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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    Again people seem to be on either spectrum of the Board either Loving it or hating it. You can complain all you want about size, pricing, and quality but it's on a person-to-person basis. If you think it's to expensive, then play smart. Yes some things may sound overpriced at first, but if you are willing to wait, I can garuntee that it will be on sale later on. You can always find things on sale in the clearance section online and in stores, it's just a matter of finding things and having the patience to finding what you want. If you keep complaining it's expensive, then set a price limit you don't want to go over for what you are looking for and look for stuff under. I personally have found tremendously great priced items over and over again, and no I am not the one to spend $40 on a shirt. I've gotten long sleeves, polos, dress shirts, jackets, etc. all under $20 (and great quality, because they are all still in my closet) each, because I am a sucker for looking for good deals. If ... Read more

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    all i want to say is that all the people that complain about the store being messy need to get a life. The only reason that the clothes are a mess is because people dont care if they mess crap up because they dont have to deal with it. customers literally destroy piles of clothing in seconds and it takes models hours to fix them. of course everything is going to look like crap cause every time a table gets fixed, someone comes along and tears it apart. I work in the back at hollister... I barely fit in the biggest size jeans they sell and i have issues with the shirts because I have size DD boobs :/ so im not exactly the "Hollister image". Even though I work in the back, I always end up having to refold the clearance room and occasionally have to work in the front girls room. I always hate it because i have to say the stupid phrases you are required to say (or else you get fired) and all the customers just look at you like your retarded. Also It disgusts me how people can be so disresp... Read more

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    Wed Dec 30 2009

    I admit I have two shirts from Hollister. I'm a teen in High School and I see Everyone wearing a Hollister brand. I live in Colorado and it annoys me to see people wearing shirts promoting beaches and surfing...NEWS FLASH we live nowhere near a body of water! The store itself is terrible. When you walk in you see shirtless bodies eveywhere on posters. And the music is LOUD, I guess that's supposed to make up for the fact that you can't see a thing! And the smell? It smells like old wet sawdust!

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    I had a terrible experience today at the West Town mall Hollister store in Madison, Wi. I went to the mall yesterday to return a coat we purchased there. Somewhere from my house to the store we lost the receipt. It turns out the coat had been put on sale for 50% off so I couldn’t get my original cost refunded without the receipt. I asked a clerk for more help and they said they would ask the store manager the next day (today) to look into it for me. I got a call at home today from a clerk at the store telling me I would only get the current price as a refund. Those were the instructions she was given by the store manager to tell me. I asked for the store managers name and to talk with the person. I was referred to Katie Davis and Katie told me she “couldn’t give me anything more” and began to lecture me about not being responsible enough to keep the receipt. I asked Katie to use my credit card number to lookup the purchase, I even gave her the day it was purchased. She... Read more

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    Sat Dec 26 2009

    My daughter likes the style but as a parent I feel the quality sucks, the sizes are all wrong, you must be anorexic to fit into their clothes, the material is paper thin just like A&F which she also likes but less. Plus with all the perfume in the stores you nearly pass out or vomit before you can leave to get a breath of fresh air. It is hard to find quality at a decent price anymore...

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    Tue Dec 15 2009

    Hollister does not care one bit about their customers. They are charging so much money that they could care less if they lose a couple customers here and there. My 2 sons and I shopped here ALOT. We went over the weekend to shop and they were having a gift card special. All the signs said spend $75 and get a $25 gift card. We went to check out and asked the cashier how much we had psent so that we could grab something esle. Might as well if it was going to get us another $25 gift card. The cashier told us that we already had a $50 gift card due to us spending 125.00. So OK, awesome, we had a $50 gift card. Guess what, we didn't, she screwed up. I called Hollister for them to correct this. Any legitimate business that wants to keep customers would have corrected this. We were only 22.00 away from getting another gift card. No, they wanted us to drive back 35 miles and spend the remaining money and then give us the card. You would think with as much money as they charge, they would want... Read more

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    Fri Nov 27 2009

    Gah, I can't find one piece of apparel here that looks good on me. A&F is much better in my opinion.

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    Tue Nov 17 2009

    My sixteen year old daughter went to Hollister located at 600 Broadway (soho location) on 11-11-09 to return two hoodies that she purchased on 11-7-09. She was interrogated by a cashier and another employee if she had worn the clothes before returning the items. They examined the clothing for any evidence of stains and reviewed the receipt to check the date of purchase. Then they both performed the sniff test in front of the consumer. This procedure went on for several minutes. Ultimately she was refunded her money. Hollister's customer service really stinks. .

