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    Fri Jan 09 2009

    I have worked with the company for one year and four months. The corprit crape got to me but not as much as the custermers did. I you have late fees or you have a problem and some one dose not appolagise for them it meens you are an asshole. You the custamer is at falt. I get People all the time saying that they retuend there move to us and I ask them if they evere go to blockbuser or any were els. And gues what you FUCKS i get your movies frome Blockbuster a month later so not ony are you late But YOU ARE A FUCKING LIER! 9 at of 10 times it is the custermer who is to blame. Shame on you and shame on the frutes of your fucking junk you mother fuckers who shuold not be breeding.

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    I have never in my life been so insulted, as a customer trying to give my money to a business, as I was this evening at the Hollywood Video in Pahrump, Nevada. I should have known something was up when a young kid with a bicycle held the door for me on the way in and asked if I had any spare change. Anyway, I was there for the movie my wife asked me to bring home, and call me crazy but I figure that if I see a 6' x 4' WALL of Hellboy II and I grab one of the many boxes to take to the counter, I assume its in stock. So, I'm waiting in line with my video boxes... there are 2 cashiers, and 3 groups in front of me, so I know it is going to be awhile. I see a couple of other workers milling about putting up decorations and I wonder why they aren't with customers if there's such a big line. As I am waiting, I notice that the Maximum Capacity sign is hung upside down. Odd. Then, I'm next in line just as a couple of young girls come in the front door, and I hear the kid ask them for cha... Read more

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    Sat Nov 22 2008

    i have been a GSR at hollywood video for 8 months now. it sucks lol. every comment from workers/ex-workers i agree with. a new problem has emerged....the MVP passes of customers have been expiring halfway through their monthly pass. and they are forced to renew it, so they are paying twice the amount for the same month. it is crazy, corporate is cancelling their MVP's and on their account it says "NEVER ACTIVE"...it should say "PAST ACTIVE" if it was a legitimate reason for expiring. this company definately robs the customers. the way they treat their employees is a WHOLE nother story. but at least i have a job still....i have been getting the E4 pins and E4 certificates. i have been in the top 10% of the company for 21 weeks straight...i have gotten no raise or anything, just cheap ass certificates and pins. they will probably fire me before my year is up so they dont have to give me a raise. fuck hollywood video...

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    Thu Nov 20 2008

    I must agree about Hollywood video and the way they are with their staff. Its not just the hollywood side Game Crazy is just as bad. I saw a post about the Flamingo/Decatur store here in las vegas. My good friend worked at that Hollywood and I know how horrible it was. Randy Miles the DM is a complete tool. He was the Game Crazy DM before he was Hollywoods.I worked on the game crazy side. The only reason he even got promoted to the Hollywood side is because the good DM Wayne Merideth left. Wayne was the best DM. He promoted from within, gave everyone a shot and was always involved with his store. Randy overlooked people on both the Game Crazy side as well as the Hollywood side who were well trained, great employees and amazing partners to hire new unexperienced people. Mostly from best buy. Randy came out of Big Box Best Buy and seems to hire and baby all their rejects. The Regional manager Mike Herrick is just as bad. He has to see how horrible the business is doing now and how horrib... Read more

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    If you expect to find a decent custoemr service from Hollywood video store in Glendale, az (between 43& Glendale Ave.) good luck with that! They hire either a fat lazt\y ass people who dont do their job or some crack whore whith nasty skin and tatooes all over her body. I went in to rent something and create a memership. well, they asked me for my credit card so I asaked her why. She said we need it just in casr you dont return the movies. Well, I told her I dont feel like giving my cc card and she told that its completely safe and that her employees are trained correctly. Well, I said I dont care and who trained you then? You're not even a manager. Well, needless to say I gave her the card and cancelled it after next day because they looked like a bunh of sleezy drug dealers to me. I asked for some assistance to find a movie and knew the title to it as well. Well the dumb fat ass told me tehy didnt have the movie and that it didnt even exist. after explaining to this fat fuck a couple... Read more

