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    Tue Dec 12 2006

    The problem with the flute it's not that versatile. It only really works in classical or folk. Yes.. you may say what about Jethro Tull, but they are very much rooted in folk anyway. Also, unless you hear it being played by a virtuoso it can sound pretty cr@p

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    Fri Aug 04 2006

    As found in the Western musical tradition, the flute is a side-blown, or transverse 'Aerophone.' This instrument "reached Europe from the East in the 12th century. During the Middle Ages, it was chiefly associated with military music, but by the middle of the 17th century had become more important as an instrument of the opera and court orchestra. The first major changes in Western flute design were made in the late 17th century by the French Hotteterre family. Even more important were the radical developments introduced by Theobald Boehm of Munich in the early 1830s. His design has remained largely unaltered until the present day..." (from: 'Musical Instruments of the World', Bantam Books) "The earliest flutes had no keys and some notes were poor in quality and inaccurate in pitch." There are: the 'piccolo'; the flute 'in F'; the 'alto' and the 'bass' flutes. Noteworthy compositions, among others, include: '12 Fantasias' (G. P. Telemann); 'Sonatas for flute and keyboard' (J. S... Read more

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    Mon Jul 10 2006

    i have been playing the flute for three years now in band. i am a boy and i started with the clarinet in sixth grade band and i hated it becasue the stupid reeds break all the time and the cost like five bucks for thirty and the way i was going i would spend thirty dollars a month but with the flute no reeds yahoo . i switched to the flute and people made fun of me because i was a guy playing a " girls" instrument lol yah right since they made fun of me that pushed me harder things i have accomplished been to district honors got a one ( best score u can get ) a solo gota one on a quartet ( four people) and the judge singled me out and gave me numerouse commpliments just to me and no one else inthe group been to C.O.C for high schoolers and i am in the eighth grade and i bet a sophmor got a award in band and i have been first chair all my life in our band no one has beat'n me so boys if people say u can't play flute because you are a boy PROVE THEM WROND and s... Read more

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    Sat Jun 17 2006

    The flute is one of my favorite instruments. Very soothing for the soul.

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    For me this was the easiest instrument ever to play. i dont play anymore just cause it got kinda boring. but yea it's a fun instrument.

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    Sat Apr 23 2005

    When I think of the Flute,I think of Ian Anderson.Jethro Tull brought the flute into Rock & nothing was ever the same.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    Played it for a while, didn't really care for it.

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    Fri Jul 30 2004

    There is something enchanting about the sound of a flute, and can be smooth and pretty when played the right way. If the flute is played wrong or too loud, it can be ear-piercing.

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    Sat Jul 24 2004

    Being a flute player myself I have to love playing this instrument! At school I have to play it all the time, in assemblies and liturgies, and I am in the school band and another little thing called a woodwind ensemble. I havent regretted picking up the flute ever since my mum forced me to play it, and even though I am bagged all the time about the horrible(!) stories you hear about flutes, well it's just part of being a musician.

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    Sun Jan 11 2004

    The flute is the most expressive wind instrument, having the widest spectrum of tonal color. Plus, your neighbors won't hate you for playing it

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    Wed Jan 08 2003

    Ive played the flute since I was 9. Im now 27 and still play it. I LOVE THE FLUTE!! :)

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    Wed Dec 05 2001

    Well not a flute but a piccalo you know what they say about flute players just think about piccalo players