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    Sat Jun 11 2011

    I think tour adds "Would you save" are stupid and insulting. Go back to the cute lizard!!!!!

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    Geico is horrible! I am regretting switching from Progressive to Geico and its only been a month. Recently, someone hit my car while I wasnt in it. They didnt leave a note or anything with insurance information. So, I called Geico to get a claim started. The car is dented on the right side bumper. According to the body shop I took it to for an estimate, the damages are over 1,000. My deductible is 500. It was recently changed to 200 considering how everyone drives crazy in Tucson. Unisured motorist insurance was added as well. Well, I reported everything Monday and they are still giving me the run around. Everytime I call, I get a different person as well. The excuse is that they are investigating my policy since it is a new policy....almost 4 weeks old. I've had to record 3 separate interviews with the same questions being posed over and over again. The excuse I was given as to why one of my liability contacts is not on the case anymore was that he didn't have enough experience ... Read more

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    Thu Mar 31 2011

    Geico refuses to refund me remaining balance I used to own a car insured with Geico, and I sold my car in Jan 2011. when I called Geico to cancel my policy, and since they deducted the money in advance, they owed me a remaining balance. I have never received the check of the remaining balance until March 2011, they claimed that they sent it twice to an address that is different from the my address on file ( I do not really know why would they do so ) so I asked them to send it again and confirmed the address to them. however, 2 weeks later, I purchased another car, so I called them to insure the new car, this time they asked me if I was married, (Fact: I am engaged and planning the wedding next June 2011) so I gave them my future wife's name, and was shocked that they added her to my insurance policy, a week later, I got the check of the remaining balance in both my name and my future wife's name on it. the bank refused to cash the check as it is not in my name alone. I ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 10 2011

    We had GEICO for years but we seemed to be paying a lot of money for two adults with no tickets or accidents. After several people told me they were paying considerably less with other companies, I contacted State Farm and was quoted over $400/year less than GEICO. When I called GEICO to cancel my policy, GEE--suddenly they were able to drop my premiums over $200 every six months! When I asked why the difference, the customer service rep informed me they could now take off the points that were against me for having 2 teenagers in the home. The children each had their OWN policies--copies of which GEICO had received upon each renewal AND GEICO had been informed that the kids had graduated and moved out TWO YEARS prior. I was told that they could also take off the points for the ticket I had received when I forgot to renew my vehice registration. That was in 2003! SEVEN years ago and they still had points against me for that amount. By my calculations, GEICO has overcharged me ne... Read more

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    i been with geico for for less then 2 weeks and i got about 8 to 10 letters saying i am with them and i not with them and now i got a letter saying may next payment is ..... so i had to call them back to take a look at my bill , The preson try to tell me every thing is right now, i said kind you tell me why i paying 5 dallors more, they told me every thing right, I said can you look at it, they said oh your right, there is a over chage. Now i don't know if i well get anothr letter telling me somthing else. I hope i got the right Insurance Company? I hope no new comer to geico have to go to that ! I will leave this geico if i get a other letter that tell me i not with them.

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    Welp I rekon it's time for another review. Last year when I was moving back up north ( due to a divorce) I was in a vehicular auto accident that was determined to be my fault. I was unable to reach Geico in a timely fashion due to not having access to a phone right off the bat. When I did finally get in touch with Geico, they advised me to come on into their claims dept since I lived close and wanted my truck fixed. The adjuster was pretty helpful with determining what I needed done. I told him my cap to the bed of my truck was messed up due to the accident he seemed apprehensive in believing me but after I had pressured him that there was no way that it could have happend anyother way since the cap had moved 1.5 inches forward into the cab of the truck. I had a full coverage policy on my rod and it only cost me $500 to have my front end and cap and my alignment redone. I also had rental reimbursement and when they showed up with my rental I was expecting a small compact car b... Read more