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    Today, i went into Hollywood video expecting to rent one movie (Fear And Louthing in Las Vegas) i asked the store cleark if she could check for me. and she said they didnt have it in stock. and i ended up finding it... I was with my Baby sister and mom. We check out, and my sister says that she needs to use the restroom. we ask for the key and she says "its out of order, you can go to walgreens, they will let you use theres" well we ignore that issue. I hand here the movies. she checks them, and sees something on it. and begins to scratch what ever it is off with her nails. and whipes the CD onto her shirt. We ignore that and just try to check out. my mom trys to pay with a 100$ bill. and the lady tells her she cannot break that... but after 10 minutes of us trying to explain we have no smaller bills she some how produces the money to break it. finnaly, we stand on the other side of the metal detectors and wait. Something i forgot to mention, this entire time she was talking on the pho... Read more

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    Hollywood Video is probably the worst video store on the planet. Yes, at times even worse than the Buster, at least this is true for the store on Decatur/Flamingo in Las Vegas. This store is very dirty, understaffed, and the staff that is there is under trained the las time I went there they did not even unlock my movies when I got home. A friend of mine since that time needed a job and realizing a need proceeded to apply at this store. He took a supervisor position and tried really hard to make things better and they really were making improvements for awhile after getting rid of the joke manager that worked there. She even treated the guest like they were children getting yelled at for being in trouble. But after getting screwed over by the Company several times and not recieving the promotions deserved to continue to make the store or at least the Company better he has been forced to consider other managemnt opportunities with alternative companies. And he has lots of management exp... Read more

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    Thu Sep 18 2008

    Hollywood is straight horrible to there employees. They over work us, and under pay us and rip customers off by saying the play guard goes to charity. Nope thats alie. They had us selling popcorn to customers to donate to start light star bright, then I swear to god a month later We were selling that same popcorn for fifty cents a bag. Wtf, Hollywood video Im sure you just broke some Major laws there. IF anyone has there policies about working alone please put them up. I wanna know. They have there Female employees working ALONE IN THE WORST AREAS and tell us to deal with it. Im from The NY area... Everyone should boycott these stores honestly. Please stop them from abusing anyone else. Please stop them from ripping good hard working customers off.

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    Sat Aug 23 2008

    DO NOT RENT AT HOLLYWOOD VIDEOS ON 3665 E BAY DR STE 164 LARGO, FL 33771. The last time I rented there was in April. I received a bill that says I rented a movie called "Bordertown" in May and the collectors fee was around $50. I never heard of a movie called Bordertown and when I looked it up I discovered it was a Jennifer Lopez movie.I have better taste than watching a JLO movie. When I first approached them about the matter a couple of weeks ago they directed me to the guy who rented out the movie that day. He was utterly useless. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that I should come back when they check inventory for the movie. So I asked them what if they can't find the movie at all, because I know for sure it wasn't at my house. He just said I would have to pay the dvd fee. But i should not even have to pay a cent! the account is under my brother's name, so earlier today he had just been notified that they sent a bad credit report to the credit bureau. So I start panickin... Read more

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    Tue Jul 15 2008

    I hate this place. They charged me for what I didn't rent. They make money by false charges. That's the way they do business.

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    I never gonna rent a movie or a Video game in hollywood video again!!! I went to rent a V.game (for 6.99 + tax) and it was so scratched that my ps2 didn't play it, so i went back they didn't have more of the same so and neither other that i wanted to play...so they credited me a "free game rental" (because they don't issue refunds!!!) but when i went to rent a movie, they said that i have a "Free movie rental" and i doesn't reflects any amount or remaining balance if i got the movie... so if i got the movie i loose more than $3.00 for that stupid video game that didn't work... My point is that they not honor the right amount for any video G or movie that they "supposedly" credited and that is completely annoying and Stupid. So I'm done with hollywood V

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    Sun Jun 15 2008

    $3.99 for ONE DAY LATE!!!!! That is utterly ridiculous! And it's $3.99 for each day late after that! You can rent it again for 5 days for that amount! This is the first time I have been late. I ended up in the hospital and the movies went back late. At that rate I will never give them my business again.

