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    Sat Sep 03 2011

    Ah the fun of owning a ge profile fridge!! good thing my 40 year old fridigaire ( beer Fridge) works. My beer fridge is my bach-up since every two weeks we have to move food downstairs while we defrost the fridge with a hair dryer. Likely would rate fridge as poorest ever. Just ordered new fridge and GE profile is going to garage as tool, box. My repair man doesn't even want it for parts.

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    Thu Aug 18 2011

    This is the worst series ever. The oven takes hours to heat up, the dishwasher leaves a film on everything, and the fridge has terrible storage in the freezer. But the very worst by far, is the over the range microwave. One would assume by the name alone that the microwave would actually work above the range - this is not the case. Heaven forbid you have to use both the range AND the microwave while cooking the same meal. The heat from the range makes the microwave completely unusable. The touch sensored controls completely shut down - and stay that way for up to an hour after the range has been in use. A feature that you think would have been considered in an OVER THE RANGE microwave. I would not recommend any part of this series.

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    Thu Aug 18 2011

    PDW9280LSS GE PROFILE DISHWASHER This is theworst dishwasher ever...has always left a film on dishes, I've tried every type of detergent, cycles, etc. to no avail. You have to wash every dish before you put it in the dishwasher or it won't come clean & heaven forbid you miss a spot...it will get baked on forever. Space is very limited because every dish has to be in its own space...if two dishes are too close together, they won't come clean (relatively speaking.) Now the rubber lining comes off every time I open the door to the dishwasher & I've already super-glued it back on once already. It also appears that the electrical side is failing. The buttons change settings on their own. Trying to reset them is no easy task & requires the patience of a saint...on a good day. I am so disappointed. I just went through the same type of thing with the GE Profile Washing Machine (for clothes)...it was ridiculously bad as well & that cost me about $300 to change out. The gas range &... Read more

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    Thu Jun 30 2011

    Honestly have not met a GE appliance that is worth the price: Monogram, Profile, even the low end products. Nothing has a positive price/value relationship. Try another brand

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    Sat Feb 12 2011

    GE PROFILE Dishwasher stopped working properly after 3.5 years. Wouldn't drain. Two visits from authorized repair. Cost money, but still not fixed. Had independent repair person come in - no luck. Contacted MABE (it looks to me that GE consumer products owed by a Mexican company!!!!!!!!!!!!) customer service. Had to pay for another visit from authorized repair person. Customer service rep blamed us for using too much detergent!!!!!!! IT IS AUTO-DISPENSE!!!! Repair person suggested getting a new dishwasher. We paid $2200 plus repairmen plus got stuck with a new control panel that the distributor will not take back! We are getting a new dishwasher and going to spread the word just what sort of garbage GE has become. Good reviews? Just wait. What they are building today is garbage and if you have a really old one that is better built, keep it! Don't buy any GE consumer products. MABE is using the good will of the GE brand and making inferior products. Our GE fridge has already had ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    Hello all. Thank you for your helpful reviews. I always check consumer reports for recommendations, but I find personal reviews to be much more helpful, as well as reliable. I thought I would share about my GE dishwasher. It was top of the line stainless with the smart dispense feature. I really loved the smart dispense. The machine was so amazingly quiet that I fell in love with it immediately. At about two o'clock one morning to the smell of burnt, melted plastic. An odor I think most people are familiar with. My husband turned off the dishwasher at the breaker box. The heating coil had not turned off and the dishwasher racks had melted. All of the dishes fell into the melted plastic. After cooling all dishes were ensconced in gray plastic, including my brand new stainless steel forks, spoons, etc. I called Factory Direct Appliance (based in Kansas City and Topeka, Kansas) and told our sales associate about what happened. I'm convinced we got immediate results from GE du... Read more

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    Loved it at first...melted my dishes...received a new one and loved it again. But bad reviews, along with my story, which seems to be consistent with other's experience are convincing me that I won't by this dishwasher again. I always check consumer reports for recommendations, but I find personal reviews to be much more helpful, as well as reliable. I thought I would share about my GE dishwasher. It was top of the line stainless with the smart dispense feature. I really loved the smart dispense. The machine was so amazingly quiet that I fell in love with it immediately. At about two o'clock one morning to the smell of burnt, melted plastic. An odor I think most people are familiar with. My husband had to turn off the dishwasher at the breaker box. The heating coil had not turned off and the dishwasher racks had melted. All of the dishes fell into the melted plastic. After cooling all dishes were ensconced in gray plastic, including my brand new stainless steel forks, spo... Read more