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    My sixteen year old daughter went to Hollister located at 600 Broadway NY, NY 10012 on 11-11-09 to return two hoodies she purchased on 11-7-09. She was interrogated by the cashier and another employee if she had worn the clothes before returning the items. They examined the clothes searching for any stains and reviewed the receipt to see the date of purchase. Then both employees performed a sniff test in front of my daughter (the customer) The whole procedure went on for several minutes. Ultimately they refunded her money back after totally disrespected her. She will never return to Hollister again.

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    Sat Oct 24 2009

    I dont know what you guys are talking about but one time i orderd 3 sweaters and they fit my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    People bigot it often, it seems you're either "with them or against them." While it is true that their pricing is a bir "unfair," and that they do stamp their logo on every product, you pay what you get for. If you're into the style, they have great quality clothes. I think it's cultural being is not fair and is amped up mainly by bigotted middle-schoolers. Also, before you get all "Expensive" about Hollister, can you explain this 40$ hoodie at Pac Sun? Any shoe at Zumiez? And, uh, the entire Express collection? I don't understand why Hollister is mostly targeted with negative connotations while it's "okay" to shop anywhere else. Clothing stores need to make money, and they get your money through pricing, advertisement, and style. Why is Hollister any different from any other store? All in all, wrongly placed in "high school" culture, but you do get what you pay for. Offers a lot of styles with a lot of different designs and colors, very nice quality. From what I've found, they sti... Read more

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    Wed Aug 19 2009


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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    I review Hollister as a 5/5 stars. It has amazing clothing. It's brand clothing, so it IS a bit expensive. If you save up, you could get good clothes there! If you're worried about prices, you could wait for the sales. Or if you want REALLY low prices, go next door to Abercrombie & Fitch. lol

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    After ordering a dress from their website, I received a message that the dress was being sent via Fed Ex. After two weeks, my dress still hadn't arrived. Apparently, my dress was mistakenly sent to Hollister's return address, and not to me. Despite my request to resend the order, Hollister treated my returned item as if I had returned it. I never received the dress and, a month later, I have yet to receive any of my money back. The sad thing is, I just wanted the dress I had bought. I didn't want a refund, and I didn't want to pay for shipping something to someplace else. Despite having documentation that my shipping address was correct, and it was Fed Ex's error, Hollister ignored my situation. With their help, I would have received my order without any further expense. Without it, I received nothing. What a waste of time and money. Thanks a lot Hollister. You're terrible. I love the fact that I receive daily bulk emails about your store's sales and new arrivals. I DON'T CARE. If y... Read more

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    1st. hollister is not racist--in the interview they ask u how u feel about diversity and make sure u kno y it is important 2nd. not all the employees are dumb--they r given lines that they hafta say and they're incredibly friendly 3rd. they pick "beautiful" employees to sell their product becuz it works 4th. while the music may be a little loud and perfume a little strong, it is their signature effect and everyone knows them by it 5th. i have bought plenty of shirts from hollister and they have never gotten holes in them--maybe ppl who are complaining about it should just get shirts that fit 6th. hollister make their clothes a little more expensive becuz ppl will still buy them--its called being business smart--besides anymore their clothes are not that much more expensive, especially not in the back 7th. if you have a decent body, hollisters clothing accentuates that--hence the reason so many pretty girls wear it 8th. to ppl who rip on hollister--do u really not have anything better t... Read more

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    Tue Aug 11 2009

    ok i work for hollister and i love it! the people are not preppy and bitchy there are a lot of different types of people that work there, but i do understand that there are some stores where the employees are like this! i have a lot of clothes from hollister and none of them have holes in them! you have to buy the right size and follow the washing instructions! some are handwash only. and really, you people who say the employees are bitchy...honestly a lot of the cutomers are terrible, if we ask to help you then you should appreciate it and let us help! its our job! employees arent the only ones who should be nice and friendly! oh, and we are not all dumb ass anorexic girls, we are all beautiful in our own way and there are some very smart girls and guys that work there!