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    Thu May 29 2008

    I've worked for hollywood video for almost 5 years now. It's not a bad company, depending on where you rent. In general, the employees do want to help so give them a break. in regards to kill point, there are two volumes and it's marked on the barcode label (kill point v.1 and kill point v.2). and as for the guaranteed in stock or it's free.. that program ended a while ago so they should've taken the signs down (they probably forgot the sign facing the window) but nonetheless, it says "on select titles". therefore, its not false advertisement. and in regards to the other situation with the new membership.. it's not really company policy to throw away your old membership card in order to start a new one. the problem is actually at the corporate level. once a week, hv's satelite membership goes down at the store level. not many employees, including store mgrs and district mgrs, know this so they will generally believe that it's something the company doesn't want you to do if it's fr... Read more

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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    I was employed by Hollywood video (a manager)for 7 years. I read through most of the complaints, and it amazes me. I loved working at Hollywood Video, yeah it sucks from time to time, but I can honestly say that my DM was the best ever and that I was never treated badly. I have worked videos for over 14 years, and when Movie Gallery bought Hollywood that is when it went to hell. Most of the time the store to store member transfer never worked and yes they did freeze up the computer ALOT! but lets face it once you start a new membership depending on where you live, your dvd's are 50% off the first 30 days .. yeah late fees suck so dont be late and dont assume the employees took them how dumb is that...(in some cases if your store has poor management )--but think about it this way they would normally steal them before they even hit the wall...and parents for the love of god watch your kids....people wonder why they can't find things that are in---well 9 times out of 10 it is because peop... Read more

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    Sat Mar 29 2008

    Does anyone know if the El Centro, CAlifornia store is on the list to close? Blockbuster already left town with out any notice to the public so I'm wondering if Hollywood is going to do the same? Thanks

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    Sat Mar 15 2008

    Hollywood video in Idaho Falls, Idaho 1500 Northgate mile We rent at least ten movies in one weekend most new releases. This past weekend we rented The Kill Point we got it home and watched disc one realizing that disc two was missing we went back to Hollywood video and asked if there was some mistake and if we could get the second disc. They proceeded to tell us that the second disc was a separate rental and that they did not have any in stock. It being a new release we asked if we could reserve it for next time we were in and they told us no there was nothing they could do for us. If you have ever been in a Hollywood video there are signs everywhere that clearly state guarantied in stock or its free, well if this is true then we have been the victims of a scam by a major corporation. This is false advertisement and we are extremely dissatisfied with this company. We just swallowed it and went to find other movies for the weekend we came across the title in question and there was no ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    On 02/25/08 I visited the Hollywood Video at 6384 66th St. N Pinellas Park, FL (that is closing) to purchase videos because they were going out of business. I already knew that they were going out of business and had previously selected the movies I wanted to buy. My roommate and I arrived at this location at 9:52pm only to have the young man at the counter, who was checking someone out at that time, tell a young woman employee to go lock the door. Apparently they were to be closing at 10:00pm but it wasnt 10 yet. I had called this location just ten minutes prior to this asking if they were still open and selling movies. It wouldnt have taken me more than five minutes to see if they still had the movies I wanted to purchase and I was very upset that they rushed to lock the door. Just two months ago at this location I was convinced to purchase their calendars w/ coupons and I did purchase not only one but two calendars. At this time Im sure that they had to have known that they wo... Read more

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    Mon Feb 18 2008

    pretty much everything said so far is true, good and bad, about this company. I'm a "shift leader" at hollywood video and all i can say is if u work at hollywood, DO NOT BECOME SHIFT LEAD. It might be different for other districts, but right now there is no pay raise for about twice the work and 100x the responsibility. Being liable for the entire days revenue and paperwork is not worth owning a pair of store keys. Plus their new penny pinching rule that only allows the shift leader to stay after hours to close up the store is absolute bs, restocking alone at 11:30 every school night so the company can save 10 dollars is isnt very satisfying. The good parts of the job used to be the customers and the fellow employees. however all this e4 playguard nonsense and the new employees who carry through with it (while driving off all the customers) kind of ruined that part too. Im not going to quit yet because i like all the customers that come in later in the night, and i like my manage... Read more

