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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    I have been going to Ginos for about 4 years now. I live in fort worth, so its not always convenient. I went somewhere else a couple of months ago and they messed my hair up so bad, but Gino fixed it! Thank you Gino! He works miracles & is truley the best!

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    Mon Oct 26 2009

    After 17 years as a Dallas Blonde, I have finally committed to Gino, proudly leaving behind the lifestyle of hair whore! Gino really is a FABULOUS MAN with an AMAZING TALENT coupled with a HUGE HEART. I am of the pickiest when it comes to hair (a.k.a. every hairdresser's nightmare!) but I have never left Gino's with a single complaint about my hair or experience. I wish I had discovered him YEARS ago! Glad I disregarded the negative reviews knowing anyone can post anything and the competition must hate him (along with WACKED disgruntled ex-employees)! He must be doing something right to be at the TOP of CitySearch!

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    After 17 years as a Dallas Blonde, I have finally committed to Gino, proudly leaving behind the lifestyle of hair whore! Gino really is a...

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    I have been to Gino's Salon many times and always walk away happy. Gino is very professional, efficient, and charming. His knowledge and skill are evident in the great haircut I receive every time!

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    I went with my friend, last weekend, to Gino's and we really liked him! He did the most beautiful haircut on my friend. She looked like a model afterwards...She's pretty, but her hair is always fuzzy, it's always all over the place. He did like this deep treatment on her hair. Then, he did that steamer thing to straighten it...then he cut it like sideways, really delicately. She was so pretty! It was black and shinny and just so pretty...I was a bit jealous :) Then, she wanted bangs, but he said no. He showed her why....he was right, she looked pretty with the long layers around her face. Ok, so, now its my turn...I want it just like her! I'm going this Saturday! I'm excited! But I'm getting some highlights, as well. Can't wait!

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    I have lived in Plano/Frisco for almost 10years....until 10 months ago. Me and my boyfriend moved to Downtown Dallas, because our jobs are in Downtown (and we just got tired of being stuck in traffic every day for 45min-an the gas was so expensive back then to travel back and forth every day, AND TOLL FEES! It's like we had to pay to go home )....So we moved. We now live 5 mins from our jobs. We love it! BUT, every month. I will drive up to Gino's Salon, because I just LOVE the way he does my hair! I just love him. I can't explain it. Like i hate it when people say, OMG he's the best! But I am not exagerrating or sounding fake. He really is the Best! I met Gino by accident, actually...back in 2001. My hairdresser was out on summer vacation...So I booked myself with Gino. And I am so Glad I did! I fell in love with his professionalism, his skills, the way he knows what color, cut, or styles look best on me. You can see his PASSION for hair. He really does love... Read more

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    Sat Oct 17 2009

    From the moment I enter Gino Salon until I leave, I feel very special. I am showered with attention from Gino and staff. Every 3 to 4 weeks I visit Gino for the best cut and color with highlights I have come to expect. Having been a client for 15 years, I don't even tell Gino how to do my 'do'. I trust him that much and am never disappointed. The added bonus after a trip to Gino's is that I always feel great. Not only does he 'lift' my hair but also my spirits. He is a good man and and a true professional in his field. I recommend him highly.

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    This guy is a joke. I pulled up to s shopping center where he was located. The salon was below average at best. It was dead inside. He was not nice during his introduction. When I was explaining what I wanted which was blond highlights he wasn't listening, he argued with me and was very synical. He wanted to make me darker allover instead!?!?!?! I disagreed then I made him pull out the color swatches to SHOW him what I wanted so there was no misunderstanding. I agreed to a light brown lowlight and very blond highlights. When the 4 Hour process was finally over, my hair was brown with NO blond highlights?!? He put a toner allover it that washed all of the blond out of my hair. I have pictures before and after. My haircolor was orangy/brown and spotted!! I had bad vibes about the location, condition of the salon, and his professionalism or lack thereof to begin with. I wish I had just left. I also noticed all of the women in there getting there hair done (which was all of th... Read more

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    This place is overrated. I walked into a dead salon. Pictures are so deceptive. Then came Gino. He hardly spoke to me just kept nodding his head muttering to himself and eventually did whatever he wanted to do and not what I asked for. His assistants are friendly and nice. Gino did a good job with the cut but the highlights he gave me "NONE". I walked out with no color and payed a fortune for just a cut without color. Very upset with the coloring. You may be an expert as you claim but once in a while it won't hurt to give clients what they ask for. Ultimately 100% customer satisfaction is what matters not your own satisfaction.