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    In 2001 we renovated our kitchen and bought all new GE Profile appliances -- dishwasher, refrigerator, and double oven range, and we were very happy with the appliances. They all performed very well for 5 years. Then in 2006, we built a new home and decided to go with all GE profile appliances -- dishwasher, smooth top range, double built-in oven and refrigerator. We have had no problems at all with the range or the double oven, but have had terrible problems with the refrigerator and dishwasher. The refrigerator, after about 1.5 years of use, started staying warm and would not cool properly. We had a repairman come look at the problem and he knew exactly what the problem was (which told me this was a known defect). He replaced the entire motherboard and charged me around $225. The french double doors have always had issues with the rubber and plastic insulation. They never closed properly, even from the first day we used them. I finally had to remove the plastic insert insulating piec... Read more

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    I wish I had paid closer attention to the bad reviews. I bought a GE profile refrigerator--side by side, stainless steel, supposedly near the top of their line--and it has been a total nightmare. The design is atrocious: the ice maker sends icecubes out the back and down into the trough at the bottom of the freezer which fills up within a few weeks; the drawers stick and are difficult to remove. But the worst part about owing this pile of junk is that it has never worked. The compressor or computer broke in the first few months and ever since then we have been on a replacement schedule that has the repair service out nearly twice a year for the same problem. Sears won't replace the unit, lemon laws don't cover refrigerators. I'm frustrated enough that I'm prepared to junk it. There are rumors on the internet of a class-action lawsuit, and never has a product or company deserved one as richly as G.E.'s "Profile" refrigerator. Do not buy this, and if you have one, join the laws... Read more

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    Tue Nov 02 2010

    I too bought a GE Profile Dishwasher about 2 years ago. Paid a lot of money for a stainless steel brand that was suppose to be top of the line Model Number PDW9980N00SS (not part of the recent recall) but yet I have had the $500 board replaced twice thus far and this dishwasher does not clean near as well as my previous 10 year old run of the mill dishwasher. DO NOT BUY!!!

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    Sun Oct 03 2010

    WARNING!! DO NOT....I REPEAT...DO NOT BUY GE APPLIANCES I just bought a new house, a year ago, with new GE stainless steel appliances. Over the past year ALL of my GE products have died or are in the process of a slow death. 1) My GE Profile Stainless Steel Fridge sometimes turns off. The LED display only shows you partial numbers 2) My GE Reverse Osmosis water purifier trickles water even after several filter changes 3) My GE Front Load Washer cannot be programmed to wash 'Colors' or 'Whites' because it runs a continuous cycle that doesnt stop rinsing and repeating If it was one product I would say it was a coincidence....but when it's ALL their products... I would never buy anything by GE again......

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    I bought the whole suite of profile appliances for my newly renovated kitched...not happy with any of them. My side by side $2600 refrigerator only lasted 5 yrs, 1 month...1 month over warranty exp. The compressor went, control panel for water dispenser is no longer working and platic front to drawers have all fallen off. My dishwasher still works but I often to have to re-wash dishes after the dishwasher was run. My oven bakes unevenly and the convection doesn't seem to be any quicker with cooking. Extremely disappointed!

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    Sat Sep 25 2010

    We moved in our new house 2.5 years ago and made the decision to get new appliances. Instead of using Whirlpool (love it!) we went with GE profile series for dishwasher, oven, fridge and microwave as we had a contact who could get us a deal. What a MISTAKE! We have had our dishwasher repaired once due to the steam escaping the dishwasher and damaged the electronic keypad. Our Microwave overheated due to rice being cooked in the microwave. We had to PAY to get this fixed and it just broke again. We are throwing it out and are temporarily using our cottage microwave until we do some solid research on a new make of appliances. We are VERY disappointed in the profile series. The only reason I'm not complaining about our washer/dryer is because they were already rated poorly on www.consumersreports.org and we used the WHIRLPOOL duet series....LOVE THEM!

