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Forever 21

Multinational fast fashion retailer headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States Website

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Affordable, cute clothes but I could never go into this store to buy anything. It is always a MESS and there is WAYYYY too much stuff in there. I get a sensory overload and just end up leaving because they have way too much merchandise.

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    Thu Jul 21 2011

    I live in T.O and go to the one at Vaughan Mills. Many times I have seen something i like and wanted to know if there were anymore. I was always shut down with a swift *no*. The employess there are all college or uni kids who couldnt care less about the customers. Its not just at that location. Basically at every forever 21 the employess are rude. itss mostly the girls though. I seriously think theyll just hire anyone with looks. Even the people at hollister are ten times nicer.The cashiers dont give two shits about you. They take your things scan them and shive the bag at you while they talk to their co workers. Its even worse in the change rooms...I waited in line while they talked to each other...I would file reports on all the emloyees there. I dont understand how these idiots get jobs

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    Mon Jul 18 2011

    HAD THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE TODAY !!!! ! I ordered 20+ items online and they arrived today. I found 2 that had poor stitching on it- also found a white shirt that has a boot mark in dirt on it....and another shirt with numerous HOLES in it- almost like cigarette holes- about that size in various places on this shirt- there was no bag and no tag attached to it- and it looked like it was a return that they just threw in my box as new. I called the customer service number and this man that I talked to told me that he had to file a damage claim with UPS!!!! Really- ?? He proceeded to tell me that the items would never leave their factory in that shape- so it was UPS's fault... I told him that the box was delivered in MINT condition and taped well; that these items were the middle of numerous other items that I had ordered, and there was no way that the UPS man damaged these items.... ......even the shirt with the holes….. he told me that if it didn’t have a tag then it wasn... Read more

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    Tue Jul 05 2011

    I am a Manager at a Forever21 "Big Box" store, not to be confused with an XXI Store, or a Vision Store. I have worked for many kinds of fashion retail companies before, from Rodeo Dr. to outlet malls. NEVER in my life have I worked for such an unprofessional company! My saving grace every day is my Sales Associates and Zone Leads, they are AMAZING! They truely are the only reason why I stay with the company, because upper management and the Visual team at my store are a bunch of asses! The Visual team seems to be at war with the rest of the store they are pompus and on'y care about themselves. They give you an hour to try and close the store with multiple huge rooms with various clothing concepts in each room. there are racka and racks of go-backs that need to be put away and the store has to be recovered. They cut payroll which means less hours, which means less time to do the job and less people to do the job with. The sales associates work very hard and are not appreciated like the... Read more

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    Wed May 25 2011

    In Feb 2011 I had an unknown charge of $34 something dollars on my Amex card. I never make purchases under $50 but I shop very regularly at Forever 21's website so I checked my account at Forever21 to confirm and the charge was not there. So I took this matter to both my cc company as well as Forever 21. Amex issued a refund immediately and I was told that they were trying to reach Forever 21 but had no response and that they had dropped the matter. So my issue was resolved but my account at Forever 21 was suddenly blocked and so was my shipping address. After MANY grueling LONG phonecalls and HANG UPS by Forever 21's representatives I was finally told that a block was issued on my account with the reason being that a chargeback was filed against me. When I asked the representatives to check if the charge was even in their systems, I was told no. SO clearly it was a technical mistake on either Forever 21's part or Amex. I was then told to wait and that the misunderstanding would be cle... Read more

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    Wed May 11 2011

    Ok lets talk about the worse place I ever worked for, Forever XX1 I was happy when i got my orientation because it seem like the best place to work when your a teen or ever go to college worse mistake i made i should of apply somewhere else the managers are the worse they do not give you the respect you need it feels like high school all over again all the drama that store has and then the owner is the worse he owns sweat shops in cali yeah the cloths its really cheap thats because its only good for 3 washes after that its done the return policy its dumb you only have 21days to exchange it not even a refund for the cheap sweater you bought wow i think people should stop buying things from that store period.

