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    Tue Jun 07 2011

    Home Depots Cabinet Refacing is highly overpriced. It is a fact that in many, many cases you can replace your exact cabinet set with new LIFETIME WARRANTY KraftMaid semi-custom cabinets PLUS a new counter top for LESS, that's right, LESS that what HD charges for refacing. Including the tear out. Including the re-installation. Check it out for yourself. Plus, the countertop prices offered by the refacing salespeople are approximately DOUBLE what is offered in the HD store. See for yourself.

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    Tue Feb 22 2011

    Horrible customer service. Do not listen to customers problems just state "policy". Bought two defective solar lights and they would not repalce or refund $$ but store manager in Sterling VA Adam, said he would give me a 10% discount..how disgusting to treat a employee this way. Home Depot is to big to care... avoid if you can and shop Lowes, at least they care about their customers. Home Depot is good only if nothing goes wrong...they are to big to care. Shop elsewhere when you can

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    I haven't had any real problems with the merchandise at Home Depot in all the years I've shopped there. The problem I have is with the personnel that have made me moderately dislike the store. Here are two recent examples. My kitchen floor was water damaged and I needed a quote for an insurance claim. At the first Home Depot location the flooring section was deserted and I left in disgust after waiting more than 15 minutes. At the second location someone came to help me after a 10 minute wait but after explaining situation and showing photos/measurement of the room his quote was way too low. He quoted $420.00 to remove and reinstall a laminate floor in 12' x 15' room. Also, the quote wasn't itemized like I had requested. I then went to a local flooring store and recieved an itemized quote for $1,200.00 that included items missed like moulding and disposal of the old floor. The second problem I had was with buying replacement windows. I measured the opening of the basement windows ... Read more

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    Tue Oct 26 2010

    I still don't understand how a retail store cam have 1/4 of its aisles closed for whatever reason during business hours. I've never come out of a store happy. Never can find what I'm looking for without help which when you get it they talk you into getting more then you need.

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    I have never been a fan of Home Depot, but, because of its proximity to where I live, I am obliged to get most of my home improvement supplies from them. I have never bought big ticket items from them because I find other places (Sears, Best Buy, Walmart) more reasonable and professional. I am presently evaluating various replacement window contractors and suppliers and an HD installer was about the 5th one to come to my house supposedly to measure windows. The moment he walked in the door he told me I should have told the HD arranger that I lived in an historic district (I had done so). He said HD couldn't do my house because they didn't have a wood window line to offer. I asked him to go outside and look at the replacement windows of my neighbors up and down the street and he would see that every completed window replacement job had vinyl or aluminium clad windows. He sneered at me and said he know about working in hostoric districts. The previous day, the installer from Lowe'... Read more

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    We bought a GE freezer online and Home Depot delivered it on Sat. They plugged it in and said it would take 4 hours to cool down, and the delivery guys left. The freezer ran from 5:PM Sat until 8:AM Sunday and remained the same toasty warm temp the entire time. I called Home Depot and said you delivered a non-working freezer. I asked them to come pick it up and replace it with one that works. They refused and said we must have GE send a repairman to repair the freezer. So I must take off work to accomodate the 4 hour window I have been assigned for the repairman to come fix what never worked to begin with. Of course they do it when it is convienient for them, not the customer. I will never again shop Home Depot. I did not buy from GE, I bought from Home Depot and I expected them to stand behind the sale. They don't.

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    Wed Sep 08 2010

    norwalk store on ct ave. Have gone to this home depot 7 times over the last month, having my dad purchase things for me. the first six times the service was ok; only sarcasm and laziness were the issue. However, this evening, i went to the customer service desk to be greeted with hostility, anger, and the threat of violence. I swear, this man working at the store wanted nothing more than to beat me, simply because the purchase method was slightly unusual. When i asked to speak to the manager, he told me where to shove it, saying i had to call the manager myself. Again refusing to let me purchase, i simply left. I plan on never going to this store. It's the illegal mexicants version of lowes. Laziest workforce i've ever seen, and quite frankly half the store smells like marijuana every time i come in. The worst part about the situation is that no other worker (a dozen or so passed by and many more were in earshot) did nothing, nothing at all, to help. I find this store to be... Read more

