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    Thu Apr 30 2009

    First time shopping w/Fry's will be the last. April 15, I ordered a Samsung LCD online. I checked w/the store and was told they did not have it, but a location in Webster, Tx did. Jason, the "supervisor" would order one. It would be in in 3 days. I called in 3 days was told Jason was on vacation, the Webster store did not have any in stock and that it was against store policy to ship discontinued items. The TV was not discontinued from Fry's when I ordered it. The sales associate informs me this TV has been discontinued for months. Even though Fry's still offered it in April of 09. I was then told by Greg, a "supervisor", that an email had actually been sent to Arlington. That store had the TVs in stock. It would take 11 days. The Arlington facility only sends a truck once a week. Today, April 29 was the 11th day. I called and spoke to Greg again. The TV is not coming and they had no way of knowing that beforehand. Apparently, the Arlington store continued selling the TVs until t... Read more

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    Bad custoemr service. Bad online shopping experience. I do lot of online shopping but never with Frys. This was my first time with Frys and very bad experience. Ordered Cordless phone set from them. They confirmed the order by email. Next day, they sent me an email with cancelling the order. I contacted customer service, they said there was "overwhelming response" on the deal and thus we wont be able to fulfil your order. I checked online, item was not out of stock, but it was now full price. Terrible experience! Will never shop Frys online or in store.

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    Fri Dec 05 2008

    frys charged me twice for the same thing and said they voided the first transaction and that it would be credited back to my account within a day. its now been a week and the transactions have both cleared. i called and they said i need to bring them a copy of my bank statement along with my receipt for "proof". they refuse to even look into the situation and said i needed to take it to corporate. bullshit

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    Fry's Concord, CA sold me a new computer with Vista Home installed, then recommended and sold me an upgrade to Vista Ultimate which turned out to be the wrong version (32 bit not 64 bit) that wiped out the drivers needed to operate the system, then told me tough luck and refused to assist me in getting my system operational. $2,600 down the drain. Happy Holidays Fry's.

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    Mon Nov 10 2008

    Occassionally may have really good deals, but many items are defective. Fry's employees are trained salesmen and will promise everything in the world to sell something, then turn an about-face when the item breaks or doesnt do what they say it would. The return department is beyond finicky and unreasonable.If you must shop at Fry's because it's the only store in the state, first find out if the price the item is selling for is fair. Inspect the item and box carefully without opening it (or you will pay for it). Know exactly what you're using the item for. Be very wary of any Fry's employees telling you anything because they generally dont know anything about the item being sold, their main purpose is to brag about it to get it sold. Finally, the point of no return: buy the item and hope it works and holds up for a long time. Warranties are very rarely honored; you will be asked to go to the manufacturer. I know this is BS because other stores such as Best Buy will accept the return and... Read more

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    Sun Nov 02 2008

    I like Fry's. I'm a super computer geek, and I almost always find what I need here (if I don't, I just go to or The five or six returns that I did have to do were taken care of pretty promptly (just make sure you have a receipt. Not having a receipt is the main issue that people use as a "bad customer service" excuse). There was one incident in which they said the serial code on a burned out motherboard didn't match the receipt's, but upon further inspection, they realized they were looking at the wrong code, and the associate recited a canned apology "I apologize on behalf of Fry's Electronics Inc. for any inconveniences caused by this misunderstanding, and hope that we have blah, blah". It almost made me laugh how the associate said it, but what matters is they fixed the issue, so I've got no quarrel with them.

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    Sun Oct 05 2008

    Great prices and huge selection. Everything I have purchased from them has been just fine. I can't say much about the customer service because I usually go there knowing what I want.

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    Thu Sep 11 2008

    don't waste your time or money with these crooks. I got I got a tv from them and didnt even open it and they wont let me return it for my money back,only store credit.

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    Sun Aug 10 2008

    I bought some software at Fry's in Austin that said it was compatible with Windows Vista. It would not install under Vista-64. The customer service desk said that I could only return it for the exact same software. Of course that isn't going to help. I was able to get a store credit after complaining to the store manager for a while. They also tried installing the software, and even they couldn't install it. I will definitely never buy software from Fry's again. I am going to avoid Fry's for everything unless I need something quick and no other local retailers in Austin sell it. I'm sure I won't even consider them for any future HDTV, computer, and appliance purchases. I'll also be happy to let all of my software developer friends at IBM, HP, Dell, PayPal, Ebay, and several other Austin software companies how poor Fry's customer service is... I'm sure they already have their own bad experiences there.

