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Final Destination

2000 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wong, with a screenplay written by Wong, Glen Morgan, and Jeffrey Reddick, based on a story by Reddick Website

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    Good movie, We all dream of cheatin death don't we? Had it on vhs replaced it with this.

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    Tue May 26 2009

    I have always been a fan of this movie. And now that it's in Blu Ray, it's a no brainer. This is a must have if you own a Blu Ray player. The Sound is awesome and picture quality is great for a movie this old.

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    Thu Mar 19 2009

    Final Destination is my absolute favourite ever movie. It has everything you could ever want from a horror movie: unique and likeable characters; brilliant plot twists; extremely inventive deaths (or "accidents"); loads of chilling suspence and enough gore to make the movie scary and fun but not enough to put you off or make you look away. Alex Browning has a horrific vison of the airplane, which he and his friends have just boarded on a school trip to Paris, exploding shortly after take off. He panicks after the vision and he, four other students and a teacher are forcible removed from the plane by the airline staff. The airplane takes off without them and a few seconds later, explodes just like in Alex's vision as it is ascending into the air. Thirty-nine days pass and everything seems fine, but then, after the funeral of the victims of the crash one of the survivors dies in a freak accident that is at first dismissed as suicide. But then the other survivors start dying in eq... Read more

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. It made me think about fate and death all while making me scream and squrim in my seat. Bottom line this was a great movie...One of the new classics!

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    Ok, I am new to the "Final Destination" horror films, as horror is not my genre. I actually saw the 3rd one first, and became intrigued by the "cheating death or did they" plot. Last weekened, TNT had a showing of all 3 and for a lark I recorded them all (which will nicely fit on a 6 hour DVD). I saw FD-1, and let me say, that it was interesting, and thought-provoking. It had it's moments and if you remember it's fiction, I think you will enjoy it better. As one person said, don't take it too seriously. You really don't want to keep running around scared to death and looking at everything like it's going to kill you. None of us knows how we would react if something like that would happen to us. Would we panic, go insane, be grateful we were saved, be more careful, or wonder "was it really my time, and my selfishness to save my own butt caused the death of my friends". So, given all of the youth "I'm going to live forever" ideas, young kids who don't know how to deal with death (m... Read more