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    HOME DEPOT SIDING FOR YOUR HOME, located on Northwest Expressway, OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA. I signed a contract on June 26, 2010 for Hardy siding to be placed on my home. The initial meeting price was $9,108.00. I told the salesman Russ Green I needed to give it some thought. A few weeks later I called and set up a second meeting for June 26, 2010 and at that time he remeasured and the price increased to $9.400.00, and we signed a contract for the purchase and installation. & 7 (seven) weeks later and about 4 e-mails I had no siding and no set date for the installation. After e mailing corporate and the salesman on Thursday, I got a phone call from the salesman on Saturday morning telling me he had mismeasured and the cost was $1,000 more and also he made a little mistake and had used the old price list so the cost was an additonal $1,000 more. I told him to send me everything in a e mail. But that I felt we had a binding legal document and he stated he was only human and hum... Read more

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    Sun Aug 22 2010

    Definately DO NOT BELIEVE the product reviews posted on their website. They do not post negative reviews. The positive reviews are probably generated by the manufactuers. I simply can't believe they do this. I will NEVER trust them again.

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    Sun Aug 01 2010

    Home Depot sucks! I should read the review here before I buy big items there. I bought washer/dryer and they were delivered with a lot of scratches. The delivery was on weekend. I cannot go to the store during the working days. When I went to the store for replacement/discount next weekend. They refused and said I have to go the store within 48 hours, which they did not tell me when I bought the machine. Never buy anything from home depot again.

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    Sun Jul 18 2010

    I've been to Home Depot more this year than at any other time in my life...a grand total of maybe five times. I don't have any knowledge of tools or handyman skills or anything, so going in there I had no idea what I was doing. The first time I went was because I had to replace a broken window pane. I went to ehow to figure out how to do that then to Home Depot and the guy there personally showed me everything I needed to replace the pane. I asked him a question he didn't know the answer to so he found some one who did know. The other times I went, I was building a small animal enclosure, didn't know how to and had to buy all the materials from scratch. I had to get some wood cut and had no problem finding an associate to size and cut it. I got a staple gun and bought the wrong size staples but luckily I had no problem exchanging the staples. (Some places are assholes about returns) I haven't been there a lot, but I was lucky enough to escape the problems that some people seem to hav... Read more

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    Thu Jul 15 2010


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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    The customer is always wrong! The woman who set up our carpet installation was rude and argumentative. She proceeded to tell me that my city does not have an ordinance regarding the disposal of carpet after installation. She is absolutely wrong! She also wanted to argue with me regarding the specifics of our installation that we set up at the store. I canceled our entire order, which I am being charged a restocking fee--go figure. I also canceled my credit card account. I put money where my mouth is and my money is taking a walk out of this company forever!

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    Mon Jun 14 2010

    They are the most ignorant people I ever dealt with. I bought a patio door with the blinds buit in. six months later they decide to let me keep the door that wont lock and refunded part of my cost, after I signed the required release. I have been lied to on a daily basis. they love to play pass the buck. Store ignores you, installers are useless, Manufacturer ( Jeld win) refuses to be responsible (that door wasn't made here). Never spend another penny at Home Depot or on a Jeld Win product.

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    Sun Jun 06 2010

    Home Depot did my kitchen remodel and it was the worst experience of my retail life. It took three months longer than promised, during which time our kitchen was out of service. Despite the long delay, they refused to cancel the contract. Home Depot completely ignored any responsibility to coordinate work of different contractors, and did not communicate to them exactly what I had paid for. If I had not monitored the work, many of the features I paid for would not have been included. The cabinet work was of dime-store quality, and I had to install cabinet knobs myself. I also had to install all of the appliances that I had purchased from H-D. I complained without success many times to local and national offices of the company. On one occasion, when talking to someone at a national office, I mentioned that the local office would not take my calls. The representative then suggested I call and give a false name. Evidently they knew what was going on. I now know that H-D has a nat... Read more

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    Thu May 27 2010

    I worked for Home Depot for only a week and then I walked out. They werent welcoming to new people. I had to train for 16 hours before I could run a register even though I have been in retail for over ten years and have ran a register at all of those stores.

