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    Thu Oct 21 2010

    She's not exactly Indie or even 'Alterna' is she? Five stars because I would pulverize her with my love. Blaine or no Blaine.

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    Fri Aug 29 2008

    way cool and above the boos of conformists

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    Mon Jan 23 2006

    Angry, ranting women are so 8 days ago. If you want to pout, you best be wearing lingerie. But seriously, I can get behind music with a message, but when the message is I'm a bitch, I can't sing, but I'm going to anyway because I that found some retards will pay me, and I'll bank if I'll crap out some albums", then count me out. Ok, she may be intelligent, passionate, have a powerful personality and some profound thoughts. But, hell, so did Gandhi, and I wouldnt listen to him squawk on the radio either! Distictively terrible.

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    Thu Jan 12 2006

    Simply superb

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    Wed Jun 22 2005

    Great voice...very distinctive.

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    Wed Apr 27 2005

    i think shes a talented and makes great music. There arent too many solo female artists that i really get into, because i tend to get bored with the music, but shes an exception.

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    Mon Mar 28 2005

    I'm one of Fiona's BIGGEST fans! Her music has gotten me through a really rough relationship. She is an inspiration to me. NOt to mention the hard issues she's had to deal with in her lifetime. I hope she know that the Most High loves her. In any event, I will always be a supporter, the girl is a genious.

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    Wed Mar 31 2004

    Loved her and got sick of her REALLY fast. if you like her and want to remain liking her music, i'd advise not listening too much. great voice, though.

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    Peopl who bought her first album and didn't like it much would do well to pick up her other offering, When the pawn . . . - it has SO much more energy, vitality, life, anger, and drive. Fiona is something of her own worst enemy - her public persona is unappealing and pretentious. However, she is a truly talented musician. Her voice is SO earthy and gorgeous - like a jazz torch singer. Her lyrics are great - full of internal rhymes and clever wordplays. A tragically under-rated and neglected artist.

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    I agree with 'erlking.' Her personality is off-putting and at times downright weird and annoying, but she's very talented.

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    Sun Nov 02 2003

    I really loved "Shadowboxer" when it came out, and I was impressed by her singing and her expertise at the piano. I think she was only 19 or 20 when her first CD came out. I have not listened to any of her following CDs, but I thought she showed some potential on her debut CD.

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    Tue Aug 05 2003

    I think that to get away with the kind of behaviour she's exhibited in her career, you need to really be a kind of transcendental genius. She is definitely not a genius. She is pretty talented, but she obviously believes that she should be excused from having to behave like a decent human being because she has problems. TONS of people have problems far worse than hers (and yes, I know about her rape) and they don't behave like spoiled children who think that the world belongs to them. Grow up a little.

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    Sun Jun 29 2003

    Fiona does have a wonderful raw energy about her, HOWEVER, her attitude is so bad sometimes that it actually shows thru her singing and her music, which is NEVER a good idea. But like I said, the girl CAN sing, and she desperately NEEDS a new album that can sell a few million or she will be thrown in with the other one hit wonders soon I am sure :(

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    Thu Apr 03 2003

    She sucks.

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    Fri Aug 03 2001

    She's angry, and it's not like she's had it easy. Her MTV speech is not exactly indicative of her talent-- "Tidal" was great, and "When the Pawn..." had its highlights. She's young-- I don't think that she's the only young person to ever make a stupid mistake (the MTV thing.) Give her some time and a chance. She may do great things-- she has a flair and a real edge to her music, which I hope she keeps. I think all she really needs is some time to mature as a musician.

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    Tue Jul 31 2001

    If Joey Jordison loves her, then so do I! Seriously though, I like her music. "Fast As You Can" is a great song, with some nice drumming.

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    Tue Jul 17 2001

    I like the dark edge to her songs and the unique sound of her voice. I bought her first album and loved the singles that had been released, but I was a little disappointed with the rest. Although I didn't buy her second album, I was impressed by the singles, "Fast as You Can" and "Limp." I think Fiona has matured since her first album and brings very real flair and style to her music.

