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    Thu Jul 01 2010

    it sucks ive lived here all my life it ant like the post cards its mainly swampy or if ur really rich its your kind of place its 54157 square miles its 1% good 99% bad even good spots like miami and datona is goin bad like streetbad and water oil bad cuz bp is stuped and thay love to kill dolfands and torrests its mainly rednecks and rich lil prepy people that lives around here main idea about this revew dont come to florida

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

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    Sun Jun 06 2010

    Overall, the state is bad and on the way to terrible. It had a natural beauty that was unique but good luck finding much left of that. I moved to the Panhandle just in time for the oil spill. Moving to Florida? Be wealthy or don't bother. Expect to be herded like livestock. Expect low wages and high prices. Expect to spend a lot of time in your car. Expect to sweat and be sweated a lot. Within 10 minutes of meeting someone new, you can expect to be quizzed about your church, political party and sports team preferences. If you are not a Baptist Republican Gators fan, expect to be called a filthy Socialist who is going to Hell. You may think I'm joking. I am not.

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    Formerly known as "The Sunshine State," soon to be known as "Smells-like-an-old-oil-refinery-state." As you can see from this map: http://www2.ucar.edu/sites/default/files/news/image s/features/2010/oil_slick_map.jpg the oil, once it gets into the Gulf Loop Current and into the Gulf Stream, will inundate Florida's 1000+ mile long coastline. No more beaches. No more swimming. No more fishing. No more boating. Gee, what will that do to tourism? Or property values? Florida is on the brink of bankruptcy, and I'm betting this is going to sink the Florida economy faster than you can say "Mickey Mouse." And that's not all; when the oil surrounds Florida, which is projected to happen in about a month, any hurricane that hits will spew oil-laden water over the state, contaminating the groundwater and making the place unlivable. I wonder where Florida's 16 million population will go? I guess Florida's new slogan will be: "We're like Haiti, but smellier!"

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    Wed Apr 28 2010

    I like Fla. in the winter months.In summer it's too humid.There's some very reasonable places to live there.I think I prefer the West Coast to the East,but I'd need to do more looking around to be sure.I've yet to explore the middle,but a couple of people have told me it's "backwards" there.One old friend loves it,so I'd like to see for myself.Overall,not at the top of my list-but certainly worth checking out.

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    Sun Jan 03 2010

    Having lived in Fla for over 20 years I can authoritively say, that the state is not even close to anything that should merit the cash outlay or cost in time to visit. The beaches are highly overrated. If you do not mind empty six pack rings, dirty diapers, cigar butts, plastic baggies, bottles, and all other assorted garbage in the sand, floating in the surf, or otherwise strewn around your vacation area, then by all means go to the beach. The fishing is great, if you can afford to charter a boat to take you 20 miles offshore. Otherwise, the indian river lagoon, intracoastal waterway, etc, are cesspools. Brown effluent can be found pouring from large pipes, tires and appliances in the shallows are commonplace. The fish themselves are not recommended for eating by the state officials themselves! You can often catch trout, redfish, catfish and the like, all below anything keepable, and they will with good likelyhood have lesions or deformity. The unregulated growth has rendered Fla's... Read more

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    Sat Dec 26 2009

    No place is perfect, but Florida tries to be. There are a number of things that Florida offers ranging from culture to sports, the beach to the city. Though the cities in Florida are not as cool as NYC or Chicago, they beat the pants off LA or Phoenix. Things to do for all, areas to live for all, and everything is clean. The food is average.

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    Florida's weather, plants and animals are like a tropical country in Central America. It's unlike the rest of the US. I love palm trees, longleaf pines, long legged birds and hawks in the air everywhere. I love being able to do things outdoors 12 months of the year, not being shut in for 4-5 months of winter. Yes, it's hot and humid in summer, but no worse than the Deep South or East Texas. Too many tourists think Florida is the east coast version of Los Angeles based on visits to Orlando or Miami. Away from big cities, there is a wide selection of nice towns with individual personalities; they're not all the same. Some have good schools, some don't. Some are full of old people, most aren't. The Atlantic coast has many immigrants from NY and NJ; Gulf Coast people are mostly from the Midwest; the non-coastal strip down the middle is local rednecks except Orlando, which has traffic congestion and bad tourist drivers. Housing is cheap, thanks to the big crash. Unfortunately, unemployment ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 14 2009