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    Fri Apr 16 2010

    Twin Cities, MN - 1st contact was online. My girlfriend and I made the mistake of having Home Despot re-face our kitchen counters. The fat mope who came out to do it took 7 days, not 3 as promised. Initially, this was not all bad. The price was right. It was not on time, but it was acceptable. It took a couple extra days? Oh well. O.k. Fine. Would have been 3 or 4 stars. BUT: When we noted in our "satisfaction survey" that we weren't totally satisfied, because it did, after all, take more than 2x as long as promised, my girlfriend received an abusive call, demanding to know why we didn't give the best possible rating. Nice. Why do you think? 2x as long as promised? Wait. There's more. It gets worse. The follow-up service is attrocious. The laminate is pealing off one of the cabinet doors. We called and were lied to that a new door would be ordered. A month later another call, "Oh, there was a mistake in ordering." Another month passes. Another telephone call. Another lie, "... Read more

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    Tue Apr 13 2010

    I bought a washing machine from Home Depot online because................. because I NEED A FREAKING WASHING MACHINE. The machine is on display in their store locally with signs promising next day delivery. I entered my zip code where prompted on the site, supposedly to determine availability, but this was a lie. It's not until check out is complete that they tell you they can't deliver FOR TWO WEEKS. So I waited like an idiot for 2 weeks while building up a mountain of dirty clothes. Then, on the day they were supposed to call with the exact delivery time, they left a message saying they couldn't come FOR ANOTHER WEEK! Not only are these scumbags bold-faced liars, but they are also in violation of credit card processing rules (which are not enforced if the company is large enough)They are supposed to reserve, but not collect the funds on your charge card until the item is being transferred to the buyer. Not Home Depot. Those scrounges grabbed the money before you could take a breath. ... Read more

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    Sat Apr 10 2010

    It's time for Home Depot to close their doors due to their terrible customer service and lack of any product knowledge. They sold me a gas dryer and according to the service technician, it's a miracle that my family is still alive. Their ignorance caused the dryer to be incorrectly installed- including insisting that I purchase the wrong parts. Thanks to the employees of Home Depot, I have had nothing but problems. From initially purchacing the dryer and dealing with an employee that didn't know the difference between in store buying and warehouse, charging the wrong price, to almost being killed by the carbon monoxide that we were inhaling each time the dryer was was turned on. The clowns that Home Depot sent to install the dryer left my home before they even turned the gas back on. So much for making sure that the product is working correctly before the installation is completed! When Home Depot was contacted, they blamed the duo that in stalled the dryer- so much for standing behin... Read more

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    Home Depot is a sham as far as their customer service goes. Some one stole materials from a job site of mine I notified home depot before the materials arrived there and was told they would be credited to my account. of course they weren't the thief was instead given a 900.00 gift card. I spent 4 weeks on the phone to the home depot customer care center and in the end was told to bad for me. they said (even after I produced the shipping order and credit card receipts that I had not made the original purchase. What a Snow Job someone screws up then covers it up and I am out 900.00. I will never return to home depot to purchase anything. nor will I pay the balance on my home depot credit cards. I guess I am lucky though since Lowe's has built a store across the street from home depot. I have never been more insulted nor treated as poorly as home depot customer care treated me.

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    What a TERRIBLE return policy!!! I've got to warn people of this. I bought the wrong drill (based on bad advise of a Home Depot employee) and when I stopped at the nearest store, they told me I had to go back to the same Home Depot I bought it at!! What???!!! Good thing I didn't buy it in a different state! I returned the drill in less than a week too!! I used it for 2 minutes - literally. I called some competitors, and they said I could return a drill to any location. Duh - makes sense doesn't it? Maybe the ""manager"" at the HD was in a bad mood...well too bad! I used to buy a lot from HD ...no more...

