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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    I'm a red blooded American male. When I want burgers. I get me some burgers! Fuddruckers I'd have to say is one of the better places to get a good burger. It's a better hamburger then most restaurants (who have so-so burgers because it's a "token food item") and DEFINITELY better then any fast food joint. But don't be deceived--the meat's just pretty good and not amazing. What makes the burgers here awesome is the fact the buns are buttered and fresh baked. Fries are decent--but are great with some of the cheese sauce located at the "salad bar"-esqe row of toppings. Frankly--I seem to get the impression this is mostly a "place for guys." My mother, stepmother, girlfriends, female friends, ect don't care for it. But any guy friend of mine or my dad? When someone asks if they want to go, we respond with "Hell yeah! Fuddruckers!"

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    Fri Apr 10 2009

    NEVER again. I just can't. Did not like the food at either location I went to. Maybe because I was so un-nerved by the crowds of people and the lack of service, but if I can't relax, I can't eat. This is for people with better nerves than me.

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    Sun Mar 08 2009

    RuddFuckers makes a good tasting burger.

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    The welcoming service and some of the fun stuff that you can do there can make this one one of a kind. This would remind me of the vintage days where the soda jerkers were there as they do prepare your burgers. It does fill me up well, but the prices are another thing. Though it can be found in run-down places, I felt surprised on my first visit to one in such a neighbourhood that it was looking like new. I did see others in another part of the country and they are almost the same. The service and food were thumbs up.

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    Fri Jan 30 2009

    had the nachos...where did the they get those chips....hello....EVERYONE like's the chips at the Mexican Restraunt ...the chips Fuddruckers has....some kinda of cheap stuff...I don't know what they were thinking...I can't even think about what to say about the Cheese they put on them.....it taste like something out of a can....there were 8 people altogether..one lady said she's not comming back the prices are to high now...and they were not happy about no more free cookie with there meal...

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    Tue Nov 18 2008

    It only gets an 'okay' because I don't like paying the price to fix my own burger. I'd stay at home if I wanted to do that!

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    Fri Aug 15 2008


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    Tue Jul 01 2008

    The name creeps me out. Won't go there.

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    Fri Jan 25 2008

    In Short Red-shirted, black-bibbed attendants serve grilled burgers made from freshly ground beef, turkey, salmon, and even ostrich sandwiched by buns that are baked in-house daily. Hungry patrons gussy up the meat at a condiment bar stocked with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos and a variety of sauces, then take a seat at tables topped with a black-and-white checkered tablecloths. Sides of cole slaw, baked beans and wedge-shaped fries complete the picture.

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    Sat Oct 27 2007

    Burgers are ok, but everything seems a little more expensive that it should be

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    Fri Oct 26 2007

    Huge burgers and lots of toppings that you can add yourself. Way too easy to overeat here though, and it's a little on the pricey side if you're bringing a fmaily of 5 like we do.

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    Fri Oct 12 2007

    Great place to take your family. They have great atmosphere, courtious staff, are very clean, and the food is great. The menu list offers a good diversity of choices. The prices are fine and the portions generous. You never leave here hungry.

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    Fri Oct 12 2007

    The mercifully few times that I've eaten there make me think the place should be renamed something much ruder and more accurate.

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    Huge portions i couldnt finish mine.Very casual dining and they seem to like to get you out once youve finished eating.Also the ones ive been to had large tables so you ended up eating with strangers which doesnt always appeal.

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    Tue Nov 21 2006

    Walked in, Walked out. The menu board is tremendous and overpowering. It was EXTREMELY confusing to understand.

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    Fri Sep 22 2006

    Having grown up going to Fudruckers, then having all the Fudruckers in Southern California mysteriously vanish, imagine my excitement when moving to Columbia, MD and discovering one just 5 minutes away! The burgers were as awesome as I had remembered, and in addition they had extended their menu as well! Now offering burgers of any/almost every variety if you're not a big beef person. Not only are their burgers outstanding but they have the best fries and their desserts are to die for! If you haven't already... definately check them out. You wont be disappointed.