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    Tue Apr 26 2011


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    Sun Apr 10 2011

    Super cute things, and it's super cheap! Love it:D

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    Fri Apr 08 2011

    Forever 21 opened a retail store here a few months before Christmas 2010. My daughter was hired part time. The store is beautiful. I can't comment on the clothes due to me being over forty and do not personally shop there. However I can comment on the working conditions. The store has a high turnover rate and it hasn't been opened for a full year. You are responsible for securing your own personal belongings basically in a break room/storage room where the lockers do not lock. If another employee steals from you, that's just too bad. The managers do not know how to allocate job duties, work hours, or schedules. I could understand during the holiday season that the employees will work late. But how do they justify keeping workers there 4 to 5 hours after the mall has closed at 9 pm. They are the only store that still has employees there after 11pm. The lights in the parking areas are turned off around 12 am .. so you basically walk to your car in the dark. no escorts, just you and th... Read more

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    Tue Mar 15 2011

    I have been working at Forever 21 for 7 months now. The reason there is such bad customer sevice is because the managers are BAD. Like stated in other comments, they don't really care about the customer (or the employees we are just tools in helping them make money). The managers are fake to the customer's face and are not helpful when an employee has a question about a finding an item and whatnot. Basically, all they care about it making money and the cost of their workers. The break room and working conditions are aweful as well. There are about 12 of us sitting in the back up to our necks in boxes. If there was an earthquake, we would literally all be crushed by the stuff thats stacked high on the walls. Getting hours depends on how much the managers like you. If you plan on working part-time find a different job, they will fire you or cut your hours after a few months. The managers are like children, sitting in the back room and gossiping about the employees, then walk around th... Read more

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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    I've worked at Forever 21 for the past six months and this is what I've noticed. Yes, the associates can be nasty and I understand how that could be frustrating to you. HOWEVER, like 80% of the customers are horrible disgusting people who throw clothes everywhere, leave drinks, and EVEN PEE ON THE CLOTHES IN THE DRESSING ROOM. (yeah i've seen it all.) THIS IS WHY THE ASSOCIATES ARE NASTY. How would you like to stay there till 4 in the morning and clean up the mess the store becomes after the animalistic weekend customers get done with it? I didn't think so. I just LOVE how customers try and blame us and the managers for the mess. First of all, The sections in the XXI store are huge. They give those sections to ONE OR TWO associates. It is a lot to keep up with, and usually gets messy so much faster than we can clean it. IT IS OUR JOB TO KEEP THE STORE CLEAN. So instead of blaming us, focus your anger on the customers that don't give a crap and throw everything they don't want on the... Read more

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    Mon Mar 07 2011

    I never thought I'd complain about a store with such a nice product for such a low price. Honestly, the product s great. But I always forget how important good customer service is until I walk into a Forever 21 and get a negligent, nasty reminder. All of the associates, (literally, all, in ever georgia location I've visited) are completely oblivious that you may actually be shopping for something until you yell "HEY EXCUSE ME, I'D LIKE A FITTING ROOM" loud enough to interrupt their personal conversations. Even that is tolerable, as I kept going back, but not after today. Today I found a cute white and navy dress I wanted to buy. Waited in line for nearly 20 minutes because apparently the girls at the register knew the customers who were ahead of me, with no apologies from the staff once it was my turn, but that's par for the course for XXI. However when I got to the counter something unheard of happened. The associate scanned my item and looked down at the pos screen, pulled the dress ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    Personally I think Forever 21 is a very well priced, nice store. The clothing and accessories are all very trendy and well made. The prices are definitely amazing. However, their nail polishes give off a terrible odor and don't look that nice on the nails. Also, they have a rule of not allowing people to try on the bras. Can someone please tell me how you know if your going to like something if you don't get to try it on? I did notice that on the bottom part of the Forever 21 shopping bags it has a piece of something from the bible. I understand if people have strong religious beliefs, however I feel that it is very unnecessary for that. Besides my few complaints of the store, I do really like it and think it is good for many of their garments.

