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    Tue Feb 09 2010

    I was referred to Gotham by two friends who had been to Dr. Bonanni and had succesful surgeries. I was a little nervous with regards to the procedure but Dr. Bonanni answered all of my questions in a professional and understandable manner. The surgery was quick, painless and the the results were amazing. All follow up appointments have been great. The entire staff is friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Bonanni before making a final decsion on a particular Dr. or procedure.

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    Thu Jan 28 2010

    I have read lots of reviews of lasik procedures and I feel so lucky in my experience. I had no complications, almost no discomfort and an extremely rapid transition to perfect eyesight. Within the first 24 hours I was seeing 20/20 vision. I can only praise Dr. Bonanni and GOTHAM LASIK staff- they were the most universally exceptional in their friendliness and knowledge.

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    Wed Jan 27 2010

    What an exciting moment for me to have seen four peoples life change immensely in my immediate family go from having to deal with bad vision to bad vision being a memory they'll never have to go back to. One doctor equals four HAPPY HAPPY faces. Now that I think of it, its truly an honor having this doctor so close to our home physically. Although, if I can give any advice as a witness, its to make the trip if you have to cus it is so worth it. The Biggest difference btwn this Dr B and the other doctors was how easily accessible he was to them my fam. I would travel for him miles and miles. He was there for my husband on the weekends for a concern regrading his new sunglasses breaking. Clearly not an emergency situation and yet he still dropped everything, Thank you GOtham

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    Even if you've been convinced by another doctor or place, at least get a second opinon from Dr Bonanni. Its a shame I didnt' do my research about him at GOTHAM LASIK for m y surgery because I was not even his patient for the procedure and he took care of everything that went wrong with mine I had wafefront guided lasik and suffered fromd relentless eye pain from dry eyes. I thought it to be normal and delt with it for awhile until it never ended and realized my doctor shouldve been Dr Bonanni He did fix my suffering and was very helpful with fixing anyother doctors mistakes and explaining all that the old doctor should've done differently.

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    It was this time last year when I first met Dr. Bonanni at Gotham Lasik. How we landed in there was as random as my friend and I literally running into someone on Fifth Avenue who handed us a holiday special... as if we were going to break up our sex and the city shopping experience to go see some doctor for a free consultation for a surgery I knew we didn't have money for. Fast-forward to an hour later, I'm thawing over a complimentary hot latte, browsing their ridiculously chic sunglass collection while overhearing my friend all excited about 0% financing! What cracks me up is how she went from being all stressed out because she went way overboard with her holiday budget to being all hyped up over a surgery I knew couldn't be cheap. It's been almost a year now and I'd be shocked if I could count 10 people within that she hasn't mentioned Dr. Bonanni's name to! At this point, I'm not too sure the procedure wasn't done on me. Literally her excitement has made me feel like I went fr... Read more

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    I found most of the staff at times a bit pushy. While my eyes were kind of corrected, I found the overall experience to be unpleasant. I did not feel that my concerns were addressed and when I called with questions after my surgery the staff became very short with me. I had very long wait times just about every time I visited his office. I expected a bit more especially considering the price I paid. The more I read about Lasik on-line, the more concerned I've become about either having the procedure or recommending it to family members. How do I know that Dr Bonanni is any better?

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    Thu Dec 17 2009

    My name is Ahmed and I own produce distribution company out a new jersey. I decided to go with the lasik thing after being convinced by my eldest son and his wife to be. Constantly I was misplacing my cell phone and glasses having to do backtracking to find my stuff. I think they were tired of this. Now though I see the world as it should be without having to deal with optics. This place is top notch. I thought they would be pushy to get me in and out the first time we went because so many other people were there I think they also do face stuff but instead we all got expresso and I felt like the pushy one. If you consider the surgery get it done there. Now if I could only solve the cell phone problem.

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    For the last 12 years I have successfully worked under the title "Preferred Handyman" throughout Albany's community. The ongoing success of my work is not credited to advertisement, but solely word of mouth. I first visited Park Avenue Laser Vision and Mandel Vision, thinking that they would be less expensive due to their advertisements. Unfortunately, both these places had a very clever way of dismissing the hidden costs of the procedure. It's amazing how once I was introduced to Dr. Bonanni and his entire staff, which gleam perfection as soon as you walk into the door, price was my least concern. Now I can put on the proper eye wear and attack my work withough having my glasses get in the way!

