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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

2004 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games Website

Approval Rate: 87%

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    Tue Jan 19 2010

    Classic game, not so obsessed about video games anymore but I got to say, this is great! The world really starts to live like in 90's! Radio stations rock, I love that they put moden rock and hip hop along with classic rock, country and other genres with their own great radio stations. Best music in game, ever!

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    Freeform: go anywhere, do anything. Trips, cars, bikes, people guns and tonnes of gameplay.

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    zero appeal to me. whatsoever.

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    So good you'll feel like quitting your job to devote more time to what really matters to young folks today! Building your own virtual gang of pimps and murderers!

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    Mon Nov 05 2007


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    Mon May 14 2007

    The best GTA game ever I had been played on the PS2. This best game on PS2! :) Because this game have biggest area like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There are too many fun in this game! You need to buy it and you won't regret it! :) If you are under 17, some parents would let their own child to play it. However, some parents won't play this game, I will feel bad for these children. :( I am glad I'm not kid anymore! ^_^

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    Sun Feb 25 2007

    Great game, would be perfect if Tommy Vercetti was in it though.

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    Sat Nov 11 2006

    This is defiantly the best GTA game ever. Its very lifelike you have to feed cj or he will starve and die and you can workout. This game has so many weapons they have everything from baseball bats to gernade launchers. The missions are hard and challinging but fun. I defiantly recommend this game.

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    Sat Jul 15 2006

    this game sucks it is just killing people this game is just a waste of money

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    Just picked it up recently and I am duly impressed. I still play GTA III and Vice City from time to time so I'll get a ton of play out of it.

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    Thu Apr 13 2006

    cj rules!

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    Sun Apr 09 2006

    It's 10x better than GTA Vice City dudes. There is so much you can do, you can start your own gang, buy houses/casinos, street race, drive on freeways, hijack cars/airplanes, and raise havoc on the streets. I have enough common sense not to imitate anything from a video game, so knock it off Jack Thompson!

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    Sat Mar 25 2006

    I'm waiting for a game that is pure sex rather than violence. Why is it okay for the sub-18 folks to kill, but not to make love? What a clueless world we live in. Make Love Not War!

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    Thu Feb 16 2006

    How can you not get tired of blowing peoples heads off! Fun stuff!

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    Tue Jan 24 2006

    The Best PS2 game to come out yet.Better then Metal Gear Solid 3,Devil May cry.Grand Theft Auto is one of the Best games of all time.

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    I actually like this game. A good way to take out frustrations from a hard day's work without physically hurting someone and you get to rob hookers. What couldn't be good about this game?

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    One of the best games to ever come out. Combines great gameplay and good controlls to fully submerge the player in the seedy bussiness world of San Andreas. Humourous characters also liven up the show.

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    Thu Dec 01 2005

    An ingenious spinoff on American culture...besides, the game holds up in nearly every respect beyond its ingenuity (although controls have a slight learning curve). The vast world map includes three different cities and several small towns. The variety of the missions also makes the game challenging and refreshing.

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    Fri Oct 28 2005

    Great game, huge area, tons to do, more vehicles. The problem is CJ isn't the badass that Tommy Vercetti is, he never seems to take control and always seemed be a follower and not a leader unlike Tommy.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    Almost TOO big. also gets boring traveling from place to place in cars [coptors are sweet.] However I got to the point where the missions just blended together. Good game, but falls just short of perfection.

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    Fri Oct 14 2005

    GTA is sweeet and if you dont like it your a parent

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    Thu Aug 18 2005

    Great game. Huge. Just played through again. Amazing story. The variety of things to do is incredible. Loved to be able to swim in this one. Can't wait to see what Rockstar does for the Playstation 3.

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    I was excited about GTA:SA since I first heard of it. I bought this the day it came out and it did not dissapoint. It is the most in depth GTA yet. Many of the bugs from previous games have been fixed for the most part, adn the absnce of loading screens adds to the realism. Although I don't play much anymore, I'll still give it a run now and then. Great game.

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    Sat Jul 23 2005

    This game is fun for about 5 minutes all the missions are the same the only fun part is exploring the huge cities the games only perk why not pick up something fun like Viewtiful Joe?

