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    Sat Jan 23 2010

    If I could give them 0 stars that would be more accurate. Fedex delivery drivers are lazy and their customers service backs them 100%. I live in central Texas and this is now the 3rd time in a row that my package was 2 days late which will be 5 days if you count the weekend. The package was scanned for delivery and put in a truck. The driver simply didn't bring it. The one thing that amazes me most, is when i call to find out if the packages will be delivered, customer service and the drivers are never on the same page. I can't understand how they stay in business. Bottom line just ship with UPS they ship rain, sleet, snow or shine and they don't loose or forget to deliver the package.

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    Sun Jan 03 2010

    Worst delivery company in the WORLD. American shit. Ordered 21st December express delivery still waiting now (3rd January). Absolutely bloody useless.

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    I expected a package that I bought on eBay to be delivered on December 31 because that is what their web tracking site said and I confirmed it by calling them on the day before. The shipper sent it FedEx Ground and I said ugh! The last thing that was sent FedEx Ground was damaged in shipping and left on the ground in the street under my mailbox. That episode took a month to resolve. Unfortunately, I wasn't home when they attempted to deliver the package but I wouldn't have even known that if I hadn't called to ask. There was no note on my door or nothing to indicate they even tried. When I called, the rep said she would put on note on the package to hold it for me at the facility but that I should call on January 2 between 7am - 7:30am (their next open for business day) to make sure they read it before they get it on the truck (why do I get to keep them accountable for reading their notes?) I called at 6:15am and the lady said the facility was closed and to call back at 8am whe... Read more

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    Fri Jan 01 2010

    Fed Ex is late delivering my package; that doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is the reason... (Fed Ex tracking site said) "local weather delay, delivery attempted." That serves as a good reason when it is honest. I watched the Fed Ex truck zoom past my house two days without slowing a bit. The roads were wet but that was it. When I called to ask why my package wasn’t delivered yet, I was told that I couldn’t make them deliver it and if I wanted the package faster I could go get it myself. So now I still don’t have my package and needless to say I am far from happy with the service from Fed Ex.

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    Tue Dec 29 2009

    Review applies to the Bronx, NY FedEx facility that delivers to upper Manhattan. Was waiting on a new phone from Verizon, which provided me with overnight shipping for free, unfortunately they used FedEx. Since the delivery address is an apartment complex FedEx almost never bothers to even attempt delivery, naturally this worried me. I left notes on the intercom offering to come down to pick up the package and left the webpage open to track it. The day of delivery the update was that it got there after the driver left, naturally since this was supposed to be overnight I called to complain, 5 minutes later it's on a truck according to the site. Hours pass, 3pm and still no package, by 4pm it still says out for delivery so I call yet again, I am of course assured that the driver will be there with my package. By 8pm I still have no package and another call to FedEx is answered with the information that the Bronx facility is closed, but my package will definitely be delivered tomorrow.... Read more

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    Wed Dec 23 2009

    FedEx delivery is really where I get upset. A recently ordered package was mishandled in the worst way I've see yet. He/she arrived first at the back of the house by our garage, an easy mistake with our neighborhood set-up, but rather than simply walking around to the front door and leaving the package there, they THREW the package over a fence into our NEIGHBOR'S porch! The package is dented and the contents were fragile. This is completely unacceptable from the stand point of a consumer. USPS and UPS are both much easier to deal with. Not only can they find my front door but also allow me to pick up packages at their warehouse if it needs a signature and I miss all their delivery attempts. FedEx just ships it back to the sender since you can't pick it up. It's coming to the point that even if I really want something and it has to be delivered, I won't bother ordering it if it's shipped FedEx since it's unlikely I'll get it anyways.

