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    Wed Jul 17 2013

    I have encountered a problem that seems to have happened to a lot of other people and I believe needs to be addressed in a larger forum. The problem is misrepresentation of products by travel websites. In looking to find a hotel in Brooklyn, NY. and on a tight budget, I checked the Hotwire site and found an advertisement under Hot Rate Hotel for a three star hotel with an average nightly rate of $207 for $108 per night saving me $99 per night. The name of the hotel is revealed after the booking is complete and paid in full. Once I did that, the hotel was revealed as Brooklyn Motor Inn, a two star MOTEL according to 5 other prominent travel websites with one even rating it as one star. The average nightly rate for this property is $115. The average customer rating is 2.6 out of 5. When I called the customer service I was met with indifference and was told that I should be happy with $7 per night savings. I doing research on the internet I find lots of people with the same or... Read more

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    Fri Feb 22 2013

    Now THIS company is a good place to go for truly cheap and great deals. I used to be a travel agent and the discount block Hotwire has rivals the room blocks I used to reserve from our wholesale travel providers. I don't recommend flight arrangements through here (or any third part travel booking company for that matter). Buy airline tickets direct and take advantage of any reward, promos, or frequent flyer programs they have. Hotwire is not guaranteed with the airlines so you will expect changes to happen. I love hotwire for hotels. Hands down, Recommend to any and all. Last summer I got a top floor penhouse suite in a Resort on Clearwater Beach, FL for the price of a double regular room at a roach motel. Astonishing rates, good deals. Love Hotwire!

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    Sat Jul 28 2012

    My travel arrangements were made 6 months in advance. Hotwire emailed me numerous times with my flight arrangements constantly changing. One day before leaving, they attempted to let me loss one whole day on my vacation. When I insisted they fly me out as arranged or return my money, they flew me out on time. My vacation was great but upon checking out of the hotel I requested a detailed/itemized receipt and I was told I had to get that from I also requested a detailed/itemized receipt from Budget Rental Car and I was told the same thing, I had to get it from Upon my return home, I requested the detailed/itemized receipt from and I was told "NO". I was told they don't give out detailed receipts. I contacted Budget Rental Car because they overcharged me by almost $350.00 for my rental car. Budget informed me that Hotwire paid them a mere $145.00 for my seven day rental car. I went back and forth with for a detailed/itemized rec... Read more

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    Sun Jun 10 2012

    We bid on Hotwire fo a "4 start hotel" in Nashville because we wanted a nice hotel that would be a bit of an upgrade from our last two trips. We were given "Indigo West End" as the property. The reviews were iffy but we were hoping for the best, this is a "boutique" type property. If I could upload photos to this hotel you would gasp. It was filthy, dirty, grimy, falling apart, out of repair, nasty! Everything from the parking garage to the showers, windows, ceilings, walls, EVERYTHING! If it wasn't greasy and dirty it was falling down or not working! Definitely not a 4 star, or a 3 star...maybe a 1-2 star.

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    Tue Feb 28 2012

    Booked a car on Hotwire for 165.19 from Budget. On Hotwire your credit card is charged immediately. Then to compare, went directly to the Budget site. Putting in the exact same information, the "Pay Now" price would have been 146.57. Boy did I feel stupid! Next time I definitely will think twice about using Hotwire and will probably just go directly to the rental sites.

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    Mon Feb 27 2012

    Wife and I simutaneously, inadvertently booked rental cars at the same time. Hotwire would not refund 1 of them even though we contacted them within 1 hour of booking. Would never use them again. Would like to rate at 0.

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    Fri Oct 28 2011

    Liars, Thieves, and Scam Artists that take your $$ and give you nothing in return. Never, Never, Never use !!!

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    Sat Oct 15 2011

    Hotwire sucks my ass! I made a 2 resevations in one town they put me 20 miles away and would not change or help me with the cost. I will NEVER use these assholes again!!!!!!!