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    I no longer live near a Forever 21 store. When I lived in Oceanside, CA I went to the Westfield Shopping center in Carlsbad. The store was incredibly disorganized, and you really had to pick through the clothes to find what you were looking for; but they had massive quantities of clothes in the store. And the store there might be better organized now. I live on the east coast now and order online. Yes, the customer service isn't great, but anytime I have a problem I just hang up and call back until I get someone else on the phone that can better handle my queries. And I think that if you're nice-they will be nice. The customer service people are still people, and they're not the ones that make the rules. The warehouse Forever 21 ships from is 3 1/2 miles long. Yes, it takes a ridiculously long time for them to process orders, pack them, and get them shipped out, but when they are finally shipped out it doesn't take any longer than any other store. But be prepared to wait a LONG time f... Read more

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    as a customer you have to be in the mood to search for a good piece of clothing in this store. the prices are low which is a plus but the quality is awful. make sure you double check the entire garment for rips or missing embellishments. i also had the misfortune of working at forever 21 for about a year. the managers were awful, always talking about everyone behind their backs and complaining. they would rather sit around and tell the associates how awful the store was than actually help out when things were getting backed up. our store manager sucked at her job and she was the worst with favoritism. but since i quit working there she was fired. apparently she stole $150,000 from a previous employer.. i guess forever 21 doesnt do very good background checks.

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    Sat Jan 15 2011

    I visited the store in Fair Oaks Mall and was disgusted to see that the female mannequins in the window were posed with aprons, brooms, and mops. I found this to be completely offensive and sexist. There was no explanation for the props considering they were just there to advertise a sale. I cannot believe that this company would support such an outrageously sexist act such as this and I can guarantee you that I am contacting women's rights groups in the area to let them know that this is happening. Needless to say that I will not be shopping at this store any more and giving such an offensive company my money.

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    Now i have been a long time customer with forever21. never shop online with them. i have always go the the store and spend $200-$500 a month with forever21. well i place an order on black friday online, since i was a work. i spend 852.96 on clothers for me and my little sisters for christmas. I received 15 out of 36 itms i order. okay so i thought to myself maybe the rest of my items will arrive later, that is a larger order right. Okay i let about 2wks pass. the holidays were here. I finally call around the 15 of Decemeber. The first customer services rep was really cool. He ask if the box was damaged. I told him it had a little damage maybe from some one that may drop the box. Than he ask what color was the tape. I told him the box had some yellow tape with forever21 all over it and some brown tape. He than told me that he will have to do a claim and it can take up to 8 business days. If my items was found that ups will ship out to me asap. If not found than forever21 will resend me ... Read more

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    Shopping at forever 21 in India, I picked up a cute cocktail ring. With the security tag around the ring, I could not really check for the size and picked a ring size I usually wear. however, with the tag removed, it just didn't fit me! It was way too loose. So, I went back to the store and asked the sales girl on the floor if I could exchange it. After a few minutes of waiting when she checked with superiors, she helped me find out the same ring in my size (actually looked for it!) 15 minutes later, I walked out with an exchanged ring after many thank you's, sorry's and please's. Not only that, I absolutely fell in love with a pair of lacy tights on display on the mannequin. The same sales girl checked for it in the store. it was not available in my size. But I still got it as they took it off the mannequin! Awesome customer care. Though after reading all these reviews I guess it is more India effect than store policy. I had a wonderful experience and though I did not much like the st... Read more

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I love this store. However, I must say that a lot of their clothes are cheaply made. So is Wet Seals, Rue 21' know the smaller stores of the mall. So here is the thing to all of you "store haters" The ones who cuss about the businesses and everyone who works at them. THEY ARE CHEAP STORES!!!! You get what you pay for. If you want long lasting clothes you must shop at Macy's, JC Penny's, Sears, or even Kholes. Although the prices may be a little bit more expensive, their merchandise generally holds up longer. Now, for the return policies of these cheap little "boutiques"; Final sale on or in store credit only.....those policies are quickly catching on in many other places of business. You know one of the reasons why? People would buy something for a party; They would wear it; they would return it. Those businesses are on a scale of things too small to be losing money like that. Another reason for those "stupid" policies is that people would steal the merc... Read more

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    Sat Oct 30 2010

    Forever 21 offers clothes that otherwise are hard to find - they're adorable! But they are CHEAP - and it goes both ways. So "you pay for what you get". I was looking for Jeffrey-Campbell-esque wedges, and I found some at H&M for $45, and I was SO HAPPY when I found some peep-toes ones at Forever21. But I'm stocked up to the neck with super glue now.