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    Thu Dec 17 2009

    FEDEX VS UPS - My review is for packages delivered out of the main San Diego FedEx facility located at 10132 Airway Road. Packages were delivered to me via FedEx on a few occasions. I will preface by mentioning I've received packages from UPS too so I have some noteworthy comparisons. Unless a direct signature is required, FedEx will often try to leave the package with the residence next door. If you aren't friends with each other, haven't met each other (sadly common these days), or on bad terms, that can spell trouble or make for an awkward situation. FedEx made 3 morning delivery attempts at the same time of day. It hasn't occurred to them that they may have better luck trying other time slots like 12-3pm or 3-6pm like UPS. Unlike UPS, they don't leave a door tag indicating a time frame for the next delivery. The policy states 3 delivery attempts must be made before it is held at the FedEx facility. What a waste of resources and energy. UPS is smarter in this scenario to... Read more

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD! I payed extra for "Ground Shipping" MY ITEM WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED ON DEC 1 (2009), i waited all day, when i called them they made up reasons like, oh they already came by your house and put a yellow tag. Then the next day a lady explains that fed ex don't work on Mondays (plus the weekend) and that is why there is a delay. DON'T USE FED EX...BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE DON'T KNOW HOW TO ANSWER QUESTIONS NOR DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

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    Fri Nov 27 2009

    We have the laziest driver. She claims she knocked on the door and we were not home. That is not true as we live in a small apartment and were up long before she came. We had not left the house knowing the package should be delivered. I found the note on my door about fifteen minutes after she left it. I was looking for the package in case it was left my the door. I called FedEx twice and was told the driver would call and see if she could return with the package. No call nor help from FedEx. Next time I will use UPS or USPS. This cost me money because I needed to ship some the items out today. No such luck and FedEx really did not care.

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    Fri Nov 27 2009

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND FED EX TO ANYONE! My daughter bought a wedding band that was specially engraved for her fiance. We requested for it not to be delivered until after 4pm due to the fact that we all work, and no one would be home. I received a door tag and contacted the Fed Ex company in Columbia, SC and asked again to note the driver that no one would be home for the package until after 4 pm. They assured me they would let him know . Then after the second and third time the door tag was put on the door, I called them again. AT THIS TIME, they informed me that they do not cater to clients and they deliver when they want to. I ask for them to re-attempt the delivery and I assured them I would be home. NOTE I stayed out of work ALL DAY missing work for a wedding band to be delivered and NO DELIVERY! I called Wednesday night and they told me they would put a note on the package for the sub-driver to please deliver it Friday because Thanksgiving day they did not deliver, and I completely... Read more

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    Tue Nov 24 2009

    FedEx is horrible. I was SUPPOSED to have a package delivered to my house yesterday (11/23/09), yet when I tracked the delivery online it said that my package had already been delivered. Well, it wasn't. The online tracking information said that it was left at my front door, when my father was outside blowing leaves, my brother-in-law was standing on the porch, and my sister had just came up the street, so why leave it at the front door? I have repeatedly called the customer service office only to be told the exact same thing by 5 different people. I would really like the know the requirements for becoming a courier for FedEx, because obviously they are extremely low. My patience is wearing extremely thin with FedEx, they have ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE service. And apparently, FedEx drivers have to 'research' where they mis-delivered a package. Why? Why do they have to research it? They arent children in school. I'm in college and I research. They are couriers, they dont need to research. T... Read more

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    Tue Nov 03 2009

    Since when did pony express come back into existence. Item shipped 2-5 day and arrived 16 days later ? Pony express may have been cheaper and quicker. I will never use fed ex again and I will not order from anyone that uses fed ex. .

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    Fri Oct 23 2009

    FedEx seems to consistently had trouble with them claiming I wasn't at home to receive a package. They will not even give me a number to contact the local office as I was told it was private. The driver cannot be contacted while in route and they have no way of changing their route. They claim the are efficient. I have yet to see the evidence. No one on the phone was helpful and just pushed me off. I will never use them again and I urge you to do the same. Terrible service!!

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    Mon Oct 19 2009

    Friday morning, 8:05am. From the young man @ Gate 3 to the women who who took my info., to the fork-lift operator; ALL were courteous, helpful and efficient. I delivered my pallet to my customer ahead of schedule, making them very pleased with my service.

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    Fri Oct 09 2009

    FedEx seems to be gentle with the packages they handle, but I've consistently had trouble with them claiming I wasn't at home to receive a package when I was. This has happened three times in the past and just happened to me again 45 minutes ago. I was home, dog sleeping on the floor, and nothing louder than a TV in the house. I went online to check tracking and was shocked to see a missed delivery. My dog goes ballistic when somebody knocks, yet nothing. I called FedEx and they claim they don't have contact with their ground delivery during the day...WTF? How does a global company that knows where my package is at all times and guarantees delivery ANYWHERE not have contact with it's drivers? You gotta be kidding me. Overall they're OK at getting you a package without breaking it, if you want decent customer service look elsewhere.

