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    Sat May 16 2009

    Atlanta has something for everyone!!! Take it from someone that is a GA native. I was born and raised in the metro area of ATL. And I have had the opportunity to travel to many other cities in the US. I have to say for minorities ATL is the place to be. I have friends from Texas, Maryland, Michigan and New York and when they visit they are always surprised by how many wealthy African Americans we have living in one city. For women if you like shopping we have plenty of malls as well as the top designers, Bebe, Versace, Gucci, Jimmy Choo. For men we got your sport teams, World Series winners Braves, Falcons and Hawks as well as a the Thrashers hockey team. If your gay no prob! Atl has a enormous gay culture (I'm not gay but to each their own). Got a family? No prob TONS of famliy places to go. And I won't even mention the restaurants and nightlife. The crime, no worse than any other big city. Houston, LA, Chicago, Miami and New York crime is just as bad. Home prices here are wonderful... Read more

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    Georgia is a wonderful state to both live and visit. Even during hard times. Georgia has mountains in the north.A big city with a respected museum, Orchestra and nightlife. Beaches on the coast. Many historical places including the little white house, the first US gold rush in Dahlonega, Savannah. We have many parks and nature preserves and lots of open space. Been my home for 27 years. Unless you have been here personally rating it on what others say or what you think it's like is kinda obtuse.

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    I have been living in Atlanta area for 2 years and I just love it here. The food is fantastic. shopping is great you can find some great deals. The people are very friendly. Great parks to visit. My only complaint is that the traffic sucks and The public transportation system isnt very big.

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    Sat Jan 17 2009

    Super conservative and Fayette County sucks!!!

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    Wed Nov 28 2007

    Why would a Prinicipal change the absences of students so as to favorably reflect AYP reports? Is this not cheating, violating ethics and teaching teachers to lie at all costs??AYP could possibly be the biggest fraud situation in Chatham County Schools. Shmae on the top supervisor who is condoning these practices!!! I trust it is not the Superindent.

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    Tue May 29 2007

    Georgia has three of my favorite places to visit. They're all far from Atlanta, and all relatively uncrowded with tourists. 1. Plains, Jimmy Carter's home, is a soul-changing experience. The town is so small, population 650, that it has one business, a gas station. The attraction is the closed school that's now a 'museum', really more of a memorial honoring the Carters. They show a movie about his political career that will change the way you think about Jimmy and small town politicians in general .. for the better. He really is a Good Man, almost saint-like. 2. Okefenokee, in SE Georgia near FL, is like going through a time warp 50 million years. The word swamp makes people think of green slime. This swamp is mostly dry land crisscrossed by hundreds of miles of natural canals filled with water the color of iced tea. The only good way to see it is in a rented canoe. You'll have alligators swimming under the boat and sunning on banks a few feet away. They're everywhere. They're not... Read more

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    Sun May 20 2007

    georgia is a good place, BUT the people are rude and loud!

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    Sat Mar 03 2007

    Nice friendly state with lots to see and do in Atlanta.  The state is full of history and lots of good country places to eat.

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    Sun Jan 07 2007

    I knew someone who lived in Georgia due to a job he landed in Atlanta for three years and here is the good and the bad that he had to say. The Good - 1.) Atlanta- as there is a great nightlife and cool people to meet despite the horrendous congested traffic 2.) Savannah - He was stating the people there are as hospitable as it gets and he had lots of fun there. 3.) The food- as he believes it makes New England's food (where i'm from) seem bland in comparison. 4.) The wheather is nice most of the year around with the exception of the summer where it felt downright brutal he claims. He says he felt like he was going to suffocate a few summer days while there. Now the Bad. 1.)Mentality- Once traveled outside of Atlanta he says the mentality gets very 'southern' and old fashioned (not that that's a bad thing but bear with me). He was stating even though Atlanta and Savannah he believes has gone a long ways and has made strides in accepting minorities, gay marriage and etc. the mentality ... Read more

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    Sat Sep 23 2006

    This state is often overlooked, but if you weigh out the whole picture it's really a good place to be. The people are really nice, there is a nightlife scene in Atlanta, and the cost of living is fair. You can find a good paying job here that allows you to get ahead. Atlanta has every sort of club or bar you could possibly imagine. The negatives are the traffic in 'The ATL' is absolutely horrible. Georgians are aggressive drivers. However, there's water access if you go to Savannah. The people are extremely nice and comforting to be around for the most part. And the weather is pretty good!