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    Fri Oct 22 2010

    I haven't had a problem with forever 21 yet. I like their clothes and they're cheap, but like most people said... You pay for what you get. The clothes are adorable but because they're so cheap they don't last long. It's much better than paying twice the price for the exact same shirt somewhere else that you'll only wear a few times though.

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    Fri Oct 22 2010

    I have purchased from them numerous times online since I work a lot and do not have much time to shop. I must say, as a long time customer, who has spent a lot of money on their products, I was shocked at how they handled, or should I say, DID NOT handle the problem that happened with my most recent order. I am missing 11, yes, 11 of the 22 items I ordered, but was still charged the full amount of my original order. The box arrived with a ridiculous amount of clear tape, and was visibly in bad shape, as if someone forced it opened, but it actually wasn't. I took pictures of the box before I opened it, just in case. It was clear at first glance, stuff was missing. I called UPS, and they said I had to call Forever 21. I did, and was first told their boxes have "yellow" tape with their logo on it, not clear. I told him the clear tape DID have their logo on it. He said they have to investigate with UPS, and file a claim, and someone from UPS would have to investigate the box. Are you serio... Read more

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    ok, so, I've been shopping at forever 21 for about 8 years and I have never had a problem!! :-) yes, there are some clothes that have missing tags or slightly defected, but when millions of girls try these clothes on its expected for a tag or two to fall off!! about the mess, its messy because all of you make it a mess, you pick it up, then decide you dont want it so you just put it anywhere, and when there are 6 people running a huge huge busy store you cant expect them to just come sweeping right behind you and pick it up!! if you decide that you dont want it, give it to an employee and they can put it away, and as for the bad customer service, i've never had a problem worth complaining about, personally, I go to a retail store to purchase something, not make new friends. I dont like overly pushy sales people, if I need hellp I'll ask for it. And people say the clothes dont last, if you would take care of them like they are supposed to be taken care of they would last longer. I have... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    If I could give it zero stars I would. The sales people are extremely rude and the stores always look like they've been trashed, I hate going there but I stupidly placed an order one day. Why? Because it's cheap. I got what I paid for SO I tried to return the items but after arguing with sales people, I was given a gift card instead. Fine, I thought, I'll try and just buy basic items and make the best of it. I place an order, they take forever to ship it and then when the package is supposed to arrive it is intercepted, why? Who knows, no one would give me a straight answer. I wait and when I finally think I'm going to get the package its held again by "exception" what ever that means. When I finally get the package 14 out of the 24 items are missing and instead I got 3 of the same dress that I did NOT order. I immediately call UPS who tells me I need to call Forever 21, I file a claim with them regardless just to cover my bases. I call Forever 21 and the very rude customer service p... Read more

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    This is gonna be long, I just know it... First off, I am so sorry about the horrible customer service at Forever 21 but it's the management that's the reason why associates may be a bit rude. I worked in the store at the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, CA. I only worked there because I really needed the money and they were the first to hire me. Management is totally unprofessional. I swear a couple of them were on drugs and/or alcoholics and/or did time in prison. There was only one co-manager that I liked but the rest can kiss it. One small mistake and they act like you smacked their mother or something. Very unfriendly co-mangers and the regional MANager was the worst. She would complain about everything and I was sick of looking at her mustache. We were always stressed out and were told we are constantly hanging on by a thread...then tell us to smile and be upbeat. I remember coming home feeling so stressed out, i honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack or an anxi... Read more

