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    Thu Jan 05 2012

    A top shelf vodka based on marketing to the preppy class. Really not a very good sipping vodka compared to others that are much less expensive. Taste is probably about 3 stars, but the cost is 5 stars, so that knocks the rating down to 2 stars. For a little less cost, choose Ketel One. It is worth it's price and is much better than Grey Goose.

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    This is still my favorite vodka! I've tried a couple others but find Grey Goose to be the smoothest by far. My newest combo is Grey Goose with a splash of Pomegranite Juice (which I get from our local Farmer's Market or Pom Wonderful is great too). Just delicious! I do find it a little on the pricey side but don't drink a whole lot and think it's worth it to have a nice smooth product I can enjoy.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    I wouldn't say that GG is overrated - it's just not a vodka that has a flavor that is distinguishable. It's so smooth it has almost no flavor. I don't have anything bad to say about GG except that the price doesn't warrant the enjoyment of the product. Oh, there is one bad thing - it's from France...just kidding all you Frenchies.

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    Thu Sep 16 2010


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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    Yeah, yeah, yeah its a high end vodka. Which is to say that its indistinguishable from about ten or twelve other vodkas. The problem with high end vodkas is that they are hard to tell apart. While a maven can easily tell a Tullymore from a Jamesons, or an Aberlour from a Laphroig, distinguishing a Grey Goose from Moskavaya isn't so easy.

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    Price point is to high. Over all it is a mid self Vodka and not that great. This is that the prepy kids buy at the bar or club and what the boys and girls drink at school to look like they have taste. mayn people like it but have only had one or two other vodkas and they came in a plastic bottle. I have had over 100 differnt Vodkas and thousands of other great drinks I keep and rate everything I drink. I also give everything at least two chances but Grey Goose has came in low each time and I even gave away the remainder of bottle to a guy down the road that will drink anything. I would not tell anyone to buy this, in fact I sugest Level or Ciroc depending on the taste of the individual.

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    Not sure why this is number one. I guess people like it based on it's looks, lol that's Americans for ya. This vodka is ok. I had it in a Martini and it had a tad burn to it. It's below good vodka's like Belvedere and Chopin and much more I could name. I know of a vodka that costs almost 3 times less then this and is much smoother, it's called Luskova vodka. Id never buy Grey Goose at a bar or liquor store. If I had lots of money id still pass it by and go for something far better KAUFFMAN LUXURY VINTAGE VODKA.

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    way to crappy a vodka for such a high price go for Rain or Chopin... much much smoother and no afterburn or hangover... this stuff hurts going down and the next day.

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    Fri Oct 30 2009

    The first vodka I ever tried and when compared to others I have had such as heaven hill (rubbing alcohol) and smirnoff its got a creamy light feeling on the palate with no heavy alcohol burn (but don't get me wrong there's definately plenty of alchol in this stuff). REREVIEW: I still believe Grey Goose to be one of the best vodkas available, however as my palate has changed and I have come to prefer more nuanced spirits such as Bourbon, Scotch, and even some Gins, I have also come to realize how very little the difference is between this and Heaven Hill, which for the price is unbeatable. My advice...if you have more money than you know what to do with, drink Grey Goose...for the rest of us any vodka properly chilled and served ice cold is a good drink.

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    It is good in comparison to some of the ten dollar half gallons but not any better than a mid-priced vodka such as absolute or sky. It should not even be compared to some of the high end vodka's such as Kettle One or my personal favorite, Tito's Handmade Vodka.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    this vodka tastes like water when chilled- which is the point. however when a half pint is 10.00 in michigan. i would have got go with the 10 dollar 1/5th of mad monk - ftw. much more -real.

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    This Vodka is the biggest joke on the uninformed Vodka drinker. Sydney Frank, who was famous in the Beverage & Spirits industry as a fantastic promoter decided to create a "new" Premium Vodka for one reason, to sell the company and get very rich. In 1997 Absolut was selling for $15/bottle so he pegged the price of Grey Goose at $30/bottle and give it "perceived value". He decided to distill it in France because of the "perceived value" of French quality (fashion, perfume, wine, etc.) Grey Goose is an overpriced nothing vodka and if someone tells you how much they love it or how great it is, you can laugh at them knowing this Vodka was created for one reason and one reason only and that was to make Sidney rich. He sold the company to Bacardi in 2004 and personally netted $1.4 Billion (yes, with a B). He is still laughing in his grave. Grey Goose has never won any place in any competition and in blind taste tests conducted by 20/20 with committed Grey Goose drinkers, it placed dead last.... Read more

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    It isnt bad but certainly not the best. this one is highly overrated and overpriced.