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    To all you tacky ass clones, you're all brainwashed into becoming a stereotype. The prices are ridiculous. Management is terrible. I bought several pairs of jeans from there, which all ripped within a month. The money used to create the jeans does not even contest the amount sold for. I had THREE interviews. I often shopped there. I'm tall, tan, long blonde hair, muscular build. However, unlike most Hollister zombies, I HAVE A BRAIN. Amanda, a dumbass fake associate called me several times to schedule an interview. I repeatedly told her I had already came in, and she said that she would like to interview me. So I did. I didn't care much about the interview. No call, thank god. I probably would've quit. I think I was a bit too sarcastic. But who wouldn't be? P.S. for those of you who want to apply, GOOD LUCK. They have you apply on a mini keyboard, in the middle of the store. Cramped, may I add. Mm, no pressure there. I honestly, wanted to punch this bitch in the f... Read more

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    Hollister has awesome clothes. My fave hands down.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    All of their hideous clothes look the same, their customer service is terrible and the people who work there are stupid. They also descriminate against who they are hiring. Have you ever noticed that all of the people who work there have one thing in common? They are all "beautiful", whatever, I heard Abercrombie which owns Hollister fired a girl because they found out she has a prosthetic arm. They claim she was fired for wearing a sweater, but everyone knows you don't get fired over a sweater. They claim it violated their "look policy". I think the people in charge of abercrombie and hollister should be ashamed of themselves and their shallow hiring policies.

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    Thu Jun 11 2009

    Hollister is awesome but like most of you said, I do like Abercrombie and American Eagle better. At the stores in the mall, their service sucks. ALL of the employees are blonde, big boobed and STUPID! Overall: The clothes and stuff are cool but I would rather shop at Abercrombie.

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    Thu May 28 2009

    Hollister is an awesome store the clothes are good quality, and the only reason people get holes in their shirts is because they wear them entirely much. its NOT EXPENSIVE they have plethora of styles and colors. you people who hate a store seriously get a life its a store if you dont like it dont go in its as simple as that, and not all people who wear Hollister think they are better than people and they are not judgmental. the real judgmental people are the ones who talk shit about people who wear Hollister. There customer service is great everytime i go in there the employees are friendly and willing to help, AND to the people who hate the store have you ever stopped to think that mayb its u with the problem and not the store or the people who wear the clothes?

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    Wed May 27 2009

    i love hollister, but they are expensive. sooo cute though. the service is pretty shitty..haha. they have dumb ass girls working there! and i hate how you can only find clothes to fit the belemic/anorexic snobs with no boobs/ass or curves. love your body(if you have one) :D

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    Wed May 13 2009

    I really like the clothes, but they are WAY overpriced and the service is REALLY bad. The workers are not very helpful and that makes me hesitate to even ask for assistance. It's like the customers are invisible.

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    Tue Apr 28 2009

    I rate this business "no stars", even though I had to put one. Hollister Co. has trademarked the Hollister name and is suing any business in the real town of Hollister, Ca. for using it. (FUll article in the Monterey County Herald, April 28, 2009) These are businesses that have existed for years before the Hollister brand came about, and these small businesses must now try to fight a corporate giant to use what should the name of their town, an icon in its own right due to the motorcycle rally held there each year. Our family will no longer patronize either Hollister co., or Abercrombie & Fitch.

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    Tue Apr 07 2009

    Most girls seem to find Hollister clothes really cute on guys and stuff, but seriously-the prices of any kind of A&F owned company are outrageous for what you get. In my opinion, you're better off getting clothes at AE instead

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    Sun Mar 08 2009

    I think its and ok store. I don't like how everything says california on it, because I live in new england so I don't really like having everything say so cal or miami or luguna beach. I also don't like how they attack you at the door and ask you a bunch of questions their being paid to ask like "did you try _____" or "do you want to smell like california" or somthing else stupid like that and somtimes you feel like there judging you. I think there prices are ok, and if you can't afford it han go to the back of the store where the clerance is because they have very reasonable prices. I still shop there but its not a store I would relie on for my whole wordrobe.

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    Tue Jan 20 2009

    A great store with an amazing return policy. I got a shirt there one time and wore it a few times, and washed it a few times. Then it got some holes in it. A few months had passed since i bought it, but i tried to return with the receipt, but no tags obviously, and they gave me a full refund!!! I was so happy. I recommend it to anyone.

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    Thu Jan 15 2009

    Hollister is ok, but I like Abercrombie better. Their clothes are good, but the thing is I live in the northeastern part of the United States, so it's kinda weird wearing a tee saying Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, or Miami on it. I love their tanks & camis though, they're so cute and pretty and don't look boring. I also like that live cam of Huntington Beach at my Hollister store so you can see the beach live.