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    Tue Aug 31 2010

    Alright so it isn't that bad.. it is true you get what you pay for and it is horrible customer service. But I work there and go to school fulltime I have 46+ hours a week late nights and all and 5 classes on my only two days off. It is hard but retail is hard! All companies get sued everyone has knock-offs even places like Betsey Johnson is just a knock off the original runway item. Our store is messy because annoying customers put their shit everywhere... just bring it to the register if you don't want it we will put it back. Most other employees are either short with customers or ignore them in general. I move very fast because I handle go backs but if a customer is in need I WILL DROP EVERYTHING! because that is what I would want out of someone if i were the customer. It is hard to be okay with this job but if you think about it this company brings in billions in revenue and millions in my store alone. Right down how much you bring in for the company and when you go to apply for a ... Read more

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    If I was able to give this store no stars, I would do it, this store should not even be in this country, I would. It was my girlfriend's birthday and I agreed to go to the mall with her for shopping. We had the unfortunate luck of going to this Forever 21 store because it was cheap there. It was very bad in there and I would not take her there ever again or reccommend it to anyone, even my worst enemy. The people who work there are very rude, mean, unprofessional, and disorganized. They have no manners whatsoever. There was gum stuck under the front counter and stuff all over the floors and people would walk on it and I also noticed that some garments had missing parts, torn, stained, discolored, missing price tags or defective in any way and how unprofessional and rude the employees were. It was so hard to find anything in such mess and no one would help us. And no matter how nice and kind we were, they did not extend, the same courtesy to us. They were rude to us. After 2 agonizing ... Read more

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    Sun Aug 15 2010

    I guess Forever 21 is okay. It's totally not my favorite store, but it's not the worst. Some of thier stuff is okay. Like thier jewerly, makeup, tee shirts, and even some of thier shoes. I have bought many things there and they were all, obviously, cheap, and totally worth the money for a trendy item that will only be "In" for about two weeks. I don't like how disorganized it is, and that it takes forever to pay and get a dressing room, but whatever. I don't wear my clothes too often and I treat them very carefully, so these clothes last me forever, well some of them do. I think that the only think from Forever 21 I've ever had a problem with is thier dresses and leggings havong loose threads after a couple washes, but otherwise everything else from there is fine. I like the store by me, and the people who work there are very nice and helpful. I really love thier graphic tees, they are cute and comfy and really worth the money. Plus they last, I've had one of them for about a year and ... Read more

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    Fri Aug 13 2010

    i like Forever21 only because its my style and i know what looks good and what doesn't. I love there dresses that you can wear with leggings. there cardigans and so cute too i just love love love them. they need more shoes though

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    I went to the mall recently with my sister, and Forever 21 was the first store she wanted to go into, so I said I'd go with her. The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the store was the the mannequins were all extremely ugly. I don't mean the mannequins themselves, but the clothes on the mannequins. The individual pieces could have been nice, but all of them layered together was just so messy and the whole outfit clashed. Things just went downhill from there. As my sister took her time look at all the clothes, I took a brief stroll through the store. Amazingly, all the pieces that were being displayed were really ugly! Seriously, there was this hot pink dress that was so puffy that I don't see how it would flatter anyone's shoulders. And there was one shirt with dirt yellow and washed out blue one it. I even found one tank with slashes on the back and a zipper for decoration. I think whoever comes up with the clothing design for Forever 21 is mentally retarded, or just rips stu... Read more

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    Alright, I've only shopped here about four or five times before, but each time I was perfectly satisfied with what I got. This place is great for me and my friends because we're at the age where we enjoy piecing clothes together and being fashionable, but we're not old enough to actually really work yet. Also, the clothes quality at places like Abercrombie or Hollister aren't much better than Forever 21, so stop dissing it. I went shopping with a group of friends and later that night my friend took out her new, $30 t-shirt from Hollister to find a hole that was already appearing, and the rest of us had clothes from Forever 21 that are still in tact, and that was almost 8 months ago. I also appreciate that their worker's aren't bombarding you right away, asking if you need help and staring at you with a Barbie smile that honestly scares the crap out of me and my friends. They're there when you need them, but know to keep their space. People need to realize that the quality isn't f... Read more