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Bonanni and the staff at Gotham Lasik. My name is Darlene and I own a travel agency that specializes in group tours for senior citizens. I’ve been traveling the world for longer than I would like to admit and this procedure has simplified my day-to-day tasks unbelievably. Traveling with sometimes up to 100 seniors outside of the country is at times too much to handle on its own. Thanks to Dr. Bonanni and Gotham Lasik, I no longer have to worry about my contacts getting lost after flying just a few hours. Being that the airlines no longer allows you to carry on liquids, my eyes would get so dry and it was guaranteed those contacts would get lost. SO ANNOYING! Thanks to them, I no longer have to deal with that anymore!!

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    My name is Eli and I own a fishing charter business on the Potomic River near the Nations Capitol. Funny enough the last thing I wanted to do was write this review but as the procedure has helped make my day to day tasks easier, I will give thanks where it is due. Wearing glasses for most of my adult life, this is almost a dream come true. Trying to basically run my business and take care of all the patrons, their line, the boat and all other happenings out on the water by myself... it didn't leave much time to mess around with my glasses. Having this surgery makes my boat an all around smoother operating and safer environment. I wish I would've done this earlier, but I was a little scared of having it done. I'll leave by saying that I was thankful for the Gotham Lasik referral... ... tight lines.

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    I went to Gotham Lasik last week and had surgery. Im so happy with my results. I now have 20/15!!! I still can't believe I can see. I have been to different centers in the last month trying to make a choice. There were so many to choose from. When I went to Gotham Lasik I knew in the first 20 minutes of being there, I would book. The office was the nicest and cleanest place i have been to. I got to meet Dr. Bonnani the day of my consult. It was very important to me speak to the doctor before I book my surgery. It was nice to be treated like a patient and not a customer. Thanks Doc!

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    I am a fan of Dr. B. He was so nice and trust worthy. I went to 3 places before I made the decision and I liked his track record and confidence the best. You do not want to feel like just a number, I felt like the people there actually cared how I felt... my nervousness and everything. :) I had my surgery on a Saturday last month and the Dr. called me on the next day. I have NEVER had a Dr. call ME on a Sunday. I was shocked. If you are considering Lasik... consider Gotham Lasik Vision

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    Went here after going to five other places - I like to take my time in coming to an important decision concerning my vision. By far the most comfortable, informative, and professional place around; from the moment I first entered the place to when I left after my surgery a month ago. It was the only place where the doctor took the time and answered all my questions (yes, I did have a lot, but the other places wanted to take my money and rush me out). And I didn't have to book surgery or put a deposit down just to see the surgeon like other places. I did a lot of research on the web and found a lot of it confusing and contradictory, so I was glad Dr. Bonanni went into great detail to everything I asked about. There was no question he didn't answer at length, no matter how stupid it probably was. I finally got an understanding of what the real advances have been in the past few years and what is just marketing hype. He went over the risks and what the best procedure for me was for my par... Read more

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    First impression was positive and informative. However, I ended up being treated as a stack of cash rather than a patient. It was all about how much money I can give and how quick. Dr. did not answer some of my questions clearly, such as personal negligent cases or long term side effects his previous patients have experienced, and just moved on to another subject. I also found them mudslinging their competitors very unprofessional. Please do yourself a favor and do more research.

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    I have played baseball for many years and have been told to try out professionally. Every time I would try out for some big team, my eyes would always be the problem. I usually wear contacts when I play, which easily fall out at times, costing me big errors. Since the league prohibits players from wearing glasses on the field, I have to wear these big nasty goggles, which are very ugly looking and annoying. I finally considered LASIK surgery after one of my teammates just went through with the procedure. He recommended that I try out Gotham Lasik Vision in Midtown, because the yare simply the best there is. After the game I went home and did my research and had to agree with him. I had scheduled a free consultation the next day, which revealed that I am a perfect candidate for the surgery. I was able to actually have my surgery done in two weeks following the consultation. Now, I am playing better then ever and the ball has been clearer then I have ever seen. My batting average w... Read more

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    Sun Aug 09 2009

    I looked at many different places in my search for Lasik. I found a lot of the places in NYC to be a little pushy & sales-y. The procedure is such an investment I really wanted to feel like I was in a capable Doctor's office, not a used car sales lot. I thought that some of the places had staff that was really doing the "Hard sell" and I even had to pay to get a consultation! That is what lead me to Gotham Lasik Vision. They had a free consultation policy and I felt the staff welcoming and pleasant. I was offered a latte (which was nice... was not offered more than once though) :) Dr. Bonanni was a very knowledgeable and sweet. I felt much better after leaving the office. Better about the procedure that was scheduled for the next week and better about finding a place where I did not feel as if I was being "Sold." Now my vision is rear perfect and my recovery was smooth sailing.

