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    Tue Mar 14 2006

    I bought a notebook 9/05. It was returned for repairs (the screen was flickering) and 1 of the rubber feet fell off. They returned it with a scratched screen and a 2nd foot missing. Back for replacement of the screen and 2 feet. It was returned with 3rd foot ripped off and the other 2 not replaced. Customer service sucks, the 'techs' can barely speak/write english. They said over and over to send the computer in and they'd replace the feet-they must have meant they'd rip off the remaining ones. After over 30 emails, I was told (after calling long distance twice) that they can not replace the feet-even if I send it in as they had said so many times. They are STUPID and the all LIE. Buy anything but a Gateway. There are several sites out there with the same complaints. Just type in 'Gateway sucks'.

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    I run a 'local' computer repair service in my town and recently had a nightmare trying to get service for one of my customers for a Gateway Computer. This computer was purchased in January 2005 and displayed motherboard problems a few days ago. When it was purchased, a 3 year Onsite service plan was purchased. On January 2, 2006 I arrived at my customers home and after a few hours of re-installing Drivers, swaping network cards, re-installing all of windows and everything else needed, the mother board was suspected to be defective. We called Gateways service number and gave them the serial number. The 'guy' Kevin (Badge number KT731 - Kansas) said, "Oh, that's one of the new computers, you need to call another number." He gave me (408) 273-0800. A long distance number. There is not even any toll free support, despite paying for a service contract. I called the long distance number and was routed to a girl whose name I could not understand. Her badge number was FC552. We went ... Read more

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    Sun Oct 24 2004

    The computer is OK; its about what I expected. But I ordered over the phone and agreed to one thing and got another. Poor customer relations. I won't buy another computer from Gateway.

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    Sun Apr 18 2004

    Except for a monitor problem, which has been resolved, I think that this is a pretty good system. My only complaint is with the inconsistency of the people at the 800 number support. Some are very knowledgeable and some can really lead you down the tube. Some are polite and some are not. This is a situation that is all too common, not just with Gateway! The people at the Gateway Country store where I purchased my system have been great! They resolved some issues that the 800 number support group could not.Since my first impressions: Bad cd rom, 2 bad modem boards. But the worst was the last person on the 800 number support. Totally made what should have been a relatively easy problem into a disaster. Why did I ever listen to this person! Before making a decision think it through, hang up on the person and try again, you will probably get someone else.

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    Mon Jun 30 2003

    Gateway Country Stores have the most helpful staff and the quickest turn-time for any computer service. The systems aren't the cheapest, but they are the only computer company that doesn't use proprietary components. Most of the people that experience problems with any computer don't really realize that most problems are caused by user error.

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    Fri May 09 2003

    The Gateway G6-350 with Win98 that I had a long time ago was just fine. But I've suffered with constant lock-ups and blue screens of death for 2.5 years on my Gateway Performance 866. Granted, I'm not sure whether the problem is with the Gateway hardware or with the Windows Millenium Edition operating system it came with, but either way, I'm ready to switch back to Mac.

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    Mon Jan 20 2003

    Loyal Gateway user

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    Wed Apr 03 2002

    Gateway stinks have been on phone with them atleast 20 times in the last month. Tech said I needed new hard drive so they sent it back east, not to me in the west and they knew it and refused to send me another hard until ups returned the hard drive. I have never ever had such a run around in all my life will never buy another Gateway.

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    Sun Jan 27 2002

    Purchased a middle of the road system ($2,500 range) with Windows XP. Numerous power management and software compatability problems from the start. I made over 25 phone calls to tech support, made 2 trips back to Gateway Country store (at 10 days each), re-loaded XP myself, and installed a new mother board myself. Problems continued. Had horrible experiences with tech support people being rude and not very knowledgeable. Gateway finally sent me a new system (5 months later). This one is missing an operating system file and won't allow me to access either the DVD, CD-RW or floppy disk drives. They are supposed to be authorizing a refund and return of the system. I'll believe it when I see it.

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    Wed Nov 07 2001

    After buying gateway since the 80's, I am through. Newest systen arrived and failed after a couple of hours. Tech support unable to even identify what the problem could be. Called to return the system.....long process time and found out that I get to pay for the privelege of having been shipped a defective machine. I have and continue to work as a pc hardware tech and when I say it was a non functioning machine I know what I am referring to. Steer clear of gateway unless there is clear evidence that they can consistantly provide a working system . There return policy insures that you are going to have to pay $100 or more and then take your chances that you may get a working/functioning system/machine. I do not believe that anyone should take the risk as there are other quality companies who are a better risk at comperable value.

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    Fri Jul 27 2001

    Gateway should be ashamed for airing their "brag on ourselves- we treat people great" TV ads: not in my experience! As a result of a Gateway store manager either grossly misleading or outright lying to me, I wound up with a substandard, hybrid computer system- and that was after umpteen phone calls with various Gateway staff, and the hassle of repacking and shipping back some of their unacceptable merchandise. Next time I will definitely check out the competition. I don't usually rejoice at others' misfortune, but when I heard that Gateway had lost money recently, the thought that came to me was, "What goes around comes around".