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    Tue Feb 05 2008

    Gotta say I've been a loyal patron of HV for many years now, and the past few months has been almost enough to turn me away from the store for good. First the main 2 Hollywood Video's I went to closed down. OK, fine. I liked the store/selection/prices enough to travel a bit farther to go to a different HV. Well first the prices went up. Ok, fine, $1. Whatever. THEN I started noticing I was getting charged late fees for movies I returned on time. I'm not the type to return movies late, or lose them. The second I rent, I check the due date, then return either on that day or if I'm done eary (which is usually) several days early. And here I am charged for a late fee. And not just a late fee, a whole new rental period! WTF! So I complain and they waive the fee, because I have been so loyal (one guy who works there knew me from one of the old HV stores). Well I figure it's a fluke and go about my business. It happens the very next time I go in. This time I stare in shock and... Read more

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    Sun Dec 30 2007

    man i start at hollywood video tommorrow an dey startin me off at 6.76 a penny more then i made at my last job isnt that sum bull? i hope its not as bad as u all say

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    Sun Nov 18 2007

    At the hollywood video I used to work at on tallahassee, an employee got fired for taking a item and bringing it back the next day. they said it was stealing. now i understand the new store manager was taking money from the registers and putting it back weeks later. he never got fired.

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    This is a horrible company to work for. I've been employed for almost a year, and the company has gotten progressively worse. First, you are responsible for idiotic customers who don't know the difference between a display box and the actual film. Furthermore, if you care about your paycheck, you are told to stay until EVERYTHING is complete, so that the morning crew has nothing to do. Unfortunately, this task can run far over the expected clock out time. Certain customers don't even give the right information! They just lie and give someone else's name and get offended if you ask for ID, so at the risk of a hissie-fit, you have to pray that this person isn't lying, which unfortunately is rarely the case. Certain customers who live with the primary on the account will rent under that name, then return the movie several days late, and hold you responsible for it! The promotions for movies are constantly changing, now it's literally almost every other week, and it's outrageous. ... Read more

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    Tue Oct 16 2007

    I work at hollywood video and although i have to adimit they do treat their employees like crap most of the time (other employees will recognize that new 4 e's crap), I think most customer complaints are bogus. I can't even tell you how many times I went out on the floor and scoured the shelves for a movie someone swore they returned only to not find it and have it mysteriously show up in the overnight dropbox a week later. And the joke about us not looking for your movies, it's part of our daily morning paperwork to go out and look for each and every movie that has been "returned" by an irate customer. I'll admit sometimes we find it on the shelves and it just wasn't checked in, but I'd say 80% of the time the customer just forgot to return it and then forgot they forgot. Now with that out of the way I'd just like to say that I hate this company with a passion. We recently had a couple of stores close down in my district. I wasn't too worried because we all knew which stores it would ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 03 2007

    hollywood video closing! i guess in one way i am happy i mean i worked for the company for 5 years i was an assistant manager for 3 1/2 years. i got to know the in's and out's of the company. some of the things they did i didn't agree with and for not agreeing i got let go. the only thing that keep me there for so long was the customer's. the one's you saw every day and bonded with. i do miss that a lot. i didn't like how my district manager wanted to cheat customer's out of there money just to keep his number's up. i thought that was wrong. and when they promoted me to being a manager they sent me to a store that made no business and i hated it. i missed the store that i worked in for so long. and now that store is closing because there business dropped. (in vista, ca 92084) that store was the only one in our district that keep all it's employee's for many years. until that district manager came he let every one go. i am a little sad that the company is closing but maybe it's for the ... Read more

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    As a employee of Hollywood I don't agree that it treats the employees horribly. Besides for over 60 stores recently closing. The most recent was a store pretty close to the one I work at and I know they were notified a week or two prior. It all depends on the DM. I can't bad mouth Hollywood video all together, even though our store is walking on a tight rope as well, It has helped my family out for years. I'm going to be devistated if our store has to be closed as well but for the time that differant family members and myself have worked at different stores... It was the best job a student, a mother, or a Senior in Highschool could ask for. They didn't whip you nor make you get down on your hands an knees to scrub the floors. Did you ever get grease burns fellow employees? I had worked at jobs that treat there employees horribly and Hollywood was definatly NOT one of them.

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    Sat Sep 22 2007

    I work for HollyWood Video as a Store Manager. The company is really awful to it's employees. We currently have stores closing down all over the country and no one is finding out about it until the 11th hour. Don't you think if a corporation really cared about it's employees it would at least have the heart to tell them that they are going to be out of a job. As far as customers go, I always put myself in their shoes. You always attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, the customers and my staff are the only reasons I have stayed with this company.