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    NEGATIVE 5 STARS I built my home 4 years ago and bought top of the line GE Profile Applinces (Stainless). Had 2 service calls on dishwasher and then a electrical fire on the third call. We happened to be home so it only damaged the appliance. Could not be repaired due to the damage so we replaced at our expence. Then the fridge broke down. Paid for that visit and after spending more than a grand for repairs I purchased the service contract for another 800 + for all appliances which is for 3 years. Good thing because we are now on our 9th service call and all appliances have broken down with exception to our trash compactor. DO NOT PURCHASE GE APPLIANCES!!!.

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    Hello, I'm just writing this short message to advise people to NOT BUY GE Profile Dishwasher (MAX PRO PDW8612N00SS model). Reason is simple: dishes are not clean after working in any cycle, and any type of option even with more heat and complete heat dry). We have spent over 1000$ cdn dollars a couple of year ago for this good looking stainless stell MAX PRO GE Profile but we've never, never been satisfy. Shame on you GE company to steal people like that. Continue to focus on big PROFIT by selling such poor product. You've completly lost my trust. Frédéric, Montreal, Quebec

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    Tue Aug 17 2010

    NO STARS.. I Can't believe that we all have the same problems. My dishwasher has the exact sameproblems, water does not drain, dishes dirty, and the wheels don't even bother to stay on and roll... my favorite is the rust that now has taken over the protected racks. But wait... there is also the fancy retractable vent that caught fire in the middle of the night while turned off. Now the oven is serenading me with the F7 error code. THe icemaker died... the microwave had to be replaced. I emailed GE this morning and was told that they recommend replacing appliances every 10 years, so apparently I'm due for a major appliance overhaul. Thank you very much. I agree with all the bad reviews, the 2or 3 favorable reviews well, maybe you lucked out and bought the 2 appliances that don't self ignite. GE may be in for a shock one day when they get slammed like TOYOTA. We can't all be hallucinating. Thanks for letting me vent...

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    Sun Jul 18 2010

    We have had a number of GE appliances over the years. Our refrigerator died after 15 years, our washer and dryer died at about 10 years, our cooktop died about 13 years. Our dishwasher died after 18 years. Our oven is still going, but on its last legs after 25 years and we have a toaster oven that lasted 34. Now, we get to the new profile dishwasher. We got a top of the line profile dishwasher 7 years ago. Just like some others have reported, the wheels kept coming off. We called in a service repairman and they were fixed and are fine. We also have had issues with the control panel breaking. The first time was November, then March and now, again, in July. They only seem to last 4 months. I spoke to a friend who is in the appliance business and she said to call GE and tell them this and that we have spent over $500 in repairs in the past 8 months and this will cost us at least 200 again. I called customer service and they asked that I send in all documentation (bills) and they would get... Read more

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    Tue Jun 01 2010

    I had all GE Profile appliances. They came with my house. They also came in a vacation condo I own. Washer, dryer, fridge, range, and dishwashwer. I can honestly tell you, they all are horrible. I feel duped, scammed, and used. Like a dirty diaper. I'm done with them for life. A dishwasher, range, and both wash machines broke within 36 months of being new. Four appliances failed completely. In each case, it was cheaper to replace than repair. I had planned on replacing anyway due to their poor performance. My ice maker sounds like it's constipated and spits out 2-3 cubes every 30 seconds while you hold your glass. The range (again GE Profile, their best) is impossible to cook with because the thermostats fluctuate up to 10%. The washer sounds like a diesel truck and cleans worse than my 2 year old nephew. The freakin' dishwasher that goes for $1500 can't even dry despite having more bells and whistles than my iphone. The most mermorable is the dishwasher in my primary re... Read more

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    Wed May 26 2010

    I really wish I had read these reviews before I purchased a GE refrigerator, which has needed to be serviced several times, the last time was 6 weeks ago, and again today, in which they wanted to charge me full price for labor, customer service would not give me even a small discount on labor, since it was just serviced 6 weeks ago for the same problem. I have decided to purchase a new refrigerator just to be done with GE forever. Not to mention that my GE microwave and air conditioner both broke in the last few weeks too...I will never buy another GE product again!!!!