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    Sun Feb 12 2006

    Yikes! I came here once and I realized if your not a southerner or proud you'd better leave. So I left!

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    Mon Feb 06 2006

    ^_^ Hi there - I'm a native. I like my state Okay - we've got good and bad, just like any other state. I'm from Savannah, home of books, movies, and St. wild Patrick's Day celebrations, among other things. I grew up there and now I'm going to college in Atlanta. Georgia's not a bad state. I'd say the up side is :Food - very yummy and fun to make; People - most who don't live here just don't know how to deal with us, but it's not hard, you just need to chill out and take a breather - we don't rush things very often. Just learn to chill and you'll get along just fine with most people ^_^ (not to mention that we LOVE outside people, we just don't like it when people come here expecting it to either meet their standards or act like a bunch of stupid rednecks (and on another note, rednecks are worldwide, not just from Georgia for all you yuppies^_^); Prices - the economy may not be so great, but the upside is that things are cheaper here; Weather! - we have nice, WARM weather which also mea... Read more

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    Sun Jan 15 2006

    8 years in Georgia, Where do I begin? I moved to Rome, GA. back in Oct98 from Jackson, TN. I was born in Rome back in 77 and my dad used to live here but he moved in 95 or so. Now I know why. I moved here because I wanted a change in environment and that is exactly what I got. Be careful of what you wish for or want, you'll probably get it, but not how you think. Getting anything done in this state is a true hassle. Because of one of my jobs I've got to see and be around a lot of different towns and cities in North to Mid-Georgia. For the first 1 year I noticed how most of everyone here outside of Atlanta is very anti-social. I was thinking at the time, well I'm new and people just don't know me. Well as time went on, I realized that no one really wanted to get to know me. I noticed others that moved here from elsewhere having the same problems. I knew I wasn't the only one at that time. I just couldn't figure it out, but I finally begin to ask around to people here, who were local... Read more

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    Seems like one of those states you either love it or hate it. For me, it just seems like any other American state and doesn't have anything really good or bad about it. But it has it's good points and bad points. The only reason this state has any relevance to me is because a friend lives here. To be honest, I've never even heard of this state until I came to RIA! Well, I am from overseas! Well I probably have but never noticed it. The only states I've really heard of are Florida, California, Boston, New York, Colorado, Michigan, Huston, Texas and that's about it. Well if that is what is being spread or mentioned overseas, you certainly know what gets the focus, and Georgia is one of those states in the overseas eye which isn't mentioned much.

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    Wed Sep 14 2005

    Atlanta has attitude- is it justified- probably not- a growing metropolis, but rather traffic ridden, congested and hardly worth the hassles and heat. The rest of the state, is southern conservative- with a slant that goes back to the pre and civil war period- too much trash on the highways, too many ignorant people, and just an unpleasant place to live.

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    Mon Aug 29 2005

    it's all about atlanta

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    Thu Aug 18 2005

    Life long resident, although I've visited many other states. Theres an old expression that states 'it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there'. GA is probably the opposite. We don't have a whole lot that would draw visitors...but it seems that EVERYONE wants to live here. We've got everything you need here. If we DONT have it, then you don't need it. I treat out-of-state visitors the same way that I treat guests in my home. We'll get along fine, as long as you don't wear out your welcome. So please, wear a watch. And yes, this is very much a church going state. I suppose it's because we have so much more to praise God for.