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    Sat Oct 15 2011

    In mid August 2011, I booked two rooms in Biloxi for Labor Day weekend (September 3-5, 2011). I purchased the trip insurance, just in case. We planned to drive from Houston to Biloxi. Tropical Storm Lee hit the New Orleans and Biloxi area on Labor Day weekend. I turned in a claim to the travel insurance company, Total Access. They denied the claim saying this was not covered! I guess that driving through a Tropical Storm to get to the hotel and then spending the weekend in the Tropical Storm shouldn't be a problem. I'm out $400+. I have used Hotwire before but won't do it again. The chance to save a little isn't worth it. I found that many hotel websites will give you rates that are only slightly more and you can cancel if needed.

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    Tue Oct 04 2011

    I have used Hotwire many times in the past and had no problems. But the problem I am currently experiencing will make me NEVER use them again. My wife and I booked a hotel at a great rate. She used her Hotwire account and credit card to pay for it and when we got to the hotel it turned out to be very nice and normally cost twice what we paid for the rooms. All was good until the day we checked out and received a bill for all 4 days at the regular hotel rate. When we went to the front desk to ask why they were charging us again after we had already paid via Hotwire, they told us that Hotwire had contacted them and told them that our account was used fraudulently and refused to pay the hotel. Nobody from Hotwire tried to call us, e-mail us or make any contact at all with us to explain why they decided to cancel our account (or to even check if it was actually us using the account). My wife called her credit card company and they said nothing had been reported to them and they... Read more

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    Wed Sep 21 2011

    They will not let you change ANYTHING. My trip dates changed and HOTWIRe would not help me change my car rental....they said TOO BAD

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    Wed Sep 21 2011

    UNHAPPY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!- Tried to purchase a hotel on 9/20. Hotwire site state “site unavailable”, so I refreshed the web page and tried to book the hotel once more; the page showed Hotwire site was unavailable again- then booked from Priceline it went through without problems. So, after I stayed at the Priceline hotel, I come home today to find Hotwire has charged my account TWICE! So, I had to call the customer service and be on hold for about an hour- to be told by the customer service reps, “Hotwire can only refund one night due to policy”. Do you think that I should be satisfied with that?... "NO!", I didn't even know Hotwire had charged me and booked a hotel, let alone twice due to an error from their site! Regardless of being charged erroneously by Hotwire, this clearly shows that the company is unknowledgeable on quality and more concerned about quantity. Also the phone survey for customer service is pointless. I tried to make sure Hotwire knows how dissatisfied I was a... Read more

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    Fri Jul 22 2011 These tips were learned through a first time purchase made through Hotwire on 07/20/2011 Confirmation 5090426857. Customer service refused to consider that I was given less than what I paid for even though they saw the star rating was downgraded a few days ago in Orbitz for the hotel. I hope my experiences with Hotwire Hot Rates® will help someone else shop smart. Happy Traveling!

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    Sun Jul 10 2011

    Stay away!!!! don't touch it with a 6 ft stick! With deceiving wording they allure you to book expensive hotels and you end up getting cheap hotels. Hotwire will do everything possible to get rid of you if you dare to complain!!! The hotels hate guests that booked on Hotwire and they will do everything possible to "punish" you for that. You are way better off paying a bit more (id at all), knowing what you are getting and getting the utmost respect from the hotel. I will NEVER do business with Hotwire anymore!!!

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    Sat Jul 09 2011

    Hotwire are new to the UK and obviously have hurried their launch over here as the whole process is a disaster from start to finish. I booked a 'secret' four star hotel. It turned out to be a Ramada. Even by their own section on what the hotel ratings mean, they list Ramada's as three stars. I complained and told them they had charged me for a four star hotel and then booked me into a three star. They told me that I was wrong. Given that customer service is in the USA and I am from London and have stayed in that hotel before, one would think I would know best. They then emailed something about trying to 'exceed customer expectations' before telling me they couldn't be bothered to do anything. They didn't respond to my next email. I talked to a friend who had also used the site and had the same experience; booked a five star hotel but got a dodgy four star. This service may work in the USA but in the UK I suspect it is just a scam. For heaven's sake don't use these guys. I use Priceline... Read more