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    I don't have one of these in my area either, but have been there a couple of times and it is pretty good in that you can put your own stuff on your burger and I love looking at all the pictures.

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    Tue Aug 22 2006

    The burgers are pretty good,and the fixin bar is great:but the bathroom was DISGUSTING!(I'm talking HEALTH HAZARD-complete with visable (not in the toilet)feces and NO soap or towels for handwashing.

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    Mon Mar 27 2006

    I like Fuddrucker's. While I beg to differ with the "World's Greatest Burger" slogan, they are pretty tasty due to the fact that you dress your own. Fuddrucker's by me (Wayne, NJ) has the bakery, the bar area with table service, the general dining area where you place your order when you first walk in, are handed a light-up box to notify you that your order is ready, and then choose your own seating. Once your box thing lights up, you retrieve your food. While you are waiting, the kids can enjoy a few games in the game room. Ours also has a carousel. I find a lot of the times there are several games where we lose money which causes this place to lose points with me. Food selection is very good in my opinion. There is something for everyone. Burgers, Hot dogs, Steaks, Chicken, Salads, Soups, Sides as well as a wide array of beverages which you get yourself. (non-alcoholic is self serve, that is) The fixings bar area has a lot of different toppings and sauces for you to help your... Read more

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    Wed Mar 15 2006

    The burgers are to die for!

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    Thu Mar 02 2006

    WAY overpriced, and not that good. Don't waste your time and money.

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    overpirced but very good. the burgers are great and the desserts are nice. the condiment table is a nice touch. when i was younger i almost choked to death on one of their hot dogs, the skin is too tough. but good, good burgers. and the fries are great

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    Mon Jan 02 2006

    Home of the biggest burger I've ever fit in my face. Delicious to the max, and with all the fixin's for you to doctor it with. I never have the same burger twice, and I can't say that of Burger Fling or I'm Loathin' It. While McDonalds and other fast food will do in a bind, I'd rather spend a little more and get quality and flavor. That goes for the cheezy fries, too. :)

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    Mon Jan 02 2006

    Way, way over priced! Four of us had cheeseburgers there and the bill was over $60. We could have gotten a sack of Big Macs or Whoppers at less than half that with far faster service. We won't be going back.

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    Tue Nov 01 2005

    For starters at this price someone should wait on you. I went to Fuddruckers in Chesapeake VA today, my first time in one of these chains. They asked me how I wanted my burger cooked and I of course said medium. How many ways can you cook a burger? It is not a steak and needs to be fully cooked for health reasons. Once the thing is cooked it is done. For whatever reason they decided to autoclave my patty or something because there was no risk of undercooked mad cow in my juiceless hunk of bovine remnants. Dried beef is fine dining in the mess tent but not what I expect for a $10 dollar burger and fries. There was a nice selection of condiments, and they were very much needed. I have eaten frozen Bubba Burgers that were much better than the thing Fuddruckers served me today. Would I give them another chance? Not likely. I realize some kid whose grades are slipping because he works after school was manning the spatula but ther are too many choices for dining out in the price range to ri... Read more

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    Fri Oct 28 2005

    Great food, fast service. Lots of ways to dress your burger. If you want condiments that aren't out they will get it for you.

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    Mon Sep 26 2005

    The Best burger is Poncabird Pub! Cooked on the grill, in clear view in the middle of the bar! Nothing to hide here!

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    Thu Apr 21 2005

    best burgers around!

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    Sun Apr 03 2005

    you cant really go wrong when you can make your burger the way you like. way too pricey , though

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    Mon Feb 21 2005

    Feb. 21 2005 We have been steady customers of the Fudd for many years and, have been enjoying every bite. That is until today !!! Today,for the Presidents' Day occasion, we made the Fuddrucker's at Annandale,Virginia, our lunch place. BUT !! I regret to tell you that even though the service was as good as before, the quality of the meat( BURGER) and the Portabella were absolutely BELOW the usual standard for the FUDD'S.Mark; 703 729-5027.