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    Tue May 04 2010

    I can honestly say that GE Profile products and service contracts are HORRIBLE---Do not waste your money on any GE appliance. We have had our microwave serviced 5 times and I have been waiting 3 MONTHS for a part to come in from the manufacture!!! I have not been able to use my microwave the entire 3 months--and GE simply does not care. We have had our dishwasher serviced twice. These appliances are only 3 yrs old!! I have the service contract----which I will keep because their appliances keep breaking down--but when we can afford to replace every GE appliance in our house I will jump for joy! DO NOT BUY GE PRODUCTS!!!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR RELIABLE APPLIANCES!!

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    Sat Apr 24 2010

    I bought the following GE Profile appliances: dishwasher, electric stove, advantium(sp?) microwave, & Arctic refrigerator about 3 years ago. I had an employee discount and spent about $5000 for all. I love the stove & refrigerator. Stove really holds the heat; I can bake on a hot day without heating up the kitchen. The stovetop is flat & looks great. It also heats very quickly and is easy to adjust temperature. The microwave is ok; it has more features than I am really interested in and I had a lot of difficulty getting it installed properly. The really terrible appliance is the dishwasher. Like everyone else says, the wheels began falling off within weeks. If the wheels slip even a little, then the bottom tray blocks the rotation of the water sprayer and the dishes don't get clean at all. The glasses never get clean. I now wash them by hand. I have had service techs out at least 6 times. They clean the "self-cleaning" filters and it it better for a while. DON'T buy the... Read more

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    Sun Mar 07 2010

    1star When remodeling our kitchen in 2006 we went with what we thought was the best of the best. GE Profile series appliances. I will only comment on the dishwasher here, as that is the only problem item we have had. GE Profile Dishwasher Model #PDW8980. This is by far the biggest waste of hard earned money I have ever spent. $1200. at the time. In the first 90 days, several of the plastic rack wheels fell off, the entire inside of the machine began to fill with powdered calcium, the glassware became etched, and the dishes have never been truley clean. A service technician came and told us to set out water softerner to a higher setting, which we did, and after running several cycles with vinegar added to the mix, the calcium disappeared. By 6 months the smart dispense system was clogged with thickened dishwasher gel, and would no longer dispense soap. I now disassemble the door every 4 months and flush the detergent reservoir of solidifying soap. It is a VERY QUIET machine. I believe ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    I own a GE Profile Dishwasher, stainless steel inside and out. Spent approx. $1200.00. I bought this dishwasher 4 years ago. This weekend I had a load of dishes running,thank goodness I happened to be in the kitchen when black smoke came billowing out of the top of the door of the dishwasher. All the electrical components inside are melted and fried. I jusut had an authorized GE reapairman come out and he could not locate all the parts needed to fix the dishwasher. He called GE while here and they told him that they do not sell relpacement wiring harnesses (the place the electrical fire started) so the dishwasher is unfixable. It is no longer under warranty either and not one of the MANY dishwashers that were recalled due to fire hazards. I am waiting to hear back from GE to see what the plan on doing about this. The repairman said he has seen this and they usually offer some kind of monetary settlement. He said not to expect a lot though. I expect a significant amount since I spent a ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    DON'T BOTHER BUYING ANY GE PROFILE APPLIANCES! We hate the dishwasher - as in previous reviews, the dishes don't get clean, the soap cup dispenser doesn't work well and the racks were shot the first year we owned it! Today I was trying to clean my self-cleaning ovens and the lower one started to spark and catch fire - luckily I started it during the day instead of at night as I usually do! They NEVER clean thoroughly and I always end up having to us cleaner and elbow grease to get the oven totally clean! And last, but not least, after only 3 YEARS, we had to replace the microwave to the tune of $800.00! We will NEVER recommend OR purchase ANY GE PRODUCTS again! BTW all of these appliances are only 3 1/2 years old - we have a new house!

