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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    It's size, affordability, versatility and relative ease to learn have made it a dominant choice as a popular instrument, especially in the later half of the 20th century. While all can agree on its popularity in modern music, opinion is divided as to whether or not Ace Frehley sucks, with sentiment currently running at about 3 to 1 for suck on this site.

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    Sun May 25 2008

    I've been playing the guitar for 39 years. I love this instrument; there are so many styles and so many different types of the instrument that make it really unique. I have a Gibson LesPaul and I love it.

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    Wed Aug 15 2007

    The most amazing instrument ever. Any one instrument that can go from from death metal to jazz is amazing. The only other instrument that can do that is the bass the guitars best friend and stalwart ally in the world of rock and roll. It's the hardest instrument to learn there is period. If you don't believe me listen to Eruption by Eddie Van Halen.. In order to be a professional quality guitarist you would have been playing probably five years already and believe me I know I've been playing 2 1/2 years and I can still only riff and not solo that well. Overall the guitar and bass are the gods of all instrument. Bow down to them for they own your soul. That is all.

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    Mon Jul 09 2007

    I'm a guitar fan going way back. I have one of those Carvin SH335 guitars modeled after Gibsons and Epiphones that I bought some 20 years ago and "she" still "sings" sweetly. Other "axes" I hope to eventually acquire would be the Gibson Les Paul Custom and a Fender Telecaster. Both "axes" are outstanding but they have a different sound. My SH335 mimics some of the sounds produced by the Telecaster. There's just something special about semihollowbody guitars that are just breathtaking. The action is very nice too. I'd guess my guitar is about 20 years of age, but, as I said before, "she" still "sings" sweetly. *** Ah, girl! (Tribute to McCartney/Lennon's song, "Girl".) *** Anyway, I digressed. Guitar's are great, and I cannot claim to be the world's best guitarist by any stretch of the imagination. I do know how to play them, and it's just a great thing to do with your time when you have time to do anything with.

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    Wed Jun 06 2007

    God of instruments.

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    Thu Apr 26 2007

    Mad hatter...same here!  I studied music between the ages of 8-15, didn't like it that much, although I became fairly accomplished at trumpet and french horn.  I moved to fretless electric bass, yamaha electric piano, flamenco/classical guitar and electric.  Now I'm writing my own stuff...kinda jazz fusion with some Brazilian/African sound and some country-western-bluegrass themes running underneath.  So right now, I'm thankin' Momma S for shellin' out all those bucks to teach me music; it's a LOT easier composing and arranging if you can read the notes, transpose, and play even a little bit of piano.Question is, I'm looking to buy an inexpensive yet flexible semi-hollow body guitar.  I heard the Peavey JF-1 is a good choice, as well as Epiphone Studio Dot series.  What's your opinion?

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    Thu Apr 26 2007

    My entire taste in music is based around this wondrous instrument. Some of the most proficient players can create marvellous music (Satch, Vai...). I even attempt to play it myself (I own a Yamaha Pacifica...), but don't really do very well.

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    Fri Feb 16 2007

    I started to play the guitar to join in on the jam sessions at the next family reunion. Now, I am writing some of my own stuff!

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    Thu Feb 15 2007

    There is nothing better than the sound of an acoustic guitar. Plus the ladies love it.

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    Wed Feb 07 2007

    The boundries are limitless with a guitar. You can cover every style of music with a guitar. Playing guitar you are able to convey so much emotion. It is just the greatest instrument Electric of Acoustic I own a Les Paul and a Ibanez acoustic

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    Mon Dec 11 2006

    I play acoustic, electric and bass guitars and the big advantage is that you can pick them up to play on a whim, you can keep them quiet fom the neighbours, you get instant results and you can play a huge range of music styles. In the right hands they can be the greatest and most impressive of all instruments. When they're used by buskers and indie rock bands for simple amateurish strumming and p*ss easy single note solos or for playing heavy metal then they should be used for firewood.

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    Sat Jun 17 2006

    No band is complete without a guitar. It's nice to hear the different styles and varieties of music coming from this wonderful instrument.

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    One of the greatest instrument known to man. I have been playing for 12 years and I own a variety of guitars.(A 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue, a 1968 Gibson SG, a 1999 Gibson SG Supreme w/P-90A pickups, a Custom Shop Gibson EDS-1275 in Alpine White with 3 pickups, a couple of Fenders I don't play alot(A Telecaster and an American Stratocaster) and a Gretsch White Falcon). I play a variety of different styles, Rock, Blues, and Flamenco. And there are many great guitar players that I Idolize. Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Lenny, Breau, B.B King and many others.