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    Sun Jan 11 2009

    Biff1, you obviously don't shop much in malls. Hollister has clearance rooms for girls and guys; sometimes they even have 4 rooms and everything in them are marked at clearance prices. Spending $30 on a long sleeve or a polo or a hoodie is by no means expensive. The music is loud because the store is targeted towards young people who like loud music, not to mention that there is no problem hearing others so I don't see why there would be a problem anyways. Hollister sprays their clothes in order to make them smell GREAT, why is that a problem? As far as customer service goes... they always greet you and are willing to help you if you ask for it. No one likes sales workers who are on your ass all the time. so yeah, quit your bitching. Hollister is great!

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    Fri Jan 09 2009

    If I could give zero stars I would. The clothing is WAY overpriced and many items have little tiny holes in them. Wash once and throw away $29.90!! The employees are generally ok but uninterested in helping customers.(busy talking about night before or what they are doing after work) Very unprofessional! The music in the store is too loud! There isn't enough light to see what your buying. Also-STOP SPRAYING PERFUME ON EVERYTHING!

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    Tue Jan 06 2009

    is hollister a ripp off? i need some opinions for my artical for school.

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    I will admit I have a few jackets and shirts,but I have other things in my closet. I don't think Hollister in itself is the problem,the people who depend on it for their wardrobe are the ones that annoy me. I can always tell A Hollister shirt though because of the tiny holes you get after you pull it down to go over a cami :).I like their jeans and jackets more then their shirts,and the store music volume and employees definately need an upgrade. Haven't dealt with customer service.

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    Stupid, bad, and can you get some adults to run the store??? I did not get a receipt in my bag and my boyfriend didn't like the fit, so somehow the manager gave us a refund after we couldn't find anything that fit him a way that didn't scream: "you're a fruit!" Overall, I lost $10 because the item was on sale when I came to get money back for it. I'm mad because I spent a lot of time and $10 for nothing. Definitely not clothing for someone straight and over 25.

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    I work at hollister, and I personally think that a lot of their clothes are over priced, it's rediculous, They have the same thing at better stores, and they don't really ever have much of a selecton, it's the same clothes, they're all designed the same and nothing is unique about them, it gets continuously old to have to put clothes out on the floor that look exactly like the others you just removed. It's so annoying, so you waste money on the same shirt you probably already have in your closet except a different colour. When you go into work, noone treats you friendly or professionally it's rediculous, and they are racist. They're very crude and unwilling to be professional about anything. and the girls and guys that work at hollister think they're better than everyone that goes into there. and a lot of their employees. Plus, people getting into their mid twenties that STILL work there should probably do something with themselves, their lives and careers other than "working at Hollis... Read more

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    Sun Dec 07 2008

    heyy i go to hollister all the time. i go tot he back of the store cuz when i dont hav alot of money i can get lik 5 shirts for the price of one! adn soo thats why hollister is teh best store ever in the world! cuz they hav clearnce! so hollister keep up the good work and hav more clearnce in ur stores and maybe more ppl will by more!!

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    I placed an order for a $15 item fragrance only because when I went to see what the shippng charge was it showed no cost. When I added a clothing item, there was a shipping charge showing. I removed the clothing item and submitted the order for the fragrance and the total was $14.97. They charged me an additional $8.00 (for a total of $22.97) on my credit card. I tried to resolve this both over the phone and via e-mail. They were not willing to refund or reduce the shipping, even though I sent them screen copies of both just ordering the fragrance for no s/h and of adding a clothing item showing a s/h charge. Customer service was extrememly unhelpful. Over the phone one operator told me my order would be cancelled. It was not. I would never have placed the order knowing that they would charge me more than what the screen was showing when I submitted the order.

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    The store is ok. I fit into their tees fine, except the sleeves on long sleeve tees are way too long. The other tops are way too low cut, and I hate that. The perfume smells good, so it doesn't bother me that much but the worst about that store is the loud music! You have to yell to talk to someone next to you most of the time! The other thing I don't like are the employees. "Want some California in a bottle?" Gosh that is so dumb. That's what a salesperson said to me as I was about to pay for my stuff. Also yes, their stuff is expensive but have you heard of the clearance rack? They have good prices if you buy their stuff on sale. At least their jeans fit well too. So if you removed the too long sleeves, too low cut tops, loud music, and dumb employees, I think that store would be perfect.

