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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    What a great food! I've added this to our rotation a few months ago, and it agrees so well with the dogs, so palatable (we have one very picky eater) and at such a great price, I'm thinking of keeping them on it and just rotating flavors. So far I've used a 17lb bag of Lamb and Oatmeal, and my Shiba's coat has never been softer. He looks and acts healthy, with no eye or ear discharge which has sometimes been a problem on other foods. And at the price, this quality can't be beat.

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    This food is really great and I almost fell down when I saw the price! Theres nothing but good stuff in it. Its great if you want to feed something good but can not afford much.

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    Wed Nov 11 2009

    So far so good - I have two basset hounds and they would get gastric bloat or an upset digestive system within a couple of days of each other, several times a year indicating it was food related. When it seems we had found an acceptable food, the formula would change. I chose the Healthwise Chicken and Oatmeal formula due to its natural ingredients and I have been feeding them this formula for the past four months and so far they had no digestive/bloat issues. Last week the vet found bilirubin in both of their urine - one for the first time - but both are considered to have a normal level. I had started giving them natural dog biscuits as a treat over the past six weeks and there is no indication at this time the bilirubin is linked in anyway to their diet.

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    Mon Sep 28 2009

    We have 2 mixed-breed dogs, around 80 pounds each, and we had previously fed Science Diet until I realized what poor quality ingredients were in it compard to the HealthWise. Our dogs love it and they haven't had any gas or other intestinal issues. Their poop is much more healthy looking, less messy and smelly, which is great because we have a smaller fenced yard as we live in the city. Our one dog has very sensitive digestion and she has had no problems with it at all. I think their coats are shinier and smoother, too. And it's reasonably priced. So we are all happy! Plus I like supporting a business that is focused on quality, organics, and good business practices.

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    i had my dog on california natural chicken. but it was horrible! i thought i was getting soemthing better for my dog. i really care about him and just wanted to give him the best i could afford. but he began to have horrible gas and diahhrea. i switched over to healthwise lamb. simple ingredients for a good price. i didn't even switch him slowly for a week. just gave him healthwise right away and he hasn't had bad gas or diahhrea. his poop looks healthy and he is acting better too. more active and ready to play instead of miserable and lethargic. highly recommend this.

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    Sat Sep 19 2009

    We got our Beagle/Basset mix from Basset Rescue Network in Acton, CA, who sponsored an independent analysis of hundreds of dog food using not only vets but also human nutritionists. In addition to basic nutritional profiles, samples were analyzed for chemical byproducts and fillers. Healthwise was found to be one of the purest and non-allergenic foods available with the best ratios of protein/vitamins/moisture, etc. I am aware that some of the dog food analysis sites question the protein levels of this food, but for our two Beagle-mix dogs, the protein level is perfect to keep them from having joint problems in their shorter legs and is digestible without overtaxing their kidneys and bladder. BaRNi feeds their 80+ rescued Bassets and Basset mixes nothing but Healthwise and Evanger's. We feed ours the Chicken and Oatmeal formula for now (both are around 2 years old), so that we can switch them to the lamb formula if they ever develop allergies or hot spots. Both of them are at a ... Read more

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    Sun Aug 09 2009

    We'd fed our two dogs Innova (same company that makes Healthwise) for years, but it's a rich recipe and both dogs would put on extra weight too easily. So we switched to Canidae and fed that for years as well with no problems--until spring 2008 when we bought a bag of the unannounced new Canidae formula and one dog had nasty digestive issues on it. When I read about the serious problems lots of Canidae dogs were having, we found a new food pronto. We've been feeding Healthwise for over a year now, and we love the fact that it's a very high-quality kibble from a company we trust while still being VERY affordable. Both dogs eat it eagerly, and neither has had even the most minor gastric trouble with it. Now that they're 9 and 10 years old, we don't foresee changing food again unless we absolutely have to. We're sticking with Healthwise from now on. Thank you, Natura Pet, for a great product!

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    We have 10 German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. We spend a lot of $$$ on dog food. We mix Healthwise dry food for active dog and Evo dry dog food at 1:1 Ration. Each dog gets a total of 3-4 cups a day, depending on weight and activity level. Great food. Have not had any problem with it. We used to feed Evo mixed with Canidae. But when Canidae was bought by Diamond and changed ingredients, I decided to try Healthwise. The store owner told me that Healthwise is used by a lot of breeders, due to its low price and high quality ingredients. you may wonder why the price can be so low, considering all the ingredients are top quality. I was told that is because Natura company does not advertise Healthwise, so they are able to keep the price down.

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    Mon Feb 23 2009

    Wow. What a great food for a fantastic price. I have 3 dogs on this food and all I can say is they love it and so do I. I like that it has good ingredients but nothing fancy. My golden had a bad time on Chicken Soup and after changing to this food his and my world is back to normal. No problems at all. Highly recommend.

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    Fri Dec 12 2008

    Healthwise is an awesome dog food. It is so reasonably priced compared to Science Diet which happens to be junk and yet they charge twice as much. If you want a great dog food, without spending hundreds a year, Healthwise is for you. It is a great food!

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    HealthWise Adult Dry Dog Food diets supply the optimum fuel and nutrients that ALL dogs need to live a long, healthful and happy life. Highly digestible chicken and lamb meal provide a nutrient dense source of protein while oatmeal and brown rice promote superior digestibility.

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    Mon Feb 04 2008

    I have fed Healthwise Chicken & Oatmeal since the day it came out. I have fed this companies products even longer than that!For most of the dogs I mix it with (the same company's) Evo small bites  (we raise and show dogs so have several mouths to feed) Some of the dogs also get raw with this combination and sick dogs or dogs with cancer get straight EvoMy dogs cannot tolerate any kitchen sink type kibble (Innova green bag, Wellness, canidae etc) but do just fine on Evo and Healthwise

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    Mon Feb 04 2008

    I have been feedng Healthwise to my two dogs for a few onths now, and I'm very pleased with it.  It is a very good food for a very low price, made by a company that has not been involved in any of the recalls. I like the fact that it has a fairly simple ingredient list, without the fancy veggies, fruits and herbs that many foods now contain.  The simplicity of this food works well for my dogs, and I add whatever "extras" I want them to have.

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    Tue Sep 21 2004

    For the price this is by far the top of the heap. It is priced like Iams but with human grade ingredients. Not quite the ingredient list of the top foods but when you are pinching pennies and still want quality this would be a good choice especially over the comparably priced Science Diet.

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