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    Tue Jun 22 2010

    Tried to exchange a purchase that was slightly damaged, had taken the tag off before I could inspect the clothes for damage. Come to find out they do not accept any return once you remove the tag and even if you have the tags with you they still would not take the item back for a exchange or return because they claimed their employees check every piece of clothing one by one for damage before putting it on the shelf. I asked to exchange the item with a similar one but they still said no. Would never shop at this store again and advise others not too. Target, Walmart offer better customer service then Forever 21, even if Walmart and Target are 1000x bigger then that store. Pathetic customer service, management. $30 dollars does not mean anything to me in terms of price, because it is just chump change to me. However, it's the principle that matters and they proved to lack any integrity and business ethics when they refused to exchange the defective product I had. So, it's not th... Read more

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    Sat Jun 19 2010

    Bad customer service. Even Target can do it better. I'm an international customer whose order was cancelled just because the billing address doesn't match my credit card billing account. I'll be glad to receive this extra security measurement if it's consistent. However, my past orders with the same nature, went through succesfully. SO how am I supposed to know the rules and regulations after more than 5 orders placed successfully. The items I wanted had gone. I'm going to be charge by the difference of FX rate for nothing. The customer service email or phone are not helpful or friendly! Not even offering any single compensation knowing that I am going to replace the order! Definitely the worst from America's service standard!

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    I worked at a store exactly like forever 21 for a few years and I had people complaining about the same exact stuff everyone here is complaining about, so let me explain a few things from an employee's perspective: 1. We don't care if you don't come back to our stores because there are 79 million other people who will still shop there. Your business is not as important as you think it is. Also, 90% of the time, people who say they won't come back always do because people LOVE cheap shit. 2. You get what you pay for. Do not expect that a shirt you paid $7.80 for is going to last you more than a few months, IF that. If something has beads, rhinestones, studs, glitter etc. it WILL fall off within 6 minutes.That's just a general rule of cheap retail. 3. Because everyone makes an enormous mess out of everything and most people are assholes who refuse to clean up after themselves, WE have to clean up after you. Understand that we CAN'T leave the store until it's spotless, so when you come... Read more

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    Mon May 31 2010

    Forever 21 has a rating of 0.1 in my book! The Forever 21 store located in Calexico California Has the most horrible customer service people in the nation! I was there yesterday MY 30,, 2010 AT APPROX 3:00 PM. first as you walk in the registers are positioned as a grocery store...all at the enrance. They have a lot of clothes mind you, and all at a D list rating but good for everyday wear. I did not have cash with me, so I went to the front of the many registers they have and the store clearly has a posting that their store policy accepts checks with valid ID and another form of identification or credit card. So we shopped and shopped...I bought approx $200 dollars of clothing for her, so as I was in line and WRITING A CHECK I again asked the retail clerk if they accepted checks, she said yes they did so I proceeded to write the check and then she turned to get an OK from the manager and the manager just yelped to her "We don't accept checks" so I told the clerk, "Well your store p... Read more

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    Thu May 27 2010

    My mom loves this store but I go into sensory overload everytime I go in there. The music is too loud, the jewelry section smells of cheap plastic, none of the clothes have any organization or oder to it, the lights are bright ect. I feel like I walked into a bad nightmare. Good prices but is it worth it if you walk out with a migraine?

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    Mon Apr 19 2010

    despite what everyone is writing Forever21 is a very good store.I go to a mall Called Rosavelt Feild and the service there is amazing. There is not 1 worker who is trying to greet you hello or help you shop. The clothes are fashionable and cheap and you buy more for a great price. i mean how much better can it get? reading these reviews i guess it is which store you go to for forever 21.