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    I HATE this store, I actually just did an evaluation paper on it for my college writing class on how mujch it sucks and this week I am giving a persuasive speech on why not to shop there. Its a horrible experience, The music gives you a headache along with the perfume that replaces all the oxygen in the place. The workers are snobby AND racist! I had a worker actually admit it to me! They are racist against black people because they think that any black person who goes into Hollister is just there to steal. Their clothes arent even that great, most of them are dark blue, white, tan and brown...they have other colors but those are the predominent colors..not that you can see them because it is so damn dark in there. Oh and have you ever seen the outside of the place? They are so pompous that they need a deck outside of there??? What about handicaps? They get a little door on the side, they dont get to walk through the super-duper doors they have to enter through the alternate. Oh and ... Read more

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    Tue Nov 25 2008

    hey , u guys are so cool can i be u?

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    This store is terrible. I agree, fashion died when this store came about. One word. Gimmick. All of you poor teenagers are victim to it. Any place that tries to overwhelm your senses by using dimly lit displays, the maximum sound level accepted by OSHA, and and over perfumed air is trying to get you to make a rash decision about your purchase. The atmosphere is so unbearable, you want to leave as quickly as possible. They are preying on your desire to fit in. Shame on them for preying on the youth of today. Shame on them for damaging their employees ear drums. Most of all, shame on them for passing the garbage they sell as fashionable. Target carries cuter clothing with more style. A sweathshirt, T-shirt or tank top plastered with the company's logo, is not fashion and anyone who feels it is, sadly suffers from low self esteem and a desire to be like everyone else. Also, not a safe environment to bring young children. I do not foresee this company lasting.

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    They have some decent clothes, I live in wisconsin so I hate seeing kids wearing clothes with "CALIFORNIA SURFER CLUB!!!" on it. It makes no sense, they few shirts I do like from there are very limited and expensive. Everytime I walk in there its like I walked into a fucking cave, the music is loud and I hate it. Its dark, and the workers are stuck up snobs who probably you can find at your school on the cheerleading team. I am almost sick just thinking about the smell. I hate this store, and I do dress "preppy" as you might call it.

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    I've never been here but I probably think that the only more annoying thing I can think of are those insane clown posse kids.

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    Mon Oct 06 2008

    i have to say, hollister is one of my favorite stores and i haven't been shopping there for a very long time. their quality is definitley cheap though, expect holes in your shirts. waht i really don't like is how they make jeans and shorts sizes so small. i think they should make them right. not everyone is stick skinny, ad not everyone wants to be stick sinny. for all the people that hate hollister and say it's bad, we really don't care. for people who say were preps, we say that your emo and goth. at least we don't hate the world and ourselves, and we don't ruin our wrists by cutting them. for people say we just like the label: not necisarly. i know people who just find out about it, not knowing it would be popular, and just check it out, and buy a few things. deson't mean we're going in there just for the label, it means we're going to get clothes we think are nice and we think that will be comfortable. so, really if you want to complain, stick it up someone else's ass. for pe... Read more

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    Wed Sep 24 2008

    I love hollister because the clothes are cute, cheap, and comfterble. The sales people are nice and are extremely helpful. I don't know why people are so prejudiced about A STORE and how much you hate it. Things to hate are global warming, terrorisom, murder, not a certain store that you happen to dislike. Some people like it, some people don't, but I LOVE it.

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    Really used to love their clothes, but the people who work there are so stupid. The funny part is,the customer service dept makes the store employees look like brain surgeons. I guess that's why they work in a customer service dept. They can't get a job anywhere else. Ha! Ha! Won't be shopping there anymore.

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    Wed Aug 20 2008

    okay i have something to say to all u haters of hollister,that is the greatest store ever and y does ppl call it preppy wats really prepy is ppl who hate on hollister. so wat if u want to dress nice doesnt mean ur a prep and i think ppl are so immature that still got to be hating on clothes there clothes geez doesnt make u a prep jst bcz ppl like to dress nice so SHUTTERUG16 grow up and all u other haters out there. and plus they are really cheap i mean come on there colgne have like 10 bottles of it it smells good and everything i wear is hollister jeans,shirts,even underwear i mean i like to surf so i like the cali theme but all u haters just shut up.and all u hollister customers Rock on. later peace love hollister man zach G.

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    Sun Aug 17 2008

    dear Lord, this store makes me want to weep and then die. It's dim decor and overpowering odor make it enough to drive the wise shopper away, not to mention the nearly nude manikins setting up shop at their doors (does one really need to by shirtless in order to sell jeans?) The clothes all look the same and have HOLLISTER strewn about covering the chest, arm, leg, butt, and back of the wearer creating a walking billboard. Fashion subtly died when HOLLISTER opened it's doors.

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    extremely cheap and low prices. i hoody is only $50 there. a shirt is only like $30 , great prices