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    Wed Nov 18 2009

    First off, the management staff in Sacramento is rude and only interested in $$$$. They treated prospective home buyers like dirt. The ReStore Director was a fat slob who only relished in his own gain. Horrible. Shoppers only 'think' that they are getting a deal. Home buyers are sent to the worst place in Sacramento...Oak Park. What a wonderful place for a new start! Oak Park is one of the highest crime areas! None of the 'home buyers' I met were citizens of the United States. DON'T WASTE YOUR $$$$ on these people! Donate it somewhere else! Imagine this. If Habitat for Humanity International owns all the properties that they build on...what do you think their worth is??? Don't be an idiot. And they did this with 'free' help (known as volunteers). ONE FAMILY...ONE AT A TIME... when there are billions of people that need assistance. Shame on you Habitat for Humanity! It's only your salary that you truly care about! By the way. The entire staff of the Sacramento location is paid! Why n... Read more

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    Sun May 24 2009

    Habitat literature (at least two newsletters that can be found with a simple search) bleats about how Whites make up a majority of those in poverty. This is part of a bait and switch. They say this to get WHITES to contribute to their organization under the assumption they will be helping Whites. But look at the recipients. Almost never White. They used to post the statistic of the homes that went to Whites at their website but they took that down along with an FAQ that was addressing this. You see, it is common knowledge to anyone paying attention - nearly every time most or all of those WORKING on the home are White while the recipients are not. Having that FAQ out there to address this issue was probably considered acknowledgment that too many people were wising up to this clear disparity so they would rather take a "see no evil, hear no evil" approach and pretend it doesn't exist.

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    Fri Oct 17 2008

    Habitat For Humanity is the worst idea ever. It is easy for all of you to say that it is all butterflies and rainbows, but it isn't. First of all if you don't own your a home and make a mortgage payment you are not aloud to have an opinion. Second if you do not have one or more of these houses in your neighborhood you don't get to have an opinion. My wife and I worked hard went to college saved up money for eight years to be able to afford a moderate house in a nice and peaceful neighborhood. We bought a piece of the American dream and then it all went to crap. Habitat for Communism built two houses in our neighborhood and it instantly decreased our property value and the nine people that moved into those houses are ignorant, lazy, and messy to say the least. This program sucks. H4H=-$30,000

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    Sat Aug 30 2008

    Habitat is horrible!!! The built on the property next door to me, a very narrow lot, destroyed my fence, built up the property level so my yard now floods and the kicker here, they dedicated the house to the family and they don't even have a certificate of occupancy. Can you say illegal? It's bad enough they petitioned the city for waiver of fees, but then this!!! It is an outrage. Shame on you Niagara Habitat! By the way - about building a home for a needy family, that family has 3 cars - all newer than mine and they bought brand new furiture when they moved into their new habitat house. Funny I bought my house the old fashion way, with a 30 year mortgage and my furniture is all hand me downs or from thrift shops - how needy was this family? Not very. They scammed the system, claimed it was the mother and her 2 kids, yet when they moved it was for mother & boyfriend and her 2 kids, but wait the 1 kid is never there??? Hmmm can you smell a rat? I can.

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    Sun May 18 2008

    Habitat for Humanity does not help anyone but traditional "families". It does not help single people or couples who do not have children. It doesn't matter how poor those people are or how hard they have struggled or how willing they are to contribute sweat equity to have their own homes. Because these people didn't reproduce, they aren't eligible for help. At the same time, many of Habitat for Humanity's "clients" wouldn't need charity if they refrained from having children they couldn't support. I used to support Habitat for Humanity with checks and labor. I no longer do because of this issue.

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    Mon Apr 21 2008

    Habitat has made similar choices to destroy wild lands here in Colorado. In addition, their developments have caused drainage and erosion problems for the existing community, and two of their projects have been condemned, forcing the Habitat owners to seek other housing. Not all Habitat chapters are inept and thoughtless, but our local chapter certainly is. I wish the parent organization had a complaint mechanism for its chapters.

