Gazillion Bubble Machine

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    We bought it from another store for our sons 2nd bday and it worked fine the first time it was used. It was off and on for approx 3-4hrs that day. As per the instructions I cleaned it up and put it away but the next time I tried it the batteries were almost dead due to the soap having leaked into the battery compartment somehow. The soap dispenser is also useless and we added the liquid by hand as needed. Its going back for sure and I'll be looking for another brand bubble machine...

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    This one turned out to be better than the Mega Bubble machine which has the liquid reservoir at the bottom. This has the the bubbles coming out the side with an easy to clean removable tray, so much easier and convenient compared to the mega machine since you couldn't clean it if it became dirty in any way without doing some kind of water damage to the motor. The Bubble Machine made lots of bubbles, so it won't disappoint. I'd buy this one as a gift for sure!

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    I read the reviews on this bubble machine before I bought it and still bought it. I shouldn't have. It does make TONS of bubbles (all are the same size (about an inch and a half),) but the bubble solution only lasted 5 minutes. I was going to order more online, but it's too expensive. I only used it once and for 5 minutes!! =(

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    This was worth the price. It works great and lasts quite a while on the batteries- I would like the company to come up with an electric one - I would buy it in a heart beat. It was a hit at my sons 5Th birthday party and when we went camping they chased the bubbles all around. It was great exercise for the kids. The durability is excellent, the machine "accidentally" fell from the hood of our truck- which is quite a fall. It looked smashed and the top came off and the batteries fell out...rinsed it off, put it back together and works just the same as before. we love it.

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    My 11 year old got this as a birthday gift for my 5 year old son - we didn't konw if he would have interest in such a toy - but since he has always enjoyed bubbles it was worth a try. Turns out that this machine is out at least twice a week for some fun in the sun bubble chasing fun, running or biking through walls of bubbles, watching air flow down the driveway...or just plain ol' lazy bubble watching. He likes breaking it out when friends come over. It seems durable enough given my son's 5 year old carelessness and easy for him to operate and safe for carefree use - however, if I HAD to beef about this product I would say that the bubble solution spills far too easily from the machine - so steady hands are definately needed if they want to move the machine from one spot to the next. otherwise bubble solution is everywhere (at quite a cost). Batteries have lasted long and refilling the bubble solution is easy and mostly mess free. All around - an interesting toy which is well li... Read more