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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Sweatshop labor is no bueno.

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    Tue Apr 19 2011

    Wow I just spent $14 for sending 3 tees back because I didn't like the material they were made of. $8 shipping and handling to send them to me and then I was charaged $6 to send them back. So I have nothing to show for my $14 dollars. I will never buy any thing from the Gap again!

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    I tried to order a Gap hoodie via the internet because I could not find the size at the store after checking several times. However, after ordering the item twice, they got the order wrong both times--the wrong color. They took a really long time to make their deliveries too, so by the time I needed the item to give as a gift, I was left without many options. Gap refused to fix the problem by sending me the proper item in a timely manner. I will not be ordering anything with them any time soon.

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    Gap used to have such nice styles for kids and babies as well as for the adults. I was willing to shell lots of money for my kid since the styles were so cute and high quality. Not sure what has happened in the last couple of years but the brand stinks now. They really need to fire the whole design team - the clothes now are so boring and plain ugly yet still pricey. You can tell the quality is bad too. I got a gift card and seriously could not find a single thing to buy for me or my kid! And don't get me started on their return/exchange policy - not customer friendly at all! I went from avid GAP shopper to no GAP ever again!

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    Gap recently changed their policy to only accept returns for 30 days. I purchased a gift and they for $59.00 and they would only give me $19.95 after 40 days.... I emailed customer service on their website and basically they said ..."didn't you see the sign at the register". PLEASE an organization this size can afford at least a 45 day return policy. SO DON'T BUY GIFTS FOR THE HOLIDAY HERE EARLY OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO BRING THEM BACK. As for me they have just lost a lifetime customer of The Gap and Athleta.

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    Thu Aug 19 2010

    I HATE that they advertise on their website they have clothing in size 0 Tall and XS Tall, but when you actually look at their clothes they have only one pair of jeans in 0 Tall. I'm probably better off not shopping there anyway though, their clothes are kinda boxy and blah. Why does everything they sell come in taupe, grey, and navy? Are those the only colors that exist in the gap universe?

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    Sun Aug 15 2010

    I find most of the mens clothes are decent for college kids, As a working professional I rather shop at Bannana Republic which has a better quality line and is also owned by Gap. I think the sales clerks in the stores that I have shoped at are great and always very helpful. I use to fit great in the standard jeans in very past years but in the last two years that has not been the case. The upside is that they do have great sales promotions but do admit the quality of the clothing line has diminished from the past.

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    Mon May 24 2010

    I ordered some clothes for my nephew's birthday and made a 2nd-day delivery, but it never got there. I called gap to let them know and all they say is that they made the attempt (no proof there). My sister is a stay at home mom and she was home at the time that the delivery guy supposedly knocked on the door. I paid $17.00 dollars for that service... not getting the shipment on time, having to call gap to talk to nonsense automated voice service that does not recognize numbers properly and a rep that sounds quite irresponsible. If you have any urgent deliveries, avoid gap for sure.

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    Yawn. Just.....yawn. With equal sides of "ew" and "that's sorta cute, maybe."

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    Tue Jan 26 2010

    In 1 out of 10 review of Gap's clothes I give them a -10!! Everything that I have bought at GAP within the last two years has fallen apart after 1 or 2 washes! These are clothes that weren't even at a discount. Today at work, I was wearing a GAP button down shirt and the whole right elbow of the shirt ripped out and the shirt was only a few months old!!! I will never buy another piece of garbage from this store again.

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    I have shopped at the GAP for several years, but this year the sweaters are terrible! I bought several at once, unfortunately. They started pilling before the first wash and the paprika colored one sheds so badly, I have to wash it alone because the lint from it covers everything! My outer wool coat is also covered with the orange stuff and now needs to be professionally cleaned. I would expect this lack of quality at Wal-Mart, but not the GAP.

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    Sun Nov 29 2009

    GAP = Gay And Proud.

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    I used to love the Gap and bought dozens of t shirts. They used to last a couple years. Something has changed the last couple years though. Every T shirt now falls apart after just a few washes. It usually starts at the neck. I know it's not my washing machine because the shits did this with an old Sears machine as well as a brand new LG thats supposed to be easy on clothes. I called them and emailed them but they are not at all sypathetic so they have lost a good customer.

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    Mon Oct 05 2009

    Gap has some great clothes, but don't apply or get a credit card unless you plan to shop on a continual basis. I had a Gap card, and I used it about three-four times a year. Then, about 6 months went by without me making a purchase and they reduced my limit. I called, and was told that this was because I hadn't made a recent purchase. I thought I got it all worked out, and get the credit limit back, but I just went to make a purchase and my card had a "zero dollars credit limit." When I called I was told that my card had been reduced because it had been a year since my last purchase. This of course affects my credit score in a negative way. My best advice, buy whatever you want, but don't get a credit card with any of the companies in this chain unless you shop all the time, or want them to mess with your credit.

