006

    I wasn't sure I would like this show, a friend kept telling me I should watch it and see. Great cast and great stories when I watch it. The thing is and I can't tell you why it hasn't gotten me hooked. I like it when I watch it but don't go out of my way to see it.

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    Wed Jan 25 2006

    By far the best medical drama ever. The first few times i watched it i found house unnerving, but his intellect and personality quickly grew on me and now i cant get enough of the man. Uncertain conditions keep the show intrueging, and unlike some ER dramas this show is not as medically graphic.

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    This is probably the only Fox show I have ever been interested in and it would be nothing without Hugh Laurie's sarcastic genius. He consistently delivers a quite nasty character and yet you love him regardless. Blatant, unapologetic and unique, it finally scores a win for a horrific network.

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    Fri Dec 23 2005

    I really like this show and won't miss it. I guess it's because I love good medical dramas. Hugh Laurie is great! I personally don't like the unshaved look. I don't really appreciate the tone of ALL the unremittant sarcasm but realize that is the major plot characteristic that keeps it from looking like so many other medical shows.

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    house is one of the best shows i have ever sen. It surprised me that Hugh Laurie could do such a wounderful job with his caracter.

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    Hugh Laurie is such a nice and comical guy that it would seem hard to believe him as the most cranky and arrogant doctor on the face of the planet. Worse yet, having such an ogre as the main character in a hospital drama doesn't sound like a winning storyline. Somehow, it works like a charm.

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    Sun Nov 06 2005

    Emmy for writing and Hugh Laurie should have won for acting. The characterization of House is amazing.

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    Thu Nov 03 2005

    i abousloty love this show, i so have to agree with orange country princess, this is one of the best medical dramas on tv ever, maybe even THE best. i can't get enough of it, and its fantastic cast members, espically hugh laurie. amazing performance after amazing performance that guy can do no wrong. i love hugh lauries character greg house his so humourus and adoreable/loveable in a odd way, just like orange country princess says, his weird but brillant. you really feel like you know the characters. greg house sarcasm is so funny it really makes the character. i want to give it more that 5 stars. LOVING IT can't wait till second series/season

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    Wed Oct 05 2005

    I stumbled accross "House" accidentally, and after watching a couple of episodes I really started enjoying it...Now I watch it all the time, It is so fun to watch and start trying to see if you can guess what is wrong with the patient before anyone else can, which is hard to do and it makes you curious about what is wrong with that patient, where you just have to know, it usually has happy endings where the patient has been cured of whatever problem or disease he/she may have, which is great but once in a while it had a sad and unhappy ending....I like House and will continue watching this great show.

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    Thu Sep 29 2005

    I like this show, Hugh is somewhat nerve racking but I like him.

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    Thu Aug 18 2005

    I think this is like one of the BEST medical dramas on TV EVER!!!!! apart from the O.C this is one of my favourite TV shows!! I love to watch Greg House because his character is so funny and loveable in a weird kinda way!! 5 STARS!!