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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    FID International is a NIGHTMARE!!!!! THIS COMPANY DESERVES TO LOSE IT'S SHIPPING LICENSE!!!! Please report them to the FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION and file a complaint. Better Business Bureau Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 202-324-3000 Florida State Revenue And Finally, Report them to the IRS,,id=106778 ,00.html because a company that rips off the public has to be pocketing the money I hired them In April to move my household items to the UK, It took me several frustrated emails and phone calls before I could get them to come pick up my shipment. They notified me they had my shipment in their Florida warehouse on the 16th of June and would ship it to the UK on the next overseas cargo beginning of July, Come July 16 and I have hea... Read more

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    Thu Oct 27 2011

    Just received our goods and wanted to thank the team at FID International for a overall smooth move! The container was a few hours late getting to our home which ended up costing us a little more money with labor ready company we hired to load. But we got good instructions from Richard on loading and had little issues getting it loaded in 2 and half hours. The only thing we failed to discuss was there was no ramp that come with the containers which made it a bit diffucult even with 4 guys. After we loaded it was sealed and the container was on its way. We ended up paying about $3900.00 + Insurance to ship and pack our own container to Bradfordshire from Vienna, VA and had all of our fees covered so we didn’t have any surprises. We had read up on all sorts of hidden cost when shipping and were terrified of paying more than we budgeted for. After about a month our container was cleared and delivered by Polar Shipping in the UK. We promised after we received our goods we would give a ho... Read more

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    Sat Jun 25 2011

    To those that are planning to use FID International ….. I would like to tell you my story & experience!! 3 month ago I had been contacted by many companies including FID international after I had made the mistake of going on to one of these shipping portals, which needless to say that I thought I am to enjoy the fact that many companies will bid on my shipping request and I’ll gain lower rates….. THAT WAS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE!!!! It was very confusing, I got so many rates and so many promises which I could not decide what I am doing with all. Some companies seems as they did not know much just gave there rate and never heard from again others just sent there rates by email. Then I got the pleasure to get contacted by a representative of FID International, I’ve got tell that it was nice to finally know that there are peoples in this industry that know all about shipping to Australia. My move was from New York to Brisbane, Australia. According to my rep I had goods that fit on a 20 fe... Read more

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    Mon Mar 14 2011

    What a relieve to finally have this over with! Did not want to forget to say thank you for your tremendous help through this relocation process. My things arrived safely in Tobago last Thursday. All was well after a bit of hold up at the Trinidad port. If you can also extend thank you to the packing team- Coby and his assistant. They were great- professional and on top of things. Everything arrived intact. I am truly greatful. I hope I never have to do this again but if I do I will be giving FID a call. In the mean while I will be recommending you. Thanks again and God Bless! Michell Morgan in Tobago!

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    Sun Jan 30 2011

    Another terrible rating. Moved from CA to Australia. I was quoted an amount which ended up in being less than half the actual cost. I have no clue as to how you can be that far off. In terms of delivery date I was quoted 3-5 weeks and it was about 10 weeks. And not only that but a few items were left off the original shipment and arrived over 2 months later. Everything did arrive in the end but I could have had a far easier move at the same cost with someone more reputable.

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    I continue to wonder why this company is still in business. They lost everything I owned after I hired them for an international move. From reading the various reviews, my guess is that those who gave a positive review are either family or friends of "Itimar," as I never knew his name until after having to deal with the losses I incurred. The BBB is useless; I learned that FID doesn't respond to their inquiries and after a month or so of not hearing from them, the BBB simply drops the case. Real big help. The FMC helped out a little, in that I am sure that FID would not even have been honest enough to pay me the mandatory insurance for my loss if the FMC had not intervened; but I still wonder why they allow outfits like FID to even operate. Isn't it interesting that FID must put positive reviews on their own site to defend themselves? If we could review with no stars, FID's rating would certainly be in the negative numbers.