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    Sat Aug 02 2008

    Fry' sucks big time!!! Don't buy from those crooks!!

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    Fri Jun 06 2008

    My experience of Fry's is over a transaction for a Sony Laptop computer purchased from their Las Vegas store - sold to me as having an international warranty - it does not work after 3 days and an international flight as hand luggage. Sony's rubbish service is matched only by Fry's 'don't call us call them' attitude. TELEPHONE ATTENDANCE NOTE Date: 06 June 2008 Time 18:00 GMT Called Las Vegas Frys phone: 011702 932 1400 from number 0208 804 1022 OMI called Frys electronics spoke to Melody (she would not give me her surname and said that there was only one Melody so Melody & her position was enough to identify her) in the customer relations department explained to her the position regarding the laptop I purchased not working she said they have no way of accepting returns and refused to give me a returns number in fact said I could not return it to them. She said Sony was a world wide company and I should go them in the UK I told her that Sony told me that it was not... Read more

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    Fry's is not a store by a common understanding, this is a group of organized and trained dishonest sells people. They have a very methodical system of attracting customers by low advertized elsewhere prices, selling damaged products and them getting anything from the customer using internal hidden rules. This world is full of fools including myself. I bought a number of products from them, including phone (Panasonic), printer (Samsung ML-2150 Laser Printer), and memory stick. None of these items worked as it should, while it is hard or impossible to return and get all your money back. I do not agree that the customer service is bad, they are trained to get as much money from you as possible. Stay away from Frys, time is also money, there is a lot of good stores around!

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    Wed Jan 23 2008

    I am not a "big shopper". Actually, I hate shopping.When we purchased our first house in US, it was the first one, we saw on the market. But, Fry's is an exception. The prices sometimes cannot beat the Internet bargains, but there you can touch and feel the stuff. Big choice of the products. Definitely, you might not find exactly, what you are looking, but the chance is much higher than on any other electronic stores. Everybody compains on the customer service. But, it is also not always true. I get pretty useful leads from the employees, once a while. Returns are much easier than in some other stores, couple of times I could return items with no sales receipt.

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    Tue Jan 15 2008

    Incompetent customer service reps. Big store, poor service. I went to return a dishwasher that I purchased, soon after I found the same exact one at Best Buy for a lot less. I came for a refund which took about an hour. A few weeks later I got my credit card bill without any credit for the return. They told me it could take up to two billing statements for the credit. I still don't believe they have credited me. Just don't shop at Fry's at least in so cal., it's not worth the trouble.

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    Thu Jan 03 2008

    WHY I HATE FRY'S. They had some Nintendo Wii's available for sale for Christmas, but in order to buy one ($249.99), you HAD to buy THEIR assembled bundle of accessories and crap for over $400! It WASN'T a pre-assembled bundle package. It was the standard Wii and a bunch of crap Fry's wanted to force you to buy in order to get their Wii's! FORGET valuing you as a customer, they know you want it, so they've got you. Manipulative and disrespectful. Oh, and we already know how much their customer service and sales reps are ill-informed.

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    Wed Dec 26 2007

    Fry's has one of the worst customer services I've ever experienced. I placed my order online around 1:00pm. They call me to verify billing around 6:00pm. After another three hours, I got the email telling me that due to overwhelming demand or insufficient availability from their supplier(s) they are unable to fulfill my order and the item has been removed from my order because it is no longer available. They suck big time!!!

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    Tue Dec 18 2007

    Despite the bad ratings, the $1,199.00 price tag for the SAMSUNG LNT4065 40" LCD 1080P HDTV was too tempting to dismiss. To my surprise, the television was in stock and was shipped out the next business day. And unlike,, I was billed after I received shipping details. Although, customer service was a bit slow, the website was up to date and I was linked directly to my tracking number. It was a pleasant experience and I will do business with them in the future.

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    Mon Dec 03 2007

    I bought a Harmon Kardon AVR-635 at Fry's in las Vegas, NV. It died in November 2006, not quite 6 months old. I am still trying to get it replaced. Has been sent in for repair 6 times now. Once they set it on the shelf and forgot to send it. I called a month later to check on it and was told it was going out today. Have had repeated conversations with the Manager (what a joke). Las time they sent it in it came back all torn up, sides caved in front busted, etc. They are still screwing around with it and will not let come and pick a new one. Won't be a Harmon Kardon when I do.