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    Sun Aug 09 2009

    So it got to the point where I was so annoyed with having to bring my glasses every where I went, that I started to consider getting Lasik. My vision isn't horrible but its just bad enough to where it's annoying. I only wear glasses to see far away and having just moved to NYC I found myself bringing a map and of course, my glasses, every where I went. The fact that I would have to bring them whenever I left the house, just so I could see the street signs to save me from walking in the opposite direction , really started to urk me! So I did some research online, read reviews, and talked to some people who had had the surgery. I heard and read amazing things about Gotham and Dr. Bonanni, but I thought I would check out some other places as well. I mean it is my eyes I'm def. going to have to have a couple of opinions and options. So, it was time for my appt. at Gotham and when I walked in, the office was awesome and huge! They offered me a latte (which I kindly took of course) and s... Read more

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    Wed Jul 29 2009

    I just got Lasik Surgery on July 24, 2009 & the next day I was perfectly fine and could see 110% clearly. The surgery was painless and quick. Dr. Bonanni is an exceptional doctor who is honest, patient with questions or concerns, and absolutely the best at what he does. I did lots of research on different doctors in the Manhattan, and he is by far the best. Getting lasik is the best decision that I have ever made personally, and I would recommend Dr. Bonanni of Gotham Lasik to anyone considering the surgery. I have already referred a peer who had the surgery the Monday after me and she is also extremely happy. The office is very friendly and the staff makes you feel right at home. They did not sell or push Lasik on me. It was my decison, I inquired, and all they did was change my life in such a positive way.

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    Mon Jul 27 2009

    From the minute I walked into the Gotham LASIK office I knew this was not your typical doctors’ office. I could not believe how upscale and gorgeous it was! The pictures do no justice you really need to experience this for yourself. They even offer you a cappuccino while you wait! Am I in heaven?! After my consultation with Dr. Bonanni himself, I decided to book a date to have the surgery done. I love the fact that I had my actual consultation with Dr. Bonanni. I have been to many other LASIK Centers around the tri state area and I was usually thrown to some pushy salesman who just saw me as another potential sale. At Gotham, I felt like I was part of their family, rather then just another patient. There was a great level of comfort through and through. About the surgery: The surgery was the most quickest and painless surgery I have ever experienced in my life. Dr. Bonanni had gotten rid of any fear I may have had previously by describing what kind of machine they use (All... Read more

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    At first, the whole idea of getting my vision corrected from LASIK surgery was something I have never even considered. I did not believe that a laser would actually make my vision perfect, and the whole idea of a laser in my eye frightened me. Although I was tired of wearing glasses to work and contacts to special events, I still was skeptical about LASIK surgery. I have heard so many stories about how painful, expensive, and unsafe it was. After a referral from a family member, who had a successful experience with it, I decided to redo my research. Sure enough Gotham Lasik Vision came up as one of the top LASIK centers in Manhattan. I even met with Dr. Brian Bonanni, who was extremely knowledgeable and caring. He performed numerous diagnostic tests on me, in order to find out if I was a candidate or not and had answered all of my questions. It turns out I was. When I finally had the surgery done, it was amazing. I was 20/15 the next day and my vision is as clear as ever. It... Read more

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    Sun Jul 19 2009

    I have been wearing glasses for about 20 years and as the years went by, Lasik seemed like my only way out. I started doing my research and began to make appointments with the Lasik clinics all throughout the city. Every consultation was akward except for my experience with Gotham. Gotham was the only center where I actually met with the Doctor. In some cases, the other centers had me deal only with salespeople. At Gotham, Dr. Bonanni conducted a series of tests to determine my eligibility, and sadly, concluded that my corneas were not thick enough for the procedure. I walked out of Gotham with a respect for the practice and the honesty of Dr. Bonanni. It seems that the other Lasik clinics treat the procedure as if it were a commodity, and Gotham treated it with the seriousness that it deserved and acted like a medical practice and not a used car lot. I would recommend anyone who is eligible for the procedure to go to Gotham and not risk their eyes to anyone else. Do you... Read more