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    On the 22nd of October, 2010, my vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. The driver then continued to leave the scene of the accident. I called the St Petersburg Police Department, and soon thereafter the drunk driver was pulled over. He was given a breathalyzer test (results were .171) and cited with DUI property damage, careless driving, and leaving the scene of the crash. The following Monday, I called Geico to submit my claim. Upon rescheduling my appointment for the Geico adjuster was I told that Geico was refusing my claim because the driver of the other vehicle felt that he did not hit my vehicle. Even after seeing the police report, Geico has held firm behind their support for the drunk driver that hit my vehicle. They also have no interest in seeing either of the vehicles and their respective damage. The only conclusion I can make from their disregard for my statements and the police report is that GEICO SUPPORTS DRUNK DRIVING! I hope you share this story so everyone will know that... Read more

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    Wed Oct 06 2010


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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    I have had Geico for 3 months. When I intially got Geico insurance, I told the customer service rep I needed a SR22. She was so intent on trying to sell me other insurance polices that she forgot to add it. I didnt find this out until I got a letter in the mail saying my drivers license was suspended due to no SR22. I called Geico and spoke with a supervisor and checked through the phone records and found out it was their mistake. I was able to get my license reinstated the same day but extremely inconvenient and will still show up on my driving record. Second mistake Geico's customer service made. I called to make arrangements to make my payment late and was told to just call in on the day I could make the payment. I called, made the payment of almost $200.00. Exactly a week later Geico went and took the exact same payment out again leaving me with bounced checks and fees that they are taking no responsibility for. They spoke with my bank, verified they took the funds out twice and... Read more

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    Thu Sep 23 2010

    GEICO in a word sucks. We have No-Fault in our state, so they are required to cover injuries and compensation for lost wages. They treat their customers like low life criminals, stopping treatment, cancelling surgeries, stopping lost wage payments while the customer is still a patient, had to get a lawyer to fight for every step of the way. The person at fault in the accident...his insurance comapany has been wonderful...I repeat GEICO SUCKS.

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    Tue Aug 17 2010

    My experience with GEICO has been excellent. I haven't had any crashes or anything yet...however I did break down twice in two days (rough weekend!) and both times I spoke to their roadside assistance personnel. The people on the phone were courteous, sympathetic, professional, and very competent. In both cases someone was there within an hour to help me out. I didn't pay a penny and all of my dealings with the towers were very pleasant (well, as pleasant as a situation like that can be). I hope I don't need their roadside assistance again, but if I do, I'm confident they'll be there to help out again.

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    Sun Aug 01 2010

    Geico SUCKS! I bought a brand new CADILLAC two months ago and a deer ran into the side of it two weeks ago and i still dont have my CADI back! They took forever to even look at my CADILLAC...and i'm still soon as they fix it..I'm SWITCHING. THEY R CHEAP PIECES OF sh*t!!!

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    We've had Geico for years, and occasionally I considered switching, but when it comes time for glass repairs, they are the best, and they really try hard to get customers who are in the military. My husband and I are both civilians, and this last December he was driving in a terrible thunderstorm and his Honda Fit hydroplaned. They were fast about getting through the claims process, and clear about what they needed from our GAP coverage policy (the car was financed) and I think the value they assessed the car was a little low, but other than that everything went quickly and smoothly including how efficient they were at covering the medical bills for the ambulance, ER, chiropractor, etc. I see a lot of gripes online about Geico, and although I know there are bad experiences with all companies, I have always thought their customer service is good, their website is EXCELLENT, and they really do a good job. I would like to find a company that charges less because I think our price is c... Read more

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    I've had good experiences with GEICO in the past but today it took me an hour and a half just to get a new home owners policy and cancel my renters insurance. I was on hold for close to 45 minutes total. I was kept getting transfered and had to hang up and call back 3 times. GEICO be careful or your going to lose me.