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    Wed Jul 20 2005

    I've stayed in Georgia with my uncle almost every summer of my teenage life and I still vist pretty freqently, so I know it pretty well. I'll try to be fair... The Good: (1)Great food! I put on so much weight every time I go to Geogia. (2)A lot of southern hospitality, probably more than you'll find in any other southern state.(3)Atlanta is pretty cool if you don't mind the traffic and crowds. The Bad: (1)Bugs! Bugs everywhere! (Huge too!) I discovered insects I never knew existed when I stayed in Georgia. (2)It's hot as hell in the summer! You could almost faint on the way from your house to your car! (3)The people. Not ALL of them, but MANY of them. Sometimes when I talked to them, I felt like I was back in the 1940s. I guess because I'm white, they felt it was ok to use racial slurs and say derogatory remarks about hispanics, blacks and asians around me. It wasn't. There are even a few small towns, where everyone on the block are a part of (or support) the KKK. It's really scary t... Read more

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    Mon Jul 18 2005

    Being a southern red state automatically it gets 2 stars knocked off. Maybe the most beautiful state in the south. Atlanta area is modern and somewhat progressive, for the south that is. A few too many malls though. I dont know much about the rest of the state, and I probably dont want to know.

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    Wed Jun 15 2005

    God Bless Georgia! It's the home of the greatest band in the world, REM. Athens GA is a great city aside from the fact that Michael Stipe and Mike Mills still live there. The city still boast a superb music scene with the E-6 bands and Vic Chesnutt among others. Also 5 points in Atlanta is a great place to be. If you like strip joints there's plenty in Atlanta. And Macon is the home of the Allman Brothers. Whoo! What a state. And also the site of the omce great Georgia Championship Wrestling! The only bad thing about the state is the Braves. Go Phillies!!

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    Sat Jun 04 2005

    I've drove through and stayed in Georgia a few times on my way to florida and thought it was a beautiful state. The people were also very nice and showed that warm southern hospitality. I am from NYC and currently live in Philadelphia, and believe me when I tell you, that there is badness and problems EVERYWHERE!!!. I am especially interested in Atlanta Georgia because I understand they have wonderful opportunities for Minorities in particular. Is this true? I love suggestions!

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    Thu Jun 02 2005

    Georgia has some interesting areas, most notably the Atlantic coast, and the mountains of the northwest. Atlanta is traffic clogged, has a high crime rate and is over rated. The rest of the state is hick dixie, that has changed surprisingly little in the last 50 years.

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    My brother has lived here for only a few years and is now determind to move his wife and kids back North. I only went there once. georgiarocks, you claim everyone who gives Georgia a bad rating is judging it on Atlanta, well Atlanta is really bad and has traffic and crime and really sucks, and it is still the BEST part of Georgia. Try living in beatiful upstate ny and having everyone judge you bases on people from NYC! Yes, the pollen is the worst there as it is in all of the south.

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    Mon Mar 28 2005

    Georgia has its ups and downs just like many other states but the people here are nice and its has alot of great food

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    Fri Mar 25 2005

    Let me clear up a few misconceptions you folks seem to have: a) We aren't ignorant. SAT scores are skewed due to the fact that nearly all students here take the test as opposed to other states where fewer than 10% may take it. b) Yes there are some undesirable people here. Please show me a state where there are none. Most Georgians, though, are friendly and hospitable. By some of your definitions, undesirable means religous. Yes, we are Christian and if you don't like that, then you probably won't like it here. c) Please tell me you have more sense than to judge a state from the interstate. Interstate highways in Georgia (as in many states), for the most part, bypass cities and activity. That would be why you see a lot of trees. And we're the ignorant ones?? d) Living conditions, including but not limited to weather, are ideal here. If you don't believe me, ask the thousands of folks from your home states that move here every year to get away from the blizzards, rude folks... Read more

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    Fri Mar 18 2005

    i've been to this state twice; the Atlanta area. and with the exception of Stone Mountain and Kenessaw Mountain, i didn't find much redeeming in Georgia. Every store i went into i got an attitide as soon as i opened my mouth (my guess is b/c i didnt sound like a huckleberry). it was hot and muggy. just not a good time overall.

