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1998 first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Valve and published by Sierra Studios for Windows Website

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    Sun Jan 29 2012

    This was my first fps on pc and my favorite. The weapons are cool and original. Movements when using a mouse (especially a trackball) and keyboard is very fluid. The graphics aren`t that good (even when I played it in 98) but the gameplay makes up for it. The goal in Half-Life is simple, just move forward, in order to do that you`ll have to solve a couple of puzzles. There`s a lot of exploring to do if you look hard enough and if you`re curious you`ll find lots of goodies:) You can save your progress at any time, there`s no checkpoints or having to redo a whole level because you died. I like the fact that when you`re confronted by a boss there`s always a particular way to kill it or get rid of it, shooting at it with all of your ammo isn`t the solution. This makes it even more challenging. Music is amazing. AI becomes more and more intelligent with the degree of difficulty chosen (even if you shoot them in the head they don`t die right away). There isn`t much of a story but the game l... Read more

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    Good online. Offline is were I found the issues. The puzzles were just to damn hard. Other than that the games pretty good.

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    Mon Feb 27 2006

    No one can deny how awesome this is...

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    A very good game. Good range of weapons and the setting and plot is highly developed. Who doesn't enjoy shooting combines with the anti-grav gun? Just watch the beautifull ragdoll effects take place. Zombie levels were fun and exciting. Some of the best graphics i had ever scene. Very hardware intensive, luckily i had just got a new computer when this came out. Very player invloving gameplay, makes you feel as though you are really there. A top-notch game.

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    Tue Mar 29 2005

    Very fun

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    Thu Dec 09 2004

    Very atmospheric and well executed game. The graphics were good for their time, the enemy A.I. was peerless when the game came out, especially the clean up team sent in to take Freeman out. Just the right length and had a great ending.

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    Wed Nov 12 2003

    This game took the world by storm, much like Doom did all those years ago and it set the standard of FPS games for the millenium. Though launched in 1998 I was still on my third attempt at Dungeon Keeper and hadn't actually paid for a game since Duke Nukem in 1996. I got my moneys worth though because I ended up playing this about four times. The game starts with you taking a mining carriage into some secret planetary laboratory and reminded me of the beginning to an all action Arnie film, well little did I realise that it was very much like being part of a film and one with a story line too - which is a bonus. It is a First Person Shooter (FPS) which basically means you run around killing anything in sight by using your huge arsenal of bombs, grenades, guns and organic alien launchers and at the same time desperately trying to salvage health, ammo and generally shitting yourself. I think the game took me so long to complete the first time because you would very often find me hiding be... Read more

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    Half Life deserves my Hall-Of-Fame award for best First Person Shooter, ever. When it came out I was blown away. The facility that Freeman traverses through is so gargantuan, interesting and full of ominous, very creepy monsters. The story was great, the A.I. really great and the graphics and sound were unparalleled. The single player campaign was so long and absorbing that I never have played it in multiplayer. Awesome game. Even now -5 years later- it's a better-than-average game compared to the others out there.

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    Wed May 07 2003

    Great diversity!

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    Tue Nov 19 2002

    This game has been out for years and hasnt been topped yet. Wonderfully imaginative and inventive, grim and funny at the same time, its like being in a movie. Atmospheric and addicting, and YOU CAN BURN A COPY

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    Thu Jun 13 2002

    I haven't even played the game, but the Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike mod is what I bought it for anyway.

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    Sun Feb 24 2002

    probebly one of the best productions ever in the FPS game world. it's not too hard (but who am i to judge? i don't think aliens vs. predator is as impossible as some people thought), but it's game play is just amaizing. it uses every surprising, dramatic and classic trick you can imagine. you drive a train when suddenly something breaks and it loses control and start rushing towards a radioactive pit, monsters blow up doors and walls to get to you, the walls shake with might when you know there is a huge monster in the centeral hall, creating the fear it might break through the wall every second, elevators break down, bridges collapse, monsters appear behind your back. the game introduce you the dangers so you might have something to fear, a dying scientist warns you about a beast ahead, another one say that to kill the shark you must get into the water with him, other scientist screaming "open the blast door, it's our only way out" when suddenly the officer near the controls get kille... Read more

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    Mon Dec 04 2000

    Best game ever! Yes, it is. OK so it's long and bits of it are hard, but I never got bored of it & it never p**sed me off with it's difficulty - and I really suck at computer games! Engaging, involving, gorgeous, brilliantly designed, and it scared the crap out of me. 'Nuff said.

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    Thu Sep 28 2000

    The best Shoot-em-up I ever played. Great story and architecture. Most of all, this is quite realistic (I mean for the weapons, architecture and story), not for the aliens.

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    Mon Jul 31 2000

    A superb game with stunning visual effects, realsitic sounds and great multiplayer support. The single player game is addicting and challenging at the same time. Add to that solid customer service and tech support and there you go.

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    Sun Apr 16 2000

    Half-Life is a surprise - an engaging FPS that will hold your attention even as it sucks you into it's involved storyline. Look up "atmospheric" in the dictionary and you'll find this game. The graphics are top-notch, but as in all creatively successful entries in this genre, it is really the sound that makes you jump. Just one caveat: be prepared for a long journey, as this game seems to go on and on and on. Just when you think you must be in the last level, another one comes along, and another one, and another one. But it's all worth it, as this will be one of the best FPSs you'll ever play.

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