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    Sat Sep 15 2007

    I remember one incident where a DVD I was renting needed to be cleaned. The counter person sent me on my way but she forgot to put the DVD into the case. I didn't get a chance to look at the video until the 5 day rental was almost over. I called and was told I could come in and get another DVD but I would be charged for the week despite my not having the actual DVD (their fault!). I reported this to the corporate office and was given a credit. The store manager apologised and everything has been fine since. Don

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    Sun Sep 09 2007

    I work for a Hollywood, and as a company it treats its employees horribly. Now, as an employee I get to hear this stuff about late fees all day. The employees, dont make more money if you pay more late fees, and its not like we can put fake late fees on your account. The late fee is exactly the same as renting it over, which is the same amount of money you cost the company, when you dont return the movie.. I know, how horrible..that makes no sense..But on the same token most of the managers I know work with people on their fees. Anyway, the company doesn't honor raises, gives no guarantee of consistant hours, and doesn't even promote people with a consistant pay rate. I would not suggest working for the company at all.

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    I was charged a lot of times for late fees and stupid me just paid. i didn't care less at first but it seems like it was happening a lot of times so i took note of the dates that i returned the movies I rented. Hahaha! Hollywood video BUSTED! and the girl Michelle that works there Hollywood Video (lake in the hills, IL) was very Rude and she didn't know that my next move was to contact the corporate office. Though they called me apologized and in additon to that, offered me 4 free rentals, i would never go back there. The late fees is a SCAM! BEWARE! This is my 2 cents.

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    Basically, I liked Hollywood Video before I started working there, so me being an employee isn't raising my opinion of the store. In fact, my major complaint with Hollywood Video is the way employees are treated. As a customer, the store is great if you can understand the concept of a 5-day rental, which unfortunately most people can't... Obviously every store is different, but my opinions are solely based on situations I've witnessed at my store. From what I can tell, most of the complaints people have with Hollywood are the same complaints I hear every single day, late fees for movies returned on time, movies claimed to be returned but are missing from the store, etc. I can assure you that employees at the store I work at DO NOT intentionally check your movies in late or not at all. In fact, most of the time your movies will be checked in almost immediately after being returned to us. With that said...we STILL have people having the same problems, and 99% of the time, the customer en... Read more

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    Wed Jul 25 2007


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    Sun Jul 15 2007

    How and the heck does this horrible video store even compete with blockbuster? This place is a joke and their late fee's are a joke too. No wonder why they always have what you are wanting to rent because no one wants to rent from them. This is the second time that I have been charged with a late fee. Returned the movies on the 6th day and charged for a whole 5 more days. Have they ever heard of prorated?? Guess not. Never rent from Hollywood video again! And also the dumb girl that works there told me I couldnt close my account. What do you mean I cant close my account? I will totally boycott hollywood video and I hope everyone else does too.

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    Sun Jul 15 2007

    Regarding the service at Hollywood Video 14705 Wood Forest Houston, TX 77015 I don't know if this is the place to post something like this but I had to get it off my chest. On July 14th after 11pm I went to make a rental at the Hollywood Video at the above address. There were four employees on the floor a guy named Antonio, the shift leader, and another guy and two women employees, one of the girls was hispanic. Anyway I was looking around when I heard the young hispanic employee start chatting with her co-workers about a "fag", yes, that was the word she used and quite loudly. In minutes the conversation turned into "f--ing fag" this and "f--- fag that" I was momentarily stunned not only by the hispanic woman's homophobic remarks but by the snikering attitude of Antonio her shift leader. While we can not force people to be accepting of other people's differences we can at least expect for people(employees) to behave in a professional manner while at work and especially in t... Read more

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    Thu Jul 12 2007

    Hollywood Video is the absolute worst - avoid them at all costs. Their late-fee system is draconian, and they have very little interest in customer satisfaction. Notice how most of the negative reviews come from customers who were actually quite happy with Hollywood Video for *years* - take that as a warning. If you've given Hollywood Video a 5-star rating, just wait - your day will come. These guys will find a way to destroy any "relationship" you *think* you have with them.