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    Wed Jan 19 2005

    If you like huge yummy hamburgers, this is the place for you. The price is a little high, (compared to other hamburger places), but you get a lot of burger for your money. My husband and I eat there often, and never once have we got sick like some other people, maybe the one we have is nicer.

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    Sat Jan 15 2005

    The place may be overrun with screaming kids, but their burgers are worth it.

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    Fri Jan 07 2005

    Very good burgers, nice name too!

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    Thu Dec 30 2004

    Good burger joint, not the place to visit if your on a diet. They are not everywhere yet, so finding one isn't as convient as you might wish.

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    Mon Dec 20 2004

    First of I am not sure if Fuddruckers is in the right catagory. If a sit-down restaurant is some where you sit then it fits but apart from that it does not appear to be a sit down restaurant. For any one who has never been to this establishment, it a little different from what you are probably used to. There is a line where you order and the line at the Fuddruckers we went to was make of glass soda bottles in cases. One of the nice things about this place is you can get a 24oz soda in a glass bottle. Any way, you go throught the line and tell the cashier what you want. They take your name and give you your drinks, which are also available from a self serve fountain. Now remember I mentioned earlier that I had a problem with the catagory, basically because there is no wait service. That said, it's not fast food either so I can see why it is in this catagory, you sit for a while before you get your food. The food was good and the portions where fair. The is a topping bar where you add ... Read more

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    Sat Dec 18 2004

    Awesome food

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    Wed Dec 15 2004

    I love their burgers, almost like you grilled them yourself in your own backyard except you get a lot of great topping choices as well. Nothing beats a Fuddruckers burger and then polish it off with a tall cool Miller Lite.

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    Wed Dec 08 2004

    Great kid's place.

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    Tue Dec 07 2004

    For a truly decent hamburger, they are a good choice. They do have a lot going on and have gone a bit overboard on the decor, like Fridays and a few other chains, but generally, the food is good and the value is fair, too.

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    Wed Nov 17 2004

    I have never liked their burgers.

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    Tue Sep 14 2004

    I love the decor of this place but it is confusing (where to order? Where to pick up?) And I got VIOLENTLY sick on their burgers not once but twice. I've been back, despite this, with friends but had the hot dog instead. No problems, but because of those burgers, I have to give this low marks.

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    Sat Aug 28 2004

    AWESOME! They have great burgers, I wanna go again.

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    Wed Aug 04 2004

    BEST BURGERS in the world!!

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    Bring it on. Gigantic burgers with all kinds of stuff to put on them. Drool.

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    I like the burgers, but the whole service system is kind of odd. It just doesn't work for me. One thing that appealed to my sense of the bizarre is the idea of giving kids balloons in a building full of ceiling fans.

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    Thu Jun 10 2004

    The burgers here are good enough anything else you might find less than perfect, except that you can't order a burger rare.

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    Thu May 27 2004

    Fuddruckers used to be a much better place than it currently is (at least based upon the one that I have frequented). Went there last week after a couple of years absence, and quality had really gone down considerably. My wife asked for a veggie burger, and no one could tell her exactly what was in it - turns out they just come in frozen patties from some supplier, but not even the manager could tell us what the ingredients were. The place we went to (in Virginia) is not kept as clean as it once was, either.

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    Wed Apr 28 2004

    I had the blackened chicken ceasar salad for lunch one Friday and spent the next two days in the hospital from food poisoning. At one point my heart rade dropped to 30 bpm. I was not able to return to work until Tuesday. Fuddruckers insurance company told me it was almost impossible to prove it and would never pay. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK

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    Thu Apr 22 2004

    As other comments have noted, Fuddruckers isn't really a sit-down chain; however, it is something of a hybrid. The chain is essentially an upscale burger place. The difference is that the burgers are thicker and there is a fixings bar that has everything from diced onions, chili, and a multitude of condiments. There is no wait for a refill, as there is a fountain for the customers to treat themselves. In the end, Fuddruckers is a pleasurable dining experience for what it is.

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    Tue Apr 06 2004

    Horrible Food, Horrible Service, Horrible Prices. Every time I eat there, I end up with stomach pain the following day.