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    We bought a newly constructed town home 2 years ago with the GE Profile dishwasher included. PDW8280N0055 I have had other well-working GE dishwashers before but this one is really dreadful. I really feel "had" or scammed by GE. The soap dispenser does not release all the soap no matter how I vary the amount used. I use powder Cascade. The dishes are not clean and they are streaked even though I keep JetDry in the little well. One day I was unloading and found oil on the back of a small bowl on the top rack....Oil! After a full wash cycle. I regularly rewash what has just come out of the washer. If I throughly wash the dishes before stacking them, they will come out clean but what's the point? My neighbors who moved in at the same time have the same complaints. Judging from online reviews, I suspect that some GE models of the same Profile dishwasher family might work better but I have no idea how that could be the case. If I were buying, I'd check the seriak numbers very carefull... Read more

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    We just moved into a 4 year home with all GE Profile appliances. The dishwasher (PDW8280J01SS) is possibly the worst dishwasher ever manufactured. My last dishwasher was a Boshe and I never had any problems with it. I have to rinse everything off the dishes before I load them, even after doing that, strange unknown food particle appear on the dishes after cleaning them. We have taken the lower arm assembly apart, cleaned all the screens but nothing seems to work. Even if you do a rinse cycle with no dishes, you end up with food particles on the bottom of the washer. Needless to say, we will be buying a new dishwasher soon. I have to inspect everything that is washed in this dishwasher because usually half the items are not properly cleaned. It has been embarrassing but we've learned our lesson. Hopefully none of my future guests will be handed a less-than-clean wine glass in the future (husbands don't notice things). As far the otherappliances go, no real issues with microwav... Read more

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    This GE product, the Profile Dishwasher, is unquestionably the worst product I have ever purchased and used. The dishwasher doesn't wash. I have to wash dishes first and they are dirtier than before they are rinsed. The soap dispenser retains powdered soap even after the cycle. The powdered soap stays on the dishes. At least half are poorly washed and has food particles on the dishes. During the first year or near the end there was serious sparking and a repairman found a short in the door and fixed it. When told that dishes were still dirty after the cycle, he recommended that we use the long cycle, pots and pans, instead of the regular cycle for dishes.The racks are the very flimsy and do not stay in the vertical position and the clips are cheaply made and break and fall off. A dishwasher I had from the 1960s was a gem. Worked well and cleaned the dishes. On previous dishwashers there are blades or a grinding mechanism that pulverizes larger food pieces and expels them. This one does... Read more

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    I purchased the GE Profile Kitchen suite. The one appliance that I am definitely not happy with is the dishwasher (model PDWT580P00SS). It does not get dishes clearn. In fact it seems to get food/dirt on dishes that were thoroughly rinsed/clean prior to wash. I had replaced an older, base level GE washer & that dishwasher kicked the Profile's butt. I didn't have to rinse dishes before loading in my old dishwasher & they'd come out clean. The refridgerator (PFSS2MIXB SS), range (P2S975SEM1SS) & microwave (PVM2070SM2SS) all seem to work well with no problems and they do look great.

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    Tue Nov 17 2009

    don't be fooled by the reputation of GE. i unfortunately doubted all the bad reviews and justified buying it anyway b/c 1) they were probably just those people that can never be satisified or 2) they just got a bad inventory and 3) it looked 'cooler' than the other brands. well, i got what i deserved! it looks nice alright, but every appliance is terrible!!! only appliance i am happy with is my refrigerator b/c it's an LG. the microwave broke after 2 years, the flat top takes forever to boil water and they blamed it on the fact that i didn't have the right pots (sorry, i didn't realize i needed to buy designer pots to use my oven), and parts of my dishwasher rack broke off and is rusted. and nevermind the fact that i rarely cook and eat at home so after very infrequent use it was like this. and that thing you call customer service, they don't know the meaning of the word. ignore this review with the other ones and you'll wish 2 years from now you listened. and to the one good... Read more

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    Thu Oct 15 2009

    DO NOT BUY GE profile brand, Just moved into a brand new hosue that had them all, they are AWFUL! Dishwasher doesn't wash the dishes very well, microwave has a broken part, upper vetn never closes correctly, oven fan is LOUD and refirg leans backwards. Had repair guy out 4 times already and they have excuses for every issue! While they are replacing some parts, these appiances are new and a total nuisance! HATE THEM! Also bought a 36" all refrig for over $5k, PIECE OF JUNK! they replaced it once, w/an upgraded model whenever you open it it makes a loud gurggling sound, repair guy says this is normal and was stated int eh manul. RIDICUOLUS! RUN dont' walk away from this brand! Also have Thermadore freezer & wine tower, awesome products!