    I adore Florida! I am lucky enough to escape the Canadian winters and live there for half of the year and nothing pleases me more than to see beautiful palm trees and a bright shinning sun! The beaches are gorgeous, especially if you go around the gulf coast side (like around fort myers). Its nothing but blue ocean and powder white sand! And if you can avoid the tourist areas, its that much sweeter! There are TONS of fast food places and shopping malls, and I means TONS. I've actually never seen so many restaurant/fast food chains in one place. Everything is open late and many store are even 24 hours which is awesome! The thing I like most is how friendly people are. There is strong community and people seem to really look out for each other. There is a lot of American pride (flags, bumper stickers, the whole 9 yards) which I think is very nice. They are also pretty welcoming to outsiders, contrary to what I initially thought after reading some of the things written on the internet.... Read more

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    Feudalism is alive and well in FLA, but there are worse places to live.

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    I love the sunshine state! There is a lot to do in this state on all sides of it. I really like Miami for the beach and the Orlando area for some family fun. There are parts of Florida that can scare you, but overall its a fun state to visit!

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    Sun Jun 28 2009

    At last count, I've been to 37 states but no Florida. I know I'll get there because I want to hit all of the lower 48 w/in the next couple of years. Really, the only thing that appeals to me is probably the beach. Milo went to Flagler College in St.Augustine, and played on their baseball team; he was also a communication major w/a 2.3 GPA. Way to go, Milo!!

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    Mon Jun 15 2009

    Florida is a nice state and has beautiful beaches.It is very warm with a slight breeze once in a while, but there is no reason not to try it out for yourself. Florida does have a lot of hurricanes and bugs, but there are beautiful houses and a lot of people. There is a lot of sights and places to see and go to.

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    Mon Apr 27 2009

    The Property tax must go!

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    Fri Dec 05 2008

    I love the panhandle and hate the rest.  The panhandle is beautiful.  The peninsula is ugly.  Everything looks dead.

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    too many hurricanes

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    Sun Oct 19 2008

    Florida is a nice state, but not as nice as it once was. Oh yes I love the beaches, palm trees and tourist attractions but, it is becoming too commercialized and has lost some of it's natural beauty. Even so it is still a beautiful state (and I miss it).

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    I hid out in Florida one time to hide from my creditors.  It has lots of people but too many bugs.

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    Fri Apr 04 2008

    Everyone that gave Florida a bad review needs to understand what they are comparing it to. Most of the negative opinions that were given had no good reason or justification. Most of them simply said… “To hot, to humid” ……..WTF!!!!!!!! Are you serious! I am living in Maryland right now (can’t wait to move back to fl) and the summers up here are insane. Do some research and you will discover that Tampa, fl has never, ever hit 100F, The Record being 99F. Most states are hot as hell during the summer, but what happens around November? The temp goes down anywhere from -10F to 40F depending on the state and everything freezes. Snow is only pretty for about 2 hours until it is half-melted and turned brown and grey from debris to match the beautiful northern winter grey sky. Ok, now what happens in Florida in November? An average high of 77F low of 53F all the way thru April isn’t too bad. Not to mention the gorgeous sunsets, lightning, and clouds. One review actually focused on hurricanes. I ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 01 2008

    Pensacola Beach.  Nothing better than watching the sun rise as the waves hit the beach and the dolphins splash around.  I went in June 2004, there is nothing to complain about the place, but there were alot of jellyfish (Made it difficult to swim, high chance of getting stung).  The seagulls are fierce as well (I came under attack and they took my popcorn).  Going there again in June 2008.

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    I am living in Pensacola, in the western part of The Panhandle. This area has great beaches, and the small city of Pensacola has both, good & bad. The good is that it has all the places people go to shop, from several Walmarts, 2 malls, all the retail companies, etc. The airport is easy to get in & out of, and people seem friendly enough.The bad part is that parts of the city look rundown, has high crime & drugs. The east side seems nice and clean, but the west seems so dirty, poor, and crime ridden as to not want to drive through for fear of getting shot.The area is very conservative, with about 80% republicans. There is a church on every corner, yet more sinners than could possibly fill the seats. Yet, people are quick to tell you how wrong others are, except themselves. They seem to want to push their rightiousness onto others. Therefore, this is not the most liberal places to live, so if you are more laid back, this might not be the perfect place to live.However, if spending the da... Read more

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    Sat Nov 10 2007

    Lots of stuff to do here. Going on vacation here in December (again), should be fun. Would give them 5 stars, but I have to take 1 star away because of the 2000 Election blunder/controversy.