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    Fedex is horrible. Please dont use it. I was supposed to recieve a package from Butterflyphoto. Can you believe it...The driver did not know how to read the address on the box. He had delivered to the wrong address. Now I am having to go to the Fedex office to collect it and they wouldnt deliver it until three or four days. They have drivers who cant read english. I will definitely not recomment this service if you have something to reach early or expensive products to be shipped...

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    I was waiting on a cell phone to be sent from Verizon, knowing that it would have to be signed for. I missed the FedEx truck (I slept through the doorbell) so I called the 1-800 number for FedEx. The woman on the line was very professional, and sent a message to my neighborhood hub to send the FedEx truck back for a second delivery attempt. In LESS THAN AN HOUR, the driver returned with a smile and gave me my package. I was very impressed with their service.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    Do not use Fedex for any reason whatsoever-their accountability and customer service is horrible. I have received and shipped many, many packages from UPS, and have never had any trouble. A vendor was sending me a very expensive and urgent package with 2nd day delivery, but Fedex COMPLETELY mismanaged the package! First, they went to the wrong address and obtained a completely wrong signature from a person I do not even know. I called Fedex to see where the package was, the rep. brushed me off and said, 'looks like it's already been delivered to so-and-so. we have a signature to prove it." I immediately explained (panicked!) that I did not recognize that name, and the rep. just casually mentions that it must have been delivered to the wrong person. They then had to go find the package, pick it up again, then the very next day when I failed to get the package, the second rep. I called said that the package had not even left the facility to be shipped out to the correct address! Now, I a... Read more

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    Sun Aug 16 2009

    FEDEX IS HORRIBLE!!! DON'T EVER USE IT!!! While babysitting the other day, there was a Fed Ex guy that came up to the door to deliver a package. I went to open the door, but the dog had already beaten me to it. Taylor (a boxer) kept barking, and when I opened the door she ran out to greet him. Taylor jumped up on the package, and, he tells me "Oh she just ripped the package" (which wasn't ripped so I don't know why he was making such a big deal out of it). So I signed for the package and right when he was about to leave he says... ~~> "you better put that dog in the garage before I rip her head off"

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    FedEx Corporation 942 South Shady Grove Road Memphis, TN 38120 This is a complaint about FedEx Ground and the Customer service center. over an issue that started 07-27-2009 and was not resolved until 08-12-2009 Low marks are for the lack of follow through upon being informed of an error and poor communication between me, their customer, and inside their own departments. Plus the criminal use of form emails to reply to this situation. On July 27th a package addressed to another person at another location was left in my driveway. I tried to deliver it myself but I wasn’t able to locate his home. So I contacted the 800 fed ex number on the shipping label. First none of the numbers on the tag were designated as the tracking number and the person on the phone was not able tell which one it was immediately. In fact I had to ask him 3 times which set of numbers it was. I started the conversation with “A package address to someone at another address was left at my house.” This was not unde... Read more

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    The online tracking indicated it arrived in the morning of 7/15 - We were home all day and nobody dropped anything off - I called and talked to a representive that stated she would get the drivers note and call me back - No call back - The next day over 24 hours after the online tracking stated it had been dropped off, it showed up on our porch - I called them back and they had no idea as to what happened nor did they have any record of me calling previously or any information in regards to checking the drivers note - First time using Fedex - I just called back to see if there was an explanation as to what happened - I was lucky my packaged finally showed up - I will not use them again.

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    Your review Worst choice for shipping products‎ - doubleecho‎ - Today FedEx has put too much on the shoulders of their drivers. These guys have so many packages to deliver that they can't wait around, even a few minutes after ringing a doorbell for a signature. Here is a good example. I ordered some products and mistakenly chose the default option, signature required. Which should not be a problem given that someone is usually home at my house. The first delivery came in a narrow window when I was dropping off someone at the train--I was gone 15 minutes, but it was enough. I called to see if I could sign the door tag and get my order. I was told no, someone at the house had to sign for it. WTF? Why can't I sign the door tag? The next day, my girl was sunning herself in the back of the house and did not hear the doorbell. I called again and complained. I posted a huge sign on the door to ring the bell and wait a few minutes. This time the guy came earlier than expected, my girl was in... Read more