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    Mon Mar 14 2005

    Believe it, this state is bad. I drove through here on the way to Florida. I stopped off in this strip mall, looked around, and realized I had stepped into mid-20th century America. This place doesn't change much, does it? I've lived in Cincinnati, which is pretty much the south, and trust me, I didn't want to stick around Georgia long enough to deal with the ignorant natives, especially since I'm black. People that hate Michigan should live here for awhile. That state is Cancun compared to the Peach state.

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    Tue Mar 08 2005

    Savannah as some intrinsic charm- Atlanta is too big, over rated and has too much crime and traffic. The rest of this state is typical southern redneck. Too many uneducated misinformed people who are ignorant and bigoted- a small step up from Miss. And Alabama- which is not much of a reason to visit or live here.

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    Thu Feb 24 2005

    Backwood rednecks and bible thumpers describes this state very well. Lots of back stabbing.

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    Sun Jan 30 2005

    I have to admit, my rating is a little biased, considering Savannah is all right and Augusta is ok too. The Atlanta area and especially Peachtree City just overtake the ok parts with their crap and make me hate this state. If you can avoid the Atlanta area, you should be ok.

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    Georgia people are the worst to encounter. They hate anyone dat ain't white. They still think they won the Civil War. ... Too many mosquitos 'dere too.

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    Fri Jan 07 2005

    Southern redneck hicksville- Atlanta is not bad- the rest of the state is living in 1850. A region not to consider in any reality.

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    Wed Dec 15 2004

    I lived in the Atlanta MSA for a short period, west side off of I-20 near Douglasville. Overall the weather in Georgia is decent, mild winters summers can be hot and humid but just like anywhere else. Biggest problem was the pollen count, if you have allergies make sure you take your necessary pills. It's not uncommon to see your car covered in a yellowish-green film of pollen and anything else that sit's outdoors for that matter. Traffic, well the traffic problems in and around Atlanta are the worst I ever experienced, this isn't nothing new as mosy anyone who knows anything about Atlanta can agree on the traffic. This is even a problem in the outlying areas and towns as the streets/roads have never been improved to handle the increased population growth, and it doesn't look like it will improve anytime soon as I didn't see any road work or future plans to do such anywhere. Then there's the Rednecks, another pitfall of the area. I never lived anywhere where I've seen so many Re... Read more

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    Sun Dec 12 2004

    I would love to spend time in Georgia, quite possibly the greenest state in the country. Unfortunately most of my time in Georgia has been spent on I-75, racing to get to Florida, dreading I would miss the traffic going through Atlanta. Although Atlanta is a vibrant,cosmopolitan city, there is so much more to Georgia than just Atlanta. The beautiful mountains in the north, and the pine trees and red clay in the south. Some of the best food in the country also, real cooking, not the franchise places lining I-75, I think I had possibly the best breakfast I ever had in my life in Georgia and it didn't cost me more than five dollars, served by a woman with the sweetest Southern drawl, who didn't care if I was from NYC, Oregon or North Dakota.

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    Fri Dec 10 2004

    I don't need to worry about going to hell when I die, because I live in Georgia. Picture it: An August morning, 5:30 am, already 80 degrees, and the first thing that greets you at the front door is the stench of paper mill mixed with swamp rot. This state is the most disgusting place on earth, and i've been to India. The people are nothing but ignorant blobs, the scenery is nothing but flat pine lands, and the tax rate is 7 percent! Grits blow ass, and you can't swing a dead cat without hitting some whacko church. Ugly, stupid, and stinky. Those are the words that come to mind when i look out the window. P.S. Zell Miller is a retarded monkey.

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    From my own personal experiences over the years- avoid totally. Outside of Atlanta the state is backward.

