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    Mon Sep 15 2008

    Ok..so you HAVE to give them credit! They were a bunch of kids that wrote, sang and played all their stuff! Even if you didnt like the famously knowen soung MMMBOP..it got them where they are..and ya know where that is..Still kickin ass! They are all growen up now, married, with kids..they are helping out Africa and its poverty..and have sooo many new songs, that have included U2 and Bill Withers! They actually hate being compared to the mmmbop boys..they are sooo outta tha stage! You should check em out...HANSON.NET With as far as they have come, even with their own record lable 3CG, they are amazing! Cant really be a hater with out the pure hate do to jelousy. I mean.they are on here, and we're not..got to say something! Much love, and respect for these guys who actually stayed together, are still touring, making families, and donating money to Africa!

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    Wed Mar 08 2006

    I'd bang her...ur that's a guy!!? *runs*

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    Sun Jan 01 2006

    When rating Hanson, I would think someone would take into account the entirety of their catalog, not just one song, particularly a seven year old song which they wrote as children. Anybody who rated the band entirely on "MMMBop" should have their opinion discounted, since it's basically worthless.

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    Sat Dec 31 2005

    i love hanson there talented and i admire all 3 of them i say fare play too them

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    Wed Sep 28 2005

    MMMBOP sounds like CRRAAP!!!

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    Tue Feb 01 2005

    I'm not quite sure why people react to this band with such venom. I mean, they're a pop band, right? Not Beethoven, not even the Beatles. Based on what I've heard them do, it's catchy enough pop and they seem like nice enough kids. You telling me this stuff is worse than Justin Timberlake? Hillary Duff? Ashlee Simpson? C'mon...

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    Tue Feb 01 2005

    i love hanson, and i love rating bands, i love spending my time on the internet rating songs as i am so cool and hip.i love sad, depressed people such as yourselves who spend time wasting your lives away infront of a computer I LOVE YOU

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    Thu Sep 09 2004

    I would rather have all my teeth pulled than to listen to these losers again

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    Annoying but charming and likable. Played music and wrote it as well. Rare find in a boy pop band.

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    Fri Jul 23 2004

    Pretty good pop songs that are well done and typically upbeat. MMMBop is particularly great.

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    Wed Apr 14 2004

    Did somebody say She-males???

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    Fri Mar 26 2004

    I still can't believe that some of my friends at school think that these boys are hot! It's disturbing , and just...eww.

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    Mon Feb 16 2004

    Once again, another band that sang alot of positive songs, and they even wrote all their own stuff. I cannot find it anywhere in me to show any disrespect to this all guy group. Their music was catchy and it was very danceable. However, I don't think they are ever gonna find their way to the top again. But I could be wrong...

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    Mon Feb 16 2004

    Hanson are a great band and still making excellent music. They have a cd about to come out actually. Go to www.hanson.net and click on the large picture that appears to listen to some clips of their new music. :)

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    Thu Aug 28 2003

    They suck. all of them look like girls

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    Mon May 12 2003

    Hanson aren't exactly legends, but they do actually have musical, vocal and songwriting talent, and should not be put into the same category as the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc. Not only are they more talented than those groups, but they're also better than a lot of the crap that passes as "rock" these days.

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    Wed Feb 19 2003

    What? You mean they're really brothers? You mean.... they write all their own songs all by themselves? And they don't use any session musicians at all? OK that makes them better than 5 dancers, but that's not saying much! And come one... "the best band ever" ... perleez

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    Thu Jan 30 2003

    I used to work part-time at a music shop and remember a very conservative-looking woman coming into the shop with her two boys. After she made her purchase, she saw a Hanson poster behind the counter and told me (or was it scolded me) that those boys' CDs would have no place in her home; as far as her family was concerned, those boys looked like girls and needed a haircut. After checking my calendar to make sure we were indeed out of the fifties, I explained my perspective to her. I told her that Hanson was a few brothers having fun in the Jackson Five tradition (this was back when MMMBop was big). They weren't alluding to drugs, irresponsible sex, or delinquency. They just played nice, clean music that was geared for young teens. I asked if she'd rather her little boy scouts had listened to a singer with a proper male haircut, for example Eminem. She left without saying anything, but I could tell she realized that she had misjudged Hanson. Hanson clearly isn't meant for me, bu... Read more

