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    Fri Aug 13 2010

    My husband purchased my engagement ring at Fred Meyer Jewelers. At the time of purchase he was told that it would be no problem to later put a different stone in the setting, and that the extended lifetime warranty would cover all of the gold work that would be needed. He bought the ring, and the warranty. We returned to the store with the new stone to be set in the ring and were told that they would not set it for us. The warranty didn't cover that kind of work, and the jeweler on-site didn't feel it could be done. We explained that the reason we had purchased the ring from them in the first place was because we had planned to use the specific setting with another stone, and had been told that it would be no trouble at all. We then offered to pay for any extensive gold work if that was the issue. The current sales woman said that they would check with a few of their other jewelers and see if they had someone who would set the stone for us. I was on board with this plan, and at the... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    I bought my fiancees engagement ring here last year. Within the first 2 months of her wearing it, one of the stones fell out somewhere; luckily they replaced the ring completely free of charge. But that's not the worst part...their supposed 12 or 6 month "interest free" is completely a lie. The only way it's interest free on a new Fred Meyer credit account is if you pay off the purchase in the time frame. However, I stupidly slacked off and only paid a hundred or so above what the amount due was the whole year. When the year was up, my very next bill included well over $500.00 in interest charged for the entire year that I was supposedly interest free...Plus the interest that they are charging is a COMPLETELY ridiculous 26.99%!!! And when asked to lower the interest rate on the account, they said, we're sorry, there's nothing that we can do on this type of account. The statement has been all types of different amounts of credit month before the interest was tacked on, it said... Read more

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    My husband and I went to Fred Meyer at Alderwood Mall in Washington State to shop for our wedding rings on 2007. Fred Meyer was the first store we walked by. So we decided to give our it a visit. Their diamond collection didn't seem too bad. The teller acted really nice and dishonestly provided false information on their EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN, which she called it as A PROTECTION PLAN. We didn't have much time to plan our wedding back then because the day before that day we found out that my father had only three months left to live from his liver cancer. His last wish was walking me down the aisle. At that time my husband and I were so busy to honor my father's wish so we were not that much picky and relied on Fred Meyer jewelry seller, who based on lies to make a sale ( I really don't know why Fred Meyer could hire these people to work for them or these tellers were trained to fool people to buy Fred Meyer jewelry and do what ever it take even telling lies to make sales.) However, we ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    I recieved two gifts from Fred Meyer Jewelers: 1. a birthday ring from my mother priced at $750 2. an anniversary ring from my fiance priced at $250 My bitter resentment towards Fred Meyer Jewelers only grows for ruining what are supposed to be pieces of jewelry meant to signify a priceless moment in time. I feel sheer disappointment everytime I look at the pieces I am wearing on my hands but the worst is when I see the disappointment in my fiance's and mother's face when they look at how the jewelry has fallen apart in a matter of a couple months. Thank you, Fred Meyers, for giving my mother and fiance pieces of street rock for their hard earned money and their sheer good intentions to give me a pleasing gift. I would have much rather had a sterling silver ring for $20 dollars and save my family the money and disappointment. Fred Meyers Jewelers "Must Knows": 1. The diamonds are horrible quality (less than average clarity and less than average color) and they are way over priced! ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 20 2010

    I don't give this store any stars. I have a ring that they say the warrenty is no good on, have to pay to have stones reset, or tighten up. Every 6 months I take my ring in, and as usual my ring needs a repair. Will never buy jewely there again.

