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Fight Club

1999 American film directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter Website

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    An overrated staple of the gen-xer movie collection. Why do so many people actually think this movie was so profound and deep because sorry to tell you it really isn't.

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    Mon Jun 13 2011

    Recipe used to make this movie. 1. Take a scoop shovel of nihilism. 2. Add a 55 gallon drum of violence. 3. Mix in a dump truck load of confusing horse shit. 4. Finish with a twist ending. 5. Make sure you have a pretty boy star to fleece the suckers.That will get the crowd scratching their heads when they stumble out of the bijou after a mind-numbing 2 1/2 hours.

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    Fri May 07 2010

    First Rule about Fight Club. We don't talk about Fight Club. Second Rule about Fight Club. We don't talk about Fight Club. Now, what the hell are y'all doing talking about Fight Club? =D Fight Club is a good ass movie. It's full of a lot of twists. A little Drama. A lot of action. And a lot of Fighting. Me and my friends love this movie. It seems like everyday there is a quote from this movie in our everyday conversations. Check it out for yourself if you haven't already. I started a Fight Club because of this movie. Now I broke the first rule. Now, I have to go fight.

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    Sun Feb 07 2010

    Fight Club was fairly entertaining but that's it. The twist was a little interesting but fairly pointless. There wasn't really a theme of the movie, which rendered said twist kind of lame. If you like pointless fighting and depressing landscapes and buildings, check this movie out, if not, skip it.

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    There's nothing I didn't like about this movie. I've watched it again and again, and I enjoy it more every time. I don't get any deep meaning or anything from it like some people claim to... I just really enjoy it. Great acting, interesting plot, good balance of action, violence, and screwed-upedness, and just a tiny bit of broken romance. I find it funny as hell too.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    Couldn't get into this movie; didn't even finish watching it. Ladies who are Bradidots and macho men made this popular.

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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    One of the best 10 movies ever made.

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    Tue Nov 10 2009

    Served its purpose

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    It was nowhere near as good as everyone seemed to make out.

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    Wed Jun 24 2009

    This pathetic movie is one of the most pointless that I have ever seen. It is full of lots of meaningless violence and little else. The plot is disjointed and completely pathetic. The only movie that I have ever seen that is remotely as worthless is 'Napolean Dynamite'. I would not recommend this to anyone. It is a waste of over two hours of one's precious time.

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    Fri Jun 12 2009

    The description offered fit the product I purchased and I received my item quickly and without hassle.

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    Wed Jun 10 2009

    Fast delivery, movie was in excellent condition. Overall very satisfied with my transaction. Thank you so much!

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    Sun May 24 2009

    From the beginning of the film, you don't know what is going on. You meet the guy (Edward Norton) who is plagued by insomnia. He is strange and attends support meetings to pass his sleepless nights. Then one night he meets Tyler (Brad Pitt) and all hell breaks loss. It will knock your socks off!!!!!!!!

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    Fri May 15 2009

    I love the three leads: Bonham Carter is amazingly good as the neurotic girlfriend, Edward Norton is a convincing tormented nerd, and Brad Pitt is an amazingly good lounge lizard-type on a mission to transform the world. There are some excellent touches throughout, and Meat Loaf's role could make you choke with laughter -- somebody give that man a size 66GG bra. It gets a bit hard to believe, but wraps up convincingly enough. This is NOT a family movie unless the family is all over 13, in my opinion, but it's great off-color, violent and satirical entertainment for adults.

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    Fri Apr 10 2009

    I remember watching this movie with a cofounder of RIA, and he was really disappointed in it. When I'm with somebody who's down on something, I tend to sour on it too. But in later viewings, I've really enjoyed the movie. The whole tear down the machine motif is fun as entertainment (if not in practice), and I thought this might have been one of Pitt's more charismatic performances.

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    Fri Apr 10 2009

    It's defnitely a screwed up movie. That being said, it's also a good movie. I suppose I should have seen the ending coming, but it surprised me.

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    I absolutly LOVE this movie! The author of the book, Chuck Palahniuk, is a genius. David Fincher did a great job of portraying Chuck's vision. This movie shows just what can happen when you have too much control over your life and the horrible effects of what happens when you begin to lose everything. Whenever I am down and out I watch Fight Club and it makes me feel better about my situations. Edward, Brad, and Helena give stunning performances and are able to pull you in so you can feel what they are feeling; and think like they do. What would you do if you suddenly lost everything? It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything. If you like this type of dark humor/drama check out Chuck Palahniuk's other books. Invisible Monsters and Choke are both wild trips. It makes you look at the whole picture in a different view.

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    Amazing movie of our generation. I can't street how great this flick is. It's kind of funny how it flopped at the movies, but i guess it was a bit before it's time. David Fincher is a genius!

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    Sat Oct 25 2008

    One of my favorites... great movie!

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    Tue Mar 25 2008

    how is this a drama? mmmm

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    Tue Oct 24 2006

    I have lost count of how many times I have had to explain to people that Brad Pitt's character is the Ed Norton character's alter ego. A good, enjoyable film.

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    Tue Oct 24 2006

    A great movie,although it may be too violent for some viewers.It starts off rather funny,with the character so addicted to self-help groups that he attends ones that are for problems he doesn't even have! Then the plot takes one of many twists,and you're in for a wild ride!(I don't want to spoil the suprises).Tight direction and top-notch acting go hand in hand with a good script,making this off-beat classic one of the best films I've seen in recent years.