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    Gino gives a fantastic haircut. He's cut my hair several times, and I've never been disappointed. It always looks great! The staff is very efficient and friendly, and the salon is in a convenient location.

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    Tue Jan 20 2009

    I believe the biggest compliment a hairstylist can receive is referrels...everywhere I go folks are asking me who is your stylist your hair is fabulous. I don't take any credit for that it truly is the gifts and talents of Gino. I have known Gino now for 10 years and have followed him when he relocated each time before owning his own salon. I travel 45 mins to an hour each time I get my hair done and it is worth it. Gino KNOWS color as well as style...he also understands the chemistry of hair therefore treats my hair with conditioners that leave my hair feeling silky soft! Gino is very pleasant to talk with...I really look forward to my time in the salon. Gino's assistant Abby is wonderful as well! She is energetic and always asks about my family in detail. I enjoy my conversations with her every time I am in the chair. I recommend Gino to anyone who likes to go get their hair done without the anxiety of how it will turn out ; you will look fabulous everytime! When I com... Read more

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    I couldn't believe when after the wonderful job that Gino does on my hair, I read a critic saying it was the worst salon in Dallas. Well Ladies, let me tell you, that person was smoking somthing funny !!! Gino is the best colorist I have ever been to, and his cuts make me feel like a hundred dollars. His staff is awesome , especially Abbie.... she is so bubbly and helpful and so nice just to be around, (plus she gives the best head massages when she washes your hair).... You can't help but love her. Gino has been doing my hair for years, and I am very touchy about my hair color and style. He has even refused to cut my hair in a style that I liked because he told me that i would hate it, and i am sure that he would have been right. you just can't find a better stylist or colorist in this town, so please don't pay any attention to the ramblings of some person who obviously had someone leak on her wheaties that day. Maybe they didn't kiss her behind or something, I don't know... Read more

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    So I tried Ginos salon after finding a coupon for it. I told the recept on the phone i wanted cut and color and highlight was scheduled for all of it 2 weeks in advance. Upon arriving not only did I have to wait in a dead salon for almost 20 min my stylist was rude. I decided to push on not only was I told "I dont have time for your color so were just doing highlights" I was also told when I asked if the 5 pictures of MYSELF from a previous colorist could be matched "Im only a man I cant work miracles but I will try". My overall experience of Ginos was terrible. From the rude, rushed feelings I got from my stylist and rude comments to the fact that the "highlights" I chose were chunky, 3 diff colors I didnt even choose and the cut was at best a butcher. When I told him I wanted a base color of brown and highlights on top because thats what I was scheduled for I was told again "I have other clients and no time" so then he proceeded to highlight my hair the dark brown color I chose for ... Read more

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    Being newer to Dallas, I've tried for quite some time to find a superb stylist. I don't have to look any further! This was my first time at Gino Salon, and I couldn't have left happier. The services were fairly priced, and I didn't feel in the least bit rushed. It was as if I was the only person there! Carlos is an exceptional stylist, but more importantly, an exceptional person. He is kind and passionate in what he does, and I left feeling better than I have felt in as long as I can remember. I especially appreciated the time he took in explaining and showing me what he thought would work best for me. The cut is fabulous and versatile. My previous color was uneven and just blah, and my new color and highlights make me feel and look so much better! The final critique? My young boys told me, "Mommy, you look different. You look so pretty!" Kids are honest! :-) Who could ask for more? I'll be looking forward to my next appointment and my time at the salon with Carlos. Thanks again!

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    Fri Nov 21 2008

    Gino Salon really deserve a visit. Prices maybe are not as good as others, but they always make a perfect work. The quiality is something yo...