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    When I complained that my jeans had a hole after 3 months, the sales lady actually told me that the life span of Gap clothing is 3 months. I can't afford to replace my clothes that often...can you???

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    Bellevue Gap associates are so judgemental and do not know what good customer service is. HEATHER kept rolling her eyes, raising her eyebrows and giving me attitude while she was explaining the difference between Gap and Gap Outlet.....i mean really? To those of you who dont know they are somehow not associated. I definately am not going back to this store because i was not treated well.

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    Sat Jul 04 2009

    Gap clothing is very drabby in my opinion. The quality is also crap. Their T-shirts and cardigans are paper thin not worth $50 in my opinion. It also makes me upset that Gap doesn't carry a petite line. Me being a woman of five foot two and a hundred and one pounds it's already hard enough trying to find clothes that fit right but it seems as if a size one in Gap is like a size five. I would go to Gap's sister store banana republic much better quality and fit.

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    Wed May 27 2009

    I had always relied on Gap for my basic t-shirt, tank tops, etc.. I recently decided that I needed to throw out some of those that I'd been wearing for the last 5 years, so naturally I went back to the same place to replace them. Huge Mistake. You know how when you rely on something to be the way it was, and then reality turns out to be much different?? This was me.. The only good out of all of it was that I bought the items on sale and was able to get free shipping..Now for the bad. 1. I could not believe how expensive a "favorite" T-shirt had become, but based on past experience justified the cost as being well worth it. 2. Every item that I ordered was without exception, horrible quality. You could actually see through a white t shirt (we're talking cotton here folks, it wasnt intended to be sheer). 3. I was extremely careful when I washed these new items, using Woolite and every possible precaution to keep them intact. Didn't make a bit of difference. None of it washed well and ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 07 2009

    Do people actually still shop here? When we were all younger, GAP made great and high quality clothes. Now, it just seems like they're selling the same used clothes that they sold back then, with huge overpriced tags. The clothes are so boring and conservative that you're better off going to Old Navy to get more exciting stuff

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    GAP SUCKS. I think it stands for Gay ass people. the clothes is gay the only time i ever wore them is when i was 1. not as bad 4 little kids

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    I just bought 3 GAP "perfect t's" on-line at 12.50 each on sale from 16.50 and these are without a doubt the worst t-shirts I have ever purchased. They are sooo thin you can see through them, they have absolutely no shape, and one is already splitting at the neck after 2 washes. I realize many of these sight are just for people to complain and I am doing that but my complaint is honest. Do not buy these shirts.

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    not bad i guess

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    It's All Right.

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    its k i like slutier cloths lol

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    Wed Jul 02 2008

    decent clothes

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    Tue Jul 01 2008


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    Fri Jun 27 2008


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    Thu Jun 26 2008

    i hate the gap to conservitive

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    Thu Jun 26 2008

    ummm i wudnt shop there...

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    You're not gonna catch me buying anything in Gap.

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    Tue Jun 24 2008


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    Sat Jan 12 2008

    I bought a cashmere sweater at and a pair of slacks at the Gap store in December. After wearing each twice, both turned out to be defective... the knit in the sweater started to unravel at a seam, and the hem of one leg of the pants came completely undone as I was wearing them. Gap's return policy didn't give me enough options. I e-mailed customer service and they responded that I should take both items to the store. The manager at the store was rude and complained that I hadn't brought in the e-mail from the online customer service (it was not difficult to see that the clothing was falling apart!). The items were not in stock in the store, and she told me that Gap's policy doesn't allow them to ship me replacements unless I pay the shipping costs, nor do they allow me to have the items repaired at their expense. I liked the design of both items, and didn't want to return them. Most stores will waive shipping costs if necessary. I was disappointed with both the ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 03 2007

    As a former employee of Gap, I grew up loving Gap and wanting to be in the Gap where everything was cool. There would be George Michael playing and happy employees everywhere willing to help. Then there were the coolest holiday commercials saything everyone get together, love train and who could forget crazy stripes??. Then, they stopped listening to the customers, and even worse when I BECAME GAP (an employee) I felt like I didn't matter, that my GENERAL MANAGER never worked 40 hours, my Dm drove a nice car and fluffed sweaters and told me I had to open CREADIT CARDS, and oh yeah, still barely paid me 10.00 bucks an hour. THat's when I knew it was time to say goodbye!