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    I was considering laser eye surgery and many reviewers recommended checking out several places before making such a huge decision. Gotham, being highly rated, made my list to have a free consultation. Based on my consultation here, I was convinced that Dr. Bonnani was a fine laser eye surgeon with great bedside manners. I asked him tough questions and he answered them easily and thoroughly. I felt very comfortable with him. It's unfortunate his staff was inconsistent with the "refundable" deposit policy. At the end of the consultation I was handed over to a salesperson. Perhaps the salesperson was little desperate to secure me as a patient/client because everyone there knew I was looking at other laser eye surgery places. Though price was not an issue (I was prepared to invest) and I was in no hurry (although surgery the next month was nice-sounding), the salesperson offered me a reduced price if I put down a refundable deposit right then and there -- for a surgery date that was right... Read more

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    I had LASIKS eye surgery performed by Dr. B a little over a year ago. The following is a step by step description of my experience, and long term effects (1 year isn't really long but most posts on here are only 2 weeks post-op). The moment you get in the office you will notice a 20/20 segment playing on the television, featuring DR. B. They then offer you hot chocolate to accompany your eye surgery. They will run a couple tests to make sure you are a candidate. This is when it is important to ask the Dr. exactly how many cases HE had go wrong. Dr. B explained not many, so I was ready to do it. I got my surgery done on the same day I went for my consultation. SURGERY: Dr. B then asks you to lay down and tapes your eyelids so as they do not interfere. He then puts some drops in your eye. This is were it gets a bit intimidating, but its quick. You will feel a great sucking over the eye...everything goes dark....then you smell the incision, your vision comes back, and they d... Read more

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    Wed May 13 2009

    Went around to many of the laser centers and doctors, but no one really could compare with Dr. Bonanni and Gotham Lasik. I did plenty of res...

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    Tue May 12 2009

    I was at the lasik office about 2 months ago, and my experience could not be better! Not only was the doctor great and very patient to my needs, the staff were a pleasure as well. Through my whole visit, from the first consult, everything went great. Dr. Bonanni went over everything about the surgery and after it, so I was completely prepared.. I highly reccomend anyone who wants to get Lasik done, to do it at Gotham!

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    I finally took the plunge and got my lasik eye surgery done last week! I went from eyeglasses to contacts but I was would have all these weird type of problems with my eyes every once in awhile. My last incident a few weeks I got a bad infection and I finally said enough already. My older sister had her lasik surgery done by Dr. Bonnani at Gotham Lasik last year and loved it. I am like really, really loved it to the point she would start to be annoying talking about it to me over the holidays. "I gotta go to Dr. Bonnai, he's the best!" and I was like yeah, yeah, yeah pass the mash potatoes. But I finally listened to my big sis and all I can say is she was so right! I promised her I would write a review(she wrote one too last year when she had her surgery done). So I did, I love it, the freedom you feel is the best part and you can see great, I now have actually better than 20-20 vision!

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    Sun Jan 25 2009

    So I told my favorite eye doctor that if Obama won the election I would finally get the procedure from him that my wife had done three years ago. I had been hesitant to do it even though my wife got great results. I decided that I couldn't miss out on seeing the first black president take the oath of office and wanted to go to Washington without my glasses fogging up in the cold or with all my contact lens solutions. I just want to say I had a really great and professional experience from the start at Gotham. Dr. B and President Obama have something in common - they are both winners in my book.

