Ghirardelli Square

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    A good place to take your tourist friends, especially if they like sweets. The sundaes from the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop are gigantic and delicious, and can substitute for one and a half meals. On top of that, they give you free samples when you walk in the door. If you’re not in a dessert-eating mood, there are restaurants and arts/crafts shops to keep you occupied.

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    Ok, so they have chocolate. I personally prefer Hershey over Ghirardelli, but if you like chocolate you will want to go to the square. The shop/factory has a huge selection of chocolate related items. They did give me free samples when I was there so I can't complain! The area is very touristy.

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    Yummmmm yummmmm, a sundae from Ghiradelli is HEAVEN. Make sure you split it with someone because they are huge! The line is usually pretty long so make sure you use the restroom first and aren't toooo hungry. But I guarantee these sundaes are well worth the wait!!

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    Sun Nov 13 2005

    Average mall with an emphasis on midrange gift shops. The setting, however, is spectacular.

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    Thu Aug 01 2002

    Two words: TOURIST TRAP.

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    Sun Jan 13 2002

    I liked Ghiradelli Square. Yes, it's full of tourist shops which, like tourist shops all over the world, are probably overpriced. At the same time, it's a fantastic use of old warehouse space in a beautiful location.

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    Thu Dec 14 2000

    It is a good place especially for newcomers to spend the weekend. You can enjoy the beautiful taste of ice cream and sight filled night. I always ask my brothers to go this place. I don't know why but I never feel bored at this place.

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    Thu Dec 14 2000

    If you want to take a date somewhere, be sure to take her to Ghirardelli. If this is a chocolate lover, the Chocolate bar/restaurant on the first floor will satisfy all her cravings. One suggestion is that you take mass transit to the city and Ghirardelli. For more to do, Aquatic Park, The Wharf, and Pier 39 are only a short walk away.

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    Mon Nov 27 2000

    Ghirardelli Square is a horrible place to waste your time. All it is, is a group of overpriced tourist trap stores. If you want to buy anything here, don't bother. You can probably find it somewhere else in San Francisco, or even online, for much cheaper.

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    Fri Nov 24 2000

    Ghirardelli Square is fun, sweet but short lived. For a rainy afternoon it is a place to go for some hot chocolate, possibly something grander like a sundae. The portions are generous, but still pricey. I think it's probably a bit more fun for the kids, since one can view chocolate being swirled while waiting for treats to be made in the cafe.

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    Fri Oct 13 2000

    I feel so bad when people come to SF and visit Ghirardelli Square. It is a waste of time. There is nothing there to see or do. It is a total tourist trap. The stores are horrible and the art galleries are nothing special either. The restaurants are not good. The chocolate can be bought anywhere in the city and you don't have to go to the square to buy that, so there is really no need to go. There isn't any entertainment. There is just so much more to see and do in the Bay area than to waste any time going to Ghirardelli Square.

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    Fri Jul 14 2000

    San Francisco is a beautiful city and Ghirardelli Square is a great highlight. Especially the chocolate factory. Beautiful buildings and with the great food makes it an enjoyable experience. The area itself is kept clean and beautiful. Perfect tourist site.

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    Mon Jul 03 2000

    Ice cream and chocolate! Need I say more. I enjoy the atmosphere and the bright sign.

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    Tue Jun 06 2000

    This get's a good rating simply because Ghirardelli ice cream is delicious. There are plenty of storefronts to look at. Good place for tourists.

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    Sat Jun 03 2000

    If you love chocolate, this is a great place to go. There's not only chocolate treats, there are a lot of good places to eat like Boudin's sourdough place. Also it's close to the park so you can take a walk or what not.

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    Mon May 15 2000

    They sell really good chocolate and its a great place to watch fireworks during the 4th of July. The view is good but the problem is parking.

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    Fri Mar 17 2000

    Home of the best American chocolate.

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    Thu Oct 28 1999

    If you want some chocolate, go here. Otherwise, there are so many more interesting (and less tourist-overrun) places to see in San Francisco.