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First Blood

1982 American action film directed by Ted Kotcheff and co-written by and starring Sylvester Stallone as Vietnam War veteran John Rambo Website

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    Sun Sep 20 2009

    This isn't my favorite Rambo film but it is enjoyable. After Rambo learns that his friend and fellow Vietnam soldier has died, he meets the sheriff. Rambo wants to eat at a restaurant but the stupid sheriff won't let him. He drops Rambo off at the county line. Rambo is pissed off so he starts walking back into this town. The idiot sheriff sees Rambo doing this and arrests him. While at the police station, the cops are washing Rambo off with a hose. One of the cops knocks him out. When they try to shave him, he has a flashback of being cut by a knife in Vietnam. Rambo beats the hell out of the cops and escapes. The police then start searching for him. Two cops are even searching in a helicopter. One of the cops stands on the outside of the copter and shoots at Rambo. Rambo throws a rock and busts the copter's windshield. This causes that cop to fall to his death. The cops then continue their man hunt. As I said earlier, this film is enjoyable. But I prefer the other Rambo films where Ra... Read more

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    The only Rambo worth watching. Pretty well paced with plenty of action. Also stars Brian Denehey as the hard-a** sheriff and Richard Crenna as his former commander.

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    Tue May 22 2007

    I was filmed in my hometown of Hope, BC that's whyI'm being so generous with 1 star.

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    Sun Apr 08 2007

    First Rambo movie with Sly Stallone. Piece of junk. The worst scene is Rambo jumping off a mountain, landing on jagged rocks with a small scratch. Final monologue by Sly is delivered in the rare language of moronic imbecilic since English speakers are not able to comprehend it. If anyone knows what he was saying in the final speech, please post it for me.

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    Sun Apr 08 2007

    I read the David Morell novel first, the movie is an accurate adaption. The first and easily the best of the Rambo series. Still watchable even now, not so for the sequels.

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    Tue Feb 07 2006

    It's just that, if Rambo's individual skills were this good as a vet, post-Vietnam, why weren't they good enough collectively during the war against the enemies of his country when he was a member of some squad?

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    Mon Feb 06 2006

    I remember stumbling upon the book in 1978, before Stallone, before the movie, before the moronic "cultural phenomenon." I was still in my teens, so I can't say what I'd think of it if I read it now, but at the time, I found it an engrossing, exciting read. As I remember it, the Rambo of the book was a bearded, psychopathic Charlie-Manson-lookalike who killed many people during the course of the novel. I remember thinking, "What a great movie this would make!" I thought of DeNiro in the lead role (he was still making worthwhile films at that point). A year or 2 later, I read that a movie was in fact being made of the book and that Stallone was playing the lead role. My reaction at that point was, "Oh, no, they've got to be kidding..." They sure weren't. Considering how much I had liked the book, the movie turned out to be everything I had dreaded. Because Stallone couldn't be seen as a murderous psychopath, he didn't actually kill anybody in the movie (one guy drove his helicopter into... Read more

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    Sun Dec 04 2005

    A fun story, that shows what can go wrong when you program a man to kill the enemy, then abandon him after the fighting is over. A little over the top, though. The initial chase sequence is pretty good, and when he stalks the cops in the woods, you can't help by draw parallels with Vietnam.

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    Fri Nov 18 2005

    Ok everyone gather round' while i tell u a tale a tale of the legend of John Rambo. Rambo (Stallone) was a vietnam war hero veteran, who during war saw all his friends get annahilated. He had no family and nowhere to go, the war vets were thought of as baby killers and other vile crap. Rambo went to visit his old budy that survived but wouldnt you know it, cancer ate him down to the bone, so having nowhere to go he heads for Bumtown (Portland) on his way there he gets picked up for vagrancy in a small jerkwater town by the sheriff. As u can guess Rambo didnt want a ride outta town so they booked him for resisting arrest. they take him in and "F" with the wrong guy, he escapes and heads up into the forest and hides out up there while everyone and their dogs (literally) hunt his ass down. But big John is hard to find (War experience) well i dont want to give away the ending so go see this if you havnt, before Rambo comes for you!!! "he drew first blood".

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    This is the best stallone movie! one of the best action movies ever, amazing story also, you better go rent this one at blockbuster before its gone.

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    Thu Nov 17 2005

    You better run cause Big John Rambo is on the loose and is pissed of at that hick town and the damn sheriff. watch out cause Rambo has his own war and he didnt draw first blood. this is an excellent outdoor film that makes you thirsty for revenge and blood. stallone should have won an Oscar, best movie of that year as well. "he drew first blood!!!"

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    Fri Sep 03 2004

    east or west sylvester stallone is the best

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    Sat Aug 21 2004

    The best of the Rambo series, and the most believable. This is Stallones best movie since Rocky.

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    Mon Aug 11 2003

    Stallone's finest hour.

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    Sun Aug 10 2003

    I remember when this first came out and there was nothing but rave reviews. I still think it was a great movie. The best the Stallone has ever done.

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    Wed Jul 09 2003

    One of Stallones best films behind the Rocky films

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    Mon Jun 30 2003

    This story has a moral to it, SF Veterans should not be messed around with. Sly was awesome and the town got totally F'D up, that sherif was a prick, and Trautmans uniform was ALL wrong. But oh well i didnt catch it the fist few times.

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    Mon Feb 25 2002

    The only Rambo movie worth watching.

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    Mon Dec 03 2001

    An excellent genre movie, spoiled by a ridiculous monologue at the end, penned and emoted by Stallone, who hasn't written a decent word since the first Rocky.

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    Wed Sep 26 2001

    The first and best of the series!

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    Sun Feb 25 2001

    A rarity for sly (IMHO) this is a geat movie. It has two realistic characters: a down and out Viet Nam war vet gets bad news and a small town sheriff that uses shady means to keep his town clear of vagrants. When the two clash, the viewer sees the capabilies of both.

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    Fri Jan 26 2001

    It is all opinion on your taste in movies. This is the type of movie where Stallone is an awsome hero and is being hunted and has no chioce but to kill to stay alive. A real outdoor wilderness military movie loaded with stealth, action, endurance and heroism. A classic Stallone movie.

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    Fri Nov 17 2000

    While I can see one man evading an army of police in the wilderness, especailly with his army skills, I can't see a small town sheriff willing to push it that far.

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    Tue Nov 14 2000

    This movie is great, it gave Sylvester Stallone his first break to be a "shooting star." It also gets into the controversial idea of sacrificing your life for your country, but all the system does is shaft you in return.

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    Mon Nov 13 2000

    The one that started it all. It leaves you with a sense of unfinished business. Stallone is crazy and you'll know why if you see this.

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    Fri Nov 10 2000

    This was the best Rambo movie. Sylvester Stallone did a good job in this movie. It was unbelieveable in parts, but I think people kind of like to believe it could happen. Everyone loves a hero.

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    Fri Jun 30 2000

    I didn't see this movie until after Rambo: First Blood II came out and had heard that it wasn't that good. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and really liked it. It is Sly at his best. While you shouldn't rent it hoping to uncover the meaning of life, it does have more of a message than many other action movies. Don't f*** with a former Green Beret.