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    Sat Jun 27 2009

    horrible service. never use fedex again. I was expecting a important delivery. And the 1st and 2 nd attempts were made on Thursday and Friday. Well, we work, right? so I missed them. Then I was told that the final attempt will be made on Saturday, I left my phone number in case. So I woke up early Saturday morning, and sit at my living room, not dare to listening to music, afraid not hear the doorbell. I wait for the whole day, nobody came, so i checked online, found out "attempt was made on 11am". i rushed to the door, here you go, the doortag. There is doorbell, right? the driver did not know what the doorbell is for. Then I have to wait until tuesday, take one day off from work, and have to drive 1 hour to pick it up. What horrible service!

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    Fedex delivered some of the most important documents of mine to the wrong address and then they never contacted me when they said they would even after opening a complaint ticket. Never opt for Fedex. Pros : NOTHING Cons : Everything, Delivery Time, Absolutely horrible customer service, Delivery to the wrong address.

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    Sat Jun 13 2009

    Hi! I'm Jenie !!!I think Fedex is super low quality in the world of Deliver. This happened with me two time with no any rosponsible. First time i sending The paper map to my family becaz my father have to give it to the ship of his work , His company want to move the ship to another country on Sunday.I was sending it from friday on time and pay for saturday deliverly!and pay to 2910 bath for 3 kilos with 3 piece. when it arrive on saturday my mother call and asking me,she did not get all the map and got only 2 piece.And we find out the fedex sender was no reply to say it still one more piece left but he say nothing to my mother when she sign for receive.So we have to called to fedex and complain but they can only say sorry.And we have to lost much money for ship to wait until monday. On the second time,we still not silly enough .

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    Tue May 19 2009

    For Pete's sake what is WRONG with this company??? I couldn't even find an email address on any of their sight to send my rant to them personally. All I needed to do was schedule a pickup. FedEx Ground brought it to me last week, and now I need to send it back to the company it came from. There was no return label from FedEx (and nothing from the company it came from), so I went online to schedule it all myself. Sounds simple enough. I entered all of the to/from and credit card info., but kept getting a red "your info. cannot be processed at this time" message after I entered everything 5 TIMES. Fine, so I called the tech. support number they gave me. They sent me to a different line to create an account. "You just sent this thing to me last week, can't you just look up my shipping info and send me a label to print out? Or can't the driver print one out when he gets her?" I asked. "You need to establish an account first." Fine, I gave him all my info, including credit card... Read more

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    Wed Apr 29 2009

    I had a horrible experience with FedEx Ground. Called every time they attempted a delivery to gain insight into *when* would be a good time to be around. Customer service is really just there to placate customers. The customer service representative that I spoke with on the 2nd attempt asked me when would be a good day to have it delivered. I mentioned wednesday. They tried to deliver on Tuesday, when I wasn't home. That was the final delivery attempt. I get to go pick it up in a location over 40 miles away. Woo Hoo, I would have been better off just picking it up myself. What a horrible and needlessly stressful experience. UPS is so much more of a customer focused company. They communicate with their drivers (and the communication works!), drivers make multiple attempts in a day (or at a particular time), just a better over-all experience. I will never use FedEx again. This company has real customer-relationship issues.

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    Wed Apr 22 2009

    We have just recently experience damage parcels, Fed Ex denying the item is in their possession, and denial of claims. It appears Fed Ex is not scanning and scheming to deny claims. Customer service is not unreal. So this has become one of our practices when ordering online or over the phone. I request UPS regardless who the companies shipper is. If they refuse to ship UPS and want to use Fed Ex, I tell them I will take my business someplace else. If they agree and ship Fed Ex anyway, the parcel will be rejected upon delivery or while it is being shipped. I notify Fed Ex of the rejection by email and notify them that a small claims collection will be filed. The best approach is request the company ship the item with another company.