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    I was a little hesitant in considering lasek surgery due to the risks and stories of things that may go wrong, but Dr. Bonanni helped me feel right at home, spent a good couple of hours with me during consultation, ran all the tests, and answered all of my questions and concerns. I did not feel pressured at all, and decided to get the surgery shortly after my initial consultation. I am happy to say that my vision is now 20/15 after post operating tests and I could not be happier with the service, the price, and the results. I will definitely be sending more of my friends and colleagues his way. Thanks Dr. Bonanni!! Vincent

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    Dr. Bonnani and Gotham Lasik really are the nicest of any of the 3 places I went to check out. One place advertised cheap prices but wanted me to get their most expensive procedure when I met with them(naturally big shock). The other place had the normal lasik pricing like Gotham Lasik but the recovery sounded weird like sit in the dark for 4 days or something bizarre like that so I was like yeah right I don't think so! It's a little to close to Halloween for that and it just sounds creepy like somebody could break into my apartment and rob me or worse and I wouldn't be able to see anything for 4 days? I really liked and felt comfortable with Dr. Bonnani from the moment I met him and his super nice staff(hi Cali!) they couldn't do enough for me the whole time I was there and in my follow up visit too. But the best part is I can see better than 20-20! Dr. Bonnani told me what # it was like 20-something but I don't remember I know its lower than 20 though. I am not great with rememberin... Read more

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    Mon Oct 06 2008

    I use to dance professionally for a living a couple of years ago and gave it up because I was getting older and needed more money. Now I am married but still dance to keep in shape and I literally sweat to the point that my eyes sting and burn from it. My contacts would bother me and I would have to take them out but then I couldn't see anything but I just always resigned myself to not being able to see when I was dancing. My girlfriend went to Dr. Bonnani at Gotham Lasik before she got married over the summer because she didn't want to wear her glasses on her wedding day. I was in her bridal party(she was a gorgeous bride and it was a beautiful day too) and she told me about the whole lasik procedure at Gotham Lasik and I should definitely get it done too. I told her she should have gotten it done a long time ago because she looks even prettier without her glasses(she can't wear contacts for some reason). When she showed me her wedding album last month she mentioned again to me I s... Read more

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    My daughter got her lasik surgery done by Dr. Bonnani sometime in the spring for her wedding this past June. My wife(her mom) passed away 5 yrs ago so it was bittersweet day for all of us. I gave her away but we all thought of her mom not being there which was tough on everybody. But we knew she was looking down and smiling at our beautiful little girl tying the knot on her big day. We only just got the video from the wedding recently and when we were all looking at the wedding album shots and then the video my daughter says Dad you should get this lasik too like I did you got really nice blue eyes that no one can see behind your glasses. I tell her I am not looking to date anybody so what does it matter to me if anybody can see my eyes or not. But the truth is I guess it stayed in the back of my mind ever since my little girl said it to me. So she brings it up a few more times and I says I would go see her guy and check it out for myself and then decide. I live in Brooklyn so its not... Read more

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    Thu Sep 18 2008

    I am one happy lady thanks to Dr. Bonnani and the nice people at Gotham Lasik. No more designer glasses for me( I wore the Sarah Palin style that is all the rage right now) that I was forever losing or breaking. I still reach for them on my night table every morning when I wake up out of habit over the last 30 yrs. I love anything that has to do with water be it swimming or just being caught in the rain or even taking a shower and I can see everything perfectly for the first time! I had my laser eye surgery done at Gotham Lasik 2 weeks ago. Dr. Bonnani asked me yesterday if I would mind writing a review because he had some competitors were making up false, negative reviews and posting them. I told him I would be very happy to write a review about my experience. I got him to laugh when I said maybe his competitors are getting too caught with up with all the mudslinging/negative campaigning in the presidential race and think now it is acceptable to try and do the same thing to their peer... Read more

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    After doing some research on the internet, i decided to go to Dr. Bonanni for a consultation. Upon entering his waiting room - I realized i was the only patient there. They took a few tests on my eyes and i met Dr. Bonanni -he checked my eyes and told me I was a "great candidate". A few weeks prior to my consultation I went to my regular eye doctor and he told me I was NOT a good candidate for lasix surgery because I had an eye disease. So the fact that Dr. Bonanni told me that I was a good candidate raised a red flag. I then met with someone who told me a price of $4500. I could not beleive how expensive Dr. Bonanni charges for lasix! He then told me i had to leave a deposit in order to keep this price and when I told him it was too expensive he became very annoyed and very pushy. He then started barganing with me and I told him I wanted another opinion before i decided. I was in the office for about 45 minutes and when I finally left I realized that I was still the ony patient. Pleas... Read more

