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French Bulldog

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    Cute little people dogs that thrive on attention. They do need some moderate exercise and make great animals if you live in a small appartment building. Other positives for this dog is that they are fairly calm, barking is usually minimal, and grooming and sheeding is simple. On the negative side, care should be taken with these dogs in the outside world. For example, they don't tollerate cold temperatures, they are not good swimmers, and some develop same sex aggression.

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    Sat Feb 13 2010

    Ok here is the real deal details. I have two dogs a french bulldog, Tinsley, and a shih-tzu, Puddles. Both are great dogs. Tinsley the french bulldog is a sweet lovable, friendly girl, gets along with everyone. She has a really loud annoying bark though but you get used to it over time. She loves to fight (don't freak it's just playing) with my other dog and she chases cats. Right now I don't know if its a stage or what but she likes to go outside and come back in and then go out constantly I think it may be the cold temperature she likes outside but I'm not sure. She used to like to chew on wood but the habit was easy to break with good chewing bones good toys. If your thinking about geting a frenchie I say yeah go ahead they have there bad habits and obnoxious barks but they aren't mean dogs they wouldn't hurt a fly purposely and they love you know matter what. You have to understand no dog is perfect but all dogs are great.

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    The French Bulldog is a fun, loyal companion. They are excitable but generally have low to medium energy, and are good for apartments. Mine likes to take walks but generally sleeps 12 hours a day. They can be mischievous but are not annoying barkers. They make good guard dogs because of their fantastic hearing. They are very clown-like sometimes and have their own peculiar personality. In a group of dogs they will definitely be like the joker/annoying persona. Somewhat trainable, but don't expect any miracles, but generally are low maintenance.

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    This should answer any questions about French Bulldogs:

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    These dogs might be great to have one on one, but in a group of dogs they can be hell!! We have had a couple of them in the Doggy Day Camp where I work and they can really be pests. First off..that bark!! Has to be one of the worst sounds I have ever heard. When they bark at other dogs, it seems like they never stop!!! They always seem to love a fight, whether starting one or getting in on one with the other dogs. Drives me crazy. Just because they are small, these dogs are firecrackers!! They have no fear and don't care when they get on other dogs nerves. Each one that I have had in the Doogy Day Camp has been bit because they don't know when to stop. Terrible manners...such a pity!

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    Very interesting little guys! I like them.

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    Tue Mar 11 2008

    Frenchies are amazing.. I have two and love them more than anything. I will always love the breed they are so sweet and funny..  I wish I had room for more!!!!!

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    Thu Jun 28 2007

    I've known two people who owned them. The damn things are professional leg-humpers. Persistant little buggers about it, too.

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    Tue Apr 17 2007

    Frenchies are the greatest man-made breed in my book. Playful, fun-loving, friendly, expressive, emotionally engaging, intellegent and by a landslide-- the cutest. I've never met one I didn't like.Health concerns you ask? Uhmmmmmm.... why ruin a perfectly nice rating?

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    Thu Mar 15 2007

    great little guys

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    We just lost our best little friend on Friday, July 15, 2005. Needless to say our hearts are broke. My husband and I are just wandering around the house just lost. We miss are little boy Yoda so much. He gave us so much love and SOOOO many laughs. Frenchies make wonderful pets.

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    Fri Jan 21 2005

    We have 2 frenchies Bogey (2yrs old)and Bella (3 monthsold) and they are the best dogs we've ever had. Extremely affectionate and wonderful companions. Great with everyone of all ages! They are little characters that love to make you laugh. They rarely bark, but let you know when something isn't quite right with a little, deep growl. They love to be our side wherever and whenever we go. They are very smart and easy to train. A TRUE, LOYAL companion to the end. 2 wonderful blessings to our family.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    I had a French Bulldog for 13+ years. He was a fantastic dog. He was a rugged little guy and he did have a tendency to growl and scare strangers & vets but it was all show. He was as gentle with kids and other animals as a dog could be.He trained quickly and was very clean. He was loyal and a really good watchdog.He lived a healthy life. I highly recommend the French Bulldog.

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    Fri Nov 26 2004

    They are nice dogs, if only they weren't so damn ugly.

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    Thu Sep 16 2004

    This breed has won my heart. Our Frenchie is approaching his 1st birthday. He is great with kids and other dogs. And when things get a little dull, he knows how to change the pace and keep us smiling.

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    We got our little frenchie Truman three weeks ago and already he has stolen our hearts!! I personally think Bulldogs and especially the french are the cutest dogs around and to those people who do not agree BOO!!!. They are great with children, lovable, smart, and an absolute perfect dog!

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    Sat Apr 10 2004

    Frenchie's are gorgeous! Our little Frenchie is Oscar and he's adorable - he looks just like a rabbit when he runs and he has the face of a bat! He's very playful, quiet and is great with children. He has a cute little habit of getting stuck in the bathroom and pooping all over the floor!

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    Wed Dec 17 2003

    one word.. YODA.. they are sooo cute! they look like pugs with straight ears.

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    Sat Nov 08 2003

    This and the pug are among the ugliest things I've seen in my life. Get one if you think a fat rat is cute.

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    Fri Jun 27 2003

    I want one so bad! are they good with children?

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    Wed Apr 23 2003

    The best of the bulldogs. Very adorable and don't need a lot of grooming. Funny little guys that love to play.

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    Tue Jan 28 2003

    Frenchies deserve their reputation as little clowns. Ours makes us laugh everyday. He is affectionate, silly, great with children, and though he enjoys spending time with us, he is not a nuisance. I have never heard my 3 yr. old Frenchie cry or growl. He is perfect!

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