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    Wed Apr 22 2009

    I usually don't write reviews, but... FedEx is the WORST. And it surely doesn't even deserve a star, it is worse than terrible!! Few reasons why: 1) They basically DON'T care who they deliver the package to, even if it requires a signature. 2) They constantly leave my packages with the super downstairs, even if I request them not to do so. 3) Once I was sitting at home like a stupid waiting for my package to arrive (trying to avoid headaches that I get if I miss a FedEx delivery). What did they do? I NEVER heard my doorbell ring. And the next thing I know, I saw my delivery status online as "Delivered". They went directly to the super without even ringing MY doorbell!!! 4) Another time, I tried to use their service to reschedule a delivery, because I knew I wouldn't be home for the estimated delivery date. Their reply? "We'll try". Did they really?? No!! I had to go downstairs to the super (again), and hear a bunch of complaints from the super's wife, asking "WHY DO YOU ASK TH... Read more

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    Sat Apr 18 2009

    Wow reading all of these reviews makes me wish I used UPS. So, I buy a brand new Laptop from Newegg, been saving alot of clam for this one too. I pay for overnight urgent because I need it for my weekend, i purchased the laptop 12 AM thursday morning, processed and shipped by 11 AM, and its still in Newark, NJ here Saturday 6:16 AM. I call up fed ex to ask wtf is wrong with them, they say they dont ship overnight urgent on Saturdays.... Now, I have to wait til monday (a full work week) I dont get to use it as I intended, and I'm out $67.00 I paid for overnight urgent, and they wont refund my money. So, yes I know this is awkward and childish but I'm going to flatten the tires of each parked FedEx trucks from now til monday (probably 6PM).

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    I had a package delivered by FED-EX and their customer service stinks!!! I live in a apartment building with a security door with a intercom system to release the door so I know if somebody is here. I checked online to track my package and it said they delivered it and left it outside with no signature needed....I called their customer service/They contacted the diver and he said he left it on the steps at 7:50 am... 1. I'm a disabled/retired veteran of the USAF so my word is good. 2. I checked both side of my building/ no package or shipping slip 3. I was home all day and my window is right by the steps. I would have heard AND SEEN him. 4. My name is on the buzzer. It was not buzzed 5. I called the customer service. She resited me their no signature needed/contact the bussiness the shippied it to you for help..WHAT? 6. Leaving the package could have easily been stolen by anyone. It's a apartment building/lots of tenants/kids/neighborhood kids (leaving it outside the building is stupi... Read more

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    Sat Apr 11 2009

    I'm a high school Spanish teacher and had a group going to Mexico in March. Through no fault of her own(had her name changed) a student of mine never got her passport;the dept. of State kept screwing around and telling us it was on uits way; then a boad block would come up and the wait got longer and longer. The day before the trip, the thing was supposed to arrive in our hometown. It didn't. They say they'll overnight it to Houston (where we board our flight to Merida, Mexico). I'm sweating bullets, epecially after I come on here and read the negative reviews. They said it would be there by 10:00am. It was there at 8:15. Quick cab ride to the Fed Ex building and we were off (now) without a care. I would like to thank FedEx for getting it done when I needed them. Could have ended in a nightmare. Muchisimas gracias!!!

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    Wed Apr 08 2009

    This is only about the FEDEX in EL Paso Texas. I really don’t even know where to begin. Yes I do…. the first incident was when my husband was deployed , I am a military wife (fyi) . I had just delivered my son he was three days old. I got home just in time for a glider that I bought to be delivered by Fedex. The day it was supposed to come they never delivered it. I called they said they had the wrong address and couldn’t change it , I would have to call who I bought it from to change the address. I called the company I bought the glider from and they said they gave fedex the right address to begin with and gave fedex a call anyway, who claimed to have now fixed the situation. Needless to say within the next few days still no glider. I had to go down to the fedex store with my newborn still recovering from childbirth pick up the gilder by myself and bring it home! The second incident: I live in a duplex that was remodeled into a one family home so one side of our house has ... Read more

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    Fri Mar 27 2009

    Delivered my package to fedex office, got my receipt, when it was charged to my credit card it was over $3 more !!!! this has happened on two occassions out of two. Surely they are not allowed to do this , personnally I think it is illegal , I check my credit card statement , does everyone ????????????