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    Fri Jan 15 2010

    In short, Fred Meyers Jewelers ruined my anniversary gift by failing to deliver on more than one occassion. I tried buy my wife a special ring for our fifth wedding anniversary. One month beforehand, I stopped by Fred Meyers Jewelers in Washington Square Mall (Tigard, OR). The salesman I met with was helpful and told me my customized (i.e., 2 diamonds replaced with birthstones) ring could be completed in a short time. He agreed to call me the next day with a price quote; Unfortunately, a week went by with no call and I was too busy to be running back and forth to the mall. I tried a closer store (Walker rd in Beaverton, OR) but the results were no better. The salesman I met with assured me the job would get done and gave me a quote upfront. I returned the next day and put the money down, expecting I would receive the ring in two weeks. When I got the call that the ring was done, I was really excited. It was just in time. However, when I went to pick it up, I immediately noticed th... Read more

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    Wed Nov 25 2009

    Do not use these hacks! I took my husband's Tag Heuer watch in for a battery replacement in May. They supposedly sent it to Tag for the service however I thought it odd that they didn't set the current time when I picked it up. Shortly thereafter the watch started losing time so I took it back in. They called me the next day and quoted $239 for a complete overhaul by Tag. When I called the store back to authorize the overhaul the lady assumed I was calling to check the status and told me it was sent out and would be back in a week. I informed her that I was calling to authorize the service. Obviously she was NOT listening to me. I asked how long the service was warranteed and she told me 18 months and said the watch would be done in one week. Two weeks pass with no call from Fred Meyers so I called to check the status. They needed another five days. Five days pass, no call. I call them back again. The lady then quotes me $279 to have it serviced and asks me if I want to proceed. At t... Read more

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    They really do care about the customer. It is all about how to make the customer happy. Next time you walk into a Fred Meyer Store, see how long it take for someone to help you or did they give there name or ask yours, did they offer a charge card, or protection plan. They do want to make every customer happy. But. For the employees. The company only cares about what they sell to you. and nothing else. So be kind to the employees. The are doing what they are told to do to keep a job.

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    Mon Aug 17 2009

    I purchased a new wedding band from Fred Meyer for my wife on our 25th anniversary and have been unhappy with it from the beginning. I purchased the warranty also, which was the only smart thing I did. We have had the ring repaired due to loose and missing stones several times and now we are told that the warranty has expired and we have to pay to have the stones fixed. (They are all loose this time). This was not a cheap ring and I had no idea that the FM merchandise was so shoddy. When the problems started, I asked about a trade and was offered a credit toward an "upgrade". They refused to make good on the ring we had purchased. They have been habitually slow, unresponsive and uncaring and refused to make good on a product that was obviously defective in the first place. I would never spend another dime in Fred Meyer.

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    Wed Jun 24 2009

    I wish I could give them zero stars, because that is all that they deserve. After 5 months of misplaced orders, switching contacts (one was FIRED), and general buffoonery, I have asked for a full refund, which at least they will give me. It's a REALLY good thing I decided to search and buy a wedding band so far in advance of my wedding in September that when I start looking elsewhere, I will still have time to get a band. Thanks for wasting all my time and effort...

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    This is one of the worst companys I have been associated with. My fiances ring is not even a year old and it is in again for a loose stone. The first time a tang broke of and they said they would have to replace the whole ring, now after the 6 month inspection they say i have to pay for this repair because i didn't buy some b/s coverage policy. The new ring that is broken is not even 6 months old. They will not even warrenty there own work. Never again will we do buisness from them.

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    Sacramento, Arden Fair Mall location. Excellent. I was scared to death after dropping off my diamond to be re-mounted and then coming home to read these reviews. I bugged the manager about where they will store it and how long it would take. I dropped it off on Dec 23rd, the ring was overnighted and my diamond was mounted and ready to pick up by 4:30 x-mas eve! Can't speak for the other locations but I would definately refer the Arden Mall location.

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    Custoner Service Sucks, it took 7 days to ship a overnight order. For Christmas. Took several days to contact. When finally contacted they don't seem to care.

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    Sun Jun 22 2008

    My wedding set was purchased from Fred Meyer 2 years ago. In that time I have and to take it in 4 times to have stones replaced because they have fallen out. Ring was special ordered (for sizing) and it was never related to us that the setting may not be the best for the size we needed the ring. The employees have been rude and show no compassion. At this point I no longer want the ring but the only way to get rid of it is to upgrade to a ring twice the amount and that still means i have to deal with the hassle of owning something from Fred Meyer. We should have never bought a ring from a place that started from a grocery store.