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    Tue Nov 18 2008


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    Wed Oct 01 2008

    I have been a hair dresser for over 20 years. Upon relocating here to Dallas, I needed to find someone I could trust, whom would give me a great color and hair cut. Gino gave me an excellent hair color, it looks so natural and pretty, not to mention healthy looking. He is a master at his work, his technical skills are steller. I would highly recommend Gino because he has the expertise and knowledge to give the client beautiful hair. You can relax in the chair and know that you are in good hands, because you can trust that he will make you look great. The staff was so friendly and nice, you just feel right at home immediately. You just can't go wrong trying this place. For sure I will be back again and again. Thank you Gino!

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    Tue Aug 19 2008

    I called and found out that my former stylist, Sharon, was no longer working at Gino Salon. I was in a bind and the assistant worked hard to get through to Carlos (the new stylist) and get me in. She was very pleasant and called back within minutes. She is also a great shampooer & well on her way to being a wonderful stylist herself! Carlos was kind and gracious, but very nervous about not lowlighting my ultra-blonde hair. We talked about depth & dimension and al the blonde buzz words, and I finally told him point blank that I don't want that, I just want BLONDE. I want pale, light, non-brassy, no-low-light, blonde. He was hesitant about my request and asked if he could do it "his way". I said okay. I was nervous and WOW~!!! He did a great job. No lowlights and still dimensional pale blonde. My hair looks great and everyone is commenting on it. I will be back to see him for sure. Be warned, Carlos takes his job seriously and comes across forward at first. Once you break ... Read more

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    Sun Aug 03 2008

    My stylist moved and I was in a panic to replace him. After trying another stylist with horrible results, I was even more nervous. Found Gino on City Search and he far exceeded my expectations. My cut is perfect, stylish and easy to manage. He knew exactly what to do with my fine, limp hair. I left the salon feeling like a million bucks and with my next appointment in hand. My search is over and I couldn't be happier with the results. Gino is an artist who takes his work seriously and it shows. His staff is courteous, fun and very attentive. The salon is contemporary and clean. It was a great experience!

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    Fri Aug 01 2008

    I just moved to the area and wanted to try a new salon. I left today feeling like a new person. I love my haircut and was really pleased with the sevice that I received from Carlos. He really took care of my crazy curly hair. I will be back!!!!

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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    I am very particular when it comes to my hair and ever since moving to the U.S. over a decade ago I have had more than my share of horrible haircut experiences that sometimes left me in tears. Not this time! I came to Gino Salon because I read the positive reviews on Citysearch and am VERY happy with my color and cut. My previous stylist was never able to give me a precise haircut (I have short hair) and the mileage I got from those cuts was about 10 days. After that it began looking completely out of shape, giving me "helmet or broom head". My philosophy has always been that with a great cut, I won't have to go back to my stylist too, too soon. And I think I got what I wanted this time! Gino's approach seemed effortless with both color and cut. An anxious moment came when at the end he whipped out brush and dryer, because usually I do not use either. Having somewhat curly hair, I normally just scrunch my hair with a bit of product and that's it. But oh, what a pleasant surprise - I... Read more

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    Sun Jun 22 2008

    Saturday was my first time visiting this salon, and i loved it...The staff is very friendly, and they all make you feel very comfortable...I walked out of there with beautiful hair, and i will be back again!!! Thank You Gino

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    Tue May 20 2008

    I recently moved to the Dallas area from New England. I went to a hairdresser recommended by a coworker, and hated my hair. He gave me a color and cut in under 60 minutes! I was embarrassed to go to work the next day. Luckily I received a mailer from Gino's at home, and after looking at the website, made an appointment. I didn't know what to expect, but I immediately felt very welcome. Gino spent some time with me first to find out what I wanted (and didn't want), then gave me the best color and cut of my life. I've been back to him since, and like my hair more and more each time. The color is incredible and the cut so soft and feminine. Everyone at Gino's is very friendly and professional. I feel very much at home each time and would very highly recommend Gino to anyone who has ever had a bad color or cut - Gino will get it right.

