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    Tue Nov 28 2006

    My visor is a basic PDA with a rugged metal body. Mono display. I have had this unit for almost five years without a single major issue. The stylus that came with the unit and fit in a metal clip on the side was heavy and eventually the clip came off and the stylus was lost. That was at least 4.5 years ago. My wife has a silver one she got at the same time and it is also going strong with the original stylus and clip in place. We're not power users but I have added some software to the units to improve functionality, play games, etc. Basic PDA but what reliability! Other than my wife, kids and house, I have replaced just about everything in the last five years except this Visor! Certainly it has outlasted every electronic gizmo acquired Xmas 2001!

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    Mon Jul 02 2001

    The color display on the Prism is nice and it syncs with the mac. Just wish the HWR was better.

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    Tue Jun 19 2001

    Great that it can run Palm OS, mostly without difficulty, but cheaply made. Doesn't handle the abuse a PDA should. Just bouncing around in the briefcase left the unit loose and rattling. Had a friend who had problem with buttons falling off. Pay the difference. If you want palm, get a palm.

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    Tue Jan 09 2001

    Standard size. Just like a normal 3Com Palm. Shape conceals buttons so they don't get pushed. USB connection for fast, cost effective. Well built.

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    Thu Nov 30 2000

    This hand held is pretty stylish. I like it because it has a nice look to it and has good competitive prices compared to the Palm III by 3Com. This is a good bargin.

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    Thu Nov 16 2000

    Compares well with the 3Com and Compaq hand-helds. Holds up great.

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    Wed Nov 15 2000

    This hand help PC has much more memory than many of the Palm hand helds but the only problem is that it was too big. The Visor, is as friendly user-wise as the Palm III or V and the only convenience about it is that it has more memory that you use, also you can add more features.

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    Mon Nov 13 2000

    The Visor is rare because it has the most features and is cheapest of all handhelds, especially verses Palms. The expansion slot allows addition of cameras, modems, etc. The 2MB version sells for only $179! Compare that with $329 for a similar Palm V, with no expansion slot.

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    Wed Nov 08 2000

    This product uses the Palm OS and it comes at an affordable price. A 8MB Visor goes for about $300 a unit and it can be used in any and all situations.

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    Thu Nov 02 2000

    The Visors are just as good as the Palm Vs. However, the added features such as an expansion card slot makes it even more attractive.

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    Mon Oct 16 2000

    I do like my handspring visor deluxe. It's much more versatile than the palm and easily upgradeable. If I had a comparable palm, I'd have to buy a completely new model if I wanted more features. The one problem I experienced was a memory failure. Not uncommon in certain handsprings manufactured in the spring I believe (not positive on the date). The help desk at Handspring was good, I had to import some added software to correct the defect and reload my desktop. All in all, a really worthwhile buy, its a huge organizational help!

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    Tue Aug 22 2000

    Because I've never actually used one I can't in good conscience give this a 5 but having researched these handhelds this is certainly the one I would buy. I never really got the attraction to the palm pilots, they always seems a little too large for me to want to carry around. I mean I don't want to carry a cell phone unless it's small enough that I'm not going to notice it so why carry this thing around as well. Well this handheld is pretty thin and it has so many plug in features such as a digital camera, MP3 player, wireless and wired web connection, video game player, phone etc. etc. etc. There just seems to be no end to what this little guy can do or will be able to do in the near future. Not to forget they are significantly cheaper than the Palms.

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    Wed Aug 09 2000

    I own a handspring visor. It is very user friendly, has 2MB of ram, and has a cool aerodynamic design. Additionally, a smart idea on the hand protective cover for the screen so it doesn't get scratched.

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    Sun Aug 06 2000

    It's all the little things that make the Handspring Visor Deluxe better than it's price-equivalent, Palm IIIxe. Springboard expansion slot, USB cradle (can't wait for the MP3 player module), a better stylus (it's heavier) and a clearer screen. Also, you can beam data to any PDA with Palm OS, one of my coworkers has a Palm IIIx we beam programs between each other.

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    Sun Jul 30 2000

    Fastest palm-compatible PDA. A catchy look. USB connection is fast and the easy springboard has lots of potential expansions. Cheap.

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    Fri Jul 28 2000

    I chose to buy this model out of the ones out there. The big thing that sold me was the expansion slot. This allows you to upgrade your visor with eight more megs of memory for a total of 16. It will soon also let you turn your PDA into a pager (with a pager card) or a camera. The one bad thing is that it's a little bigger in size than other products but with the right case, it should work out fine. And for about $250, this gives you everything and more in a PDA. Also, go for the black one because the other colors look tacky.

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    Fri Jul 28 2000

    Easy to use, affordable, stylish. It changed my life. I wish I bought on before I lost my old fashioned day planner and phone book.

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    Sun Jun 25 2000

    I think this is a very slick product because it looks good, however, it is a little bit expensive compared to the competitor, 3com. I like their visor for the look, style, and things that it comes with.

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    Mon Jun 19 2000

    The Visor picks up where the Palm Pilot leaves off. It runs on the popular Palm OS, so you can run virtually all software application on it. The greatest feature it has is its "springboard" expansion slot that allows you to add on modules such as MPS playes and GPS systems.

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    Tue May 16 2000

    I can't live without my Handspring Visor! It has all the capabilities of a Palm Pilot V but more memory, cute colors and basically a good buy! It's only $249 for a deluxe Visor and it's so much cheaper than a Palm! The makers of the Palm have sprouted their own company and it's great. The expandable part is such a great idea. Soon I will be able to expand my Visor to a Walkman, a camera, or practically anything. Best value of the hand held PC's.

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    Wed Mar 15 2000

    The Handspring offers the same functionality of it's competitor the Palm for about half the price and with the added feature of the module enhancements, it's value can not be beat!

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    Tue Nov 23 1999

    Most innovative new device on the market. Keeps 3Com from holding largest part of handheld market. Springboard allows for infinite expandability, never outdated. Cheaper and better than any palm product.

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    Sat Nov 13 1999

    Great new handheld based on Palm OS finally an actual competition to the Palm