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    I've been reading so many negative stories about Home Depot. I was going there tomorrow to buy a GE Dryer. Now, I'll go to Lowes. Thanks for the warning!!!!!

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    Hi this is Tinzley from Home Depot Customer Care; let me know if I can help. Feel free to send an email to [email protected] with details. Tinzley Customer Care The Home Depot Atlanta, GA 30339 Check out The Home Depot on Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube

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    Wed Dec 23 2009

    Starting by the end, i will never buy anything there again. I ordered a dishwasher, and it was scheduled to be delivered 2 weeks later. They never called me to ask for a good day for this-just called and said they would deliver on a Tuesday. Because no one else on this world works, they must think everyone should be home so they can do stuff whenever they want? I called back, held the flaming and rescheduled to Saturday, explaining i cal only be home at 5:30-6pm, too late for them. It would be between 11am-5pm. Nice, gotta be stuck waiting for them to show up whenever they want. They never called, and at 5:30, i called to find out what was going on. They were not delivering that day because of some b******, and i couldnt get a reschedule right away, it would have to be checked for availability. Got a call monday, deliver would be Wednesday AM. Again no one else works besides them, and its all fine to make the CUSTOMER stay home waiting for whatever. I called and rescheduled for Saturd... Read more

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    Mon Nov 02 2009

    Bob Nardelli destroyed the customer experience at Home Depot. Years after his departure, the company has not recovered from it. From the strayed shopping carts on the parking lot to the uninspired greeters, to the erratic assortment, to products distributed in various areas without any logic or convenience, to the crazy-making self-service check-outs, a trip to Home Depot is not an enjoyable moment you will wish to repeat. Go to Lowe's!

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    Sat Oct 31 2009

    They seem to use the same project coordinators US Home Systems/Remodelers which our salesperson said is the largest kitchen remodeling contractor in the nation. They then subcontract to local people, so the quality of the work depends on who they use in their subcontracting. We weren't happy with our salesperson who called us back twice to tell us that there was a mistake and we basically ended up with a different countertop and cabinet facing than what we originally ordered. But our US Home Remodelers project coordinator was accommodating and they gave us a cheap price on upgrading to Corian and threw in a new double sink for free. And when we called to complain about the toekick laminate peeling, they came back to fix it properly and in a timely manner. I have to admit that after reading so many bad reviews, that I was scared, but in the end, I felt we dealt with some good people in our region who were willing to help us and make up for the mistakes. We are in the Southeastern New E... Read more

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    Thu Oct 29 2009

    Cheap products are a plus. But poor customer service is not! It is at my own fault for buying a cheaper product from home depot rather than spending money on a quality product.

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    Fri Aug 07 2009

    HOW ABOUT ZERO STARS!!! The Beaulieu of America carpet I purchased and had installed through Home Depot began to "Pucker" after less than 1 year. Home Depot sent their carpet repair tech, who said the carpet is delaminating and it is a factory defect. Home Depot then sent their "inspector" who reported that there is a "foreign substance" on my carpet and there is no factory defect. Whatever...!!! I ended up paying someone to come and re-stretch my carpet just to get rid of the puckers. That carpet repairman advised me that it didn't appear to have been power-stretched when initially installed and that was part of the problem. I advised the Home Depot rep of this, and they replied that they always use a power-stretcher. Since their rep wasn't here, and I WAS HERE, I think I know better than they do whether a power-stretcher was used. I didn't know at the time of installation what a power-stretcher was, so I didn't know to insist on it. I never saw one until the carpet repairm... Read more

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    Too bad you can't give NO stars or that is what I would give the Home Depot in south Huntsville, AL. We have tried to work with them and gotten no help at all, except their taking $3000 from us. Today when I called corporate to complain, they made the store manager speak with me (previously she was always "unavailable"). She just attempted to blame the vendor (whom we have been pleased with) and said my version of events was UNTRUE. I will never shop there again and will attempt to help others avoid my mistake in giving them money.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    Don't park your car in a HD lot. I did! I parked my Corvette in a HD lot on Pleasenberg Drive here in Greenville, SC, today and got a big nail in one of my tires for my "convenience". The very least they could do is to sweep the lots!