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    Sun Oct 14 2007

    Fry's Electronics sell junk crap items and treat their employees like slaves. Employees are over worked and mistreated. Half the shit in the store is broken and their Fry's PC's are overpriced pieces of crap. The store manager in the Fountain Valley store on Kalama River Ave, Everette Martinez is the biggest D*** of all. They have horrible service. The return line is ridiculous, having to wait hours. The employees stand around all day and pretend like they don't see you, so don't bother asking for help.

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    Thu Sep 20 2007

    This particular (4100 Northgate Blvd, Sacramento, CA) Fry's has one of the worst customer services I've ever experienced. The workers ignore and avoid you, the place is disorganized and dirty, and on top of all that the manager is extremely rude. He needs to take some communication classes, because he has the worst people skills I've ever seen. I went to Fry's asking for help because I locked my keys in my car and the manager said there was nothing he could do about it and told me to call triple AAA. So I did, and tried calling my mom for the triple AAA number, but she wouldn't pick up. At the same time I was also late for an appointment, so to save time I decided to look for tools at Frys to help me unlock my car door. I found 2 thin long drilling bit poles, each sold at about 25$ a piece, and bought them thinking I could return them afterwards. To my horror the manager turned me down, told me off in front of everyone saying, "How do you think I feel about you coming to MY stor... Read more

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    Fri Aug 17 2007

    Fry's Return Policy is a ripped off....they do not have a return policy!! Do not buy at Fry's !!!!I bought a microwave, panasonic NN-T655SF, serial#6A36110019, from Fry's electronic a few months ago, but I never open the box until now and it never work. That is, it does not warm or cook the food. I bought the microwave from Fry's Electronic, or the place, where I bought it, Fry's eletronic #7 10800 Kalama River Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, shipped from Panasonic North America, 1600 Central Lane, Roselle, IL 60172. However, I misplaced my receipt so they would not do anything, replace nor refund this product. I talked to Najah Parvez, stirred and apathy look and say no, final word. After calling the 1-408-487-4500, and talking to Kim #408407, did not get a reply nor resolution. Then the store manager came out, his name was Everett Martinez. He did some research on the product and said he would not do anything about it. I brought up about bringing a lawsuit to F... Read more

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    Sun Aug 05 2007

    Until recently I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, and I've shopped at Frys for about 20 years. They've usually got good to great selection in computer and electronic gear, although that has been less the case in the last few years since they decided to stock washing machines, refrigerators, and stoves. They've always got terrible customer service, just barely above the minimum to fend off lawsuits from the California Attorney General. Case in point.... Recently my husband bought a copy of Poser for his new Macintosh laptop at Fry's. The problem was that the Poser box states computer and OS requirements for both PC and Mac, doesn't anywhere indicate that only one of those is present in the Box. A sticker is placed on the box in one location to tell you which is in that box. Naturally, whoever put the price tags on the boxes put the big Fry's price tag *right over the sticker*. So my husband got the Windoze version and figured this out only after opening the box and trying to ... Read more

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    Fri Aug 03 2007

    I purchased two laptops on Dec. 2006, only one shipped, tried to call to get the refund on the other one but no response. Second time, purchased two laptops which were not shipped and it's been 4 months but never seen the refund. Tried to dispute through discover, they took the money back for me. It's a bad company ever, don't buy from them. The manager, Henry, does not manage sale department well.

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    Wed Aug 01 2007

    A naval legend has it that all the ships that wrecked while attempting to circumnavigate the world ended up in the Falkland Islands, the sinkhole of the world. A not-dissimilar legend has it that all the geeks of the world will eventually pass through Fry's Electronics. Most of them end up working there. That's where I used to go all the time in my high school days. While all the cool kids were working or shopping at the mall, I was busily rummaging through motherboards. Fry's has become a little bit more like a blanket electronics store in the last few years, but it would still be difficult to find a female shopper here. The employees are legendary for not being like salespeople anywhere else -- they usually have no idea what's in stock at any given moment, are unwilling to communicate clearly, and completely uninterested in you unless you are a fellow geek. Yet it is a good experience if you know what you're doing. Otherwise I would stay away.