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    Dr. Bonnani did my lasik surgery about a month ago and a few weeks ago I went on a scuba diving trip in Bermuda. I was a contacts wearer and let me tell ya it was a whole new world being able to see under water perfectly for the first time in my life! I know people who use special prescription diving masks(forget the pre-ground dive masks they sell in stores are ground down and are dangerously thin and scratch very easily) which cost several hundred dollars which is of course cheaper than several thousand dollars for lasik eye surgery. But I also play in a local basketball league & softball league and I need special prescription glassed for that too so there's another couple hundred dollars. And all of these things can break and eventually will need replacing in the future. So I finally talked myself into going for it and ponied up the dough for the surgery. I admit I was still questioning myself if I should spend the money or not right up to the day of the surgery. But I took the plun... Read more

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    I went to Dr. Bonnani last week because my sister-in-law went to him last year and has been telling my whole family ever since how amazing it is to have perfect vision and not have to wear contacts anymore. I have been tuning her out until this summer when I started dating a guy(I am recently divorced) who owns a small sailboat and loves to sail here in Long Island. The wind on the water was doing a real number on my contacts and I was getting real frustrated over it. So I finally broke down and asked her for Dr. Bonnani's number and called Gotham Lasik and went in for a consultation back in July. Everything went great and I loved him & his staff & his office but I just didn't want to spend the money so I told him I would be in touch. Well, after another month of sailing I was ready because I wanted our sailing trips to be romantic and a chance for us to bond and I would have to take my contacts out and couldn't see anything! Ugh! I went out this past weekend for the first time since m... Read more

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    I had my custom lasik surgery done by Dr. Bonnani at Gotham Lasik almost 2 weeks ago. My vision is better than 20/20! What I am really most amazed at was how I could see so perfectly the next day! Before I wrote my review I read the previous poster who said it's expensive(I don't know where she is getting the pricing she is referring to?) It is not a cheap procedure but it is surgery. I myself would be very nervous if I went to any place that offered bargain basement prices like your shopping at Walmart or something? Don't get me wrong I have shopped at Walmart and other discount stores I just don't want to get my surgery done at a place like that. I was the only person in the waiting room when I went in for my scheduled consultation but I thought that was good thing and a good job of scheduling because I value my time. I don't like to wait while another person is meeting with a doctor for an hour or so. That actually really gets me angry when I go to a doctors office and I have appoi... Read more

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    To get to the point : came in the next day after making an appointment online, now i know why it was so easy, i was the only one there. The place is nice but when i sat down to go over price, they gave me two prices that pisssed me off. $5200 for a bladeless technolgy and $3500 for a older blade technolgy. a little desperate bargaining ( they started to drop like almost $2000 !!!and it scared me so i go home. now i'm freakin confused. i went to another place that told me that the blade is old technolgy and i should look for LASEK? help........are there any Honest and decent places for lasik?

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    I was referred to Dr. Bonnani by one of my friends and a former patient Jessica Lipstein. She had her custom lasik eye surgery at Gotham Lasik back in June and was always going on about how it is the greatest thing in the world. I knew I was going to go to Dr. Bonnani because of her recommendation but I wanted to check out some reviews too on my own. So I read all the reviews here for all the doctors and I have to agree with the last person who posted here that so many of them just seem so fake. I won't say which doctor or practice but some have multiple reviews all on the same day and on several different days and one place had like 20 reviews all on the same day! One doctor claims to have written a book and I went to check it out and it was some ebook like you see all over the web nowadays which look like some cookie-cutter design that you buy and fill in some stuff and say you are an author! One doctor has a blog which really has nothing on it but I am thinking to myself when would ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I wrote a few weeks ago on this newyork.citysearch site that so many of the reviews didn't seem real. I think the main ones I was referring to were the Park Avenue ones but my review is actually not there for whatever reason so I can't say definitely. Unlike some people who have chosen based on referrals from former patients I just moved into the area(new job and recently divorced) and don't know anyone yet. So I based my decision on the reviews here and some other sites I found. I went with Dr. Bonnani and Gotham Lasik because of the reviews. They just seemed the most honest. They sounded real when they complain about the cost of eye surgery but admit they were getting surgery and not making some impulsive purchase like really expensive perfume. I also steered clear of the cheapo places for the very same reason because I knew I was getting surgery and certainly value my eyesight. Some reviewers said these other places advertised really low prices but then tried the old bait & switch o... Read more