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    I got into an accident back in September when this idiot woman's foot "slipped off the brake pedal" and she drifted through a red light, clipping my car on the passenger side (typical Jersey drivers...). She had Geico so I was forced to deal with them. Their initial response time was acceptable but their practices are really suspicious. I had clearly told them on at least 2 separate occasions that there was body damage on the passenger side, as well as a screeching sound coming from the passenger side wheel and that my car sometimes pulled to the right a bit while driving. They had me go to one of their shops and later told me that they repaired everything. The body looked like new, but they didn't touch the right axle or the strut, which were damaged and what was the cause of my vehicle mishandling. I had to call them several more times. There was a period of 2-3 weeks in which I never heard from them. I had even left 2 messages with 2 different people, including a supervisor.... Read more

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    Wed May 19 2010

    Geico will not pay your claim if you're not the policyholder with them. They are crooked! They don't look at the facts, don't take into account what the witnesses say, don't care that their insured got a ticket for failure to yield, and make you take them to court. Steer clear of anyone insured with Geico - and hope they don't run into you!

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    Fri Apr 02 2010

    First of all, you can only go online to receive a quote. A large portion of the questions that they ask you is irrelevant to your insurance rate. Questions like what you do for a living, where you live, what kind of education you have, your SOCIAL SECURITY number... Complete invasion of privacy, and has no bearing on what your rate is. The summer of 2008 I was in a collision, the other person's fault. My car was totaled, and the claims department was fairly quick in responding and giving me a check for my car (as required by state law anyway). The assessor that handed me the check said I was eligible to rent a car that was comparable to the car that I owned. So I went out and rented a car, spent $200, to find out that I was NOT covered for renting a car, so I was misinformed by the assessor. When I called GEICO to complain, they said there was nothing they could do to help me. A year and a half later, I bought a newer car, paid cash for it, and went online again to receive another qu... Read more

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    Their commercials are a JOKE! They are NOT cheaper, they are in fact, MORE EXPENSIVE than most any other. I had them and they raised my rates excessively for a number of years even though my driving record remained spotless. I figured it was usual costs going up/inflation until I called around and found that EVERYONE offered me cheaper rates and some better that the rates from my FIRST year with these clowns. PROFIT is their driving force. NOT YOU! Who do you think pays for those stars on their commercials? Who pays for the CONSTANT airing of any of their commercials? Their customers of course! Stay away!

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    Mon Mar 08 2010

    this is the worst mistake i ever made. i made a claim this was the worst mistake i could have made. after paying thousands for insurance. i hate these people and i will tell everyone i meet for the next 10 years about them. if they lose one customer i would feel better! i got so much run around and finally a denial letter. i didnt even know insurances were allowed to just deny your claim. what bs

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    Mon Mar 08 2010

    I am not sure if it was my situation that warranted such a bad experience, but I was a poor, vulnerable college student when I was involved in a wreck in September of 2004. At the time I was driving a jalopy with dents all around when I was hit by a red light runner. GEICO assigned me an agent. I think his name was Justin Morgan or something like that. It has been a long time and I do not remember everything that was said and done, but it brings to mind a old quote: 'people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.' To make a long story short, Justin (or whatever the boy's name was) made me feel very lowly, confused and disrespected. I tried to negotiate the settlement amount that I was to receive (keep in mind that I was younger and naive at the time) and he went into this rant about how ghetto my car was. I mean, come on: I knew my car was ghetto but did he really have to be that disrespectful about it? Also, I de... Read more

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    Wed Dec 30 2009

    I have had Geico for several policy periods.... My biggest gripe would have to be that they quote a descent premium the first 6 month coverage period then it increases dramatically,although I have not been in a single accident and no tickets. Yet the premium goes up $30.00-$50.00 each time with no explanation. Their website is one of the easiest to use that's a plus. A word of advice to all insurerd whether with Geico or any other insurance company they always attempt to pay you below book value,the first will be the lowest the second a little higher and the third is most likely the book value,but however you have a valid claim for more than nada book values. The key is "replacement" value,when making a valid claim you should not have to settle for a replacement that does not meet your tastes,for example if you have a 1972 Pontiac GTO which has a book value of $12k it could have a replacement value of $40k depending on the milage and other factors such as the same colors of the ex... Read more

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    Sat Dec 05 2009

    They are the worst people I have ever dealt with. Was rear ended by a Geico policy holder two weeks later no work done on my vehicle, no follow up from geico until the rental car company contacted them to extend the rental period. At this point they got involved to cancel my rental as I had it for 17 days even though no work has been done to my vehicle. Now they are trying to blame the shop. The adjuster only likes to argue and try's to take control. Her customer service skills are non existent and I am with out the use of my vehicle for another two weeks. Funny how the law enforcement officer on the scene, as has every one since told me how bad Geico is to work with. At this point in time all I can say is OT-oh better sue Geico!