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    Wed Dec 14 2005

    The first intrument I learned to play, ive been playing for 10 years. It's one of my main tools for the songs I write, I love it. I'm mainly an acoustic player, although I used to play electic in a few bands in highschool.

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    with an guitar you can do amazing thing. create any kind of sound you want if you get the right effect. some guitarist switch from the clean soft sound of an acoustic to the heavey distortion of an electric....or with the different effects like wah wah to lesley effect its a great instrument nothing beats it

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    Mon Sep 26 2005

    An instrument I cherish,21 years self-taught started of with 12 bar rhythm & blues,now a convincing SRV,my passion still hungers for progress and advancement in this great invention which has instinctively led me to learn classical and flemenco/gypsy...I could not imagine a day pass by without playing it or practicing.5/5 for the sheer entertainment and joy it brings!

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    Wed May 18 2005

    one of my goals is to learn how to play one . i can only do smoke on the water but most people can do that

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    Sat Apr 23 2005

    Acoustic or electric,a very versatile instrument with many different types of guitar and styles of playing.It is amazing to watch a really skilled guitarist play.From classical to heavy metal,Flamenco to folk-the guitar touches our hearts and gladdens our ears.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    An acoustic guitar is the most soothing sound I know.

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    Thu Mar 31 2005

    I love playing guitar ... 6 strings 7 strings, acoustic or electric ... jazz pop rock blues .. almost everything ... need patience but it's cool

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    Thu Mar 24 2005

    My father was a guitarist and so is my son. He plays the bass as well. He taught both the guitar and bass at a music school before going in the service.

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    Sun Mar 20 2005

    Give me a searing, crisp, clear, mind blowing guitar solo anyday!

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    Sun May 16 2004

    The guitar is, in terms of music style and range, an amazing instrument. It also is the greatest instrument to improvise on. I play a very large amount of instruments, and the guitar is the one that I am planning on majoring in. There are just so many geniuses who play the guitar (Vai, Satriani, etc.) and so many bands that utilize it to a huge extent (Pink Floyd, Yes, Dream Theater, etc.) that it's hard to imagine the world without guitar.

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    Sun Apr 25 2004

    This is my personal favorite instrument ever, and the most fun to play. The guitar is so great because it can be used in almost every style of music. Everyone should like a guitar of some kind, acoustic or electrical.

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    Fri Apr 02 2004

    The guitar must be considered one of the most versatile of all musical instruments. While my preference for the electric guitar has waned a bit over time, I still immensely enjoy the acoustic guitar. This instrument works well across almost all musical genres, but also works as a solo instrument. Moreover, it is portable and one can sing as well as play. Someone once said that the acoustic guitar is a one-instrument orchestra, as it can be strummed, plucked, knocked as percussion, etc, and this is certainly true.

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    A very overrated instrument. The sad thing is that I virtually know no one who doesn't like the guitar or play it. Classical guitar music is okay (from old Spain) most other rock guitar music is mediocre, in general. Somehow I've never aspired to play the guitar. I play a 'real' instrument. A 'bad' instrument: The electronic synthesizer.

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    Thu Jun 26 2003

    Can you imagine what popular music over the past several decades would be like without guitar? The basis for most of my favorite records.

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    Sun May 04 2003

    Guitar is awesome without it music wouldnt be music...acoustic is awesome its got a beautiful sound

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    Sat Mar 29 2003

    I play. I learn. I live.

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    Mon Mar 10 2003

    I love the sound of the guitar. It has traversed every genre of music from country to rap. It is a very beautiful and unique musical instrument.

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    Sat Feb 01 2003

    The power, versatility, and mass appeal encompassed by this instrument make it the king of all instruments as far as I'm concerned. Few types of music are not aided or strengthened by the guitar. Also, picking up this instrument is a wonderful hobby that will serve you your entire life.

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    Mon Jan 06 2003

    I'm just learning how to play, and to tell you the truth, it hurts my fingers a lot. BUT, from the three chords I can play, I can tell you that the guitar is something worth going through a little pain for. Once I practice enough though, it shouldn't even hurt anymore. Its portability, versatility, beauty, and its power to evoke emotion give it five stars.

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    Mon Nov 25 2002

    For self teaching, I found this to be the easiest, plus most self-respecting classic rock songs only require three chords. You can get a lot of chicks' attention with a guitar, especially if you can master the art of playing guitar and singing at the same time. It is a babe magnet!

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    Tue Jul 23 2002

    This thing is responsible for the best music ever played. Anyone who gives this less than 5 HAS to be freakin' nuts.

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    Fri Jun 21 2002

    The guitar can encompass so many kinds of emotions - total expression without words. It's my goal in 2002 to learn.. and to practice what I learn. Hendrix, Clapton, Van Halen, Beck, Santana, Satriani, Vaughn... some of the incredible greats.