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    Mon May 19 2008

    When I walked into Gino's my hair was all sorts of distressed. I've been going to the same lady for 4 years and she recently was diagnosed with a string of diseases so I knew it was time to find a new stylist. I have been very loyal and was VERY nervous to go anywhere else. HOWEVER I was more than pleased with m hair cut, color, and repair. Actually, the thing I was most impressed with was the quickness in foiling my hair. It used to take my last hair stylist 2-3 hours just to do the color (and she has her own private suite) but I was out of the salon today in 2 hours and that was including shampoo, conditioning, cut, blowdry, and style! REALLY IMPRESSED. The products they use are minimal (so there's no funky build-up)and unique. He really did an incredible job. I'm used to paying half of what I paid today but honestly, you get what you pay for. It was worth it. The girl who shampoo'd & conditioned me was personable and gave a great head massage. I use a flat iron on my hair everyday a... Read more

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    Wed May 14 2008

    I can't begin to tell you how much I love my new haircut. Gino is truly a master artist when it comes to styling and color. He and his staff are warm and unpretentious. Gino finally gave me the cut and highlights that I've been looking for! Trust me, you won't be disappointed at Gino Salon.

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    Sat May 10 2008

    First time client and it was one of the best haircuts and colors I've had in a long time! New to the area from Chicago I had tried 2 other Salons in the Las Colinas area and Gino is steps ahead to the other stylists I've experienced. Attention to detail and great staff resulted in a wonderful haircut and color. I will be back!!!

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    Tue May 06 2008

    I love Gino!!! I have been going to Gino's Salon for a little over a year and have always enjoyed my experience. Gino is an absolute master with color and always makes me feel great. He is reasonably priced and in a great location. I drive over an hour to see him - so you know it must be good... Thanks Gino

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    Tue May 06 2008

    I have been gong to Gino Salon for over a year now and I just love it. I started going when my current stylist, Debra, moved there - she is fabulaous and so attentive to my needs (hair needs moisturizing) and wants (layers, please!). My color is always beautiful and I am constantly getting compliments on it. When she was on materinity leave, Gino was kind enough to take on her customers and he did a fantastic job cutting my hair - it was just what I asked for and I love it!! Thank you! Michelle

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    Mon May 05 2008

    I went to Gino Salon needing highlights, which I've never done before. Debra was the stylist that I used and she specializes in color, so I was hoping to get something great. She did not disappoint. She darkened my faded "box" color and then put some fabulous highlights that blend perfectly with my base color. I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. It is so perfect for the summer too! Debra was very honest and professional. She really seems to take pride in her work. I got the feeling that she would never let me leave the salon if I didn't love my hair.

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    Thu May 01 2008

    I went there on the advice of a friend. What I can tell you is that the service was excellent and the haircut actually lasted longer than what others could do (this was good for me, I was able to go an extra 2 weeks before having to go back... not a good thing for their Salon, they missed out on an additional haricut from doing such a good job). I would highly recommend Gino's Salon to anyone looking for an exceptional haircut!!!

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    Thu Apr 24 2008

    I was impressed by Gino's salon. There was a booking mistake & I was scheduled for a haircut rather that a high-light so Gino was unable to do my hair. Sharon offered to stay late (which was extremly appreciated b/c I had arranged for babysitting for 3 little ones) and help me out and she did a really good job. They are very concerned with the condition of the hair and paid attention to each little strand. I was there almost 3 hours between Gino, Sharon, & their assistant my hair got a lot of attention. I will definitely be going back. They did my hair a little darker than I am used to, but Sharon said the low-lights will fade. Gino is a nice respectable man & takes his job seriously. Sharon is talented & fun to talk to so you can't go wrong either way. I highly recommend Ginos salon....see ya there!!!! They do some really cool conditioning treatments w/ a flat iron that seemed well-priced as well as offering the "pony-tail cut....seemed interesting to me!!!

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    If you are looking for a great "hair" experience - you need to see Gino! Gino is an extremely gifted and talented man. His unique hairstyling techniques are amazing. Whenever you try a new hair stylist for the first time, you are always a bit hesitant about the outcome, however, I told Gino what I wanted done and the outcome was exactly what I was looking for in a texturizing haircut. The shampoo & scalp massage was extremely relaxing! I am looking forward to my next appointment! I was looking on the internet for a new stylist in my area and Citysearch led me to Gino's Salon!

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    Gino did a great job cutting my hair. We tried different styles until we found something I loved. He was very attentive, and I could tell he cared about my hair. As soon as I sat in his chair he diganosed my hair as dry, and then he corrected the problem. I was impressed. He even me a discount. If you want to be pampered, visit Gino's salon--and don't be shy; eat the chocolate.