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    Tue May 27 2008

    The worst experience ever!! We purchased our engagement ring at Fred Meyer, and decided to "upgrade" the center diamond. We got it back and the diamond was crooked, the prongs were uneven, and my platinum band was cracked. We told them to forget the "upgrade" and replace my original diamond, they did but with a white gold center mount in my warped platinum band that now had 5 cracks in it. Sent me to another store to "fix" the problem by getting me a new ring. The pricing seemed to increase dramatically after this and we ended up getting a refund of the purchase price from 1999,an amount that would not buy the same ring in 2008. I'm was happy to get that money back and take my business elsewhere!!

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    Tue Apr 22 2008

    All the other jewelers in the area wouldnt help me with my watch batteries. Staff at Fred Meyer always eager to help with even the smallest of problems!  Monterey, cal

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    Tue Jan 15 2008

    Not happy with Fred Meyer. My husband gave me a necklace he purchased there for Christmas and the chain broke in less than two weeks. I promptly took it back to the same store he bought it at, armed with the original receipt, and was told, "Oh, it's too bad he didn't buy the protection plan." The sales person did offer to solder the necklace if I left it there, but it was a very delicate necklace, and the break was near the front, where a solder would definitely be noticeable. After I declined that offer, she said she had some nice chains on sale and I could buy another one! When I asked if she could replace the broken one, she said no! And then she added, "They really shouldn't put those pendants on chains that thin, they always break!" Will never shop there again.

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    Thu Aug 02 2007

    Very lazy employees. Older, fat men that move like snails and could care less if anyone needed anything or wanted to purchase. My husband purchased a ring there for me which I do like. The older fat guy should just retire on the beach bc it's too much for him to move his lard-butt to do anything. Instead --- go to Osterman Jewelers, they actually give great service every time you go in and the ladies are very helpful and friendly.

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    I've shopped at Fred Meyer Jewelers for years and they honostly make me feel like they care about me and what I buy.  The new store inside the Kroger location on Sawmill raod in Columbus has a Fred Meyer Jewelers inside of it and it's amazing!!!!  So is the staff there!!!!   Ask for the manager in that store he's always treated us really well.  Best of all, now I don't have to go to the mall for jewelery.  If you haven't shopped them, take a look before you buy. You'll be glad you did. They're polite and very helpful.  I've been to stores of there's all over the country and it's alway a good experience.   Also, people seem to know what thery're doing and the stores are clean.  I trust them because they've always taken great care of me and also all my family members.

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    Tue Jun 26 2007

    I have never had a lot of money for jewelry but my Dad was a jeweler and I learned to to appreciate the nice stuff. I purchased my wifes wedding ring set from Fred Meyer Jewelers and cannot say enough good about the product and the way I was treated. I shopped most of the other jewelers in our town and found the best quality, selection and price at Fred Meyer Jewelers. The customer service was good although I had to wait for a few minutes because they were busy. I appreciated the fact that they took the time to explain the different qualities of diamonds (not like the ravenous wolves at the other jewelry chains). We had them solder them together and upgrade the middle diamond. The person that did the work did a great job and we got it within an hour! I purchased the 3 year warranty and after a year I have had it dipped three times more than paying for the warranty over again. I recommend Fred Meyer Jewelers to everyone I know.