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    We bought a house 2 years ago that was 2 years old and had all new GE Profile appliances. I can't stand any of them, including the washer and dryer. The fridge is very poorly designed with shelves that move and has VERY little space in it. We've already had it serviced because the control panel burned out. Thankfully it was under the buyer protection plan from the sale of the house at the time so it only cost 55.00. Now the spacesaver microwave has a motor problem and needs servicing AND the dishwasher will not get the dishes clean even when prewashed. Am saving up money for the huge repair bill that both will undoubtedly cost us. The washing machine doesn't have a hot water option (who ever heard of that?!) and the dryer takes an hour and a half to dry a load. The stove is the only appliance that I like only somewhat, but I have inadvertently turned it off many times while trying to turn off only the timer. I will never buy GE appliances when the time comes to replace these a... Read more

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    Tue Oct 13 2009

    I pent over $5,000 on ge garbage

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    Sat Oct 10 2009

    I have never read so much non sense in my life, I believe some of the reviews below, but it looks like allot of them were written by the same person. I have lived in 3 different homes. The first home I lived in had all GE Profile appliances except the stove and microwave which was just a GE. The stove had to be replaced after 21 years of service, being it lasted 21 years I replaced it with another GE, and for the 2 years I continued living in the home it worked perfectly. The next home I lived in had all GE Appliances, stove, microwave, dishwasher, disposal, fridge, washer & dryer. They were all original to the home when I moved in. When I moved in the appliances were 25 years old, I lived their for 2 years and never had 1 issue with any of them. After getting married I bought a larger house with my wife so we could settle down and plant routes. This home had all Kenmore appliances except for the washer and dryer which were GE. Except for the Kenmore fridge the rest of the Kenmore stuf... Read more

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    Thu Oct 01 2009

    This dishwasher is terrible. It cost $1000 and is worth about $100. The heating coil wouldn't shut off and the Lower dish rack and silverware rack melted to each other. The steam burned my mother-in-law. I reported this and GE was slow to respond and generally unhelpful. We have since had additional problems with the dishwasher. I will never buy GE appliances again. DO NOT BUY GE.

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    Mon Aug 31 2009

    We got all new GE profile appliances in our kitchen and every single one of them is a piece of crap. First off, the dishwasher never cleans properly and always leaves film on our dishes, not to mention, never dries them properly. And we can't ignore the aweful smell it traps if you don't run your dirty dishes right away. Second is the fridge, which has a mind of it's own and changes temp from one extreme to the next, sometimes even turning off completely and spoiling our food! Then there is the oven, which never reaches the temp you select.....no clue why. If you are reading these reviews, and have not yet purchased a GE profile appliance....please take our word for it and RUN!

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    I, too, think the GE Profile dishwasher is a pile of junk! The wheels on the bottom rack fall off, burn up, or crack apart until you have no useable wheels! Right now, I think I have one wheel left on each side of the bottom rack. Has anyone had success in figuring out what to do about the wheels?? It also doesn't clean the dishes like it's supposed to. I have to hand wash or run them through again. I hate this dishwasher and have only had it a couple of years. If you are tempted to buy a GE Profile because it looks good----RUN!

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    I wish I had read all of these reviews before purchasing my GE Profile dishwasher, side by side fridge, range and microwave. The stainless steal dishwasher is a piece of junk. After spending $1000+ on it, I get the pleasure of washing the dishes before I put them in and saying a prayer that it will drain when I do run it. I had a repairman at my house only to tell me that it wouldn't run correctly unless I hit the pot scrubber mode plus the two extra heat cycles and turn up my hot water tank. I think that is pretty energy efficient...wouldn't you!?! I had to change the light bulbs underneath my space saver microwave this weekend and in order to do so I had to pull out my stove and contort myself under the darn thing in order to see what I was doing and spent over a half hour trying to get the new bulbs in. So far the stove itself isn't all that bad except I have to push really hard for the controls to work. The icemaker in the fridge takes forever but the fridge hasn't given me... Read more