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    Fri Dec 20 2002

    oh my god like um totally this band is so kewl! they are like sooooo talented because like they play their own instruments so like since i only have them 2 compare with nsync then like they must be good! they are like so insightful and you just dont understand what they mean. *****SMACK***** Stop talking on IM, go to school, learn how to speak the English language, turn off your teeny-bop station, and shut up.

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    Fri Nov 22 2002

    I like Hanson. They look so hot. I am man and i am in need. I want to work on my body with them at Nijibs house. Their long grease monkey pubic hair really turns me on. 696969

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    Sun Jul 07 2002

    if i could rate them a zero i would

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    Thu Apr 04 2002

    they are a bunch of girls and they have no talent as far as singing.

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    Tue Feb 26 2002


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    Wed Dec 19 2001

    I don't care what anyone else thinks, but I think Hanson is the greatest band ever!

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    Fri Oct 19 2001

    A horrible teeny-bobber type group. They actually know good music, just can't sing or play it.

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    Wed Sep 19 2001

    Better than given credit for. Sadly, as was the joke three years ago, you will probably see one of these kids in rehab in a few years...

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    Thu Aug 30 2001

    Someone please tell me why I am wasting my time. AT LEAST they play their music and don't dance around like a group of dropout cheerleaders (hint hint, *NSYNC and Backstreet Boy fans). But I WON'T give them three stars. They don't deserve it. I knew when they first got popular that they would never last. I am so smart! (And I predict all the other rediculous boy bands don't last either!)

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    Wed Aug 01 2001

    Hahahahahah!! Isn't it obvious that they suck!? I guess they're just for kiddies... you know, 5 and under. Still, they're probably the worst band in the world!

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    Sat Jun 30 2001

    hanson will always rule they brougth back pop music they will be no nsnyc or bsb ,spears so you should thank them and respect them give them a chance they are diffrent now

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    Wed Jun 27 2001

    dont have anything against em, but i cant stand their music. and they look like pigs.

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    Mon Jun 11 2001

    They are truly the best band in the world! They can stand for what they have done and says what they think, other bands don´t! Anyone can like there music, you don´t have to be like all others, and like the same band even if you don´t. This is my opinion, and I stand for it, just like Hanson does for themselves.

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    Sun Apr 29 2001

    I am going to pretend that I am in a confessional and I'm going to say that I once was a die-hard fan of these three. Then time took its course, and I have grown up. However, I have respect for them because they are one of the VERY FEW boy bands with actual talent.

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    Sat Apr 14 2001


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    Mon Apr 02 2001

    No, Hanson doesn't appear to be your average boy band, they're a girl band obviously (especially Taylor)!

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    Sat Feb 24 2001

    I think these three guys are so totally UNDER RATED!! They are fabulous musicians all in their own right, they're shockingly young and very well spoken. I like them a lot :o)

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    Tue Jan 30 2001

    I would really like to know what you guys giving Hanson a 1 consider good music. I'll be honest and say that Middle of Nowhere wasn't particularly creative or great. But how can you diss This Time Around? I don't know what you consider good (and if the best you can come up with is BSB and nsync then I'll try not to laugh). Hanson have an incredible amount of talent and I would really like to see nsync writing their own songs and even ::gasp:: playing instruments at their concerts instead of just dancing around to some prerecorded dance music like idiots. Well I came off kinda mean so sorry but I really hate boy bands like that. Hanson rules!!!!!!

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    Fri Jan 05 2001

    they suck. they are one of THE most HORRIBLE, most GAY things that I have ever heard.