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    We have no Gaps here in Milwaukee as far as i know. 93century thinks of the movie Easy Money when Rodney Dangerfield was in the clothing store. I cannot remember, but i remember Rodney, or Joe Pesci asking if they had any mens clothes there!!

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    Mon Aug 27 2007

    If your looking for a great pair of khakis of a nice cardigan than this is the place to go! But thats about it. Their jeans are awkward fitting for me and their clothes are bland and bad fitting. The kids section is great though. Unlike the adults section it actually has vibrant colors and styles. Great for big kids to newborns! And thats why I'm giving them a good rating.

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    Thu May 10 2007

    The Gap is in serious financial disarray and could be history soon if the ship is not righted...

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    Thu May 10 2007

    Not bad, not great, nothing there really jumps out at me, average clothing at best.

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    Fri Apr 20 2007

    I have a bunch of GAP hoodies, (old school type), they are about 7 years old and they suffered great deal of torture, but still they look very good. So I have to say that quality of GAP's products and fabrics they use, is quite solid  (or it used to be 7 years ago:)).

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    Wed Jan 10 2007

    I now call it "the Crap".

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    Wed Jan 03 2007

    gap jeans are amazing for a 5'7 size 0-1 good fitting jeans are almost impossible to find but gaps perfect, the clothes are all sort of pretty and good quality ..nice to wear , i undersdtand that they may not be everybodys cup of tea but you really can not refer to it as crap

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    Tue May 30 2006

    GAP's been hurting the past couple years. They were on top for a while and just got complacent. Their clothes are along the same lines as Old Navy - but at twice the price. They have get a whole new design team and start over or they're just going to keep slipping.

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    Tue May 30 2006

    Gap was good before it went on the high design crusade and became "The Gap." I grew up on Gap jeans, Gap sweaters, Gap t-shirts, and even their socks. Stiff and starchy at first, but once broken in lasts a hella long time. Now adays the way they cut the blouses is ridiculously low-quality, the materials aren't as durable, and the dyes seem to fade faster. For their diminishing level of quality and taille research The Gap products are extremely overpriced. But to save face, i have to give props to their scent line. Their body sprays aren't too bubbly, nobbish, nor high-maintenance; they're just right.

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    Tue Mar 28 2006

    Was one of my favorite stores from 2000-2003. Not sure what happened after that but the clothes are boring, unattractive and just plain weird looking.

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    Mon Mar 27 2006

    I never find anything I like at Gap! Once, I got a gift card and it took me forever to find a few things I seldom ware. Besides that, the quality is pretty poor, 80% of the merchandise is made in China which is a number one human rights violator. When you are byuing your $9.99 pair of jeans on sale think of the poor chinese people who work in the Gap's sweatshops!

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    Sun Feb 26 2006

    Biff: Not that it matters that you're being fueled by a myth on the name, but you're whole comment about "Gay and Proud" isn't the acronym of the store. The Gap took it's name from the reference to "The Generation Gap". Gap and at least 6 urban myths site claim the same concept. It's a sheer coincedence and it was based in San Fran. because the owner is from the area, not to make some sort of statement. You can condemn the now poor quality of the material, but disliking it because it's not staying true to the homosexual lifesyle, when they didn't set out aiming at homosexual buyers in the first place, is pointless. Disliking the clothes is reason enough...Here's a link that sheds light on the very point I am trying to make, including why it would be silly to hide this so-called acronym when pride is supposed to be open, and not kept secret. iler)

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    Sun Feb 26 2006

    I have always appreciated everything San Francisco based GAP (Gay And Proud) has done for the gay community, but they need to get it together with their clothing. In the past, I have worn GAP clothing to flamboyantly display pride in my lifestyle, but the quality in the clothing has taken a nosedive in recent years. Quite simply, the quality is extremely low compared to what it was in GAP's heyday, the 90's. It's hard to wear the Gay And Proud acronym with pride when the fabric is cheap, especially compared to what it once was. Come on GAP, show a little pride yourselves and give us something we can all be proud of. The gay community takes a lot of pride in your brand of clothing. Make us proud once again.

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    Tue Jan 17 2006

    Alot of the clothing is pretty high priced and bland as some people put it. I never find anything for myself. I love GAPKIDS though. I only buy their stuff on sale. If you can find something on sale you end up paying Old Navy prices. I just got my daughter a pair of jeans for $9.99 and a long sleeve t for $4.97. I was pretty pleased.

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    Thu Sep 01 2005

    They have the best jeans for both men and women and their clothes aren't trashy or gaudy looking.

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    The Gap is great for the basics. I love their casual skirts, and the jeans fit great. I also like the fact that they have smaller sizes. But never buy anything here at full price, because everything goes on sale here eventually!

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