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    Fri Jul 01 2011

    We booked a hotel through Hotwire online and their reservation status said the transaction did not go thro' as the billing address we had entered did not match the billing address on file with our bank. We contacted our bank for the same and they said the transaction did go through (infact 3 transactions were made by hotwire 2 were $1 transactions and one was the actual amount for the hotel reservation) and the billing address is exactly as we had specified. So now instead of planning for the holiday we have a charge on our credit card but no hotel reservation. We tried talking to Hotwire customer service and they maintained that the transaction did not go through so there is not much they would be able to help with. WE WOULD STRONGLY ADVICE NOT TO USE HOTWIRE

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    Tue Jun 14 2011

    I will not use Hotwire in the future. Although I found them to have very good customer service. I spoke with Denise who was most helpful and explained that the rate change was beyond her control. I booked a hotel room for a weekend stay. I concentrated on all the other reqested information and notifications and did not see when the site changed the date for a completely different weekend. I called the call center and that is when I got Denise and she said that there are no refunds unless I allow her to cancel the first (wrong weekend) and charge my card for the correct weekend. Guess what????? SUDDENLY the price jumps!!!! I JUST MADE THIS RESERVATION - I FEEL THAT AN EXCEPTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE! This may have been a computer error. I do not feel that I entered the wrong dates for my weekend. She nor her supervisor would make an exception. I told them I would not use them again in the future and would tell others of this negative experience. HAVE A NICE DAY, hotwire, In... Read more

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    Tue May 31 2011

    NEVER, EVER AGAIN will I use this outfit. Rented a car plus full insurance through Hotwire and drove the car for 3 days before receiving notification that I was NOT insured!! Talk about liability exposure. Turns out my state of residency made me ineligible for insurance through their insurance partner (?)....think they could have had that little tidbit on their website, or at least notified me BEFORE I drove the car off the lot?? Incredibly moronic things subsequently happened: I, of course, called them immediately to hear some little care bear suggest I call the rental company and ask if they could add insurance, like the rental company would just add insurance without seeing the car to make sure I hadn’t already totaled it(?!?!). Another call to Hotwire was made with the expected outcome; sorry, nothing we can do, it's our partner's fault, not ours. And on who's website was this transaction made??? Left with no choice I returned the car to the location where I rented it because of... Read more

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    Wed May 25 2011

    After successfully booking airfare with Hotwire twice, we decided to give it a try for a hotel. Booked it, got the confirmation email, not overly thrilled with the place "revealed" (didn't really match the star rating, but whatever), hit the hotel website to get a map and directions and there it is... a price that is WAY LOWER than the one that Hotwire just charged me not five minutes ago. Well, to make a long story, short we've been arguing with Hotwire all day long... They'll match the price, but not beat it and not give us a cancelation either. This doesn't match up with the sales pitch in their ads at all. What about "unpublished rates to sell unsold rooms"??? Their response was sorry, it's policy (and the lady on the phone had the nerve to sound bored with me while she delivered the bad news). So, my husband gave it a try and got the same “we could give a flying leap” attitude and lack of response. Now we’re both completely ticked off. So, I gave up my ability to make ch... Read more

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    Mon May 09 2011

    Wish I had come here first before using hotwire. It would have saved me the grief I've just dealt with. My experience goes as such: This was the worst hotel booking experience I have ever had. I thought things were going great until the 'hot rate' hotel was revealed to me. It just happened to be in a different city than the one I had requested. Apparently the geographic area/ neighbourhood can cover a VERY large area, which they don't really make that clear when you go to book. The price might have been low to book the hotel, but I'll wind up having to book a different hotel becuase the one they gave me was so far away its not feasable for the event I'm attending. I tried to call them to explain my situation and I was more than willing to work with them to get a closer hotel (meaning still using their service), but they wouldn't hear of it. They just threw that book of a disclaimer they make you click on.. no transfer, no cancellation, nothing can be done to give a customer a break! ... Read more

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    Tue Mar 22 2011

    I hate hotwire. I no longer use it, as every time I do, we have issues. You don’t get the name of the hotel or anything like that until you make a reservation, and you also get charged ridiculous amounts of money for deposits.