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    I have no idea how people can say that Geico is a bad insurance company. They are one of the last "customer service based" companies left. The one claim I have had with them went smoothly. They were quick and prompt. I have had Geico on and off for 5 years. I always end up going back to them and have stayed with them now for 3 years. This is a very good company at least from my experience.

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    My name is Marcus. I have a Honda Crf250r dirt bike. I insured this bike on June 18, 2009 with Geico Indemnity Company. On June 19, 2009 my dirt bike was stolen out of my garage. I received a correspondence letter stating they were sorry about my loss and an adjustor would be in contact with me. No such event happened. I received a phone call to schedule an appointment with Geico’s private investigation unit agent. As I expected Geico launched an investigation. A private detective came to my home to administer an audio affidavit. I cooperated with the utmost politeness. After this I received several correspondence letters stating that they were going to cancel my insurance policy. As an intelligent person, I thought duh the bike is stolen. What caught my attention was the reason. This is a direct quote from the correspondence letter: “We consider anyone who uses their vehicle for racing as voluntarily taking an obvious risk. This type of activity is contrary to our conser... Read more

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    June 6, 2009 My wife and I have been with Geico for many years and always found them to be extremely helpful and customer friendly. If your vehicle is undrivable or in the shop, Geico works with Enterprise Rent a Car and the combined services are nothing short of exemplary. Prices are very competitive for auto and umbrella and the administrative services at Geico are excellent and obviate the confusion and inconvenience you find elsewhere, especially with regard to billing options. Customer Service operators are friendly and helpful and have all your statistics at their finger tips. Also remember this, dealing with Geico, a blue chip, has it's advantages because they have the reserves and higher personnel to assist you if you need them. If you need insurance, believe me, you need Geico. Jay Adler

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    I knew that we were paying too much for our car insurance through Geico. I called to ask why the premiums were so high and received very vague answers such as "well it depends on a lot of factors" (such as?) "where you live, your driving record, the type of cars, etc." Yes, I know these things come into play, but it still shouldn't have been so much. The guy on the phone would not, or could not, give me a good reason so I sent my Geico policy and current rates/charges to an agent at State Farm. I got a quote from him for $100 LESS PER MONTH. I immediately switched and am happy with the company and every time I have to call on them or come into their office, they greet me with a smile and chat- just very friendly and personable people.

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    I am a very happy geico employee, they have awesome benefits, they treat their employees very well, and everyone I know in my office is happy there. check out am best, moodys, standard and poors and others and you will find we have extremely strong financial stability. look at aaa which charges membership fees, interest on payments, and is not available 24/7, Allstate which is laying off thousands of employees and taking huge losses last year (expect your rates to increase) and also not 24/7. Geico does have the best service, happy employees, awesome claims service, awesome customer service, and if you are one that is unhappy with how your claim was handled, insurance is regulated on a state level, and all insurance companies will rate an at fault accident as an atf ault accident if you are just starting insurance with them. I love my company and if you dont love yours call us.. thanks for reading.. For all you unpleased with geico, I beg you to reconsider. give us a chance. 180084130... Read more

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    Wed Mar 26 2008

    We have 5 vehicles insured with Geico. We had our only claim in 17 years last month. Geico took three weeks to begin the claims process. They wanted to deny all coverage and utilized every insurance trick in the books to attempt to deny the claim. Do NOT utilize Geico for your auto insurance.