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    I am unhappy with the technician Ventse Troev. For my reasons why, visit the following site: ted=1

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    Sat Jun 23 2007

    I have been shopping @ fry's in DFW since opening day in 1997, and have had a number of both good and bad experiences. As I build my own systems, I mainly use fry's for their vast selection of components, peripherals, etc, opposed to an 'out of the box' system bundle. Customer Service: Knowing the store layout/organization of items can really help you eliminate the incredulous sales people. If you don't know what you're doing, you'd honestly be better off going to a store like best buy, radio shack, or circuit city. Personally, I like the hands off approach to sales that fry's offers. You are greeted upon entry, and as long as you stay out of the appliances, cell phones, or laptop computer areas -- you'll be free of any ravenous sales associates, trying to hunt you down for a comission bounty. I agree with some of the other reviews here, in that the checkout line is a bit much, and could be improved with parallel lines similar to that in walmart. But, on the same note, a $8.0... Read more

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    Thu May 24 2007

    I bought a "refurbished" monitor from Fry's. Prior to buying I asked about the warranty and was told that the manufacturer carried a 3 yr warranty by one of Fry's customer service people. After I recieved the monitor, I found out that the manufacturer only offerred a 90 day warranty. Fry's did give me a RA number but I had to pay the return shipping charges. Had they been honest with me to start, I'd have never bought the monitor. I'll never buy from them again.

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    Wed Apr 25 2007

    Never. I repeat. Never let me loose in there with any large sum of money.

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    Wed Apr 25 2007

    Lotta peeple no like--but itsa good store.

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    I probably speak for myself, but everytime I have gone to Fry's, I have found the best selection for my every electronic need. From LCD televisions, to cameras, to computer parts (towers and hard drives), and to the large selection of DVDs, Fry's has had it all. The only thing I dislike about it, however, is the long lines (and twists and turns) that form towards checkout (which feels like a mouse maze). The prices are about average. But all in all, Fry's is not bad.

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    They sell lightsabers there...

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    Mon Jan 15 2007

    Terrible customer service! I ordered a LCD TV that was marked in stock, three weeks later I'm still waiting and it's now marked back ordered. I sent seven emails and non answered. Inaddition, I called customer service and waited 26 minutes and they couldn't help.

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    Sat Nov 18 2006

    I bought a Sony 57" big screen TV on Nov 1, 2005. It has broken down 3 times now. The last time it was fixed it lasted 2 days. With the extended warranty we bought we have a service named Bo-Jo fixing the TV. The tech is rude and really doesn't care how long it takes to repair our TV. Still waiting for him for the third time but he's to busy. So much for the extended warranty and Frys.

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    Thu Oct 19 2006

    I ordered an item from Frys and they sent me the wrong item. I had to get authorization to return it and its now been three weeks since they have received it and still haven't credited my account, much less processed the return at all. Now they say they have no record of it. I contacted my bank and they are working something out with me. Don't order from these people because they have nasty customer service. I feel as though I was ripped off.

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    Wed Aug 30 2006

    I build computers regularly and shop at Fry's for their selection. 50% of the items I purchased are defective and had to be returned for another item.

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    Tue Aug 29 2006

    initially I choose FREE ground shipping, but the website automatically to 2 day shipping without my knowledge. have a hard time getting my shipping to change to FREE ground shipping as ordered, and worse of all, before I have a chance to talk to the supervisor, the items was shipped. to make the matter worse, if I have choosen the FREE ground shipping, the item would have been arrived, when they told me that they were going to shipped the item. in addition, the item box was bent, that causes the item shipped to get bent as well. the customer service was the worse, the least helpful, and didn't want to help at all.

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    Mon Apr 10 2006

    Not a place to go if you have no clue. Large, intimidating warehouse environment, and it can be hard to get help if you are not looking for a big ticket item. However, selection is usually good to execllent and there are some bargains to be had. I have purchased a large number of items from them, mostly computers and peripherals and, with the exception of a Panasonic portable DVD player, I have been completely satisfied. Per internet, that Panasonic unit is flawed design, many purchasers have problems with unit failure, I can't blame Frys. Not too hard sell on warranties, etc. Minor but irritating complaint - checkout operation is ridiculous and busted. Stores all set up a Disneyesque snaking line, and you have to wait to be directed to a cashier. This process gets very slow during peak shopping season like Christmas. Be prepared for a long wait - maybe bring lunch! There really isn't anything unique about their product so I can't understand why everty other electronics reta... Read more

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    Fri Jan 27 2006

    It was an O.K. experience because I got my money back with in 30 days. I baught a computer (Top of the Line) Fry's Brand, $1600.00 for the CPU. Dual core, 2 gig ram, yadah yadah yadah, I had better luck with my $400.00 E-machine. I Do design with autocad and stuff, and I need to use the total capacity of the computer. They replaced one of them for me after numerous crashes and instability. I tried to make it work, but it would not. The new machine? It took 10 minutes to reboot, and still would not act stable. I ordered a Dell, and have never looked back. It was cheaper, faster, and I even got a mouse pad.