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    Wed Jul 04 2001

    Would someone please give this woman singing lessons, a bath, and a hot meal? She looks like an anorexic heroin addict with AIDS.

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    Sat Feb 24 2001

    ~doing my best Fiona Apple impersonation~ "I've been a baaaaaad....baaddddd.....singer"

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    Thu Feb 22 2001

    Her music's alright, but she needs a hamburger.

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    Sun Feb 11 2001

    Her music sometimes sounds a little forced, especially "Never is a Promise"

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    Tue Feb 06 2001

    sultry voice and intelligent lyrics, but her raging dysfunctional personality is getting annoying

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    Wed Dec 27 2000

    Umm...what do you expect, everyone to be happy? She's angry, okay, but her music is awesome! Besides, what do you expect from a person who's come from a broken home, was raped at the age of 12, and was teased and called names by peers in her school? She's incredibly smart, her songs are very deep, and you shouldn't rate a person by a speech they made! so what if the speech was a little rude? That's just how the girl is! She's real, her songs are real (not to mention she writes and composes most of them). FIONA APPLE RULES!!!!!

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    Tue Dec 26 2000

    I am so impressed w/the keen graphics. Bully for you! i began my escapades on this net thing with a page on IUMA for my 10 yr old ska band. it was destiny; for in 1983 my mother got herself a MAC as they were kinda new then. she explained how there would be this thing called the INTERNET that was going to really be big in a decade, and i just had to wait. You've done an excellent job! i had rr a few months ago, it was a bit expensive mtv get OFF the air! ..... anything is possible - if you only believe, don't dream it, be it. Always try, never give in or up. Who knew? YES! you are the one; despite seemingly popular belief of those who fear yours or my destiny for themselves due to codificatin by social norms, rather non-cunductive is their ability to see yours, or their futures. Attempt the impossible. You could be the one to tempt fate that brings about true bliss. Never mind those who say YOU can't. They are no better than you or I ..... Read more

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    Tue Nov 07 2000

    I was shocked when my sister first played Tidal for me. I was expecting some silly teeny-bopper candyass wannabe. What I heard was a voice that was insanely more mature than Apple's less than twenty years. Her lyrics are really quite exceptional. Tidal had tons of soul to spare. I didn't think nearly as much of When The Pawn..., but Limp was an excellent song. I'm very curious to see if she can overcome the senseless backlash that has assaulted her.

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    Mon Nov 06 2000

    The album "When the Pawn..." is an exceptional work. She is truly a talented musician, but moreso, a talented poet. Buy this album!

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    Thu Jul 06 2000

    Fiona is one of my favorites. If you hate her, you should listen to her songs. She is very talented... seriously!! Listen to Tidal, and you will love her. At least no hate her.

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    Thu Jan 13 2000

    ewwwwww! I don't think so! Will someone please tell me why she is so angry? I just don't get it.

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    Sat Dec 18 1999

    I think she has a lot of potential also. I love her alto. She is young and may have put her foot in her mouth a couple of times in public but some of us know what it's like to have something that we feel is personally important to say but somehow fumble over the words to try to get it out and unfortunatley embarrass ourselves. I think introverted (ie artists) tend to understand this. Maybe if she had turned those thoughts into a song it would have been more successful. And yes, she is attractive but come on boys, let's give her some credit and stop judging her and other women by her body and "hot" rating!

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    Sun Nov 28 1999

    I bet she would like to take back her MTV Awards Ceremony rant.

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    Sat Nov 20 1999

    she bores me.

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    Mon Nov 01 1999

    She's really skinny, but she's hot.

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    If you don't have her debut CD Tidal and the only Fiona Apple reference you have is her strange speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, give her a chance. What is she, 19 years old or something? Her potential is truly impressive, and I'm hoping she puts her talent to good use.