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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    On site service is worthless. Had this 650 Select for a little over a year. The techs do their best but it always comes down to teaching me to work in it myself. I have every e-mail they have ever sent about 3" thick. After 15 months I've learned to format pretty good. 12 times. Next time I'll look at Dell.

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    Wed Dec 27 2000

    For the record, I researched several companies before finally deciding on a Gateway, the other finalist being a Dell Dimension 4100 Series. I was extraordinarily specific on my needs and wants when ordering my system with Gateway, and I changed many of the 'standard' features such as an upgraded graphics card, 12x/8x/32x CDRW, Dolby Digital Surround Sound speakers, much more RAM and a much larger hard drive, and specifically ordered my upgrades at the time of my purchase. I was given a total price (which included my upgrades) and my unit was shipped. Immediately upon receipt, I noticed that the speakers were not the ones I ordered. I called Gateway, and was told I had not been charged for the upgraded speakers, and I would have to pay an additional $140 PLUS SHIPPING (which I had already paid for on the incorrect speakers, mind you). Aggravated, I agreed. That was almost 3 weeks ago; I still haven't received those speakers. Next thing I noticed was that my CDRW drive was burning... Read more

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    Thu Nov 30 2000

    This computer is slow on all accounts! Terrible for on line use, games and even simple word processing programs. This computer was nothing but trouble and constantly crashed! Time and agin, it would freeze mid-use and data would be lost.

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    Fri Aug 11 2000

    an overall good computer but it just gets slow on too many things. over all good

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    Fri Jul 28 2000

    I like this because you get many choices of computers to build your own ultimate machine. If you can find exactly what you need then I could still shop around, but I don't think you'll find a better value for the computer you're getting. However if you want your perfect computer to have some things added to it, those things will really start to add up.

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    Sat Jul 15 2000

    A quality product with good technical support. It will last a very long time.

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    Wed Jul 05 2000

    I like the Gateway because it is user friendly. I like how it's easy to set up. It's cheaper than other computers, and after a couple years, you can replace it for a new computer.

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    Fri Jun 30 2000

    Superior product with great customer service. As the product needs change, the computer firm will adapt.

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    Mon Jun 19 2000

    Gateway puts together a pretty complete package for a pretty reasonable price. Most of the time, it is a smooth operating system, but it comes totally loaded with a lot of extraneous software. Most of the software is on the taskbar, and when Windows boots up, they show it down. It came with everything I wanted except the latest computer games.

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    Sat Jun 17 2000

    I am very pleased with this home PC. The price was reasonable, and it runs very well.

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    Tue Jun 06 2000

    How could I not give this system a 5? It is what you tell them to make. Personally, now that I've had the experience of owning and building my own computer, I think this is the best option on the list.

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