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    Fri Dec 31 2010

    I just want to agree with most of the other posts on here. (Except the obvious ones that FID put on here themselves) Same story, pretty much. I hired them to ship family heirloom furniture and some other items from Alabama to Melbourne Australia. I can't tell you how many times I stressed that they had great sentimental value since my mother had just passed away. They completely understood....would take great care.....then they piled everything on a pallet and SHRINK WRAPPED it and crammed it into a container. Needless to say it arrived in appalling condition. BUT wait there's more.....only the furniture arrived in Melbourne. With someone else's name on it. After months of confusion and DEAD SILENCE from the company on every attempt to contact them, I finally had to go to the warehouse in Melbourne to identify my items. I could have sat in the floor and cried when I saw the condition of everything. Especially my mother's favorite little table with three legs snapped off. Not just pull... Read more

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    Sun Nov 14 2010

    I wanted to thank you, Itamar and all the members of your team at FID International for helping make our move to Italy a positive experience. As you know, I was very apprehensive about shipping a container of household goods, furniture and our car overseas because I have heard so many “horror” stories. Thankfully after having recently received my container, I will not count myself among those that have a negative story to share. Your customer service was wonderful. Here are just a few reasons why I would highly recommend using FID International to family and friends: -Our plans didn’t solidify for a few months but you kept in touch with us and when we were ready to discuss our plans you were straightforward and offered us the best solutions and gave us a fair price. -You treated us like family. You were always available for advice- our move was not an easy one. I faced the move alone with two small children while my husband was in Italy getting things ready on the other side. ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    Moved by F.I.D International last month to UK. Transit time was 1 week longer then estimated. Received all items without any damage. I'm happy.Thanks for stress free relocation.

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    I am going to join the many people who had dealt with this company FID INTERNATIONAL BASED IN USA, and had a terrible experience, THEY DON'T DESERVE NOT EVEN ONE STAR!, they are a bunch of liers and you can't get a straight answer from anyone!! They tell you that what you pay up front is all you have to pay and when your things are ready to be delivered at the destination, the agent tells you that you owe $745 for port fees and customs! WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL, my contract says door to door service all included and now these fees are additional??? I wish I have done a much deeper researh before falling into their hands!, what a nightmare!! Lilly Galiano, Australia

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    Sun Sep 26 2010

    I would like to join the many other dissatisfied customers on the site in saying, "Avoid this company like the plague!" Dealing with FID has been a nightmare from the outset. 1. The movers did not arrive on the agreed upon day - we had to call them to find out where they were (apparently they were still 6hrs away and had not thought to call us). We reluctantly re-scheduled for the next day and this time they were only 2.5hrs late....this should have been a warning of things to come. 2. We, too, were quoted 6-8 weeks for our delivery. We based our movements (temporary housing, etc) on this. We have just received our belongings - 20 weeks after they were picked up! 20 weeks! We sent multiple emails to find out where our items were after the initial 8 weeks, only to be met with (you guessed it) deafening silence or "passing of the proverbial buck". I honestly don't think they knew where in the world our things were. How that is even possible in today's age of electronic tracking is beyon... Read more

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    FID has been a complete Nightmare to work with. I wish I did more research when looking for a moving company. Response time before paying in advance was excellent, but once everything was paid in full up front, I could not get any answers out of them. Not only did they under quote my move by over 100%, it has been more than 3 months since I have seen my stuff! Their quote said it included the Terminal charges, stair case delivery, taxes and fees, etc etc. However, those charges showed up as separate line items, about $600 worth additional, outside the original quote. That is extremely misleading. I called, emailed, left messages, and all I got was short email responses saying "I'll get back to you." Which they never did. I actually got an email saying "the phone is off the hook." How unprofessional is that?! They also said a typical shipping from my old place to its new destination takes about 6-8weeks. On top of everything else, the destination company they contracted tol... Read more

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    The move went smooth and amazing!! We packed and loaded our own 20ft container in East Lansing, MI and gave us 3 hrs to load up. We finished in in about 2 & 1/2. We had been worried about insurance becuase we packed everything but we made sure to have everything secured and spent lots of time packing and getting prepared. The ship was a few days late in Thamesport but took but cleared customs with no problem and got to us 5 days later. Everything was arrived in good condiation except for a few scratches here and there. The whole staff was friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend FID to anyone else. Sarah Pool