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    If it were possible to give a negative rating for this inbred sh*thole, I would. This state is completely worthless. I wouldn't even waste my time driving through it. The born and bred Georgians are the biggest pieces of sh*t I've ever met. I honestly didn't think people like this existed. It is shocking to me that these ignorant morons don't seem to believe that lying and backstabbing are wrong eventhough they claim to be Christians. I would rate the intelligence of these people at the level of a rock. If you're a Georgian and reading this(if you are able to read), Kiss My ASS You Bastards!

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    not really a state that welcomes outsiders, especially northerners- where I was stopped with NY paltes and called a 'dirty yankee'- Atlanta is a bit more tolerant- but outside the city- look out!

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    Goneway- once again you are showing your ignorance- all you can do is insult my 'mastery of the english language'- well GW Bush is Prez of the USA and his use of English?? won again! Need I say more about comparing Georgia and Connecticut? Connecticut has among the Most progressive laws for gay men and lesbians, women and minorities- where does Georgia stand? Post civil war? Educational systems- rated ...where does Connecticut stand or any other state in New England Vs. the south and Goergia?? C'mon- get over the petty behavior- I have suddenly learned of the huge amount of insecurity the south still has- and you Sir totally epitomize that. I may not have the greatest english grammar- but then again neither did Einstein- but I do know that in Connecticut- Zell Miller and Newt would not be able to hold elected office- that does say alot for the MAJORITY of people in Georgia- need I say more? I am sure you are totally able to judge everyone in the great state of Connecticut (th... Read more

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    Mon Nov 29 2004

    We are all embarrassed about Newt. How does Missouri feel about Rush? I moved here from the other South - Southern California. I've lived all over this great country. Rural Georgia is like rural Missouri (yes, I lived there, too) or any other rural area. Atlanta is a city full of immigrants from Michigan and other states. One thing I have found interesting here is the number of people from the North who enjoy bashing the South. Southerners aren't jealous, they are sick of the bashing. Many cultural and economic problems here can be traced back to the 1800s when this agricultural area was burned, conquered, and occupied. Yep, it's full of folks you don't want to be around because you saw all you needed to know on TV. If you believe those stereotypes, please stay in your own racist, one-horse, hick town and savor the sense of superiority you feel. Or maybe you could try helping this area? Hmmm... Low education rates, high infant mortality and poverty rates.... If this were Br... Read more

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    Fri Oct 22 2004

    Is there a reason that everyon in Georgia wieghs 500lbs? (for those of you who have a Georgia education, lbs is an abreviation for pounds) Not to mention the people are very mean, and it is very very hot. Ugh, is spent the worst 5 hours of my life held up at Hartsfield Atlanta arpt. some idiot person made us go all the way accross the terminal to ask the people at the counter a question about our boarding passes, then when we got back to the gate, the dumbass said the flight was oversold and wouldnt let us on. Georgia sucks. People need to realize how much it sucks and stop moving there. Of course, give it a few years, and it along with many other of the southern states will try to secede from the union again lol! and this time, i say we let them!

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    Wed Sep 01 2004

    Don't ever waste your time even driving through this state. I've lived here for nine years and this has been the worst experience ever. It really makes you thankful for the state you came from. No matter where you go, the people are inbred toothless morons. These people are greedy, thieving bastards who take great joy in screwing people over. They live for gossip. These people want to know every detail about your life so they can feel like their one step ahead of you, although all of them put together have the IQ of peanut. Everybody hates everybody in Georgia. Whites hate both whites and blacks. Blacks really hate whites as well as other blacks. It's the most messed up situation I've ever seen. If someone would have told me what I'm telling you now before I moved here, there's no way I would have believed them. It's just unreal. When I moved to Georgia, I thought I had died and gone to hell. It's that bad. Stay away from this state and anyone born and raised in this state. I'm so glad... Read more

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    Wed Jun 16 2004

    Not my favorite state by a long shot. My most vivid memory of being there is the stench of paper mills. Then there's politics: any state where Saxby Bad Knees Chamblis can beat Max Cleland by impugning his patriotism has something seriously wrong somewhere. And then the're the Braves, like the Yankees only not as good. A one is tempting but I'll give em an extra star for Jimmy Carter and Flannery O'Connor.