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    "Non-Profit Organizations"

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    Fri Aug 24 2007

    I am surprised at the number of people who are complaining about Habitat being a faith based organization...I can tell you, from personal experience, they do not care what your religious beliefs are...it's all based on 3 thing. 1. NEED 2. WILLINGESS TO PARTNER and 3. Ability to pay your mortgage (and that INCLUDES credit ratings, and sometimes when they first start looking at a family the credit of the family will be good and then a few months later it has gone down and YES they check that. Oh and an additional comment, Habitat for Humanity is not for the poor in the US. The poor still cannot obtain a Habitat house. Isn't that kind of sad. I think they go by the median income of the area.... Habitat Owner in Mich.

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    Wed Jul 25 2007

    Habitat for Humanity had the choice of two large lots to build on in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. One was a vacant lot; the other a beautifully forested area with old trees and plenty of wildlife. They chose to destroy the wildlife. Neil Hetherington is a dishonest liar. Unfortunately, everything he lied about was written down as a matter of public record. Shame on you Habitat! I didn't know you were anti-green and hated trees.

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    Sat Feb 03 2007

    Naturally they cannot say that they are denying someone on their application because they are handicapped or disabled, but they took a friend of mine all the way thru the interview process only to deny her based on her credit. When the interview was set up, my friend asked, I passed the credit check? And the interviewer responded if you didn't you wouldn't be getting an interview. But when the refusal letter came it stated she was not going to get a home based on her credit. I think that seeing her mother sitting there on oxygen and my friend herself is disabled was the reason they weren't accepted. My friend has many people who are willing to help her and her mother get their hours. And my friend's mother's credit is a whole lot worse than my friends. I am ashamed of habitat for humanity for denying 2 disabled people living in a high crime area in a barely heated apartment that is riddled with mold, leaking pipes, water damaged beams in the ceiling that are buckling and in... Read more

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    Wed Dec 20 2006

    Although the benefits of a tax write off may be an incentive here ? , Mr Boscov, himself is involved, at least in this city. He helps with the funding and finances the social worker's interviews and such, and, the local VoTech is involved also, which gives our young people who are learning construction and remodeling a great opportunity for some hands on work. All in all it seems a pretty functional org.

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    Heard a story about a town in Florida that was destroyed by a hurricane within the past couple of decades, and the only homes remaining intact were those builty by Habitat for Humanity. Whether he was a good president, Carter may very well be the best ex-president this country has ever had.

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    Great group with a noble cause. It's very much a program a former Democrat would endosre. Jimmy Carter's legacy really. Best part about it is that anyone who has even a casual interest in building can come aboard and do something. Drops a Star for it's religious angle. That's not for everyone.

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    Sat Oct 08 2005

    On top of all the good works, they carry out their mission without overt proselytizing like many other faith-based organizations. I am not religious so these actions are favorable to me.

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    Thu Jun 02 2005

    One of the best things Jimmy Carter did was get involved with this organization. Unfortunately, as time has passed, not all divisions are up to mustard. This tends to happen when people get involved for all the wrong reasons. Still, for the most part, it is a good group.

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    Tue Dec 28 2004

    A Wonderful Organization,empowering unfortunate people by helping them build a decent home.It is awful hard to get a job or work if you are homeless or living in an unhealthy,unsafe structure.They get whole families on their feet,and are an inspiration to all of us as to what we can do to help our brothers and sisters out there.

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    Thu Aug 26 2004

    my mother has been awaiting the completion of her habitat home for 4 years and this local division (phelps area habitat Pike county kentucky)has given her nothing but grief. I know all divisions of Habitat arent this bad but this one really isnt worth the salt in their bread. the quality of the construction is horrible. We werent expecting a mansion but not electrical hazards and the walls not meeting where they are supposed to. I applaud other Habitat for Humanity divisions for their good work.