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    Mon Jun 11 2007

    Fred Meyer Jewelers they are suck theirs warranty good only for 3 years so if you need some work to be don on your ring it gona cost you more maney then you think we just got a call from manager :) $114.00 it just a rip off i'm not gona buy anything from them anymore salem, OR

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    Thu May 24 2007

    I bought a necklace from them as a Mother's day present for my wife. When she tried it on, the chain fell right back off. The link behind the clasp wasn't closed. I'd bought the extended warranty and the salesman / diamontologist (Norman Gerber) told me that if anything went wrong with the chain within 3 years, they'd replace it. Well, being that the chain failed a day after I bought it, I thought that was a pretty strong case to have it replaced. When I brought it back, Norman said they'd solder it for me (not replace it as he told me when I bought the warranty). I didn't complain, as long as the link was closed and the thing wouldn't fall off, I'd be happy. When I came back to pick it up, it was in an envelope marked "could not solder". Norman looked at the clasp under his loop and declared that the marking was a mistake and it was soldered. Since there was a difference of opinion between the salesman and the repair person, I thought I'd check it out for myself. I happen to work in a... Read more

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    Fri Dec 15 2006

    Just a horrible misleading and dishonest store in Wasilla Ak.I purchased a class ring for my son that was never sized correctly and they tried to substitute a cheaper ring after months of trying to get it sized. Never, never, never deal with these crooks.

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    Sat Apr 15 2006

    I brought my three stone diamond ring into their re styling sale and was excited at the new look my ring was going to take. After 3 hours I called to see if I could pick up my ring and they told me that they were running behind so my husband was going to pick it up. He arrived an hour after the "promised" time and was told they were making final touches and they would call him when it was ready. A hour later he called me to tell me he was going home and they had not called. This is 6 hours after I dropped off my ring. I called and asked to speak to the manager and I was put on hold and then told they would call me back. She did call me back 45 minutes later to tell me that my diamonds had been stolen from the store. After all the lies and cover up I hope no one will trust this jeweler again.

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    Fri Apr 07 2006

    Horrible service. I bought a ring w/o negotions as well as the $25 3-yr warranty. I had it resized and when I picked it up the next day, there was a dent on the band where it was hollow, right under one of the stones. I didn't notice this until I got home. I brought it back a few days later and told them I got a defective ring and wanted to return it. Jim, who I'm assuming was the store manager, was rude and unapproachable and refused to refund what I paid for the warranty, saying that it covers the resizing and was absolutely non-refundable, which I was NEVER told about during time of purchase. I'm going to write to their corporate headquarters.

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    Sat Mar 18 2006

    Elderly women leaves heirloom to be sized and signs off on a generic (and inaccurate, but she didn't notice) description. The description happened to fit perfectly a piece of 10K junk in the case and that is what they are trying to give her back. Another reviewer asked if anyone else had had an experience similar to hers and the answer is yes. At least two employees there have proven themselves to be dishonest. Convenience and price aren't worth it if your pieces are precious. Stay away, I wish I would have. Store of concern is is SW WA.

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    Sat Jan 14 2006

    It is OK store. Staff is usually friendly, price is OK if the have their 35% off sale (which they have quite often - for diamonds or at the month of a stone). A lot of nice design made from 10 ct gold, too bad. They have nice selection of color stone jewelry and Sitara pearls collection.

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    Mon Jan 02 2006

    I have been dealing with Fred Meyer for almost 11 years. I had just been in to Fred Meyer to buy, non the less, milk, diapers, and bread, when I remembered it was my wife's birthday the next day. I had a full work load and did not have time to do any shopping. So, I pushed my cart full of groceries into Fred Meyer Jewelers and started looking. I met this wonderful sales associate Dee. She smiled, greated me warmly, and treated me respectfully. I was not well off at the time, and could only afford very little. But she did not seem to mind and took time to show me several small pendants in the under $100 range. About a week later, and my wife was wearing the nice pendant Dee had picked out, I received a thankyou card and a birthday card for my wife that Fred Meyer had sent me. Ever since then, I have only shopped at Fred Meyer Jewelers. They care about the little guy as much as the guy with all the money. Thanks Fred Meyer for making me and my wife feel special. I may only spe... Read more