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    Sun May 24 2009

    Home Depot has very poor service sometimes. Our house had been broken into, so we needed a new back door and storm door, so we checked Home Depot first since it was closer. Well, we went into the door section and the employees were so helpful!! They sat at a desk and read a magazine, and didn't even say "can I help you." On top of that, the prices were higher than Lowes. On the other hand, Home Depot is ok if all you need is a leaf blower or something. They are good when you need something minor. When you have a big project though, Home Depot is terrible!!

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    Mon Mar 23 2009

    WOW THESE GUYS ARE THE WORST I HAVE SEEN.(tell you why) i needed some plastic rugs wich home depot employees have to measure and cut for you. i saw this lady walking around just like all the rest of the employees and i asked her for help. With her big grumpy face she replied she was helping another customer (she wasn't) so she started wasting time looking at bar codes to make a long story short like 20 minutes later she comes crunching her teeth and mumbling that she had another customer to come and cut some rug for us i got her name quietly and complaint with the Manager. he heard me and he said "ok thank you" and kept on walking not caring at all. 2nd chance for Some Deep O' saw an ad inside doors where 35$ so i went grabbed the door and went to the register she brings me up she said 47.98 i told her there is an ad on these doors can you double check the price please she rolled her eyes up and went to get another cashier and asked her the other cashier came knodded her head and ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 05 2009

    These guys are terrible. They do not care if you pull out your wallet and spend your hard earned money or not. They are too busy working on trying to clean up their filthy stores to help you find what you need.

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    Fri Jan 09 2009

    Home Depot is intended for people that have some clue as to what they are doing when starting a home improvement project. If you have to ask which way to turn a lightbulb it's not the place for you.It's a great store and I've never had any problem with anything I've bought here. They have anything you need for home projects, inside and out. Great selection of paint, lawnmowers, drills, saws, and countless other things. They are always having specials, and having a Home Depot card is the way to go. I just got a coupon in the mail and until February first, any purchases over $299 that go on the card don't have to be paid for 12 months. I've got some work to do around the house, and that's going to help a lot right now.

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    Thu Jan 08 2009

    If you want paint advice go to a real paint store. If you want appliance advice go to a real appliance store. If you want hardware advice go to a real hardware store. If you want a huge headache go to Home Depot. I ordered "top of the line" MasterBath Cabinets. They were the worst junk I have seen. They had splits the factory just painted over. They had gouges, painted over. The dovetails were pushed out 1/4". Parts were missing. SPECIAL ORDER MASTERBATH CABINETS ARE TOTAL AND COMPLETE JUNK. AND HEY.......DEAR HOME DEPOT IDIOTS......GET THE FRUCHING PALETS, STEPS, FORKLIFTS, AND OTHER THINGS........OUT OF THE AISLES YOU STINKIN MORONS......

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    What in your opinion is better: have to wait for a person who knows the answer to your question or talk with 15 people asking whether you need some help, but do not know anything? Assume you know what you want. Unless it is a shelf item, you have to go through ordering process. It is, well, filling 2 forms. In their universe it takes 30 minutes. Assume you placed an order - they deliver it "home depot" way. Despite your precise explanations how your house is structured, they know how to screw it. One way that I am familiar with - they put more people on a crew requirements. Then they don't have such a crew and send minimal crew, which refuses to deliver. That very effectively kills half of your day (which is in their lingo a "4 hour delivery window"). All in all you deal with an army of non-competent people and end up paying no-discount price for that and ruining several days of your life. So rule of thumb in this store: if you can find it yourself, buy it and carry it away - you m... Read more