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    Fri Jan 06 2006

    I already know that frys sucks. but i figured if i buy a SONY laptop from them, i'd be in the safe zone. So i buy the sony laptop and also the extended warranty. 8 months later... the hard drive crashes (defective hard drive) not characteristic of sony. perhaps they remove the sonly HD and replace it with a cheaper one and sell the sony HD. But anyway. The tech realizes its a bad hard drive and he tells me we'll replace the hard drive and load an operating system. it will take 3 days... first of all, im thinking "why 3 days?" i can replace the hard drive and load an operating system in a few hours. But i wanted to take advantage of my warranty, so i say ok... its been 10 days now and they still havn't finished installing a new hard drive, and loading an operating system. HONESTLY, HOW HARD IS IT TO DO THAT??!?! it would only take minutes to replace the hard drive, then an hour or two to load the operating system. FRYS electronics SUCKS i will never buy ANYTHING from there ev... Read more

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    Tue Jan 03 2006

    Large selectin of junk, most of the stuff they sell is refurbished. You can find anything there, except what you're looking for. The "great "helpers" (if you can find one) are usually clueless, only a handful of employees now what they're doing. Fry's deliberately and maliciosly sells the defective ECS motherboards, the story is absolutely genuine. They are aware of it and continue to frantically promote and sell them almost exclusively. They are to blame as much as the manufacturer. The scam is, it takes a long time to figure out what's wrong with brand new computer, after trying everything you can think of, including re-installing the operating system several times, you finally realize that it's a mainboard problem, but by that time it's too late to return it. So you go back and buy a different one, and while you're there, you pick-up something else. It works for Fry's, they have the promo fliers posted right there, by the "returns" line, so you have plenty of time to plan a shopping... Read more

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    Wed Dec 28 2005

    DO NOT BUY ECS MOTHERBOARDS!!! I bought 4 of them from Fry's a few month ago for my office network. They all crashed frequently and it took a while to figure out that the motherboard was the cause. Since they come in a package deal with procesors, you cannot return them after 15 days. If you are lucky enough to diagnose the problem, disassemble the computer, put the motherboard back in the origional box along with all the crap that came with it and return to Fry's within 15 days, they'll send you back home to get the processor as well, otherwise no refund. Last week I bought another ECS motherboard, this time a different model, with the same problems. Before you call me stupid, check out your nearest Fry's, they have ECS boards stacked up to the ceiling, and a just a few boxes of a different brand scattered around, all with a "returned" sticker on them. They only offer ECS motherboard/processor combos and if you want just the processor, you can buy it elsewhere for less. Stay away from... Read more

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    Wed Dec 28 2005

    Prob the largest selection of home audio/video and computer products I have laid eyes on. Does have a warehouse feel to it with how product is laid out. Great helpers scattered all around makes it a technician's dream, not to mention the competitive pricing. Even can keep up with website prices on a lot of stuff. UPDATE: if you want to review specific items that Fry's sells, do so on the appropriate item listings, or make your own weblist of them. Do not blame the retailer for a manufacturer's real or perceived deficiencies. I would rather see your rating of the return policies and procedures, in this case. Speaking of returns, I had my first failure of an AMD processor that I purchased with a friend at Fry's, one the unlucky few to have a DOA. I took the processor back the next day, and they were happy nont only to swap out the processor, but the mainboard that I purchased as well. (was a combo set) They understood my concerns about a DOA processor damaging the mainboard and were quit... Read more

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    Mon Oct 03 2005

    I bought a Fujitsu Laptop from Fry's. I got the full-extended warranty. It has never worked right. Many hardware problems they have never fixed. On my Fourth time brining it in to be repaired after holding it another 4 months they did nothing to fix it. Instead they tried to charge me 100 bucks just to get my broken computer back. On top of that they want another 500 to allegedly fix it. It is well under there warrantee period. They made a false clam of water damage. I guess they just made it up. They clamed they have pictures. Most of the time this computer has been in their possession or with me not working. I will be filing a lawsuit. Over the years I have heard many bad things about this Frys. I though buying a name brand computer I would be safe. I was wrong! DONT BUY ANYTHING AT FRYS!!! I bought a Triton file server that never worked. I several friends who have bought different things there all have been defective in some way. DONT BUY ANYTHING AT FRYS!!! You have been warned.