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    Tue Jul 15 2008

    I live in Brooklyn and this pal of mine from this club we both go too tells me he just got his eyes done with the new laser eye surgery thing that everybody's been doing lately. He says it ain't cheap but you can see great and don't need no glasses or contacts afterwards. My buddy drives a convertible and the wind and city air would bother his contacts sometimes and some other stuff. I wear glasses I could never put those things in my eyes! So I call this Dr. Bonnani up and tell him I know a guy who told me he went to him and he did real good by him. I make an appointment and meet at his office which is real fancy and it turns out he is a really nice guy and was willing to negotiate a price I could live with. It still cost me a couple of grand but hey it's surgery! I spent almost a grand on my new set of golf clubs last year so I figure these are my eyes were talking about it and I like to be able to see and I am not going to the cheapest guy I can find. The doctor asked if I mind writ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    I was treated very well here. Dr. Bonnani spent a lot of time with me before the surgery and after the surgery. I had PRK done at the end of last year w/ him. The team encourages you to come in whenever you want for follow-up visits and I have never called for an appointment and been turned down -I often call the same day and they are great at fitting you in. They always offer coffee and make sure you are comfortable. There is no rushing and no sense of being herded through like at other offices I visited. I highly recommend going to a few places before making a decision. I belive the dr. also has much better technology than some of the other clinics. Be sure to ask if you are getting "custom lasik," which is specific to your eye and eye shape. A lot of the other clinics do not provide this and do not tell you that their technology is not as current. The only downside is that the industry is very salesy. Again, this point is to be made about the entire industry, not just Dr.... Read more

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    Tue Jun 17 2008

    I just had my lasik procedure done at Gotham Lasik in Manhattan by Dr. Brian Bonnani and I am on cloud nine! The way I keep in shape is swimming at my health club or jogging in the park on the weekends. But all the chlorine in health club pools always is a problem with my contacts. I would also have problems on windy days in the park when I was jogging my contacts would get something in them and sometimes if it got really bad I would have to stop in the scary public bathroom there to clean it out. The surgery isn't cheap at a couple of thousand $$$ but my girlfriend who just moved back here from LA got hers done out there last year at one of these couple hundred $$$ places like we also have here in the city and complains about halos all the time. That would drive me crazy because I have to see perfectly for my job. She says its the worst at night with the lights and in NYC or LA we have a whole lot of lights! Bottom line is you should definitely have it done by someone who can give you... Read more

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    Mon Jun 09 2008

    I swear by Dr. Bonnani for this lasik eye surgery procedure! This guy knows his stuff and you couldn't find a nicer guy. I had mine done last month and couldn't wait to try the new eyes out so to speak. I am young guy and a total jock and love all sports & outdoor activities. This time of year I love to surf! I am loving surfing and actually seeing where I am going! Over the years I've had a few unintentional collisions with other surfers because I just couldn't see them until I was right on top of them. I can't wear contacts I was always having some weird type of problems with them for one reason or another or I would just forget to take them out. It was just a big hassle all the time. I also love motorcross and mountain biking both have a lot of dust, dirt, and stuff kicking up in the air and in your eyes and that would really bother my contacts too. Now I have no problems at all when I am on the trail like I did before with my contacts. Lasik is awesome and Dr. Bonnani at Gotham Las... Read more

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    Sun May 18 2008

    To make a long story short, I had my PRK surgery done at Dr. Bonanni's office on April 18th, 2008. One month into it I'd have to say that I'm extremely happy with the results. Though 3 of my friends got their procedure a few years earlier with another surgeon in Manhattan and recommended him to me, after doing my own research I thought Dr. Bonanni was the best fit for me personally. The consultation went excellent and all his staff was really friendly (though Susan, his office manager is a bit on the agressive side when it comes to negotiating a price but I guess that's what she is there for). Once I got to meet Dr. Bonanni, I felt he was very personable and warm and explained the procedure I needed (PRK) thoroughly to me. After careful thought I decided to have the surgery done. The day after the surgery he called me on my cell and wanted to know how things were going which I thought was very kind of him. Conclusion: I really don't know if he is "the best Dr. in the business" or "... Read more