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    Tue Apr 06 2010

    I ordered from, when i tried to enter my company name in the floor number field or the address2 field I kept getting an error message so i called cust serv and they told me i have to use a usps verified address, so i went to and entered the address they have, and I couldn't enter my company name, my package was delivered fine. 3 months later i do the same thing and my package was not delivered, so i call forever21 and they tell me that i should have entered my company name in the same field as my name, oh really why didn't you tell me that before and why was it delivered fine before, with the same address? Then they told me i should have called them after i place my order and have them add the company name to my address. wth? Then they tried to tell me that i entered the wrong information and it's not their fault, even though their cust serv employee told me to enter that info AND it was delivered fine before. then they asked me who i spoke with 3 months ago, ... Read more

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    Mon Apr 05 2010

    Save your money on this JUNK they sell and go to bebe its by far a better store, the clothes are HOT and you will wear it much longer and you can see the difference.............DONT GO TO FOREVER 21.. I LOVE bebe If Forever 21 was confident in their products they wouldnt have a NO REFUND POLICY ? I can bet that nobody in the Forever 21 main office will wear their products ? There is much better quality out there... Are you really saving money if the crap is ripping apart before you get it home ?

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    Sun Apr 04 2010

    No star. Terrible service. Can not return. Mess. rude. The store shouldn't exist in America.

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    Thu Apr 01 2010

    I placed an order online about a month ago and never received it. I called forever 21 to file a claim and was told i would also have to speak with ups. UPS called about 2 days later and they said they would contact forever 21 and have them call me back about a refund. I waited a few days without hearing a thing so i gave the store a call again. They then told me they would give me a refund in two weeks (i was given an exact date). I waited for that day to come, checked my account, no refund. I work in retail and know transactions, especially returns, can take a few days to post so I gave it some time. A week had gone by and still nothing so I called forever 21 for the 3rd time! The representative said she saw that it was supposed to be closed out the previous week but they hadnt processed the return. I work in retail customer service and would never make the customer call repeatedly to fix a problem! I won't ever order from them again, it has been such a hassle.

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    Thu Apr 01 2010

    Okay seriously guys! I personally love forever 21. I know that the clothes are poorly made, and cheap, but you get what you pay for. The clothes are very inexpensive, so that is a plus if you are on a budget. The reason I love it so much is because you can get fashionable, nice looking clothing that is in style for very low prices. Seeing as the styles changes so often, you are, most likely, not really going to wearing the clothes that much, or for that long anyway before a new style come out, or the season changes. So seriously, if you are a person who only wears a top maybe once or twice, who cares if the clothes are poorly made? The clothes don't fall apart in the 2 times that you wear them ( at least that is the case for me) so stop complaining. you get what you pay for. There is a REASON that their stuff is so cheap. As far as the customer service goes, I agree that it is terrible, but I don't really like overly friendly employees who feel the need to check up on me all the time ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    I worked at forever 21 Brea mall for over a year and it was a big mistake but also a learning experience. The managers talk to you and treat you like crap, you constantly stay way late to pick up, and you never get a second break or lunch if you do, when you complain to your manager about this you're told it's your fault for not asking for one. Since when is it not their responsibilty to issue breaks and lunches? The store owner that comes in never makes eye contact with her associates or smiles and then complains about the associates always looking unhappy. Store managers come up to you and say things like, "Sell 5 shirts in ten minutes." This is almost impossible and just causes stress and frustration to the employee. Gossiping is among associates, managers, and back stock workers. If you get sick with swine flu or such you are still responsible to get your shifts covered, and if not this results in a write up. And if you are sick on a Saturday and don’t have a doctor’s note (some o... Read more

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    Sun Feb 07 2010

    I go to store at Sacramento (Arden Fair mall). The store is totally unorganized and is a horrible mess!! You won't find similar kind with different sizes in one patch !! They are all over the place. Most of the things are wrinkled and sometimes torn from where they hang. The quality has gone way down. You have to very careful of what you are buying since they do not accept returns, unlike other stores. Moreover all the unsold, old styles never go on sale !!!