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    I bought a stainless GE Profile Kitchen set in 2005 thinking that is top of the line. My experience has been terrible. After all that noise about GE's quality policies and ads I thought GE profile was a good brand. How wrong could I be! The Dishwasher conked off in 2008! We ended up buying a new one at $1100, the price of aving to match the Profile series. The Side-by-Side Profile/Arctica fridge has been acting up in the last 1 year and now it resets every day. A service person is coming in this week. The Profile microwave has a broken part where venting happens - what we thought was metal turned out to be metal coated plastic.. Never again will I buy a GE product! I would like to join a class action suit on GE profile where possible.

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    Thu Jun 25 2009

    We move frequently due to my job and have owned four different homes in 10 years. We have had the “privilege” of having GE appliances in all four homes and three were brand new construction. The only positive thing I can report about GE appliance is none failed within the one year warranty period; they know how to manufacture a product that will last one year. The following are the problems we have enjoyed throughout the years: Home 1 Dishwasher pump motor quit ~ $250 service call Microwave oven quit, cheaper to replace than repair ~ $200 for new non-GE unit Oven control board quit ~ $200 service call Home 2 Electric Cooktop quit, had to replace controller ~ $200 service call Oven control board quit ~ $200 service call Home 3 Gas cook top shorted and controls caught on fire, thank God we were home. Replace cook top $600. Microwave oven quit, replaced unit $200 Dishwasher quit (I forget why or how much) service call Home 4 Microwave oven turntable quit working, living with t... Read more

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    After we built our new home 8 years ago we purchased all Ge appliances. That was when my nightmare started. The worst was the GE MONOGRAM side by side. First of all they talk to you as if you are guilty of something, if they find you on the computer.Almost every wed. I had to stay home for repairs one for them to check it one to get the parts over and over again. first the hinge on the door broke, the tech ordered the whole door. then week later he came and looked at the door and said wrong side. to shorten the story I have 3 monogram fridge doors unused in my garage(any one needs one?) that was not the end of it. Fridge stoped working that was another session then I had ice build up in the fridge, freezer the same (paid over $7500.00 for the junk) all that after 7 years of services they ended up changing the fridge which it is not covered under warranty only god knows what gone happen in months to come( they always made it sound like it is not a big problem)I had to call service at 8... Read more

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    Tue Apr 14 2009

    I would give G.E. Profile appliances a no star if that were possible. We bought a home built in 2002 with what was supposed to be top line appliances. The ovens are the best of the lot. So far, only the light keeps getting loose and not working on a regular basis. The microwave has been repaired twice since we've lived here. Both times everything except the timer just quit working. Thank God for home warrantys, but I really wish they would replace instead of repair. The under counter ice maker has never worked right and I finally just gave up and turned it off since home warrantys don't cover ice makers. It ran constantly and made a couple hands full of ice at a time and it was never froze solid. Never did it ever make close to a full bin of ice. The glass cooktop gets brown spots on it even if I boil water and it scratches very easily. Then there is the dishwasher....I would rather wash them by hand and often do. The top rack roller falls out on a weekly basis. The bottom r... Read more

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    Wed Jan 07 2009

    Would Never buy GE again. We remodeled our kitchen about 3 years ago and bought all Ge profile appliances. The refrig. makes a high pitch humming noise intermitantly which is exceptionally annoying. The stove beeper is too quit to be heard and and yet the avantian microwave exhaust vent is so loud you can not have a conversation in the kitchen when it is on! The stove top takes forever to boil a pot of water and the list goes on and on. Forget about any repair service....... the guys that come out know nothing and customer service is of no help. Learn from my mistakes what a waste of money!!!!!

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    Outfitted our new kitchen with all GE Profile appliances. Our previous kitchen was also all GE Profile and every appliance lasted 15 years good as new. We felt we were paying more for quality appliances. Big mistake. Stove went first - oven stopped working within the first year. Refrigerator has never worked properly - Ice-maker has never worked - unless you break off frozen chunk of ice three times a day, you will never have ice. Entire fridge/freezer frequently and inexplicably 10-15 degrees warmer than our settings. Spoiled food, etc. Dishwasher - Electric controls stopped working after one year - they cannot be reset or changed. Wheels fall off every time you pull rack out. It is a complete piece of garbage. I hate to think about how much money we wasted purchasing these appliances that all had to be replaced within four years. I will never buy GE again, nor will anyone in my family or circle of friends.