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    Tue Aug 23 2005

    FRys Electronics of Woodland Hills California Fry's Electronic of Woodland Hills, California has with out a doubt worst customer service of any store of this type I have ever visited, Specially the computer repair department. I bought two Sony Lap top at this location and I had full warranty coverage for both of this Lap top for 5 years. Fry refuse to repaire these two sony lap tops after numerouse repairs attemps and refuse to replace me with comarible new computer insted they came up with the suggestion that I have Liquide damge on both of my computer, which in fact I did not have any liquid spill or damge on my computer. I asked him to show me where is the damge he couldnot show me the damge and he ran awayand hid himself in one of t6he offcie which is behind the counter and never dare to come out. When I asked him for let me talk to your manager he said I am a manager in charg. I asked for his name and number he gave me store number.Finally I got the name of the store manager from... Read more

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    Wed Apr 06 2005

    I spent 45 minutes trying to purchase an advertised product. The management is clueless. I went over to the product and brought back the sign of the sale item and they told me that the price was too low and there must have been a misprint in the paper ad along with the store sign that had the advertised price on it. This store is just too bad for words.

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    Fri Feb 25 2005

    Fry's has without a doubt the worst customer service of any store of any type that I have ever seen. Not to mention some of the most clueless employees in the world.

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    Sat Jan 15 2005

    Their selection is impressive, I'll give them that. Even though their customer service is the bottom of the barrel, it's nice to have them around as an option for those items you can't find anywhere else, especially if you don't need help finding or (heaven forbid) returning said items.

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    Thu Nov 25 2004

    i shopped at fry's for years even though our local store was painted like a cow and mooed at you, with several bad experiences. the last time i went there was just stupid. the day before i was discharged from the army after a couple years in afghanistan, i had scruffy hair and still had my beard(required by my military service) i had just woken up and threw an adidas jumpsuit on--i looked like a criminal according to fry's. I need to reitterate that i am not a big strong guy, or particularly violent, or generally in a bad mood, but today was a bad day. i just needed one $35 item and waited in their obnoxious line until it was my turn. i walked to the register that the girl told me to go to and made my purchase. as I was putting my wallet in my back pocket i felt the distinct feeling of being frisked, without thinking i threw an elbow and backed it up turning my body, arm, and wrist, grabbing around a neck. next thing i know there is 16 year old girl lying on the floor with a bl... Read more

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    Mon Oct 04 2004

    Frys has the best prices! They have the best selection! They make money by having the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. ONLY go there if you know exactly what you want and it's on sale. DO NOT GO THERE if the item is NOT ON SALE, or if you don't know exactly what you want. I recommend looking online (Amazon) then going to Frys to purchase the item. NEVER buy a whole computer from them (unless it is from Sony), NEVER get computer repaired there. ALWAYS return items on the weekday before noon, after than and on the weekends its a MAD HOUSE. NEVER buy anything that has a returned sticker on it, in fact, don't even by the product if ALL you can find is previously returned items. Some products simply DON'T WORK, but Frys will keep selling them untill the stock is out. THEY DON'T RETURN FAILED ITEMS, they just sell them for cheaper the next week. So long as people buy the stuff at half price, some don't bother with returning it. Oh, they've gotten alot better about their Mail in Rebates, b... Read more

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    Sat Aug 28 2004

    This is coming from a view from the other side of things. 1st of all i used to work there until i quit. 2nd 3 starts because you'll either hate it, or love it. this is why for both. FIRST THE GOOD.You will love this place just because of its large selection of items. You can find alot of models of items that other stores dont carry. example, i havent seen any other store carry as big of selection of laptops. If you go in the store knowing what you want and looking for you will love this place. And now for the BAD. Finding help can be hard. Finding good help can be harder. Of the sales people in the computer area, about 25% will be totally honest and get you what you need and want, the rest are just trying to make commission. Good luck finding help in the components section RAM, motherboards, processors they are always understaffed, maybe 1 or 2 employies in that area and like at least 5-10 customers waiting if not more. You also wont find help in the DVD area. Most of the dirt cheap it... Read more

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