Hotel California (Eagles)

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    i can't believe this and Rumours are so loved,california crock.

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    Tue May 29 2007

    An undeniable classic. Maybe the Eagles don't do it for those who want to "rock out", but anyone who can't get into this album is just plain numb from the neck up!

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    Mon Jan 01 2007

    A boring album from one of the blandest groups in rock history. Groups like, Buffalo Springfield, the later Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers pioneered the genre of country rock in the late 60s and early 70s. It was the Eagles who inherited their legacy and proceeded to destroy it by turning out album after album of Top 40 mush in the mid and late 70s. This album was the final chapter of the Eagles killing off what was once one of the more interesting genres of rock.

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    Thu Mar 16 2006

    Classic. Epic. Sublime. To any naysayers, you have to really LISTEN to the lyrics. Turn down the lights, set the volume to "realistic", and let each song create a picture in your mind, then realize how each song relates to the others and together they weave a tapestry. The entire album is a message. It's best with a couple stiff drinks, maybe a doobie, and preferably solo. I guess it also helps to be a child of the 70's, but the message is still poignant. I was lucky enough to see the Eagles in concert; I consider myself a better man for the experience and enlightenment. It ain't just about the title track; "Hotel California" simply sets the tone for greater things to come. By the time "The Last Resort" comes up, the meaning should be apparent. It's about way more than just a couple catchy tunes... Musical genius. A true classic for all time.

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    Wed Oct 12 2005

    I missed a lot of the 70s (don't ask) but the title song was always one of my favorites. The album was discovered later and never disappoints. The Eagles, and the individuals in the group, are classics.

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    Thu Sep 29 2005

    Apart from a couple of superb songs, this is an album easy to forget.

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    Sat Sep 03 2005

    It might just be too intelligent for the masses. Why are the Eagles everyones great kicking machine?

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    Fri Aug 12 2005

    the solo on hotel california is so good

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    Sun Jun 26 2005

    C'mon. . .there are a few good songs but this is one serious party-killing album.

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    Sun Jun 26 2005

    Seminal work of one of the greatest rock bands ever. Classic...

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    Wed Dec 01 2004

    This is one of the greatest CDs to come out of the 70s. The title track is at least in top 100 of all time. Then you have songs like Life in The Fast Lane and New Kid in Town. A wonderful CD from a great band.

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    Mon Jun 28 2004

    If I hear this song again....

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    Wed Sep 03 2003

    Joe Walsh and this album transformed the Eagles from a good band to a great band. Their defining work, with depth and range they were unable to repeat. One of the all-time great classic rock albums.

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    Sat Mar 15 2003

    Well, I might have known "Springsteen80sbaby" wouldn't like this one--it's not performed by her hero, Bruce. Lyrically profound and melodically sophisticated, "Hotel California" makes a dark statement on 1970's excess and has left an indelible mark in rock history. Still waiting for that to be said for ANYTHING from "Born in the USA"...

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    Sat Dec 07 2002

    Rarely has an album been overplayed as much as this.

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    Thu Jul 11 2002

    The Eagles are my favorite band of all time and they always will be! There wasn't a single song on this album that I didn't like. It would be nice if bands of today could make an enjoyable,ENTIRE, album. Then again, I'm talking about the greateset band of all-time. A person should just expect to be truly entertained listening to them.

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    Sat Mar 16 2002

    This was a good album. A new sound for The Eagles with some great songs. Good job!

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    Thu Mar 07 2002

    Wow I am sooo in love with this song right now! I'm in highschool, and when your song transcends time like that, it's a good sign. Something about this song is extremely unique. The lyrics are almost chilling, they really get to your head. Overall, this is probably one of the best songs ever written.

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    Fri Oct 19 2001

    It is actually little-known that the ENTIRE album is great, not just the song. I love this album.

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    Tue May 01 2001

    This overplayed song bugs me!

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    Sat Feb 03 2001


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    Thu Jan 25 2001

    I really like the Eagles and I also love the song, "Hotel California." I like the lyrics in all the songs and I really enjoy this CD as a whole. Eagles rock!

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    Thu Jan 11 2001

    Good smooth songs. Not too loud, fast, or quiet and slow. Right in between. Cover song especially is very catchy and is one of the tunes you don't mind if it gets stuck in your head. Very talented group of musicians.

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    Wed Jan 10 2001

    Love it. The song will run through your mind all day... not a bad thing.

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    Mon Jan 08 2001

    Don't like the Eagles very much. They sound too much like country and the songs are boring. The songs all sound the same.

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    Tue Jan 02 2001

    For an Eagles fan, this is a good CD with solid hits. My personal favorite however, is Hell Freezes Over by the Eagles. It's mellow and has a lot of the Eagles best slow songs on it, including Hotel California. I fall asleep to it a lot.

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    Mon Nov 27 2000

    Their Hotel California hit is so good and I love them. The Eagles may be old but their music lives.

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    Tue Nov 21 2000

    I think the Eagles are a great band. This album is one of the best ever. It is one of those albums that has more than 80% good songs (really good songs).

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    Fri Nov 17 2000

    Wonderful CD that has become an icon in the American pop-rock music.

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    Fri Nov 17 2000

    This is a nice CD to listen to when you are tired of all the screaming and flashing of MTV. For me, personally, it is a "mood" music, that is, one you can listen to only when you are in the right mood for it, not all the time.

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    Mon Nov 13 2000

    The song Hotel California makes me wanna smoke some major.... But I don't do that, ha, ha, ha. That song must be the greatest song to kick it with. It's the jam!

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    Thu Nov 09 2000

    It's a great CD. I love the title track. It's cool because I can listen to it with my parents and not feel stupid. The Eagles are a classic band that I enjoy.

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    Wed Nov 08 2000

    The Eagles rock and roll. I like the classic album. The guitars rule.

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    Mon Nov 06 2000

    This CD rocks! It's perfect for a lazy stoner who can only feel the music through air guitar!

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    Fri Nov 03 2000

    A sad chapter in music history.

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    Tue Oct 31 2000

    The most overrated rock group in history! The fact that people ever paid to see this group perform speaks volumes of the stupidity and lack of taste pervasive in American society. We may as well be the French.

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    Mon Oct 30 2000

    Fabulous CD! Every song was great. I loved Hotel California.

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    Mon Oct 30 2000

    If you are an Eagles fan, Hotel California is great. This is old school Rock & Roll. I recommend this to music lovers who like the intricate solos and complexity of music which sounds great. I recommend this CD for the older generation who love Rock & Roll.

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    Mon Oct 30 2000

    I love the Eagles. I have this song and I listen to it all the time. It is a classic and I now love this album too.

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    Fri Oct 27 2000

    In my opinion THE best album for acoustical guitar. Hotel California is known by even the youngest guitarists.

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    Thu Oct 19 2000

    I love Hotel California, because it is a good song and it is my ex-girlfriend's favorite song.

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    Tue Oct 10 2000

    Lots of sounds. Good intro. Nice order of the songs to mix things up.

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    Tue Oct 03 2000

    The Eagles are a great band and this album was perhaps their finest.

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    Sat Mar 11 2000

    This album is SOOOOOOOOOOOO CRAP!!!!just like the EAGLES!!!!!!

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    Fri Dec 10 1999

    The eagles do not give me a peaceful, easy feeling. They make me want to jam scissors into my ears. I hear there's a great all-girl D.C. eagles cover band, though. Called, of course, The Sheagles.