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    Mon Aug 23 2010

    Looking through this, it's astonishing how many of the people leaving reviews, who can't even write a sentence without using text talk or making five spelling errors see this as a potential career path. Of course, given what I see coming out of Hollywood lately, maybe it is. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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    Mon Aug 23 2010

    I don't think I would ever want to be a filmmaker or a director in theatre or film as I've seen how incredibly stressful this can be. These guys can have sleepless nights especially if it's a highly professional film thats been funded by a major studio and want to see where their money is going by seeing the rushes. Being a filmmaker/director requires someone who is quick thinking, well organised, experienced and incredibly patient (particularly with actors who can be really nasty if they can spot a film director who doesn't know what they're doing). I've been blessed to work with filmmakers and directors alike on both amateur and professional projects. It can really depend on the type of director you get. If he's easygoing and co-ordinated a sailing ship then you're fine. If he's an ambivalent character who's miserable and insecure and hell bent on letting everyone know this, then you're in for a rough ride. One thing a director most certainly needs is a supportive crew otherw... Read more

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    Mon Mar 23 2009

    Hell yea. Makin' the big bucks. I would direct maily "slap-stick" comedies. Seth Rogen type movies. Ha ha

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    that'd be pretty kewl.

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    Fri Jul 04 2008


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    Fri Jun 27 2008


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    Wed Jun 25 2008

    But only PG films

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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    could possibly be exciting but overwelming at the same time

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    that would be fuun

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    Tue Jun 17 2008


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    Sun Jun 15 2008

    meet new talent

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    Thu Jun 12 2008

    seems cool

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    i could do that

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    Mon Jun 09 2008

    I would love to be a filmmaker or a director it would be kool...I would make a movie about teenagers smoking pot back in the 70's. But I would use teens these days..

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    Mon Jun 09 2008

    and action!

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    Mon Jun 09 2008

    I fancy myself having an artistic streak; but actually, whom am I kidding?

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    Fri Jun 06 2008

    You have to have a really big voice for it.

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    Thu Jun 05 2008

    I wanna be M. Night Shambala

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    Thu Dec 07 2006

    Cinema has no part in my life. Hollywood could go t*ts up tomorrow and I wouldnt give a monkeys

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    It takes a lot of dedication and it's something I'm interested in but probably wouldn't choose as a major.

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    Wed Dec 15 2004


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    Tue Jun 08 2004

    who wouldnt want to be a famous director? they get paid well and they do a nice job

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    Sun Mar 16 2003

    Get a real job.

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    Sun Mar 09 2003

    A job, which like that of a writer, really requires a lot of creativity and dedication. The business of film directing is very hard to get into, and once you do get your foot in the door, it is even more difficult to convince production companies to hire you to make movies. A profession which requires a lot of patience and dedication.

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    Mon Dec 23 2002

    Theyhave to put up with ridiculous demands from the actors/actresses and maintain a demeanor of professionalism about it, too. I probably couldn't do that. Scorsese is probably the best one out there.

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    Sat Nov 17 2001

    Ooh, this is my dream job. Although filmmaking is actually an extremely demanding job, especially for the undergrounders, who have to go around begging for people to invest in them. And for me, when I daydream about it, I would want full autonomy over it, and would want to have written it myself and everything. But this just seems like the ultimate in creative expression, cause if you do it well then it communicates to a wide audience.

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    Fri Oct 26 2001

    Talk about big bucks coupled with big risks! This is very expensive to get into and really at the top of the risk scale. Like acting, you would have to be so driven and sure of your own talents that you couldn't even consider failure. Many people have been intrigued by this career or the thought of it, but I really doubt that the same amount have the combined talent, creativity, self-assuredness, or finances to actually pull it off. And, maybe that's not so bad really; it kind of weeds out the field leaving us with the crème de la crème. Even with that thought in mind, a decent flick can be really hard to find!

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    Thu Oct 04 2001

    Now here's a profession I'm drooling over. As easily stressed out and overwhelmed as I get, I love to work in groups and put together projects, and what better than a film? You'll learn that in shows, actors are the lowest of the social classes and directors are at the top. I'd love to have complete creative control and put out great movies.

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    Wed Aug 01 2001

    FILMMAKING! The greatest of all professions!!! The ability to be extremely creative. The ability to make dreams come true. The ability to mess with people's feelings, with the use of moving images. Filmmaking is the only thing I can possibly consider pursuing for a career. In fact, it shouldn't be an occupation. Indeed, it is an activity. You can never get tired of it. That’s because you're always meeting new people, working in different settings, in many different tasks. Always dealing with different problems and having to seek different solutions. And just the whole idea of transforming a story on paper into a visual thing, just seems to be so powerful and satisfying to me, that I could never consider anything else.