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    I do not recommend using  Home Depot for kitchen remodeling. The "designers" are glorified sales clerks who are ill informed.  The one I worked with never asked me if I lived on a ground floor or a second floor, when I received additional charges for granite and questioned her, she scolded me and said I never told her I was on a second floor. Like I am supposed to know that there is an additional charge. They lead you to believe that you are dealing with Home Depot but you really are dealing with other contractors and they act as a go between, to get anything done or the right story, you need to deal with the subcontractors directly anyway. They tell you one thing and the contractor tells you another. The kitchen refacing is a big RIP OFF and you can get it done for alot less elsewhere, INCLUDING Lowes. They will not tell you how much anything costs and they mysteriously come up with a figure and tell you "everything is included." Then they pressure you to sign the contract by telling ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    We recently bought a new 40 Gallon hot water heater after the old one leaked and paid to have them install it.They installed it, but neglected to mention it was not the correct height. The admit they knew it was the wrong height but did not say anything at installation. Due to this error carbon monoxide leaked into the house. It has been over a week since they installed it and they refuse to fix the problem. I will NEVER use them or recommend them for installation. They specific Home Depot is in Monroe NY.

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    Mon Sep 15 2008

    Terrible customer service - if you're in Chicago shop ABT. Otherwise, hope and pray that your order goes right, otherwise prepare to spend your next week or so on hold and navigating HD's surreal automatic phone labyrinth. Also make sure to confirm product descriptions when you receive your product - mine did not match the online description, thus the resulting customer service nightmare. It's not the reps' fault; as usual, it's the structure of the company.

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    Fri Aug 29 2008


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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    Email to HD Corp- To Whom It May Concern: As I sit here, shaking in total disbelief and anger, I struggle to find the words that will convey my disgust and disappointment over how my whole appliance purchase experience has turned out. I now have a manager who has lied and said that I "threatened to chew out associates" who were scheduled to come to my home and pick up the malfunctioning dryer that was delivered last week. I now am apparently expected to knuckle down to another manager in order to have this appliance picked up?? What, do I have to kiss his shoes or something? Are you KIDDING ME?? Yes, apparently "Chris" believes the lie that "Jackie" said, and has refused to pick the appliance up until I speak with him directly due to "associate safety concerns".......I find this out after 6pm, when he has gone home for the day, and while I'm trying to find out why this dryer is still in my home after waiting for hours for them to come. I cannot have my money back, which is ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    I had a consultation appointment from Home Depot in Palo Alto CA for a possible kitchen remodel and the sales associate smelled like he took a bath in liquor. He was also extremely rude and he did not seem like he wanted to be there at all. This guy started to get angry because I said I wanted to look at my options before I decide to go with them. I was very polite out of fear of what this guy may do. He started saying things like, If you didnt like it. You should have said something and not wasted my time. He kept complaing the whole time he packed up his equipment. I am a woman and all I could think was, How do I get this guy out of my home safely! I will never call Home Depot again for them to send deranged drunks in my home. I feel I cant even complain because this guy seemed unstable and knows where I live. BEWARE!!!

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    We just had Home Depot remodel our kitchen. The sales people in Cheektowaga NY were great (Thanks Doug and Jim!) The job was done quickly and professionally. Everyone was great and I have a gorgeous new kitchen. We had a lot of problems with Lowe's and always go to Home Depot. Gooo Tony!

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    This is a note for the ridiculous customers from Home Depot associates: Home Depot works with "microwave associates", they get them all warmed up then send them out on the floor with little experience. WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE A LIVING SO CUT THE PEOPLE SOME SLACK THAT WORK THERE!!! I'm sick of idiot customers that I want to seriously punch in the damn face for treating me like crap because they're too damn dumb to hire a contractor. Don't take your frustrations out on me because there are over 40k products in the store and you want me to know about a toilet seat cover that may or may not fit your toilet at home that you didn't bother to measure, when I don't even work in the plumbing! MAYBE I WORK IN GARDEN. Did you ever think to ask if I actually worked in plumbing? No you expect everyone in the store to know everything. Well isn't that selfish of you, why didn't you google it, print off a picture of what you need and show it to me when you get here. Do not go to tool rental; bre... Read more