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    Mon May 05 2008

    Dr. Bonnani just did my LASIK eye surgery 2 weeks ago and I can't say enough good things about Gotham Lasik and how well I was treated there. I was very skeptical going in with all the various news coverage about Lasik and is everybody a good candidate or not. Dr. Bonnani explained to me after the free consultation that I was an excellent candidate and he would never perform a lasik surgery on anyone who he thought wouldn't be and there have been actually hundreds of patients he has personally turned down through his many years of practice. He explained that is the whole reason there is any news at all on the topic of Lasik lately. Unfortunately he said there are practitioners out there who will operate on anybody just to make a quick buck and these people hurt the reputation of the whole industry. I love the freedom of no more contacts and the hassle of cleaning them, buying them, forgetting about them etc... My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner, like 5 yrs. ago sooner! I on... Read more

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    Some of the reviews here struck me as odd. I mean, how can people be so gushing about a doctor's office? Having been through the procedure, I understand. Bonanni and his staff are uniformly professional, friendly -- no, genuinely warm --, and exactly what you wish you got in terms of service and professionalism in the rest of your life. Bonanni's surgical credentials are unsurpassed, and admittedly that is most important. But I can't underestimate the personalities and literally perfect customer service experience. Gotham Lasik is simply perfect.

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    I had my lasik eye surgery done by Dr. Bonnani/Gotham Lasik last month and now have 20/15 vision! I just can't believe how amazing my eyesight is and my wife is amazed when I can read the highway signs as well as our 8 yr. old son & 5 yr. old daughter. Dr. Bonnani informed me of the choice of having both eyes done for distance(which is the option I choose) or doing 1 eye for distance and 1 eye for close up reading. Dr. Bonnani also informed me that your reading vision changes as you get older and it is easier to buy a $10 pair of reading glasses then to come back in for laser eye surgery adjustments in the future. I just read the previous person who posted claims that Dr. Bonnani never mentioned any of this to him? That was the first thing Dr. Bonnani explained in my initial free consultation so I find it a little hard to believe that he would just completely forget to mention the main choice that has to be made in any laser eye surgery. This guy can't be a real patient of Gotham Lasik... Read more

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    Thu Mar 20 2008

    I got my lasik procedure done a week ago and things are GREAT. They take the time to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting into. I must have asked a million questions and all of the staff was friendly, patient and kind. Dr. Bonanni is awesome! I throughly checked him out, he has absolutely NO blemishes on his record and I "see" why. He knows a lot about the technology and has the most up to date equipment. He even gives patients his cell number to call him at any time. That's dedication. Now I have 20/15 vision and I'm loving it. No more glasses or contacts. If you are thinking about lasik, call them for a consultation. They will even work with you on financing the procedure - which is what I did.

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    Tue Feb 12 2008

    Being a Medical Student at Columbia University I often thought about getting rid of my glasses and get rid of my eyeglasses which would greatly benefit me in my research and medical career. After very careful consideration and homework I was referred to Gotham Lasik. Dr Brian Bonanni was absolutely amazing and he really took the time to explain what the procedure was all about and I was given the best medical care one can hope for. I had my surgery yesterday and I just couldn't wait to tell everyone how amazing my experience was. After less than 24 hours I can see 20/15 and there's nothing better than not having to wear glasses and be able to see whats around me. I highly recommend Dr. Bonanni, his expertise and caring staff.

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    Thu Feb 07 2008

    Two of my friends went to Dr. Bonnani 3 years ago. So I tried them out at their new office at Gotham Lasik. They certainly have the latest equipement and technology. Dr. Bonnani and the optician assistance were competent. What really turned me off were the aggressive sales folks. I don't mind hearing "Dr. Bonnani is the best". What bothered me was the persistance bad-mouthing of using any other doctor. Mentioning you are looking at an out-of-state doctor, they were the epitome of arrogance with ignorance. Anyways, I saw the other doctor outside of NYC was highly recommended. He had the same latest equipment as Dr Bonnani; 90%+ 20/20 or better plus a similar 20/20 or better guarantee. Very nice people, honest, and no pressure. The small office offers only Allegretto Wave and Interlase, and does not charge more for Interlase. The total cost was almost $2000 less then Dr. Bonnani. The doctor was listed with the company that sell the Allegretto Wave. Dr. Bonnani was not. ... Read more