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    Overpriced for the quality of the vodka!

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    Sun Aug 16 2009

    Popular, yes... High-end, No. Grey Goose is a brilliantly marketed bad product. There are so many Vodka's out there that best this one by a lot for half the money. it's too sweet and has a bad aftertaste... the first time i tried it i had no idea how much it cost, a friend had bought me a shot of it saying "you have to try this!" i wasn't impressed at that time about it, then i found out it's $50.xx a bottle here in Saskatchewan, i'll never buy this product and would encourage people to save $25.xx and get a bottle of Luksoswa taste is ** price is * i'm rounding it to a ** review and they should be grateful.

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    Overpriced and too sweet If you like this vodka you will loooove Balinoff

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    Grey Goose is smooth and pleasant tasting. Vodka is colorless and does not have a strong flavor, but a cheap vodka that is not well distilled will have a strong alcohol-y taste. Grey Goose really has none of that, which makes it excellent for martinis and such.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    I'm not sure why people think Grey Goose is the best vodka on the market. It's an alright vodka, and certainly not the best on the market. Sometimes I feel it taste like rubbing alcohol and that is not a good thing. I feel that if you want a good vodka check out Svedka!

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    I hate to break it to the people who rate Grey Goose 5 and 4 stars, but its obvious ye are just clueless. A vodka should have no after burn, have a certain purity and not make you gag. Like Boru vodka. If I owned Grey Goose id be laughing all the way to the bank and back.

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    Thu May 21 2009

    HIGHLY overrated, licorice is NOT my favorite aftertaste. Never understood why anyone will drink this one with all the great vodkas around Better unflavored. Flavored are just awful. Buy something else and enjoy. Great advertisement does not by anything for me, the best feature - a bottle look. Blue Ice at half a price at Costco is just incredible, and enjoy the real vodka!!!

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    Mon May 11 2009

    Horrible all around..price, taste, and smell. WAY to expensive, there are many more vodka's half the price that are 100 times better then this. It literally tastes like cardboard to me. and the smell is just bad. The only reason why this vodka is where it is today is because of Celebrities get PAID to drink it and get pictures taken drinking it. It is also big because the song Grey Goose by the YingYang twins. in my opinion the french should stick to what they do best which is make wine, brandy, champagne, cognac.

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    Sat Feb 14 2009

    Unpalatable. If marketing warranted a decent vodka this would head and shoulders the greatest vodka ever, but that isn't the case. You can taste when a you have a nasty vodka in a mixed drink, so using a premium vodka makes sense. This would be great as a mixng vodka, but then so are most call brand vodkas. People rarely drink vodka straight, and when they do the main purpose is to get intoxicated, so taste doesn't even matter. Bottom line, not worth the price. Let stupid rap artists keep it.

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    Sun Jun 29 2008

    Very smooth but the price tag is not justified, go with SKYY.

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    I am not a fan of vodka and I tried this sorry excuss for rubbing alcohol to see if it was really any better than smirnoff or absolute. Sorry to say I now believe all vodka tastes the same. My advice to you is just buy some of that shit that comes in the plastic bottle because all and all I can't tell the difference between $9 or $35 vodka. Overall vodka sucks bourbon and scotch are the way to go.

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    Thu May 01 2008

    Grey Goose is a good vodka but much to overprice. It has a slight burn and works good in martini's. I would say it's up there with Chopin and kettle one but by no means a ultra premium vodka like Sobieski. Sobieski is the best vodka in the world as far as im concerned,smooth no burn and is far superior then Grey goose. Grey goose is a lot of hype for a sub par vodka.

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    Fri Feb 22 2008

    pretty good stuff! a bit to expensive though.

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    Sat Feb 09 2008

    A smooth, premium vodka. It might be a little too smooth -- it's pure and flavorless, but often strikes me as a little thin. Maybe the places I drink just water it down too much. When I have it at home, I notice that it has none of what I don't want in a vodka, but maybe not enough of what I do.

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    better than smirnoff

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    Tue Jan 22 2008

    It's candy. For adults. I have the martini mixer. Love vodka, grey goose if really good if you want a smooth taste and girls are impressed if you bring it out to share with them. Girls, taste, feel. All 100%.

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    Wed Jan 02 2008

    The bottle design is pretty cool and it doesn't burn as much as smirnoff.