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    Fri Aug 06 2004

    My opinion is this. My husband and I am scraping by every month to pay a mortgage. We have worked all of our lives to get this dream. I cannot afford to have any work done on my home, and have to do many of the things myself after being exhausted from work. I have many neighbors and relatives that need work on their homes, as well as my own. Now the rich people in my company living in multimillion dollar homes decide they want to feel better about themselves and we should all volunteer to built a home for a total stranger, who could be an ax murderer or a lazy person. Why are some people entitled to a free ride while others have to work all their lives for something. It doesn't seem fair and it seemed hypocritical. Half of these people volunteering probably wouldn't stop on the side of the road to assist me if my car broke down. What about the contractors they are taking jobs away from, and why do I have to spend $200.00 for a plumber to fix a broken toilet, which I lived with... Read more

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    Fri Apr 23 2004

    I'm certain that Mr. Carter's intentions were noble, but of many those who benefit from this program may not be. I've seen these homes soon after completion, and the numerous automobiles that eventually lined their driveways (I worked two blocks from a cluster of these homes). It is a disincentive to those who partake of such charity, since they may become reliant on maintaining a qualifying level of poverty. All HH has done was free up some resources for them to splurge on cars, entertainment systems, etc. I had originally imagined Habitat for Humanity a great idea. But it simply stifles ambition.

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    Sun Jul 20 2003

    A socialist orieted feel good program that brings rif raf into peaceful neighborhoods.There is nothing like have a new welfare mom get royaly set up for free when she pissed all the other government handouts she was given down the toilet.She moves in and shacks up with some other grungy old man and the former old man comes a calling to see the kids and all hell breaks loose.It's a real disincentive to be 25 years old and not come from a priveleged background and try to by a house with both you and your wife working and paying off student loans only to see Ms.welfare mom have a better place than you and not have a mortgage and not have to pay taxes.Where is Mr.peanut socialist commie man Carter when it comes to giving me and my wife a break to make it less taxing our tired backs?May you run into Bob Villa when he forgets to wear a belt while spackling where he ate a ton of B&M baked beans the night before Mr.peanut man!

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    Sat May 24 2003

    A wonderful organization with a noble cause that I care a lot about. Poverty is a major, major problem in this country. I think that Snuffy Smith said it best. We should help out around the world, but we have some serious problems here at home and more organizations should donate their time to improving the povertious state of America's inner cities which threatens our prosperity in the upcoming generations.

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    Mon Jun 25 2001

    This is a simple, common sense solution to a severe problem. Habitat for Humanity unites everyone in the community in order to build a home that everyone can be proud of (including the new home owner). I admire the time and energy that volunteers provide and am inspired by the involvement of the new home owner. I am not sure of the screening process..Being a respected organization I would assume that Habitat for Humanity carefully chooses homeowners, however I cannot comment on the selections since I am not sure.

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    Mon Jun 11 2001

    I have had the opportunity to be directly involved with Habitat for Humanity projects and have been very impressed with the organization. They are one of the few organizations working to deal directly with some of America’s own sufferings from poverty and poor living conditions. There have been many times over the years when I became frustrated with local churches who in the name of missions sent teams all over the world to build housing and other facilities in foreign countries when there neighbors had needs just as great. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly support foreign missions but equal time should be spent in our own neighborhoods. Habitat for Humanity does a great job of pulling community leaders, business, and residents together to work support their projects. The best I can tell most of their efforts and funds do go to their work and not their “overhead”.

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    Mon Dec 27 1999

    Any cause that helps each other is great. Thanks also to the Carters for not only helping, but drawing attention to the cause.

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    Sat Dec 18 1999


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    Fri Dec 10 1999

    Breaks down racial, cultural, and economic barriers and promotes genunine understanding among people who likely would not have met except through HFH. Truly Biblical in concept! I also appreciate Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter for their support of HFH. They are genuine missionaries of the lst order.