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    Sat Jun 09 2001

    Won't buy another one. Gateway is not "all there". I think they have a rotten customer service center.

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    Mon Jan 15 2001

    It was alright. I didn't like the structure/design of the computer, but the ability and accessibility is good.

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    Fri Jan 12 2001

    They are sold at a real good price but they have a whole load of problems. No customer satisfaction in this case.

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    Mon Jan 08 2001

    These computers always have the best technology and great prices. You are also able to mix and match or add to the package, which is a great bonus for those who want to personalize their computer. The warranty is top notch and the two year trade in deal is unbeatable.

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    Fri Jan 05 2001

    I just bought a top of the line gateway, $4K, and it fails to start and stop. I have been on the net with them, on the phone, and they tell me that Millenium Me by Microsoft is the cause. I have lost hours of productivity.

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    Fri Nov 24 2000

    I think the Gateway Performance series is a great computer because I got mine for free.

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    Mon Nov 13 2000

    If you are looking for a good, reliable and fast computer then this is the one.

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    Mon Nov 06 2000

    These suck. I hate Gateway. They suck, suck, suck. It froze on me numerous times when I played my pirated mp3's. They are not very upgrade friendly if you know what I mean.

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    Fri Nov 03 2000

    I just got a 933 mHz Pentium III... it kicks ass! The speed on this thing is unmatched by any computer I've ever used. I can run more than 5 programs at a time with no problems.

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    Tue Oct 31 2000

    Good RAM. Comes fully equipped (DVD,CD burner). It doesn't come with Microsoft Office.

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    Tue Oct 31 2000

    I got one at the beginning of last year and have no problems. Gateway has the best support. I spilt a Coke on my keyboard and gave them a call and had one in 2 days.

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    Tue Oct 31 2000

    I have had to fix my roommate's Gateway like ten times already!

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    Thu Oct 19 2000

    They have good computers with a good marketing strategy and a good price. It's hard to take your computer into the "shop" though. Warranties and repairs are hard to deal with.

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    Tue Oct 17 2000

    Gateway is a good choice package in selecting computers. My mom and sister own Gateway 2000's and I will be soon too. The package is a great deal because every two years you can replace it with a new one.

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    Thu Oct 12 2000

    Fast as hell, executes OS well, but my sleep on standby mode really isn't working.

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    Tue Oct 10 2000

    I have 2 friends that work for Gateway in LA, and the service in their stores is outstanding. Very good team of emplyees in their store.

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    Fri Jul 14 2000

    I enjoy Gateway computer because of the amount of software banding and hardware that comes with it. I own one and am happy to report I'm more than satisfied.

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    Sat Jul 08 2000

    Has a really nice and clear screen. It boots up really fast and allows you to have numerous downloads.

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    Sun Jun 25 2000

    Excellent PC. Quick and useful. The desktop is a good size and the design is good. I like the cover to disk drives and DVD. I would recommend this to others. A good computer for the money paid.

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    Wed Jun 21 2000

    Overall not the best or fastest computer. The price is too much for what you get, however, the customer service is good.

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    Fri Jun 16 2000

    Nice series, but overly priced. They either need to upgrade their processor, or lower their prices for the consumers.

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    Thu Jun 08 2000

    The gateway performance series desktop is easy to navigate. When confused, the customer service offered is very helpful, and the agents seem very patient.

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    Mon Jun 05 2000

    You can put together your own system but you have a limited selection of parts. Gateway is expensive compared to other stores that will also let you choose parts and that will build it for you. It is good for people who don't know anything about computers.

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    Fri Feb 18 2000

    Gateway uses cheap components and are gradually getting cheaper with more propriatary stuff and more expensive to buy. They are turning into the Packard Bell/NEC of computers

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    Mon Jan 24 2000

    gateway is great, you can look at the features you want at a gateway country store as well as on the internet. i got a great computer a competitive price, and i've had only one problem with it so far, but i got that thing replaced within a week for free. overall, i feel gateway computers are the best deal out there!

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    Sun Jan 16 2000

    My Gateway has had no problems, and the performance has been excellent. The one time I needed customer service, because I added software which exceeded the memory in the machine, the customer service department patiently guided me through the steps necessary to restore what I had destroyed.

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    Sat Dec 11 1999

    I purchased a top-of-the-line system from the Gateway website, and was not offered the opportunity to choose any OS except for Windows 98, forcing me to install NT myself. Few to no provisions were made in their documentation to ease that task, and on a system with an Ultra-2-SCSI drive as primary, it was not trivial. Gateway needs to recognize that people who buy high-end machines probably want a professional-level OS, and not the Microsoft "home-quality" junk.

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    Wed Dec 08 1999

    The computer is fantastic, but if you have a laptop and want to speak to someone in customer service- good luck!

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    Sat Dec 04 1999

    Most any Gateway is a VERY dependable system.

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    Tue Nov 23 1999

    These are very versatile machines

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    Tue Nov 02 1999

    I have been really happy with my Gateway machine, but the monitor isn't the greatest.