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    Sat May 08 2010

    Their accomplishments and musicianship have been well documented. Of course they are deserving. But to those who argue their music isn't really "rock and roll" I would ask how have the following acts, great though they may be, been inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HoF and NOT Hall & Oates? 1. ABBA 2. The Bee Gees 3. Bobby Darin 4. Brenda Lee 5. Joni Mitchell 6. Ricky Nelson 7. Madonna (who can forget that R&R anthem "Lucky Star"?)

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    Mon Mar 15 2010

    Should already be in!!!! - The duo not only had hits but write their own songs and music! I may offend some people but I also feel that in another couple of years, Daryl Hall should be inducted by himself!

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    Sat Jan 23 2010

    Rock & Roll Hall & Oates

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    Fri Jan 15 2010

    Fame of HALL & OATES

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    Somebody bought their records, so why not?

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    Tue Oct 27 2009

    ...in a minute

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    Another no-brainer. Hits after hits after hits. Why else is their a category of music called "blue-eyed soul"?

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    If they ever start a "Forgettable '80s Music" HOF, then we'll talk... :)

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    Fri Sep 04 2009

    HALL of Fame & OATES

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    OATES = HALL (of Fame)

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    HALL yes!

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    Commercial success doesn't automatically punch your ticket to the Hall of Fame. They were NOT Rock and Roll. Period!

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    pretty steady

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    Fri Jul 10 2009

    Before I say anything else... we live in the post-Warhol era, in which the icon itself has primacy. Hall & Oates are iconic. [Note: Not for nothin', but John Oates edged out Freddie Mercury for the "best bushy rock mustache of all time award"! Lest we forget.] Their faces are instantly recognizable. Another reviewer said: "They produced some fine durable hits but never really stretched any boundries." I disagree with almost that entire statement. First off, their hits really AREN'T that durable. They're so dated that they're almost never covered. [Example: Can you imagine doing "Kiss On My List" in 2009? You could do it, but it would have to be MASSIVELY reworked.] They're sampled... but VERY rarely covered. They never wrote a song like "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," if you get my point. But one time... they were VERY notably covered. Paul Young had a #1 hit in 1985 with "Every Time You Go Away"... released by H&O back in 1980 (on the "Voices" album, on which it never e... Read more

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    greatest duo

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    Sun May 31 2009

    Abandoned Lunceonette is a masterpiece

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    Thu May 01 2008

    They became a bit of a hit factory in the '80's with a string of songs that were good, but not great. What stands out for me, and what makes them candidates for the HOF, is their early stuff:  "Rich Girl", "Sara Smile", and "She's Gone."

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    Wed Jan 16 2008

    Yea they made a bunch of cheesy, embarrasing videos in the 80's, but they are consumate musicians, singers, songwriters AND producers. Look past (and prior to) the MTV era with an open mind, and you'll see these guys deserve to be inducted.

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    Wed Dec 26 2007

    Their music is timeless. Everyone knows their songs. There is no reason these guys should be shunned.

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    Wed Nov 21 2007

    Their chart success alone should not be the sole determinant.  They produced some fine durable hits but never really stretched any boundries.  It's more just that their main inspirations, groups like the Temptations and the Four Tops are in.

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    Tue Mar 27 2007

    ABANDONED LUNCHENETTE is fantastic, and MAGIGOLSD SKY is very solid. I wish them luck.

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    Tue Jan 09 2007

    Excellent - especially live!

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    Wed Nov 08 2006

    Yes, open the doors.

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    Sun Sep 03 2006

    They are the best!!! Should have been inducted by now.

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    Sun Sep 03 2006

    How many great bands/groups can you name that are still touring after all these years? There are very very few and Hall & Oates are the only ones of note who still have "the sound" both vocally and instrumentally...they take you back to the past but are sooo connected to the present. How are they not in the Hall of Fame by now!

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    Mon Aug 07 2006

    Hall & Oates influence has been felt by The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Prince as well as Usher, Rob Thomas and The killers. They have performed with The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, The Temptations and have recorded with George Harrison. They have sold more than 60 million records.

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    Wed Feb 15 2006

    Like them or not, Daryl Hall & John Oates have to be the most qualified for induction. In terms of success, influence, accomplishments and longevity nobody on this list comes close. They are the most successful duo in music history (who is taking up that place in the Hall? Simon and Garfunkel, The Righteous Brothers, The Everly Brothers, Ike and Tina Turner? whoever, it's a fraud), they were the biggest singles selling artists of the 80's/let's not forget a very succesful 70's act and finally, today they influence extremely successful artists as varied as Usher and The Killers. They blended rock and soul together and with their crossover success made mainstream padio pay attention to R & B and only after them would Michael Jackson ever dream of making a "Thriller" or Prince a "Purple Rain". (MJ went to see H & o on their third night of four sold out show in LA before starting on "Thriller"). I don't like Aerosmith but they deserve to be in the Hall...drop your prejudices and let's get... Read more

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    Sat Jan 28 2006

    I would just induct the little hispanic guy Oates by himself. Hall always got on my nerves.

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    Mon Nov 28 2005

    About as inspiring as damp cardboard...

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    Please, keep them out. Darryl Hall's ego is big enough as it is.

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    Wed Oct 19 2005

    Bad eighties pop is not rock.

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    Wed Oct 12 2005

    Hall & Oates Is One Of The Greatest Rock And Roll Duos Of All Time, They Should Be In Because Some Of Their Songs Went To #1 Like Sara Smile, Rich Girl, Private Eyes, You Make My Dreams Come True, Maneater & Out Of Touch. They Deserve To Be Inducted Into The Hall.

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    Sat Oct 01 2005

    Underdogs who (i think ) have the record for the most successful rock duo of all time...not my all time favorite,, but i do respect them. Very talented pop musicians

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    Fri Sep 30 2005

    The most successful duo of all time.....not in yet?!? THAT'S a crime!!

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    Wed Sep 28 2005

    It's Long Overdue!!

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    They should be in here because they are rock's romantic teachers.

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    Thu Jul 14 2005

    Im not really a fan but based on their body of work which goes back to the 70's I grudgingly let them in.

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    Wed May 11 2005

    They're the best in the business. They should have been in on their first try.

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    Fri May 06 2005

    Most successful duo in music besides Simon & Garfunkel

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    Tue Apr 26 2005

    They're not in the RRRHOF yet? WAKE UP! Two decades' worth of hits. Still touring and sounding great. Induct them, and quick!

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    Fri Apr 08 2005

    They are highly talented and respected musicians much deserving of a spot in the RRHOF.

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    Fri Apr 08 2005

    One of the best combinations the music world has ever seen.

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    Thu Mar 10 2005

    this is a no brainer. they are the best selling rock duo of all time.