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    Thu Oct 15 2009

    There is no career mode in this game. It lacks structure. The only incentive to keep playing is to win one race at a time so that you can earn money to purchase more cars. There are limited tuning options, but car parts cannot be upgraded. The graphics are good. However, I think all the tracks originated in other versions of Gran Turismo. Also, there are only four cars on the track during the race. There is no internet multiplayer. If you want to play against another human being, you will need to have friends with PSPs. In short, this game is not worth full price. If your a fan, you've waited four years for this game. Save some money and wait a little longer.

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    I have to say I'm disappointed with Gran Turismo for PSP. After waiting for years, you'd think Sony would have built a masterpiece, but this is surprisingly not fun. Ridge Racer by Namco is by far better than this game. Game Interface: The interface is very confusing and it took me awhile to figured out what was going on. There's no way for anyone to jump in and play a game without going thru tedious setup and selection. This flies in contrast to other racing games where you can jump in and play immediately. Vehicle Selection: This is very bad. Only one car to start with?? Why?? Not only that, when you have enough credits to buy more vehicles, you are only given a small subset of brands to buy from. And the subset changes each time you completed an activity. Once again, why??!! Race Tracks: Now this is the positive part about the game. It has a good selections of real world race tracks. No complain here :-) Game Play: Still playing with the game. No real complain yet.... Read more

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    I got this game knowing what it was, a fun psp sim. racing game. I know theres no career mode and no buying parts but its still a good game if you know how to play it. By that i mean get as many cars as fast as you can and here's how. Go to the test track, it starts at 50,000 for the first race then when you get to level S you get 150,000 for 1st. I was up to 1,500,000 in no time and getting all the cool cars i wanted, and if you check the dealership every 20 to 30mins there are always new brands. So if you want to get a lot of cars do that then race all the tracks later its much more fun with 20 cars that are all top noch.

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    Mon Oct 12 2009

    This game's graphics is as good as a PSP game can get. The races are stunning and there are lots of cars to choose from. Every 2 days there are 4 different dealers you can buy from and you can race alot and save up to get lambos or make do w/ cheaper GTRs. However, there is no story or mission mode, so this game tends to become boring after awhile. If your looking for racers that has a story than this is not yourr game, but if your interested in collecting cars or just want to race than there is no better racer than this for the PSP.

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    Sun Oct 11 2009

    I recently bought this game at Gamestop, and to be honest, I was a little too exited. I popped the game in and browsed the cars, I wasn't happy about how the car buying was made. Basically it goes like this, when you first start the game you're on day 1, and then whenever you do a race or a license test, it goes to the next day (e.g. day 2, day 3, day 4, etc). Every one or two days, it gives you another 4 dealers to choose from. I hoped that they could just show them all at once because it took me 12 races to finally have Toyota as one of the dealers so that I could buy the Prius. Even though this limits the convenience of getting a certain car, the car selection is amazing (800 cars). First off, there are some car brands that I never even heard of, and I know alot about cars. In the car collection, there are many antique cars, like my 63' Alfa Romeo. Old cars are good and so are the newer cars, some of the cars are even concept cars (prototypes). The car collection is great, and... Read more