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    Wed Mar 05 2008

    Gino is very sweet, honest and hardworking. He is not afraid to be straightforward. He and his team are professional, creative and client oriented. I was a little uncomfortable with my new cut at first blush. However, as with any good cut, once I had some time to let it "rest" - I LOVE it! He does a great job with color and cut. In the past, I got the exact same boring cut and highlights. Then, I would hate it after a few days. With Gino - I didn't have to worry about "boring" hair. He was able to correct color mistakes, keep my length and give my hair the lustre it normally has. The texture and condition of my hair dramatically improved in just one visit. Plus, I really liked him as a person. He is not pretentious or silly in the slightest. He takes his work seriously and seems to be a very sensitive and caring stylist. I think it makes a difference when someone enjoys their work. He seems to care how his clients really feel about his work and will bend over backwards to make things w... Read more

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    I drive from Lubbock to get my hair cut by Gino. He is consist and I always leave there with a new feel of confidence. He does a great job and knows just what I want my hair to do. I just wish he could do it for me every day. Everyone should give him a try.

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    Wed Feb 06 2008

    I moved to Dallas in July and have been trying to find a good colorist. I have been to 3 other well known salons in the area, and have come out orange, yellow, brassy. I have just had a really hard time getting a great looking blonde color. Gino was my hero! He saved the day by giving me exactly what I was looking for. He was able to match some low lights to my natural color and then put in some great blonde highlights giving me a beautiful color with depth. Thanks Gino! I have finally found a salon in Dallas!

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    Sun Feb 03 2008

    HI SHARON!!!! Just wanted to let you know I am so happy with my hair. I was with you on Sat for a couple of hours for hi-lite/lo-lites and trim. I am so impressed by your work of art and very happy with my hair for the first time in a LONG TIME!!!. This is the best it has looked in forever. Recommending you to everyone I know. Will be by with my sister on the 15th of this month, will call you to set up appt. See you soon. Have a wonderful week. ~Kristin

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    Thu Jan 31 2008

    A few months before coming to Gino, my friend and hair stylist's pregancy went bad and she was committed to three months of bed rest. After visits to two other stylists, my hair turned 'orange', dull, dry and brittle. This was bad because my hair is naturally curly, dry and course to begin with. Then I searched for and found Gino, and asked him to do whatever he thought was needed to fix my hair. And he did, he is amazing! He recolored all my hair a nice shade of brown, and added two toned highlights. He also gave me a great hair cut which I love! Gino isn't just great with cutting hair to give you the style that best suits your face, he also cares about the overall health and condition of your hair. The color he uses is organic and has a pleasant, sublte and a herbal kind of scent. He sent me home with a jar of a deep conditioning and repair treatment for me to apply after the next shampoo, and this did wonders in repairing and restoring shine and health back into my hair. T... Read more

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    Thu Jan 24 2008

    I can't believe that this is the same salon everyone on here is raving about! What a terrible and terrifying experience for me. I made an appointment with Gino after viewing his website and even brought a picture of the haircut and color that I wanted. He barely looked at the photo, and proceeded to CHOP my hair completely. I asked for 2 inches off the ends, and he chopped off at least 5 inches, to where my hair was above my shoulders (keep in mind, the photo I showed him was of longer mermaid waves). He did not listen to my wants at all, and actually complained to me, a new customer, about how hard it is to keep "young girls" staffed at his salon, and how flaky they are, and how business is so hard and he just doesn't know if he can keep it together. ALL THIS, coming from THE OWNER. I cried so hard when I got home and noticed that not only did he not do what I asked for, but he chopped it so that my hair was cut straight across rather than layered smoothly. I could actually fe... Read more

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    Tue Jan 22 2008

    I am new in Dallas and was nervous about getting my hair cut in a new place. I chose Gino Salon, and I am so glad I did! Sharon did an excellent job cutting my hair. She listened and made sure I got exactly what I wanted, and I could tell she wanted to make me happy. She took her time and made me feel extremely comfortable. Before I left she told me I could call her anytime if I needed help styling my new look or if I had any questions! I love my new hair cut and I would recommend Sharon to anyone! I will definetely be back for another cut! Thanks Sharon! Lauren Pittman

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    Mon Jan 14 2008

    Gino Salon is simply the best! I have been coloring my hair with other stylist for years (12 to be approx.) and it only took one color treatment with Gino to convince me of his magic skills. Honestly, my hair has never looked so good with the color and styles Gino has given to my hair. The atmosphere and service is upscale and Gino and the staff are very warm and friendly. I would highly recommend this Salon! One more thing, I would also recommend their hair products they sell in the salon as they are working great for me and my hair!