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    Wed Jun 12 2002

    Although I love guitar music, what I love more about the guitar is the sounds a guitar makes that are nonmusical: the squeak of fingers on strings, the thump of the wood body, the sound of the tuning pegs, etc. It's truly the most beautiful instrument.

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    Thu Mar 14 2002

    This is my instrument. The guitar can play chords, it's portable and it can be used as a solo instrument or you can sing while playing it. It seems to be the most versitile and practical musical instrument. I play acoustic but I also love the sound of the electric.

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    Fri Nov 02 2001

    There are so many different kinds of guitars, it's hard to give a general rating to the instrument. It's hard to get out riffs and chords and squeal out solos on an electric guitar. And even more so on an acoustic because the strings aren't as tight against the body. Guitars are very versatile instruments. It takes a lot of natural feel to be really good at a guitar. And a lot of practice, at that-

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    Tue Oct 23 2001

    Guitar and piano are the best instruments for solo performers and the choice of at least 90% of them. The guitar is fantastic for emoting and its sustain as well as chords and a good, rhythmic strumming. Also, it is much easier to bring a guitar to a party than a piano... Great Guitarists: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh, Trevor Rabin, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Les Paul, B.B King, Randy Rhodes, Tom Morello, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Pete Townshend, Billy Gibbons, Ani DiFranco, Nuno Bettancourt, George Benson, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Neil Schonn, Sheryl Crow, Lindsey Buckingham, Travis Tritt, Steve Cropper, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Bo Diddley, Don Felder, Brian Setzer, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Roger McGuinn, Robbie Robertson, John Fogerty, Nancy Wilson, Mike McCready, Noel Gallagher, Kurt Cobain, Kim Thayil, Stone Gossard, Slash, The Edge, Django Reinhardt, Duane Allman, Albert Collins, Gary Rossington, Dickie Betts, Steve... Read more

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    Mon Oct 15 2001

    The most powerful of all instruments. Hendrix, Clapton, May, Frampton, Santana, so many great guitarists.

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    Mon Oct 15 2001

    Now I know why your God gave us Brian May. Because there are some people in this world who's destiny is to play the guitar. I feel that guitarists and bassists don't get nearly the respect they deserve. They are two important parts of any good rock band (reason #2 why *NSYNC sucks) and it takes years and years (and years) of practce to get good at the guitar. My friend, who is the guitarist in our small rock band, is always complaining that guitarists don't get any respect, and I agree and disagree with this. Guitarists get waaaaaay more respect than any bassist I've evr seen (with the possible exception of Paul McCarteny) but they deserve more. Take care, everyone!

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    Fri Oct 05 2001

    In my opinion (and that IS why we are here, isn't it?), the guitar is the most versatile of any instrument. I have seen performances with a classical guitar in which the string portion carried the melody, and a slap-drumming on the shell was used for back beat. Easy to pack around, great sounding amp'd or unplugged...truly a musicians friend.

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    Tue Oct 02 2001

    The guitar is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, instruments there is. It can convery all kinds of different emotions that even words cannot express entirely. Powerful guitar riffs from an electric guitar may radiate anger or frustration, while more suttle strumming from an accoustic guitar may give the feeling of peace or loneliness. There are so many things you can do with a guitar...once you have learned how to play, it is hard to put it down (I taught myself to play and have been playing for a couple of years now). It is also a form of positive energy release. I know whenever I am having a bad day I can just pick up my guitar, play a tune, and it calms me down greatly. I know a lot of people that say if they didn't have their guitar or music, they wouldn't know how to relax. Many great musicians that have made an impact on society have played the guitar, from Jimi Hendrix, to Kurt Cobain, to the newer musicians of rock, such as those excellent guitarists like Daron... Read more

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    Tue Sep 04 2001

    The guitar has to be one of the most useful instruments out there. It can be used around a camp fire during a sing along. It can be used when you're by yourself and just want to produce something beautiful to listen to. It can express joy and pain. It can be loud or subdued. It can rise up or fade into the background. And the gentle sound of a deep melody is so nice to listen to.

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    Sun Jul 29 2001

    The guitar can sound good, but a single guitar by itself doesn't. Some people like "raw" guitar music, but I don't... it needs more ingrediants to sound right I feel, like a piano, or other stringed instruments, or... or something. When done right, however, it can sound quite nice.

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    Wed Jul 18 2001

    Part of me would love learning to play the guitar. Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix - those guys make the most amazing music with guitars... And then the other, more realistic part of me remembers that I have very little musical ability, and 99% of the people who try to learn how to play guitar are less like Clapton and more like the guy in the black turtleneck in "Animal House" who gets his guitar smashed by John Belushi.