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    Mon Dec 31 2007

    A good clean vodka with little burn.  Perhaps a little overhyped in my opinion.  It is good by itself.  Generally, any vodka that is good straight is good mixed and Grey Goose is no exception.  However, because of its cost you would be better served buying a less expensive vodka for mixed drinks, since its flavor will be masked.  If you plan on drinking your vodka straight I would recommend this one.

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    Tue Nov 27 2007

    Definately one of the best. Smooth, lacks that 'burn' I detest.

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    Thu Nov 01 2007

    Overhyped and over priced.

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    Fri Sep 28 2007

    the smoothest vodka i have ever had. i don't give the french a lot of credit, but they do make good vodka.

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    Great marketing, but mediocre at best. Unfortunately my expectations were high and GG failed to deliver...I couldn't tell the difference between this and Stoly

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    Sun Jun 17 2007

    For me, this is in the same class as Ketel One, Sobieski, Chopin, and Kirkland Signature. For the price, it's hard to justify buying anything other than Kirkland.

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    Sat Jun 16 2007

    I actually think this is a pretty good vodka, it has a light taste and is really smooth so it barely burns at all.  I like Chopin more than this but it is far better than most other brands out there.  Also to everyone complaining about price, try to find a wholesaler or state liquor store, you really should be able to pick up a fifth for around $35, which is probably one of the cheapest top shelf alcohols you'll find.

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    Thu May 24 2007

    Man, this stuff is so good.  It was the first Vodka I ever had, and unfortunate for me it gave me the impression that this was how all Vodkas taste!  Since then I've tried over 50 different vodkas, and nothing really even comes close to the smoothness of Grey Goose. The marketing complaints are bogus; when I first had this Vodka I had never heard of it yet I still liked it.

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    Sat May 19 2007

    kirkland signature vodka (costco brand) is made at the same factory as GREY GOOSE and is much cheaper.

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    Tue May 15 2007

    An Alcoholics drink of choice

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    Sat Mar 10 2007

    Has a weird aftertaste and cheap texture, but at least its outrageously expensive. Another example of how important marketing is - the product quality just does not matter.

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    Mon Feb 26 2007

    This vodka is expensive for a reason. Drink another vodka, even a premium brand like 3 Olives, after tasting this and you'll think someone poured isopropyl alcohol in your glass.Don't buy this if all you drink is Bloody Mary's. This smooth, clean and ethereal liquid is worthy only of the driest of martinis.

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    Thu Feb 22 2007

    Grey goose makes me har

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    Thu Jan 25 2007

    is the most expensive vodka y have drinked and to be fair it didnt surprise me that much, has a clean flavor, its smooth but there are others as good for half the price.

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    Thu Jan 25 2007

    It's a good drink. . .but the price? Do I get a Thai hotel and prostitute with that? 3 stars . . .

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    Wed Dec 27 2006

    very very over rated what all of the fuss

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    Wed Dec 27 2006

    This is the most overrated/overpriced vodkas on the market. The taxing of French products have placed it's price in the same league as Chopin, and Kettle One, but not the quality.

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    Thu Nov 30 2006

    Good, but not good enough for the price. Naturally its very smooth and has a nice flavor to it. Even though I can drink GG like water, but it isn't as smooth as the price tag or the gorgeous bottle would suggest. A bit of a waste at a bar really. ESPECIALLY if you are going to mix it. The only way to properly enjoy your GG is on rocks or in a Martini. Otherwise you are wasting your cash.

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    Wed Sep 20 2006

    Anyone who has done research on vodka knows that it is simply NGA(neutral grain alcohol) and purified water. That's it!!! Since nearly all vodka producers get their NGA from the same suppliers, the only difference between brands is the water added. It does not matter what the NGA came from (potatoes, rye, sugar, milk) because the batch is distilled to 95.75% alcohol. Well, technically 100%, but it re-equilibrates with the water vapour in the air and reduces to 95.75%. So arguing about vodka brands is like arguing about bottled water brands. Grey Goose is clearly a good quality spirit, but it is still merely alcohol and water. Do yourself a favor and conduct a blind taste test with some friends. You WILL NOT know the difference between the premium vodkas and the mid-range vodkas. Just save yourself $30 and get something like Absolut. Stay away from the lowest end vodkas as the water quality may be substandard. In conclusion, vodka is a tasteless spirit so buy a $20 bottle and save t... Read more

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    Wed Sep 06 2006

    no chaser required my friends