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    Mon Jan 28 2008

    Though we have been happy with our Allstate policy and agent, we wanted to check the rates that were out there. As a basis of comparison, we got quotes for 100/300 bodily injury liability. The quote came back quite a bit lower than Allstate. I called to verify how an umbrella policy for additional liability would begin to cover us and I was told that it was 300,000. That part is true. When I asked if there would be any gaps in coverage because of the 100/300 BI, I was told there was not a gap. That is not true. I called back a second time and was very specific and asked if there were damages between the 100,000 per person amount and the 300,000 per occurrence amount, who would pay and the rep told me I was covered. Wrong again. It was only after I sent an email to customer service that I got the correct answer. To be adequately covered with the umbrella the BI limits would have to be 300/300 so there would be no gap. This obviously changes the initial quote I received. The reps are eit... Read more

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    HORRIBLE! Geico Sucks! Someone ram into my car and I got the blame for it. It was my fault for not asking for a witness. Now my rates will go up and I will have a point. During the time I was notified only once about the situation. I tried to contact my Geico representive but he was never there to pick up the phone. I will switch immediately to either AAA or Allstate.

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    Thu May 24 2007

    I had a car accident on 4/28/07 in Beverly Hills California. A Honda Civic pulled in front of me as I drove down the street and I t-boned it in my Porsche Boxster. Even though it was obviously his fault (the police report even said so) he denied responsibility so his insurance company (USAA) told me I would either have to go through my insurance (Geico) or wait the 1-2 months for the investigation to complete. Of course I chose the latter. I bought the car 5 months ago for $34,000 and added a $7,000 bodykit and had Geico insure my aftermarket items (they charged me for it). The Geico adjuster (Jason Wood) offered me $31,000. When I challenged the adjuster's offer, he told me that the bodykit only offered a $850 increase in the resell value. He simply could not understand that I didn't insure my car for resell, but REPLACEMENT in case of an accident, which I thought was the purpose of car insurance in the first place. I ended up having to call his supervisor (Mario), which was no hel... Read more

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    Wed Mar 01 2006

    Low ball claims settlement, offers about 25% of actual worth of property

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    Fri Dec 30 2005

    Don't have personal knowledge about how they treat employees, but they treat their insured reasonably well. In a personal injury case with a defendant insured by Geico, I know I have a pretty reasonable chance of settling. If it's State Farm or AAA, I assume I'm headed for trial.

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    Sat Dec 10 2005

    well, it was good at first, giving low rates and all. Until in a parking lot i slightly hit a cadillac, caused a scratch. Owners weren't there, i left a letter like I read in the DMV Licence Training & they promptly claimed $500 and odd dollars. GEICO GLADLY Paid for it , but hey, they increased my premiums by 600$ from the next cycle. Reason: Any claim beyond 500 $, even 501$ or 50000, will result in a premium increase and will be on record for 3 years. Crap, i had no other way other than to live with that.

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    Thu Oct 06 2005

    i switched for the low rates and never looked back....sorry folks feeling sorry for the way they treat thier employees isnt paying MY bills. if there unhappy then find another job...

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    Thu Sep 29 2005

    They should call this company CRAP-O! For all the crappy ads they keep putting on tv!

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    Mon Aug 01 2005

    The company values it customers, but it treats it employees like machines... the company may offer competitive rates, but companies like Statefarm and Allstate have happy employees and better rates.

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    Mon Aug 01 2005

    The company values it customers, but it treats it employees bad, unless you're in management. I personally would not buy insurance from a company that can not even value its employees.

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    Sun Dec 12 2004

    This is my insurance company and I like them alot. I love the Geco commericals.

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    Mon Nov 29 2004

    Good commercials, at long last. They've been around for a long time, GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company and they have been strong along the Atlantic Seaboard. I've received several competitive quotes over the years, but have never tried these guys.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    I had this insurance for several years. I think I had one claim during those years and I don't remember anything particularly bad or good about the experience. I switched for lower rates with another company. They do have entertaining commercials thought. I just love that little Geco with the British accent.

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    Sat Nov 27 2004

    Well, I don't know much about them but from their commercials I can tell they can't be that great. All they seem to get across is there save 15% or more on car insurance figure. Call me old fashioned but aren't commercials supposed to show the best a product has to offer?