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    Fri Oct 26 2007

    Yeah, It's got heat, palmtrees ans beaches but ... there is so much to improve!...Most people there are either too old, too poor, too rich or too dumb...It can cost around 18$ to park near the beach on weekends...Between huge tacky condo towers where you get to sit on dregded sand...They have some of the worst education statistics in the country and it shows...It's also the "road rage" capital of America...Cops are shot regularly... A tradition of corrupt politicians make it a haven for criminals where pirate rule is still strong...Come and see it for yourself! It's home to Trump, Celine Dion and Tiger Woods and soooo many others VIPs, it can't be that bad... Come and see all the rich guys who wanna get a big place with a big boat to go with their big trucks to take their faked-boobed bimbo girlfriend on a joyride. Hee-Haw!

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    Fri Sep 07 2007

    Nothing against Florida, but I don't like hurricanes.

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    Floridians are way inappropriately behaved!  Hugging on the job should be made a federal felony punishable by 50 years imprisonment!  Also, Florida needs to be restricted for top notch wealthy, rich, and famous people only!!!  I was down in Tampa this past June and was ready to call the police when I saw hugging between a waitress and a male customer!!!  From my point of view, waitresses and male customers should NEVER, EVER BE WITHIN LESS THAN 3 FEET OF EACH OTHER!!!

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    Fri Jul 20 2007

    A little slice of heaven loaded with shiny see-through ocean shores and beautiful hotels! EXQUISITE dining!

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    Sat Jun 30 2007

    Florida has always been my favorite state to visit. I have had so many wonderful times there. I would love to live in someplace like Tampa, Miami, or Orlando someday. So many friendly people especially in south Florida, totally different than the midwest and northeast where 80% of the people are crabby miserable weirdos.

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    Thu Mar 01 2007

    Many people from here, Michigan, move to Florida when they hit big 60. I've been in Florida twice - in Orlando and in Miami. Loved both places. Love visiting Florida, but can't imagine living there.

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    Thu Feb 22 2007

    If you like hurricanes, high property taxes, high insurance rates, high real estate costs, the influx of non-English speaking people, a very high crime rate, a dead Anna Nichole Smith, OJ Simpson, Dangling Chads and now the possiblity of the highest sales tax in the NATION, then by all means you should live here (yes I live here and hate it and yes I'm in the process of relocating to the real USA). Florida IS truly the scum bag state.

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    Wed Feb 21 2007

    this state has a serious problem -- too many people are migrating here and they arent properly planning for it and it's leading to serious problems such as overpriced housing, taxes skyrocketing, traffic jams, not enough schools, and high crime.  the wind insurances are insanely high and have been going up astronomically since hurricane katrina hit fort myers a few years ago.  the beaches are still worth visiting even though a lot of them are being overbuilt with highrise hotels and condos.  the state needs to use smart growth and better urban planning as well as getting some high paying jobs into the equation.  there are little to no high paying jobs.  teachers, police officiers, and firefighters are all paid very poorly in comparison to the cost of living.  used to be a great place to have a vacation home -- not anymore.

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    Sat Feb 10 2007

    Florida is really nice. I love every area of it from the keys to the panhandle, and yes I am a resident. In my opinion, anyone who complains about this state obviously hasn't seen alot worse states in the country

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    Sat Feb 10 2007

    I love the theme parks and beaches. I also believe South Florida has the most attractive people in the nation. Where else can you see a hottie that leaves you like damn every 5 minutes or so?