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    Well let me put it this way....You dont just have an article on Allure magazine for Nothing. You must be doing something right....Gino really is the Best! His 22 years experience in the industry...but most importantly is his personality. He goes beyond to make me feel satisfied as a client. For instance, I used to be those really picky women (the ones that bring magazine cut-outs) Yep! It had to look just like that....but throughout the years (12 years to be exact) I've learned to just simply trust Gino. I let him decide what color fits my skin tone, what would flatter me the most, or compliment me the best. In the end, just like Allure "The Beauty Expert.... I'm always back at Gino's! :)

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    Sat Oct 27 2007

    C abeen about a month now and I never knew how happy having a good hair day EVERYDAY could make such a difference. I love my hair and how it feels. To boot, she charged me half of what every other salon around does!

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    Fri Oct 19 2007

    Please do not believe the great reviews, this place is horrible! They have a high turnover! The prices are too high! The parking to terrible! Stylist that do not know what they are doing at all, even if you show them a picture! Please save your time and money don't waste it on this salon.

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    Fri Oct 05 2007

    I am always very hesitant to try a new salon, but read all the good reviews on this site and thought I would give Gino's a try. Everyone at the salon was very friendly, and was even offered a drink at arrival. Becky gave me a great cut and color.She didn't rush through to get me out (like some stylists do) and she gave me the most relaxing scalp massage! It was a great experience and I will go back to Becky.

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    Tue Oct 02 2007

    I know what your thinking, is it really true to read so many good reviews about this salon? Well trust me, it is! Even though I have lived in the Dallas area for over 7 years I have yet to find a colorist and hair cutter that I really like. I read the reviews on here and I though I would give it a try. The staff was very friendly, and was able to get me in soon. I had a color appointment scheduled with Becky. She was wonder! She listen to what I wanted, and even had time to cut my hair even though I did not initally schedule it. She did a fab job on both my color and cut, and she even taught me a styling secret. I just want to let you guys know that yes, you can trust these reviews. If you are looking for a salon to call home - go here - you will be glad you did! I know I am!

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    Wed Sep 19 2007

    Gino is amazing! A true artist with hair. I went in for blond highlights after my former color tech at Toni & Guy left my hair spotty and brassy/orange. Gino got me to the right beautiful tone of blond I love. I?m so happy with both my color & cut, and I highly recommend his salon. This is the best color& cut I?ve had since moving to Dallas over a decade ago. His salon and staff are warm and friendly, making the whole experience truly wonderful. Give yourself a bit of "la dolce vita" and make an appointment at Gino salon today!

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    Sat Sep 01 2007

    On July 26th, I traveled from Fort Worth to Gino's. Gino gave me lovely highlights and a great cut. My hair has never looked so nice. I'm looking forward to my next visit to Gino's. Many thanks and appreciation to Gino and his staff.

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    Thu Aug 30 2007

    After my colorist in New Mexico retired, I thought I would never find someone who made haircolor and highlights so beautiful while still preserving the health of my hair. Then I learned of Gino from my mom. After making my first visit I was hooked, and for the past two years I have flown to Dallas to get my hair done by Gino himself (my parents think I came to see them!). I was even offered a modeling job because my 'hair color [was] ( and is ) so beautiful'. The products he uses along with Gino's great ability allow my hair to stay soft and undamaged, not to mention the sincere hospitality experienced when I walk in the door. I have since moved to Dallas and am so happy to be closer to Gino and his salon. Flights from Albuquerque to Dallas can get expensive multiple times a year, but it it was well worth the color, compliments and compensation from the new modeling job!

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