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    Wed May 26 2010

    I sent a report on this group of scammers some time back but don't see it posted for some reason. They lost my shipment, if they ever even shipped it. They refused to provide me with the insurance I requested. I insisted on insuring my Harley, and they finally agreed to that. Naturally, that's the only thing that made the move from the U.S. to Europe. Everything else, with monetary as well as even more important non-monetary but family history value was "lost," according to them. Some kind of moving company, that loses their customers' shipments. After paying over $4,000, all I got was an insurance payment of under $800, which they tried to wiggle out of paying until I got the Federal Maritime Commission on the case. If they are not dishonest crooks, they are simply incompetent movers. The "one star" comment above is true; they don't even deserve that. I intend to keep searching for other victims to join in and put together a class action suit. This is one company that needs... Read more

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    Thank you for all you personal help and encouragement in the delivery of our household goods to Melbourne Australia!! As we told you we would we wanted to write a review of our shipping experience.. Everything arrived in excellent condition. In fact we were surprised to find the clothing etc was fresh and 'sweet' smelling. All the people we dealt with were courteous and helpful. 'At the end of the day,' there was no customs inspection. If there was one point that might have been helpful, it would have been a more accurate estimate of the time it would take to receive things at this end. The process took 2 1/2 months and we were stretched to get settled without access to our stuff but we know it was out of your control. But that inconvenience was small compared to having everything delivered in such good condition. Thank you. Have a prosperous and happy new year. Sincerely, Daniel and Judy Strickland

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They promote themselves as professional and efficient but DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! When you, as the client, meet with a shipping dispute, they not only delay responses to you, they "pass" your issue to each other like playing football! Furthermore, it appears as though they are playing games with you while you wait for a solution or a compromise. DO YOU THINK THAT IS HOW A PROFESSIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY WILL REACT TO PROBLEMS MET BY CLIENTS? They do not offer apologies, they do not try to come to a compromise, they delay, delay and delay. FID shipping is extremely IMMATURE AND UNPROFESSIONAL in handling shipment. Even if you have the financial ability to pay for shipment, DO NOT USE this company because you will probably be ripped off by them in the end.

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    Sun Aug 02 2009

    We used FID International to move our house from Boca Raton Florida to Spain and couldn't be happier with the service and the price. They give us very competitive price, we got a lot of info about the process, what to expect in Spain, their crew arrived to our house on time and pack it very fast and professional. After the loading we drove to their office in Sunrise Florida and we were very impressed with the facility too. I did recommended three of our friends to them and they are very happy with FID. Used them!!!! They are good. David T

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    Sun Jul 19 2009

    FID is TERRIBLE, horrible customer service and when I wrote a complaint letter I did not even get an apology, ALL THEY DID WAS TELL ME THAT THEY WOULD LOOK INTO IT AND MONTHS LATER I HAVE YET TO GET A REPLY. Below is the majority of my complaint letter to them: I initially contacted FID in February and scheduled for my furniture to be picked up on April 2 from Winter Haven, FL to be delivered to an Address in Glasgow, UK. During the days leading to the pickup, I spoke to one of your service representative, Marlon Rivera, who helped me determine that based on the number of things that I was shipping, I would need around 300 square feet. He also advised that the delivery would take between 4-6 weeks. At the time, I was quite pleased with the level of service and there was no indication of the multitude of things that would go wrong. Pickup of the furniture was mostly uneventful and quick. The two movers did a good job in wrapping and packing the furniture and were done in a little ov... Read more

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    Mon Oct 20 2008

    Keep away from this company! they are a typical moving scam. Don't be fooled by their cheap quote. they are doing typical "bate and switch" fraud. if your moving destination is oversea you cannot seek any help from the county's authorities! don't trust anything what they said or worte. if you are one of casualties, you should send a brief report to Federal Maritime commision(FMC)immediatly.

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    Thu Oct 09 2008

    F.I.D. International has been in business over 10 years and has provided a high level of service. We handle thousands of imports and exports and have long list of satisfied clients and vendors. If you feel you have any issues with any customer service problems please call 1-866-343-1222 and ask for the customer service department or a manger and we will review your case and meet your needs as fair as possble. This claim listed above that we are running with any clients money baseless and totally false.