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    Fri May 29 2009

    Way much better than The Andy Griffith Show.

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    Once again, let's take a dumb southerner and place him in a situation where we can feed off his stupidity.  Well, Gooollllyyyy!

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    I think you have to have been a kid at the time this show was on t.v. to find it enjoyable. Gomer was funny in Mayberry but I could never get past the reality that Gomer would be re-made by the Marine Corp or discharged fairly quickly.

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    Tue Aug 21 2007

    unadulterated vomit.

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    Sat May 27 2006

    An Andy Griffith spin off that also had great success. "Gawwwleeee, Sgt Carter!"

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    Sun Mar 05 2006

    I liked Gomer Pyle and wish it would come back on tv again. I didn't care for the screaming of seargant Carter, but Gomer's easy-going, and good natured attitude made it worth watching.

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    Sun Jan 08 2006

    I never got the charm of bucolic moronic bumpkin Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) in the USMC. I would have thought, out of national security interests, that Gomer would have had a horrible, tragic accident after a few episodes.

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    One of my alltime favorite sitcoms...next to the show it spun off from, Andy Griffith. Frank Sutton is awesome in his role as Sgt. Carter. Goody two-shoes Gomer is funny though sometimes irritating. Other cast members (Duke Slater, Bunny, Sgt. Hacker) round out the show very well. It has a degree of realism similar to the show it spun off from. I have all 150 episodes on tape.

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    Wed Aug 04 2004

    Gomer and Sgt. Carter worked GREAT together!!

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    The last of the funny family shows to come from the stable of Sheldon Leonard. Whereas the Andy Griffith show was a spin off from the old Danny Thomas Show (Danny was arrested by Sheriff Taylor which was the pilot for the Griffith program) Gomer Pyle USMC was a spin off from the Andy Griffith show.(Sgt Carter goes to Mayberry to get Pyle) Frank Sutton was well cast as Sgt Carter and the scenes where he screams insults at Pyle with his mouth a half inch away from Gomer's nose are priceless. As others have noted, after a few years the scripts became weaker but all in all it remained a funny show even though the outcomes were predictable. Then again, it's a comedy program and not meant to be taken seriously.

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    Sun Jul 18 2004

    A charming little show, when shows weren't overtly political, or obnoxiously smutty.

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    Sun Jun 06 2004

    Jim Nabors as Gomer and Frank Sutton as Carter were so funny ! A good, clean family show with a lot of laughs. And why do some on this site think Gomer is gay ? Can't a man have respect, admiration and love for another man without it being sexual ? I think so.

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    Wed Apr 21 2004

    Gomer was so gay. His crush on Sgt. Carter was obvious.

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    Fri Feb 06 2004

    Frank Sutton as Sgt. Carter was absolutely brilliant and hilariously funny! The best ever second banana on a sit-com, with Don Knotts as Barney Fife a close second (imho).

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    Sat Jan 31 2004

    I always thought this show to be rather lame and annoying with Jim Nabors to be somewhat funny as Gomer Pyle.

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    Tue Dec 23 2003

    The early black and white shows are quite good, later on it was dumb. I still watch it but it just gets so silly sometimes. I hope no one joins the marines and expects it to be like this! I myself was a sailor on a flag ship in the Navy and stood watch with Marine officers and I can tell you these guys are serious business!!

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    Thu Dec 04 2003

    While Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. started off as a good idea (a spin-off from The Andy Griffith Show with Gomer joining the marines), the show quickly boiled down to the same thing. Pvt. Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) screws up; Sgt. Vince Carter (Frank Sutton) gets mad and suffers the consequences; Gomer ultimately makes good. Furthermore, the storylines had too many ripoffs from The Andy Griffith Show. For instance Barney got tricked into a breach of promise suit and Gomer did in his show later. The bottom line is that Gomer should have stayed in Mayberry. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. was originally broadcast from 1964 to 1970.

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    Sun Oct 12 2003

    Except for the homo-erotic relationship between Gomer and Sgt. Carter, the show was dumb.

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    Mon Apr 28 2003

    This show was good for three reasons: (1) Frank Sutton, one of the best comedic actors on 1960s television, was terrific as Sgt. Carter; (2) Elizabeth MacRae as Lou-Ann Poovie was a babe; and (3) it's a hoot to watch this show in reruns and catch coded references to gay life. For example, there's one episode where Gomer and Lou-Ann are trying to decide what they're going to do on their date when she suggests a Rock Hudson movie playing at the Tivoli. Knowingly, Gomer coos, "He's always good."

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    Tue Jan 14 2003

    A 3.5 to me. Another show I liked more as a child. Gomer is drafted into the Marines. He is a rather naive but very likable nice man. He usually screws things up and is always upsetting the drill sargeant. A pretty harmless show can sometimes be funny but sometimes kind of dumb.

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    Thu Aug 15 2002

    Gomer Pyle was always good for a laugh, very funny sit-com.

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    Mon Mar 25 2002

    Jim Nabors wasn't imitating anyone else on television, and that alone makes this a creative show. Frank Sutton was the perfect choice for his gruff sergeant. Gomer was always well-intentioned and bumbling, but it was always someone else who suffered - a little like Oliver Hardy constantly reaping the results of Stan Laurel's mistakes. Special mention should go to Corporal Boyle: surprisingly funny for such a mild character.

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    Mon Nov 12 2001

    One of two spinoffs of the Andy Griffith Show (another superb classic comedy), this one followed the extremely humorous Gomer Pyle and his USMC "Sarge" Carter. The show remained consintently funny and did it without being offensive in any way. Highly recommended!

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    Fri May 25 2001

    Carter yells too much, but it's a good watch when nothing else is on.

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    Fri Apr 13 2001

    Gomer Pyle is such a terrible rip-off of The Andy Griffith Show. We were introduced to the mindless character Gomer Pyle on Andy Griffith is the early seasons, and he got his own show in color, unlike Andy Griffith. The show was a total loss, with like nothing funny and the scripts so childish and silly. You don't want to see a 50-year old man acting like a 7-year old child.

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    Mon Mar 19 2001


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    Fri Dec 22 2000

    Gomer was a kind of early Forrest Gump. Jim Nabors did such an incredible job with all the quirks and gestures of Pyle. It is the classic setting of one guy who's always trying to get away with something and an innocent character spoiling it for them. You see it with Archie and Edith, Homer and Marge, and even with Jerry/ George and Kramer.

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    Sun Oct 08 2000

    one of the five worst shows ever made. this piece of crap was made at the height of the vietnam war but that was never mentioned during the show

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    Mon Jun 05 2000

    Gomer was so dumb, he was intolerable. So flag-waving anti-anti-establishment it was goofy.

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    Wed May 10 2000

    A wonderific TV show, a spin-off from the equally wonderific Andy Griffith Show! My fave chars are Cpl. Boyle and Lou-Ann Poovie. And it's very funny! And G-rated. A good family show! Watch it! :-)

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    Thu Mar 16 2000

    not bad not good but very watchable

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