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    Fri Dec 08 2006

    There are many problems with the state, but for the most part, I could forgive them for the fact that: the weather is beautiful almost all year 'round, there's loads of culture in certain areas (especially Miami area), beautiful beaches on both the gulf and the Atlantic ocean, the everglades, really hot women even in the most boring towns, disney world, and generally a more laid back feeling even in the biggest cities. The bad parts: there's of course lots of crime in certain areas, lots of boring needless gentrification, some parts look horribly run-down and ghetto, too much of an influx of old rich people, the fact that almost every part of the year is one of only 2 seasons (you at least really miss the fall when live here), lots of ignorant immigrants that think they own the state particularly in the most prominent Spanish-speaking communities, and definitely a lot of shitty drivers. I still think the state is 4 star worthy though, concidering I could probably use most of the sa... Read more

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    Fri Sep 22 2006

    I stayed here for the entire summer in the Tampa area and I wasn't impressed. A lot of people in their late 20's/mid-30's who work underpaid jobs looking forward to 'happy hour' every week. The great thing about Florida is that it's not hard to get a job -- but it is hard to get a job that pays anything over 12 bucks an hour. The college grads here are servers and bartenders or they work in call centers. I also think my homestate AZ has horrible traffic but Florida is right up there with it. I see crazy people allover here running traffic lights like it's a green. The temperature feels like a wet blanket hovering over you and I showered 2-3 times daily when I was here. I went to the beaches and they were okay, but the restaurants were way overpriced. Food in Florida is expensive. You feel like you are in a giant dirty swamp. I stress, a lot of retirees. I wouldn't recommend living here but definitely take a look at it. Tons of stripe malls and not a lot to do past the touri... Read more

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    Wed Sep 06 2006

    Miami-2 stars. beautiful beach, crystal clear water, city is infested with drug pushers and violent criminals and residents are often rude. Tampa/southern Gulf coast- 4 stars. Nice beaches here if you prefer to relax although there are few if any waves. Populated largely by midwesterners. Panhandle- 5 stars. Very friendly people, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just watch out for the hurricanes.

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    Fri Aug 18 2006

    This is truly a tourist state. People move down here with this false television-perception that they are going to live this beach life and make tons of friends along with a middle class salary. Middle class is to Florida what lower class is to most states. From an outsiders view, you may say, Well, how can it be an all-tourist state when people live there all-year? Everything caters around tourist and cost-of-living, salaries, and employment all fluctuates around tourism. The people keep moving down here, and the rent prices go up and the construction workers keep building. The people keep visiting, so the restaurants keep opening. Its a true pure capitalistic market meaning if you own a business or are doing construction, you are making a good living. However, if you are an average working man or a young kid fresh out of the university with a 4-year degree you are likely to suffer very low/poor wages and constantly being underpaid. Its difficult to gain job experience down her... Read more

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    Tue Aug 08 2006

    i lived in florida for a year (not a tourist): rising housing costs, rising housing taxes, rising insurance rates, and another massive new century urban sprawl going on in tampa and miami. people are literally moving down 1000 a day. you hear great things about florida's job market but those are only minimum wage jobs (even with a degree). if you dont get into construction (building houses) or owning a business you have to live inside a major city to find a decent 40k/year paying job. and if you dont live inside the city, you will be sitting in traffic 3-4 hours a day driving to your job (unless you want to pay unbelievable rent costs). they are building up the inland like crazy so traffic is only getting worse. education is horrible and they dont pay the teachers a reasonable wage (barely enough to afford a small apartment and a cheap car payment after all your bills). hurricanes are not that big of a deal. you go inland for 2 days and hope your house doesn't get knocked down. ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    It certainly is Heaven's waiting room. . .and one of my least favorite states. . .tourist-havens do not a state make- Florida is almost dead last when it comes to education and culture. . .outside of affordibility and an occassional visit to a colleague, I would blink of the whole state was washed into the Gulf of Mexico. . .American beaches are somewhat overrated anyways. . .

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    Fri Jun 09 2006


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    Wed May 03 2006

    Lived in Tampa four years. Florida has plusses and minuses. Beautiful weather, beaches, and just a multitude of things to do. Also a state where you need to make a good living to enjoy the "Florida" lifestyle. Beautiful house, pool, a boat. Otherwise you'll be living in some sketchy neighborhood where you'll experience all the bad things about living in Florida. Huge gap between rich and poor.

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    Tue May 02 2006

    Im thinking about the Northern part of the state. The Northern part maintains some Southern culture which is important to me. And if I get homesick I can fly home cheaply to visit at the drop of a hat. Very convenient for me.