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    Tue Nov 22 2005

    A darkly humourous films with many very funny moments particularly Ed Norton's characters's monologue about his sad IKEA lifestyle. It's not as violenmt as it's reputation and there are one or tow gross out bits e.g. when Norton and Pitt go salvaging for human body fat for Pitt's soap business. However, it's the ending that spoils it for me and loses one star. Too much of a wierd David Lynch type cop out for my liking.

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    Tue Oct 18 2005

    What a pile of dog crap this was and over rated. It is supposed to have some deep meaning about internal struggles, to me it is the story of a mad man told from the slightly saner personality.

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    Mon Oct 17 2005

    A nihilistic descent into schizophrenic madness that I can't stop watching. Maybe it's the intricate photographic work, maybe it's Fincher's ear for dialogue, maybe it's the spellbinding performances by Ed Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Meatloaf, and Brad Pitt, maybe it's all of the's an obsessive relationship that I never want to end. From the opening "needle drag" and Dust Brothers intro, you're swept into the dreary dirge of Norton's anticipated existence (recounted through jarring skips and flashbacks), never suspecting the ease with which he ends up dealing with his insomnia-induced repression. Shot through with trenchant humor, jabs at popular culture, and gnarly twists throughout, you'll find yourself enjoying it a little more than you should. A few "squirm and shifts" from time to time (and his name is Robert Paulson), but with a title like "Fight Club", you shouldn't expect shortbread at high tea. Get the disc and see for yourself why this film instills su... Read more

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    Sat Apr 09 2005

    My entire family likes this movie; not sure why. Brad Pitt is hot but that's about it for me. The whole plot is stupid to me. But then again,it's just my opinion.

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    Sun Jan 23 2005

    A very good movie. The first time I watched it I didn't get it. I watched it again and listened to an interview of Ed Norton, and Brad Pitt, then I began to get it. Since then I've probably watched it two or 3 more times and pick up more and more each time. It's a brilliant film. How I didn't see it from the beginning I don't know. The twists and turns this movie take. It really makes you pay attention and think, it's not a movie that you can flip back and forth to or watch while you're doing something else. Ed Norton-a fantastic actor. Brad Pitt-more than just a pretty face. I like to watch this when I'm alone so there are no distractions.

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    Fri Oct 08 2004

    i want to fight the bush administration.....and then serve them up some of that chowder.

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    Tue Sep 21 2004

    great acting

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    Wed Sep 15 2004

    my favorite movie ever

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    Mon Aug 02 2004

    Brad Pitt and Edward Norton shine in this cutting edge drama. The whole movie is thrilling and humerous. I was on the edge of my seat (couch) the whole entire movie. WOW!!! One of my favorite films of all time. No doubt about it.

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    Pathetic.What is so great about this movie?

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    Thu Jun 24 2004

    One of my favorite films.

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    Wed Jun 02 2004

    what do you think

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    Thu May 20 2004

    A cutting edge movie, through and through. Norton does another great job (I only knew him from Rounders) and somehow complements Pitt pretty well. The camera work was fascinating and original.

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    Sun Sep 28 2003

    The greatest movie ever made.

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    Sun Sep 28 2003

    One of the most violent, useless movies ever made. Not as bad as A Clockwork Orange, however.

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    Sat Aug 02 2003

    Good, but a little out of the ordinary. Brad Pitt is good, and Edward Norton shines in this film. However, the story becomes too absurd to be enjoyable. If you liked Snatch, you could probalby go for this one too. Watch it on a rainy day.

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    Tue Jun 03 2003

    Hands down the best socially influential movie since Pulp Fiction and Resivior Dogs and the best(and probably only good) Brad Pitt movie. This is my bible.

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    Sat Jan 18 2003

    Its my fav. movie ever. If you havent seen this movie go buy it! now! Its not about fighting If you cant appreciate this movie for what it really means I feel bad for you. I wish I could give it 10 stars

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    Sat Nov 16 2002

    Awesome movie! Inspires lots of philosophical conversations.

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    Fri Jul 26 2002

    why isn't this movie in the top 10?!?! this is by far one of the best movies that i have ever seen! brad pitt and ed norton are amazing, and it really stays true to the book.

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    Mon Jun 24 2002

    A movie that contains no optimism and has protagonists spreading evil, this one should certainly be avoided at all costs by everyone. The "hero" of the movie containmates restaurant food and makes illegal soap. These insane people then want to fight to be able to feel. That makes no sense. This, of course, leads to alot of gore and blood, with senseless violence all around. Of course, this terror of a movie got critically acclaimed. But we all know adult means sexual and gritty means filled to the brim with senseless violence. Whatever happened to the G-rated live-action genre?

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    Sun Apr 07 2002

    Strong start, bad ending... :o(

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    Mon Feb 04 2002

    it was ironic and very strange, I had no clue what was going on untill the end, very confusing but if you think about it, the story's very good. bizzare ending, who would've known? good film

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    Wed Oct 24 2001

    A powerful punch of a movie. Tough hard hitting drama, with Edward Norton as the nameless star. Pitt and Bonham-Carter are excellent in support. But this is Finchers film, his direction is faultless, crafting the music, orchestrating the editing to weave his magic.

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    Sun Oct 07 2001

    My 5th favorite movie of all time.

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    Mon Jul 16 2001

    The best movie ever made...thats that.