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    Sat Jun 07 2008

    Very awful shipping service. I should have read the reviews before I made my purchase. The free shipping lured me into buying. Never again. I bought 2 adirondack chairs from homedepot.com but when they shipped the items they sent me the wrong tracking number. Neither homedepot.com nor UPS knew what was going on. The only solution that homedepot could give me was to cancel that item bec. it might be lost and buy a new one. And so I did. Only to find out later that the original order was not lost but had the wrong tracking numbers. So I tried cancelling the new item but the operator told me that he couldn't do it because it was already processed (but they were able to cancel the refund on my first purchase). So now I'm trying to get a refund on my second purchase but the only way I can do it is to refuse the new order, which, not very suprisingly, had the wrong tracking number too. Anyway if I had an SUV or a truck, I would have went to a local store and picked up the item... Read more

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    I am commenting about the Homedepot in Athens, Ga. Epps Rd. My wife picked up a propane bottle, which when attached to the grill it did not work. I called the Athens store and (talking to someone that said they were security, that the store closed at 7pm ( this is Sunday). I called another location in Winder, Ga., and was told they and Athens are open till 8 pm. So I was not able to have a grille, and the service was not. It took 10 minutes at least to get a tank. Very unsatisfied customer!!!!!

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    By all means use Home Depot for a re-model if: 1. You like ease of choice of cupboards, sinks, appliances, and various ancillary products required (they are all there in the kitchen center). 2. You want to use of Home Depot Credit card, with six months no interest (you'll want this as all moneys have to be paid up front, including all labor, even if the job takes longer than you anticipate). 3. A "one stop shop" type sales pitch. 4. You don't mind absolutely terrible communication between your "project manager" and the various contractors that Home Depot use. 5. You don't mind having to call Home Depot and the various contractors repeatedly to clarify, cajole, and beg for the work to be done to satisfaction (and your messages invariably wont be returned, you'll have to keep holding until you get the required human, i.e., your project manager - as everyone else usually gives you the brush off). (Advice: get his/her direct line, there's no point calling the general p... Read more

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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    We went to Sears with a printout in our hands of the refrigerator we wanted and $1000 cash. We waited for 45 minutes in the appliance department while the 2 salepeople helped 2 other people. Deciding that 45 minutes was more than enough to wait without being helped (we had shown the one saleswoman that we would be an easy sale) we went across the street to Home Depot. It was now 8:50pm and they close at 9pm. We walked up to the appliance department where the salesman was helping another couple and immediately he stopped and said to us "I'll be right with you if you need any help". He finished with the other couple 5 minutes later and came over to us. It was now 8:55pm and he did not have a rushed attitude with us. We showed him the printout from Sears.com and he immediately checked availability (they had 26 in stock and Sears had said they would have to order it - hmmmmm) and offered to match the sale price for Sears. We got 2 rebates (for the delivery charge and a $75 Home Depo... Read more

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    Employee " Sam ", at your Cottonwood Store in Albuquerque, Should be employee of the year! He has only worked for the store 3 days! I was in to purchase ceiling fans, paint, and tress." Sam, provided me the most courteuos and respectful service, I have ever received anywhere. I have been going to this store for years and I have purchased many, many thousands of dollars of your products. This was the most pleasureable trip of all and spent $1458.01, usually painful." Please consider a promotion and more money as he is a "perfect model of the type employee you dream about!

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    Thu Feb 21 2008

    I have been shopping online at homedepot.ca for 3 months now and never had a problem with the service or delivery is great.Hammer Drop on their site is awesome.I love Hammer drop,great deals.I look forward to have my morning coffee with hammer drop :) I am talking about Home Depot.ca you know canada? I shop on line and they are great. I feel you should say which Home Depot you are speaking about. All the Home Depot stores are not ran by the same managers. The Home Depot Online also are not the same as the stores. Example is it Edmonton west end Home depot Store or is it USA Home Depot OR Online.Ca or Com. If you did this I feel it would be a lot more helpful for everyone to know which home depot is so bad or good.This is how I feel.