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    Wed Jul 20 2005

    Yet another unimaginative, depraved installment in the worst video game series of all time. Honestly, who buys this junk when Mario and Sonic continue rule the video gaming roost? And, now, it has been given the AO, Adults Only rating because of the contraversial Hot Coffee hidden mini-game, which has graphic sexual content. Take Two's (the publishing company) stock has plumetted because Wal-Mart and other retailers do not carry AO rated games at all and production on the game has been temporarily suspended!

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    Wed Jul 20 2005

    it good just not 5 good....well maybe it is since i am playing it right now

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    Fri Jul 15 2005

    Why this game is marketable is a mystery to me. Maybe I'm just a bit old-fashioned, but this game sounds like the most horrible thing to happen to American society in the past year. I heard about this on NBC Nightly News the other night and did some research. Now I want to voice my opinion. I rarely go to movies because they're loaded with sex. The reason I'm against this game is because of all the sex, not to mention the law-breaking aspects and killings of civilians. If people wonder why there's so many floozy young women out there today there's two reasons. One is that both them and the guys are watching Hollywood's garbage. The other is because the guys play this game and are taught that premarital sex is a good thing. On a Saturday night a guy aged 17-24 (the game's target market, I assume) who has any respect for a girl should take her to a baseball game. Not a movie since they're all trash these days. And he should treat her nice and not have sex until he's married. However, s... Read more

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    Thu May 12 2005

    Hands down, my favourite playstation game. I was shocked at first by the more mature content but then it felt like a more natural progression. It feels like you're in a real ganster movie. I found nothing wrong with the graphics in this game. The level of detail is incredible and I think it looks beautiful.

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    Fri Apr 22 2005

    The best in the GTA series. Though GTA is good period. You'll be hooked on this game for hours on end and probably wont eat as much just because you can't get away from it. Highly recommended.

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    Mon Apr 18 2005

    this is the best GTA game yet but vice city is good too

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    Fri Apr 15 2005

    The graphics aren't great, but it's amazing.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    I would give this game a good rating because in thi game you are allowed to do more things than in the previes games like swim however i give it a 4 because of the graphics.

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    Sat Apr 09 2005

    An absolutely breathtaking video game that combines almost every aspect of your favorite video game into one perfect formula that will leave you addicted and playing for hours on end. San Andreas makes improvments on Vice City in that your character actually has attributes you can change, such as Muscle, Fat, Stamina, etc. Very, very big map in this game, as it will take you a good 15 mins to drive from one side to the other. Great 90s-based soundtrack also. A game that has no equals.

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    Crossing my fingers and praying to God. If they make a GTA movie please make it just as good as the videogame .

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    Wed Feb 16 2005

    it's fun. nothing compares to gta3 and gta vice city. the radio stations are ok.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    It's fun and all, but Vice city is better complete with superior graphics. Although it is fun to put the character CJ on a fast food diet and see him balloon up.

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    Ralphie, I would never tell another reviewer to shut it completely, just to slow down and think some before posting. Your statement borders on censorship, and I don't lie that. Anyways, haven't played it, but the previews look fairly good. Never been much for console games, though, so I'm not gonna go into it further.

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    Sat Dec 18 2004

    Great,Addictive,and Gangster game. The only grudge is the racing missions are incredibly difficult, but there is so few I kept the 5 star. Highly recommended

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    Sun Dec 12 2004

    i found this game the best GTA game yet, man its awesome.

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    crap graphics but ok gameplay

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    Mon Nov 29 2004

    Incredible game (if you enjoy the genre). My explanation? Play the game once, you'll see what I mean. Its much deeper than the others in the series, so just try it out, and watch a weekend disappear just like that.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    A thoroughly smashing piece of entertainment software with a early nineties gangland motif, featuring a soundtrack which includes such gangsta luminaries as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and the immortal 2-Pac Shakur. GTA's worrying attempt to outdo reality continues as parachuting, driving school, eating, exercising and even courting are added to the already sizable array of things to do inherited from the last game. One can now even recruit idle homies to hit up enemy hoods in attempts to gain prominence. To top it all off, it stars Samuel L Jackson as a corrupt law enforcer! Highly recommended gaming (basic knowledge of ebonics required).

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    Fri Nov 12 2004

    This game is so kick ass the best one yet maybe same type store line but its more of the set up of the game, like you can swim, clim walls, modify some of the cars. The abiltys like driving skills, weapon skills, stamina all that cool stuff and nice they did not edit it to bad.I have finshed that game on 11/11/04 I like the ending over all the game kicks ass.

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