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    Fri May 11 2007

    An okay video store. I always went here before they built a Family Video near me. I stopped going here because they charged more for new releases.

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    Tue May 08 2007

    As a current employee, I have to say that there are a ton of stores that don't really seem to work as hard as others, I'm fortunate to work with a staff that is committed to the mission statement, and is great at getting people to really enjoy coming to the store. Personally, I believe that nothing should be taken to heart between a customer and an employee, because everyone is human, mistakes will happen, and no employee makes a mistake on purpose to spite you or anyone else. To those complaining about customer service, I ask you to find another channel for your anger. Respect, no matter what, is a two way street. It's much easier to help someone out when they're not shooting spit in your face about something that the employee likely had nothing to do with. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of customers we deal with on a daily basis, we're not able to become completely familiar with every single account and every issue within. When you add that together with the policies... Read more

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    Thu Apr 26 2007

    I use to worked for hollywood video for about three years. Through those three years I had about five different managers. NO one wanted to stay for this company. The pay is horrible and no benefits besides free rentals. They do not believe in seniority and do not care about their loyal employees. Overall, this is a nasty company to work for. Do not waste your time working there. As I mentioned earlier you get paid poorly and they never give enough hours claiming they do not have money for labor.

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    Sun Apr 15 2007

    Hollywood videop is a rip off, iv'e had so many problems with them. I will never go back there again. I never ahd this problem at the hollywood video in Orange county.

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    Tue Feb 13 2007

    As the last viewer said, returned my movies on time and 2 weeks later, "we do not have them." Called a liar and now after talking to many employees my results: " Manager does not return phone calls," " manager does nto follow policy on lost or late moveis," " manager will not look for your movie if you complain to corporate." Look, I am a customer. I paid for a service and I returned my items I rented. The policy Hollywood video has is not right. Customers should not be charged for inter-personel errors. Should I pay for a movie that mysteriouly showed up on the shelf 1 month later? Should policy be followed for finding and scanning movies, I believe I was told on a daily basis? Would you, the employee, be willing to pay if you were in our situation?

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    Thu Feb 08 2007

    I have been going to Hollywood Video for years and was happy with them until receiving a notice that I had a movie 1 month past due. I had rented 3 movies from them at one time and returned all movies 2 days later. Upon calling the store I was told that 1 movie was returned 2 days after checkout and 1 was returned 2 weeks late and another never. After insisting that I had returned all movies on time and begging the clerk check to see if the missing movie was restocked in error the clerk finally checked and guess what...it had been restocked in error. The clerk fixed that on my account then told me I was still responsible for 2 weeks of late fees on the other movie. I told him I turned all 3 movies in after 2 days and he had just insisted that I had a movie I had never returned which had just magically appeared stocked and sealed on his shelves...and now he still insists I was late! I then had him look at my record which in the past 8 years I had not once been late and all movies checke... Read more

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    Tue Nov 28 2006

    Wow, I am surprised to see that there were more good reviews than bad one's. I worked for Hollywood Video for 6 1/2 years between '97-'04 and it will always be one of my favorite jobs, what i liked the most were the people i worked with, i didn't find customers to appealing and corporate was terrible. I got yelled at on a daily basis, by customers who had a problem, I always tried to take care of the problem to the best of my ability, but after so many years and so many lies you do start to think on the more negative side of people. and you could usually catch someone in the act of lying by asking the right questions. On the other hand you can always call corporate and they will help with anything. The thing that customers have to realize is that the employee's are not treated well by corporate/management. 1st they usually hire managers who have no management experience so that they don't have to pay as much. 2nd the only profit Hollywood Video makes is on candy, and late fees, e... Read more

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    Wed Oct 04 2006

    I have been a hollywood video customer for over 8 years and have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on movie rentals and purchases. I am extremely dissatified with level of service that i have gotten. First of all, employees at 3939 CRENSHAW BLVD LOS ANGELES, CA by the name of kim and the manager on duty are extremely disrespectful with their hispanic customers. I have turned in rentals on time and have been charged late fees. Dvds have been lost by employees only to find them restocked on the shelves. But the final straw that caused me to write this complaint is that i was accused of returning an empty dvd when i had actually put it in the box. I was charged late fees and was told to buy the dvd at Target if i ever wanted to settle the account and close it. In other words I couldnt even report a dvd as lost and close my account until i repurchase the dvd or settled the account in collections. I had to rebuy it at target and turn it in as late 38 days later. This is preposter... Read more