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    Mon May 01 2006

    Well, I'm HERE. But I don't plan on growing roots here. I came here to continue schooling at a particular college in mind. So the irony doesn't pass me by that the main reason why I wouldn't stay is the state's public education system. I want to have a kid eventually, and, frankly, the track record on public schools around here scares me. And, I know stupid people are everywhere, but there's a special brand of stupid that's unique to the area. Maybe the great weather makes everyone go a little loony, I don't know. But my goal is to get in & get out as fast as I can.

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    Wed Apr 26 2006

    About Miami...great place to visit but not to live. I imagine people reading RateItAll are not from Miami and want the real deal so here it is--relative to the high standards you're use to seeing in other American cities for quality of life and convenience. The city is very overrated when it comes to year-round living. Pull back the party-time veneer and the city holds very little substance. If you're wealthy, retired with time on your hands, or have a high salary, you'll get by ok. The cost of living is rising faster than the rest of the country yet salaries are not keeping pace--depressed wages/salaries rule here, stuff employers could never get away with in cities with less immigration. They take advantage of immigrants and those degree holders desperate for green card sponsorship. I have worked with people who are shocked at the amount of money they make once away from this Latin philosphy of low pay. This is why so many adults still live at home--they simply don't make a dece... Read more

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    Sure, why not? Just formulate a to-do-list: 1) Sunscreen? Check. 2) Flip Flops? Check. 3) One hell of a comprehensive homeowners' insurance policy? Check.

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    I don't know too much about this place Flordia, but Florida has many positives and negatives. The positives include great beaches and mild winters. Negatives include high housing prices, hurricanes, and traffic. Job prospects here are just okay if you're in the financial sector. Jobs are plentiful here in the hospitality industry and medicine, especially nursing.

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    Sat Apr 15 2006

    I've lived here for almost 10 years, and quite frankly, have wanted to leave the summer we arrived. It caters to nothing but tourists, so anyone under the age of 50, really has nothing to do. The teens and college-agers end up getting into loads of trouble, because they have nothing better to do with their time. Crime rates are atrocious, especially with drugs and child molesters; seems they all run here (just watch America's Most Wanted). The education system is terrible, as well. I remember being in review for 4 years when I moved here from NE Texas in '96. Drop-out rates continue to climb, and it seems the state is doing nothing but worsening the entire situation. I rated it a 2, because it may actually be of interest to people who are only stopping here for a short while. It's great for tourists, but with the crime, schools, over-crowding, lack of decent employment etc; it's certainly not a place for the average family to earn a decent living. The only people who can really affo... Read more

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    Thu Apr 06 2006

    I used to live in Florida, and let me tell you, I got out quickly!! The drivers here are the worst drivers I've ever seen. The crime rate is enormous and is still escalating, as are the house prices. You also have to worry about hurricanes for six months of the year. Also, it seems to be overrun with homeless people. Of course, not everywhere is perfect, but to me, Florida isn't worth living in.

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    Wed Mar 22 2006

    I love to visit Florida. Especially Anna Maria Island. Yes there are a lot of snow birds and you do hear a lot of bad press regarding crime and child molestation. But that stuff happens everywhere. Florida is a unique part of the USA. It is nice to be able to go there and feel like you are on a tropical island. I have been to Aruba, and while it was wonderful, I felt AMI is the closest thing to being somewhere tropical without leaving the states.

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    Mon Mar 20 2006

    Lots of trashy people, weirdos, drugs, and soon to be very overpopulated. You've been warned. The weather is also too humid for a warm place.

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    Tue Feb 28 2006

    I am from Miami. I have to say it is the most wonderful place in the planet. It is beautiful, there are things to do for all kinds of people. Arts festivals and such for intellectuals, and plenty to do for people who just love to party. It may get a little hot here durring the summer, but it all pays off when a bitter cold winter lasts only a day or two (and bitter cold for South Floridians means 50 degrees) 75 degree weather from late September to Mid March. Hell I went out to the Beach the day after christmass. The traffic is a problem though, if you are not ready to experience horrible driving, do not come. It is a melting pot for all types of people and a center for intellectual thought and world banking. I love Miami!