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    Sat Nov 12 2005

    Although I now work for Fred Meyers, I was "recruited" while shopping for a friend. Speaking of that experience, i found their policies to be extremely helpful. they offered me a deal and allowed some room for negotiation on the necklace more so than the other stores I visited. I actually felt like a valued customer. on another note, as an employee and the office manager, I can say that we try our best to accomodate all customers. We can be sloppy, however, so if you buy from us or get jewelery repaired from us, be sure to make the salesperson write down all your information on the slip so you can be contacted when your stuff is ready. we tend to lose items frequently, and if you stay on the employees to get your stuff back immediately, you will have a better experience. also, regarding jewelery repairs, each shop differs in how and who makes the repairs. it's a good idea to ask for the repairer's credentials before agreeing to have him/her do any substantial work on your belongings. m... Read more

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    Fri Nov 11 2005

    Me and my husband went to Fred Meyer to buy our wedding band and we were treated very nice the sales person made us think we were buying jewelry in a nice and professional place. They didn't have my size so they told me it would take 6 weeks for my ring to get ready. After 6 weeks I called Fred Meyer and they didn't know where my ring was not even had any information about it. They did not return my call and I had to call 4 more times to ask about it. After 9 weeks I got fed up with it and I went to the shop to get my money back. The assistant manager Andrea was very rude and unhelpful and accused that was not her fault since she didn't sell the ring to me. They were totally unprofessional and irresponsible. And the people whom sold the ring to us were not working in that store anymore. I also bought an insurance with the ring in case of diamond lost and they didn’t return the money saying that the price I paid was for the adjustment of the ring I didn’t even get. I do not recommend ... Read more

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    george johns comment is idiotic! Being in the security business a jewelry store cannot divulge to its employees they are closing. It is a huge security risk. I also have shopped at FRED MEYER AND HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT EXCELLENT SERVICE. ONE OF MY RINGS HAD BEEN SHIPPED LATE FROM ANOTHER STORE. SO THE MANAGER ACTUALLY DROVE IT TO MY HOUSE FOR ME. ONLY A 500 RING BUT THAT WAS VERY UNEXPECTED. TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    Bought my fiancee his wedding band at Fre Meyer Jewelers on 10/17/04. Had it resized. When I went to pick it up. The band actually look warped. I requested that they redo the ring. When I went to pick it up the second time. It was no longer the same ring style. They actually took off the satin finish off the band and tried to pass it off as the original ring. I requested that they replace the ring. Went back today 11/29/04 (Wedding is on 12/5/04. No ring yet. I requested a refund and it took me two hours just to convince their corporate office to give me my money back. I couldn't believe the service that I received after paying cash for a 1ctw wedding band!

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    Fri Sep 24 2004

    purchased an engagement ring and matching band---never has been correctly reset from the first time I had the ring sized and the center stone was reset in a safer mount not by choice. Later noticed a feather in the stone that I know was not there when purchased. Now having had the matching bridal band sized for a third time have also noticed carbon spots of which again were not there at original purchase. I know that you always hear the stories and are told never to leave your rings overnight...I had not choice and did trust that the same items would be returned and now think differently. I also have a few ladies mentioning a certain employee who was caught switching a center stone and I would like to know if this is true??? Have any of you had similar experiences. Also---I have had my ring rodium and re-rodiumed more than just a few times...can't say the quality of merchandise is at all satifying thus far and realloy have tried hard to warn others as they choose a ring of a lifetime a... Read more

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    Wed Apr 14 2004

    We had our ring custom made with Fred Meyers. We have had to take the ring back every month since we have had it.They have scratched it, gave us the wrong diamonds. Forgot to put a prong on it, and the management wouldn't respond to a letter we wrote. They ignored us and did a horrible job. I absolutely would never recommend them.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    Management knew the store was closing but acted as if everything was as usual. Customers had to go 35 miles to pick up repairs and layaways when they could have been told the store wouldn't there when the repair was completed.