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    Mon May 22 2006

    To whoever said that "Blockbuster gets it sooner," that's not possible. All stores get the same movies on the same dates. Even if Blockbuster were to receive their shipment a day or two early, it wouldn't matter to the customers as no chain can have the movies on the shelves until the "street date," which always falls on a Tuesday. If your Blockbuster is renting movies before Hollywood, they won't be doing it for much longer.

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    Wed Apr 05 2006

    Over two years ago I had my ex-wife removed from my all my accounts from all your stores in the West Valley, Utah area where I lived at the time, however, one of your stores continue to rent to her and this is the second time she has not returned a movie or game. I went to each and every store at the time I had her name removed from my membership and asked that my Utah driver license be shown before one could rent a movie or a game from you. Because of your store here in West Valley I my end up with bad credit so what are you going to do about it? I really don’t appreciate getting this letters when it isn’t my fault. What kind of idiots to you hire at your stores? Can't your people do things right? Thank goodness I have a BLOCKBUSTERS near where I live. I will take all my business there. I will encourage all my friends to do like wise. I have to drive by a Hollywood video to get to the BLOCKBUSTERS but it is worth it to me. I will never rent another thing from you company. I tried sen... Read more

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    Mon Apr 03 2006

    I absolutely LOVE the Hollywood Video near my home. The clerks are all friendly and pleasant. They know many of their customers by name. I also find that they seem to have a broader selection than Blockbuster. This really is the best video rental place!

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    Sat Apr 01 2006

    Since I've been a Netflix customer, I haven't stepped foot into a video store more than a couple of times in the past year, but when I was a regular, Hollywood Video was my preferred video store even though it was a lot farther away than Blockbuster. Hollywood has a great selection and the staff was for the most part very good. It's funny to watch customers wandering through the store with cell phones glued to their ears discussing the night's choice of celluloid entertainment.

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    Thu Oct 13 2005

    Unwarranted late charges are a form of theft! Theft is a crime! All criminals should be held accountable! If Hollywood Video steals from its customers the very people who make that very same business viable this just adds insult to injury. These types of inept underhanded operating procedure must not be tolerated! Contact the BBB & the Federal Trade Commission. Its just like VOTING if you dont participate you cant win Hollywood employees need not reply!!

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    Sat Jul 16 2005

    I have been working at Hollywood Video for about 4 months now and it's a great part time job. The selection is bigger, friendlier, and movie trades. We just started the movie trade in system and our customers love it. I've never really been to a Hollywood video until I started working there. I used to always put up with blockbuster's stick no wonder people like hollywood video better blockbuster's full of themselves. Don't get me started on online renting. The problem with online rentals is if you get a scratched dvd you have to send it back and wait for a new in about 2-3 business days. Instead of that stick you could bring back the scratched copy to hollywood video and we will give an even exchange or a different movie for the hassle. Plus, Hollywood video helps customers out with Additional Rental fee's (late fee's) unlike blockbuster they tell you to piss up a road. Seriously Hollywood Video is just way better.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    I used to work for Hollywood Video and loved each day I went to work. Yes we had upset customers and yes we had employees that should not have been working for us at the time. Other than the fact that you cant get anyone in the company to take you seriously about problems going on in the store you tend to sink or swim. I was terminated on my day off for coming in the store to help the new shift leader on duty who was overwhelmed with her crew calling in sick on her. She made a mistake using my code and they fired me without warning no prior write ups no prior counselings, poor girl did not not know what she was doing and needed a pass code for certain functions. I was with my family that day and had to go help her in fear of upsetting customers with lines. go figure i put in my own time and got fired....I loved working for this place... i loved the customers ....i loved the movies...I thought i was in the perfect job...

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    Thu Apr 07 2005

    we have 2 choices here hollywood video and blockbuster. our 1st choice is hollywood video its closer but we hardly rent at all anymore. its just as easy to buy it