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    Tue May 18 2004

    Gotta give my home state five stars now don't I? I've lived in many states north and south and visted several others. Honestly, there just isn't that much diference in anthing other than culture anywhere in the U.S. And regional culture is dying fast. Poeple in the South are no more ignorant than anywhere else. No, they are not. And we aren't any more prejudiced either. I had to go north to learn just how badly people hated African-Americans. And we're pretty darned smart here too. A good many of the finest Universities in the country (William and Mary, UVA, Duke, Vanderbuilt, Tulane, Emory, UNC, etc.) are in the South. Don't forget that most of our finest authors come from the South. It's the cradle of American literature. No doubt, there are some deliverance people to be found in Georgia, but I've found those just about everywhere I've been. In fact the only states that I absolutely could not live in (for various resons) are NJ, IL, AL, MS, KS, NE, AR, FL and TX.

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    Tue May 18 2004

    worst 9 months of my life, lived in some little hick sh*t town in the southern (read inbred yokel) part of the state cause my dad got transferred to a GM factory there. jesus, i dident think people like this actually existed, it really was like deliverance, fortunatly we got the hell out of there before the banjos started in........

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    Mon Jul 28 2003

    Everytime I go to Georgia, I love it more and more. The people are great, as is the food. Most people really think of Atlanta as the only place in this state, but if you go elsewhere, you will find all kinds of wonderful things to see and do, and best of all, the people are just awesome almost everywhere. I do like Atlanta however. My greatest friend in the world lives there, and it really is a beautful metro city. I also highly recommend Savannah.

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    Fri Feb 28 2003

    Lived here all my life and love it! And to the person who said the Braves SUCK. That was a dumb statement saying that the Braves are so arrogant then go on to say the Yankees are a million times better! LOL! You need to go and look at all the banners the Yankees have saying how many times they have been champs! Talk about arrogants! Dont talk about how much better they are either because they had the lead in the World Series with the Diamandbacks and put in their ACE Mariano Rivera and still LOST! HA!

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    Fri Nov 08 2002

    Wow! Reading these comments, there seems to be a LOT of jealousy towards the Northern states, New York in particular. It is understandable though... I've lived in a few of the Northern States and Georgia, and Georgia has good reason to be jealous. One of the big reasons for this is the fact that the people in the Northern states are MUCH more friendly and intelligent. (Particularly in the states of Maine, Wisconsin, New York, and Minnesota.) I found Georgia to be crawling with classless and STUPID people. Part of it is just ignorance due to the poor schooling in the area, but it is still no excuse for their loudmouthed, pushy arrogance. Especially considering that, educated or not, a high proportion of the Georgians I've met just do not have much mental potential to begin with. I don't know if inbreeding is really an issue there, but it would explain a lot. Don't bother with this state. Wait another 100 years until Georgia catches up with the 21st century.

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    Sat Oct 05 2002

    Yet another state which proves that inbreeding produces idiots. It has some nice foliage, though that may escape you when constantly having to deal with the horrid mosquitoes and the slow, rude, backward human inhabitants. Yes, there are civilized people moving into Georgia to escape the winters up North, and the arrival of every one of them raises the average IQ of the state.

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    Fri Jul 05 2002

    Where to begin? Well, the Atlanta area has something for everyone: museums, historical homes, themeparks, shopping, good restaurants, and the like. The outlying areas have all kinds of historical sites, especially if you're a Civil War buff. And there's the quiet country of South Georgia, which is actually a pretty good place to kick back and relax. The cost of living is pretty low even around most of the Atlanta area, so you can enjoy living here on a budget. The downside includes horrendous traffic around Atlanta, sweltering heat/humidity, and what some perceive to be a lack of culture/education/etc. on the part of some of its citizenry. Overall a very nice place to visit, work, and live.