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    Mon Mar 21 2011

    I think Hotwire is a total con. Like most people I want to get a good deal and have been suckered by them a couple of times. I think they get the unbookable rooms that the hotels would not make available. Last night I stayed in a so called 4 star hotel ( It was only 4 star on hotwire - when * had booked it and looked at the other websites it was a 3 star) It was totally bog standard to begin with. Worst of all my room was right next to the elevator so i heard everyone going to bed. I think that the hotel didn''t use that room very often. Also it was freezing cold - and the heater was so loud that it was more appealing to freeze. I guess we will wise up eventually. The basic rules about buying anything applies here - If you don't know what your getting - don't get it

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    Sat Mar 19 2011

    We recently booked a hotel through Hotwire in San Antonio, TX. We arrived from out of state after midnight and all we wanted to do was sleep and then go to our planned activity for vacation. We were awakened to a thumping bass guitar Sunday morning that was vibrating our bed and caused a pounding headache in my already congested head (sick on vacation). I politely asked management what was the deal with the loud music and they stated that a church service was being held near the lobby. I said "well, can they at least turn down the bass?" Management did nothing. When we were checking out, I explained that I was very dissatisfied with our stay. We didn't mind the singing, but the bass guitar was so loud that we couldn't sleep and it gave me a pounding headache. They said that all they could do was offer us 2000 pts with Choice Privileges. I said that wasn't acceptable. It takes 6000 pts just to stay at an EconoLodge one night. I said you have a sign right here in your lobby guaranteeing... Read more

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    Fri Mar 11 2011

    I share the same sentiment with everyone. I wish I had done some research concerning, "Hotwire's Hot Rate." On the surface it sounds like a great deal offering deep discounts on hotels and airfare. However, just like with everything there are restrictions on the said deals. Unfortunately, these corporations can get away with robbery if you read their restrictions. My wife booked a Hotwire Hot Rate from San Diego to South Carolina for $524 which was much lower than the average rate at the time. When she was set to depart, Delta - the airline that she was supposed to fly on, didn't authorize the flight. It looks like the awesome travel agency, Hotwire overbooked or oversold their tickets. My wife was left to buy last minute tickets for double the price of this ticket. Concerning Hotwire's customer service I have words that are less respectable so I'd rather withold them. They could have been robots who just kept reiterating their company's policy of a nonrefundable, noncredibl... Read more

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    I booked what I was told would be a Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn or a Ramada. It ended up being a Super 8. Not a big deal but our NON-smoking room had a distinct odor of a mix of mildew and cigarette smoke. It had multiple stains in the carpet and bed spread and appeared as though it hadn't been remodeled in decades. (ie: mold gowing in the cracks of the caulking in the tub. (it was filthy) I asked the manager of the hotel for another room and was told it was not possible as all the rooms unfortunately were the same. I called Hotwire to book another hotel. They would not book another hotel. We didn't stay there and did not reveive a refund even though we never used the room. Bottom line, stay clear of Hotwire, their customer service and savings are non-existent. I asked what the AAA rate would be directly from Super 8 and the rate was the same as Hotwires "lowest rate". Brian from AZ

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    I booked the car rental with Hotwire 4 months in advance to my trip, thinking I could modify my plan if needed. 3 months before my trip, something urgent happen and needed to alter my plan. But Hotwire would not let me change, give me my refunds back or credit part of my money back. WTF! Hotwire is such a rip off, so unaccommodated and inconsiderate to their buyers. Such a mess up company/website! This is my first time and LAST time using this website/company. Rating is 0 star if I could. WHAT A RIP OFF! DO NOT USE HOTWIRE!

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    Sat Feb 12 2011

    Great! Follow ME Cs

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    Sat Feb 12 2011

    Very bad coustomer service do not use them they lie.