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    Three years ago I redecorated my kitchen. After enjoying my first profile refrig (black grainy, squared) I bought all new GE profile appliancea, stainless steel. Thought I was buying the "BMV's" instead I got Yugo's. The refridgerator makes a high pitch humming noise. $160 for the new PART ONLY. The ice maker has never worked well and we never have more than 1/4 bucket of stuck together ice.The microwave has been the 'best'. It will cost more to fix than to replace. The top vent cracked off when it was opening up (parts $154). The bottom panel has sunken in($400) Sometimes the whole appliance decides not to work. It is the worlds slowest oven to heat and the glasstop looks 10 years old. I WILL NEVER BUY GE AGAIN. Everytime I look at appliances I make time to tell any salesperson how bad these appliances are. Furthermore, the snotty customer service person told me I should have haven out extended warranties and "learn how to take personal responsibility for my actions". I told her I d... Read more

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    I purchased a ge profile washer model#WTREG100govt and has had nothing but problems ever since and it hasn't been a year yet. The service guy has come out 5 times to fix the tub because it keeps coming loose and knocking real hard. Ge won't replace unless the tech tells them it not repairable. What a crock of shit. I think we should file a class action action suit against them ,because times are too hard to get ripped off. I will contact the TV stations if I don't get a replacemnt soon. G-*Mad as hell

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    Tue Jun 17 2008

    i got a an upgrade for a ge profile for dishwasher, fridge, and stove and it looked great. it has been 4 months and the freezer has ice build up, the water button is broken, the stovetop scratchs so easy, the top dishrack is so hard to move and the dishes never dry regardless of setting. this set is really pitiful!

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    Thu May 08 2008

    Isn't EVERYONE having problems with the lower dishrack wheels coming off???? I've had my PDW8280J01SS for just about a year and have the wheels coming off three to four at a time. This happens every time I pull the rack out. It started about 6 months after I got the unit. I used to be able to push the wheels back on and some would be OK for a few days. Then I started gluing the wheels on (maybe not a good idea to have those chemicals around hot water and dishes). Glued wheels hold for a while... but only a month or so. I can't believe there isn't a recall on this. I haven't tried to contact GE yet... has anyone received any guidance/info from GE?

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    Fri Apr 25 2008

    I have a GE profile dishwasher that is 3 months old. My complaint is the even though I use the Added Heat and Heated Dry, when the cycle is done, I still get a lot of water on the inside of the door and I need to towel dry some of the dishes and silverware. Does anyone else have this problem? I do not use the jet dry, which would eliminate this problem, but since my water is so soft, the jet dry leaves a film on my glasses. I have read that some people have problems with the detergent dispenser on the inside of the door. I was told by the GE service man that if you use the detergent dispenser, you must use the same detergent all the time, or else it will clog and you will have to have the dispenser replaced. Also you must test the water to check the softness or hardness. A water hardness test strip indicator comes with the dishwasher. After hardness is determined, you must program into the touch pad. Then the dishwasher will dispense the right amount of detergent. The softer the water... Read more

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    Thu Mar 27 2008

    I have a large capacity front loading washer from E G. It is just over one year old and it does not spin all the time. I spent about $3000. on this piece of junk and there customer service basicly said tuff luck and for $80 we can come look at it. Do not go with G E. bad products and bad service!!!!

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    I redid my kitchen about three years ago and replaced all of the appliances with GE Profile stainless. Initially everything was fine and we loved the features. The honeymoon was short. The convection gas oven's stovetop refused to light and I could hear it arcing where it shouldn't have. Next the refridgerator went warm and we lost the frozen food right before the chinsy ice maker broke. The over range microwave died due to a failed magnetron and fried capacitor. Lastly the dishwasher, which cost over $900.00 looks great but is a total piece of junk due to the lower rack that can't hold on to its wheels and allows the rack to sit directly on the bottom spray assy. I will never ever even consider buying GE anything again.

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