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Hot Fuzz

2007 action comedy film directed by Edgar Wright and written by Wright and Simon Pegg Website

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    Fri Jun 26 2009

    One of the most hilarious movies ever. I loved Sean of the Dead and this ranked right up there. If you enjoy tongue in cheek humor, this is the movie for you.

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    Sat Jun 20 2009

    Just because you like Simon Pegg doesn't mean you will like this movie. I was very disappointed by this movie having enjoyed Shaun of the Dead. But in Hot Fuzz, the laughs were limited and overall it seemed like they were trying to ride the coattails of "Shaun of the Dead". I would pass on this for a purchase.

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    Wed Jun 10 2009

    A farcical take on American buddy cop films- surprisingly, Hot Fuzz ends up to have more heart than laughs- although there was that too! British actor Simon Pegg plays Nick Angel, top London cop who lives for the job. Unfortunately he's doing his job too well- he's showing up the other guys. To get rid of him, the higher ups force him to take a job as Sergeant far away from London in the small village of Sanford. When he arrives, the town seems idyllic but, of course, things are not always what they seem. Through most of the film I kept waiting for the spoofing of action movies I knew was coming, but that really doesn't come till little over halfway through. But once they get there- yeah they nail it. There are funny bits until that point that had me howling. For some reason the swear box in the police station- delineated with swear word plus fine- had me laughing. Anyway, the little things like that, caught my fancy and I have to say Nick's new buddy cop Danny, and his lov... Read more

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    Wed Jun 10 2009

    I thought the movie was hilarious, and my Cop father also liked it. Funny and very re-watchable.

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    Sat Jun 06 2009

    Ah, genius. Some people have it, some don't. Edward Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost should just make movies together. Pegg, don't bother with 'Star Trek,' you're funnier when you get to be rated R. Guys, stop participating in quasi-heartwarming films like 'Run Fatboy Run.' Just keep doing your Blood and Ice Cream films and we'll all be happy. I'm a giant fan of 'Shaun of the Dead,' of course, as any self-respecting zombie lover should be. While 'Hot Fuzz' is a bit more polished across the board than 'Shaun', and maybe some of that production value is what turned people off, clearly the look and style of the film was more posh because that's part of the joke. Overly-saturated big action films are what's being satirized here. The genius of this comedy lies in the clever, controlled handling of all the elements. Making fun of stupid cop movies? Check. Constant visual and auditory referencing of previous collaborations AND other films? Check. Charming character development and ... Read more