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    Thu Feb 04 2010

    I used to love Forever 21 until I decided to purchase a pair of ankle boots online: $40 dollars with the shipping. They have a horrible system to ship stuff: FEDEX from their warehouse to the USPS located in the city where the package is being delivered, finally USPS to the shipping address given by the person who purchases it. Horrible! My package got lost, none of the post offices admitted any mistake and Forever 21 also never did anything to make me happy, since I never got my boots. They asked me 2 times to fill out a Claim form and both times they said they never got it. Horrible customer service. Now I buy from Amiclubwear, they don't have the best reputation either, but surely sell many nicer stuff and also work only with UPS (which I love), from their warehouse to the shipping address. The shipping might cost a little more, but it is safer. I have gotten now 4 different packages from them and haven't had any problem.

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    Wed Jan 27 2010

    I've lost 2 package in 2 months! 1 package per month, because suddenly they became a cheapo and think that UPS is way too expensive so they changed to Fedex and then Fedex will ask USPS to deliver. USPS give me the wrong schedule for delivery date and didn't notify me until is too late. When I sent an e-mail to to ask for a claim form this customer service lady named Marcy is so smart that she said my package is not delivered yet. Is scheduled for deliver on the 12th, but lady Fedex don't do the deliver to your house USPS does. GO TO USPS.COM AND CHECK PLEASEEE! Finally I got my claim form and I filled it out as soon as I received it and sent it back through e-mail(they said I can do that). I did and I waited but nothing happened. I filed for dispute at my bank account today because I've waited for 18 days already! More than 2 weeks already! Then afterward I went back to to shop...and what happen? THEY BLOCKED MY CREDIT CARD! Nice clothes..poor service thoug... Read more

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    Fri Jan 22 2010

    I placed my order for two items. One of the items in my order was a two piece set. When I received my order one of the pieces of the two piece set was not included. I called customer service and explained this to them. I was told that I, at my own cost, would have to ship the piece back to them and then after receiving it they would mail out the set with both pieces. I then decided that I would try a new route, because that seemed outrageous. So I called them back and said that I did not receive either piece. They then explained that they would investigate it and would notify me what they find, and if I did not receive the item as per their investigation, they would then reimburse the amount to me. I explained to them that I wanted the item. They said if it was still available I could order it again. I explained that this was not fair because, I would have to pay shipping again, and if it was not available I would lose out completely. Forever 21's policies when they make mistakes are r... Read more

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    I had my first (and it will be my last) shopping experience at Forever 21 in Northbrook, IL. I was there for an hour and not one store employee asked if we needed help. It was impossible to find what I needed because there was no organization of the merchandise, very messy looking. There were even clothes left all over the floor that no one bothered to pick up. My changing room had dried chewing gum and what appearing to be blood stains all over the wall, no joke! Before I walked out, I asked three sales girls and the manager if they could find a smaller size of a particular jean I liked. I noticed that the size I needed was on a display. They stated that it was against store policy to take the jeans down and sell them to me. I'm confused as to why Forever 21 displays jeans in the middle of the store that they will not sell to customers. After this extremely unpleasant shopping experience, I started reading online reviews of Forever 21 stores from across the country and I wond... Read more

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    Fri Jan 01 2010

    Forever 21 is the WORST store I have EVER shopped at. First off, I was an employee there. I was hired for the holiday season, but before I was hired I told my manager that I would be traveling to MA for a period of time over Christmas. She said that that was okay. A few days before Christmas, my grandfather unexpectedly died, so I had to rush to MA for his funeral. I told my boss and she refused to take me off the schedule. She said I had to find people to work for me, so being the good employee that I was, I called other people to take my shift EVEN WHILE I WAS IN THE HURST ON THE WAY TO THE CEMETERY. When I got back, I was promptly fired. Their clothes are the crappiest quality ever, and yes they are cheap and you get what you pay for, but if that is the case, then it is IMPERATIVE for the store to fix the faults with their clothing. It is completely unacceptable to not allow a full refund on an item of clothing or jewelry that is defective (which most of their clothes are). I boug... Read more