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    Thu Feb 10 2011

    Here's the summary: Hotwire sucks. Here's why: I booked a 2 star hotel in San Diego while there for a job interview. I've flying back and forth regularly for the job search, so I was looking to save some cash. The 2 star chains they have listed include the Comfort Inn and the like, which I have stayed at and had no issues with. I am familiar with the area and selected a location that I thought would be clean and safe. Since they don't tell you the hotel name until you book, you are stuck with what you get. What I ended up with was nothing more than a 2 star crackhouse located right next to a huge strip club with a bunch of seedy characters standing outside smoking lord knows what. When I pulled up, it was 11pm and I was scared. I didn't even go inside. I am female, traveling alone and didn't really need to fear for my life on top of being nervous for my interview (which was at 7am the next morning). Frustrated and unsure what to do, I drove away. I paid extra to go stay so... Read more

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    Sat Jan 29 2011

    My cousin called Hotwire to book a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico in January of 2011. We called Customer Service instead of booking on line to coordinate our trip arrivals and departures, as we both live in different cities in the US. After we determined the amount of days of the trip and our hotel the agent then quoted us a price of $1,200 for me and $1,300 for her, this being a total of $2,500. We told the agent that we wanted to split the total and put the price of our individual trips on our credit cards. After collecting our credit card information she then put us on hold. When she returned she informed us that there was an error on my card and that she had to put approximately $1,500 on my cousin's card and that they would take out the balance of approx. $1,080 from card on Feburary 9, 2011. She then asked for our email address so that she could send us our itinerarys. I opened my email immediately and it was posted however my cousin did not receive hers. She informed the agent an... Read more

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    I urge everyone reading this to contact the BBB of California regarding this company. It is apparent that this company is in need of a serious investigation. I foresee a class action lawsuit in this companies future. Sooner or later companies like Hotwire always get caught. They will rip the wrong person off and have a major lawsuit on their hands. If I had the money or time, I would do it myself. But here's my horror story. I booked a 4 star hotel at a 2 star price. HAHA. Well I would've rather booked a 2 star hotel with another site and got to sleep in a bed. That's right. They made me sleep on a couch. I had to go ask for a pillow and blanket. They guarentee that your room will accomidate the number of people reqested. When I contacted Hotwire, I was told that if the hotel wants to make you sleep on a couch, or a cot, that is their right to do so. Whats next? an air mattress in the lobby? Anyhow, don't bother contacting their customer service because you always get the same generic ... Read more

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    I carefully reviewed the options for booking a hotel in Houston. I did not want to stay too far from the airport. When chosing the location it stated it would be 7.7 - 12.2 miles from Hobby International. I booked it and ended up with a hotel over 20 miles away! I called and they said the mile estimation was "as the crow flies". Well that's helpful! Great site for crows but anyone else buyer beware!!

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    Sun Jan 16 2011

    Do not book anything through hotwire, If anything goes wrong, you get sick ets. hotwire will not offer you a refund. We booked a car through hotwire and a week later on a months rental, my wife got sick and had to return the car and go home. Enterprise said hotwire would only be charged for the week rental and hotwire would not refund any of the $800 spent on the car. Valuable lesson is never book with these shysters.

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    Fri Dec 24 2010

    straight awful. sneaky. deceptive. do not even visit the website avoid this company at all costs!!!

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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    They lie, their advertising is a totally a lie, I payed for a mazda 6 and they gave me a nisan sentra!!! DO NOT RENT A CAR WITH HOTWIRE!!!!!!!! YOU WILL PAY A LOT OF MONEY AND IN RETURN YOU WIL GET SOMETHING ESLE!!!!!!! dO NOT DO THIS MISTAKE!!!!!!!! cLAUDIU

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    Tue Nov 16 2010

    I booked cars through Hotwire before, but I will never do it again! I booked a car through Hotwire, but when I came to pick it up from the car rental I was informed that there was no reservation made and all cars were sold out, so I called hotwire to clarify the situation and was told that there was no reservation made on my name in any car rentals.....I was taking taxi all over the town in order to rent a car from someone because it was so important to have the car next morning.......later on I was charged for that reservation by Hotwire without actually renting a car. When I called them in order to get a refund, I was told that they unable to make a refund....after a day and a half of talking with all representatives from Hotwire on the phone I finally got my refund back. As I was told it was an exeption! Thank you, hotwire, for crediting my money back, but It was very unpleasant experience!