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    Tue Jan 02 2001


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    Thu Dec 28 2000

    Reading some of these comments really blows me away. Those of you saying things like, "Get A Song" from evae3883et, well get a life. You, and many others, must not have listened to Hanson because they are very talented. I have been to many concerts in my life such as Areosmith, Dwight Yoakam, and many others including Hanson. Hanson was great live. The recording studio didn't alter their voices, thats for sure. I grew up with a live band in my house and I know something about music and talent. Hanson has it. Buy This Time Around; you wont be sorry. They're a rock and roll band singing their own songs not a boy group singing another person's songs. I'm 35, a Hanson Fan, and proud of it.

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    Tue Dec 26 2000

    I am Hanson's #1 Fan!! What have I got to say about them? EVERYTHING is great about them!!! I love Hanson a lot! I could go on and on but I won't! PS: If you guys hate Hanson SO MUCH that you just want to kill them, then why do you waste your time telling off fans who adore them? That pisses me off!!! ;)

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    Fri Dec 22 2000

    hanson is pretty cool!

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    Sun Dec 10 2000

    I have 2 words for you all that hate hanson: HANSON RULES! They r the best band ever and it will always stay that way. They write there own music and play it. Unlike bands like BSB and N sync who can't even write there own music thats really pathetic! I will do anything to stick up for hanson! Everyone that hates them is just jealous and needs to get a life!

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    Sun Nov 12 2000

    Hanson is what we can call a very talented group, that doesn't do what he does for the money. They've always done music, and they love it. They just had the opportunity to share their hobby with everybody, which is cool, because lotsa people love them, appreciate what they do. I personnaly didn't like them in 1997, because it wasn't my kind of music. But now, I really love them, because their style is really different, much more ROCK... pretty cool! If they were much older, nobody would hate them as some people do: that kind of people don't like them, hate them, just because they're young and famous. They don't want to see they're talented, they just see they're too young to be loved... But hey! Remember not only young girls love them! I personnaly know grown-ups who really like their music, and boys/men!!! These people have understood that no matter how old you are, if you're talented at 6, 10, or 16, it is as cool as if you're talented at 35! It's a really good group, you should take... Read more

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    Fri Nov 10 2000

    Once again America has fallen into the trap of popular opinion polls. Hanson songs do not sound good. They do not make you want to dance. They do not have good lyrics. But, at least these guys show signs of possessing some talent. First of all, they play real instruments and write their own songs. That is the first step in actually being involved with music. Too many artists today can't play anything, and can't write either. They just go in the studio and sing some crap behind an-ill sounding machine beat and those annoying synthesizers. Hanson will probably be better when they grt older. They can't get discouraged though. They must realize that they are doing the right thing by not succumbing to the pressures of sounding how those idiotic producers think they should sound. I applaud them for putting forth a sincere effort in their music and I promise they will be around a lot longer than some idiot like Sisqo or the Backstreet Ploys.

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    Fri Oct 20 2000

    By no means am I a fan of this band's music, but I have a lot more respect for them than I do for the Backstreets Boys and N'Sync. These guys write their own songs and play instruments and they are pretty young to be doing so. They also aren't afraid to laugh at themselves (at least when they were on SNL). By the way, isn't there a striking resemblance between the oldest Hanson brother and Venus Williams?

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    Thu Oct 19 2000

    wasnt there a 4th hanson? (poor little boy)

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    Thu Oct 12 2000


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    Tue Oct 03 2000

    ick. k, i am sorry, but ick. ick ick ick!

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    Mon Sep 11 2000


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    Sat Sep 09 2000

    Hanson's a great band with talent and wisdom beyond their years. They write great songs and are great guys themselves. If you ever REALLY listened to MMMBop you would hear what itz really about-living life to the fullest cause you only have a short time on earth-Their new album is even BETTER..it amazes me..believe me I hate boy bands..Hanson is definately not one of them.