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    Absolutely awful service check my tracking # to see for yourself 802642360419247 . First they claim they tried delivering to me on 3/16, funny I stayed home to accept this package and my door was wide open. But the notice says no one was available, I was in the next room all day. Not only that but my driveway shows no marks from tires or a cart, unless this gut threw a 80# planer box on his shoulder. Not only that but when UPS or DHL show up and no one is home they leave a post it on the door. Guess FedEx doesn't really care if you get it or not, and chooses not to inform people that they tried. So I figure I'm lucky to have checked online since no note was here to make sure they have the right address. I called them to verify my address and let them know i would be home, they told me it would be here around noon today. Well wasn't I surprised after waiting all morning when I check the tracking and find out they didn't bother to even put it on the truck today, in case I wasn't... Read more

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    I was getting an immigration document delivered by FedEx. When I tracked it online, I did not believe it was "Left at front door". UPS or DHL would leave shipments at apartment office. I thought FedEx would do the same. Nope! I was totally wrong. I found an envelope literally left on the ground in front of my apartment. I was lucky that nobody picked it up and left. I was so glad that it wasn't windy. I was so grateful that it did not rain. What a wonderful service, huh?

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    The real porblem with fedex is that they have no means of scheculing a delivery. when the customer needs them to, example, if you are schedulded a delivery on Tuesday and you call on Friday or Monday and ask if they can schedule the delivery after 3pm they can not do it even if you request them to do so on Tuesday or Wednesday they can not do it, it seems to me if they can deliver on a Tuesday or Wedneday they can deliver at a time you request if you give them pleanty of lead time. I always have to go to the office myself and pick it up due to no flexability in thier schedules.

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    Mon Feb 23 2009

    I was expecting a package from Cox Communications for a digital TV converter box. A signature was required. The first delivery failed because I was not home (Friday, 2:30pm. I work, right?) The next day was Saturday. Wife and I were both home all day. No doorbell, no knock. Didn't know the delivery had been attempted until I saw the door tag later that afternoon. Thought this was strange. That Monday I stayed home, expecting the package. Fedex website said estimated delivery was 2/23/09. I waited and waited. Two Fedex trucks went by. One actually delivered a package to my neighbor across the street. At that point I called Fedex. Was told that Home Ground Delivery didn't deliver on Mondays. I exploded. Monday is a business day, right? The website explicitly said to expect it on Monday. Customer service very contrite. Said to expect it Tuesday. There was no way I was going to lose another day's work because of their incompetence. Canceled delivery. Canceled order with Cox. Cox was not ha... Read more

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    Wed Jan 28 2009

    If you want your package to arrive Overnight, I would not trust Fed Ex. They didn't deliver their expensive Overnight package because of a "weather emergency". This didn't stop the US Postal Service or UPS from delivering less expensively shipped packages on the same day. They hold themselves to an awfully low standard. Customer service was not at all apologetic or helpful when called. I definitely wouldn't trust them again with something that needed to be there.

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    The service is terrible, the drivers are overworked, and they have to lie for not delivering the packages on time, they say the nobody was at home to receive the package,lies,lies,lies!,etc.

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    Fri Dec 12 2008

    Fedex is terrible. They couldn't find my condo, so I called it 10 minutes after they missed the delivery and clarified. I left detailed directions along with my phone number and they said they'd reattempt that day. They didn't. I then called the next morning to make sure they knew how to get there and left my phone number again in case anything went wrong. What do you know?! They screwed it up again. I can't stand these idiots.

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    You people have nothing to complain about and FedEx will not go out of business.

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    What a joke! What i dont understand is if a city in a completely different state is having a storm, why is it that my package is gonna be late? It irritates me to no end! of course, the day i have an early appointment they arrive early. and I cant go pick it up because it wont be back at FedEx until after I go to work. So the next day I call back to see when it might be delievered and she tells me it should arrive the same time as it did the day before. Great because I have stuff I need to do later in the day before I go to work. Well that time comes and goes. I wait over 3 hours after its supposed to be here(needless to say the UPS people have done made thier deliveries to the comlplex). The man tells me that since there was a storm in Memphis that my package will be late. How is that? So I asked him Well where is the truck and where will it be next? He has no way of telling me that. You mean to tell me that people are supposed to trust this company with their merchandise and... Read more

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    HELLO! We are in a recession people! Do you know what that means? Survival of the fittest! Companies that do business like Fed Ex ground will go out of business. My package was suppose to be delivered on Friday. The driver LIED, LIED, LIED. Said he made an attempts to deliver on Friday and Saturday. WE WERE HOME! No hang tag, did not log the attempted deliveries into the computer (because there were none). Dealt with Customer Advocate Department...what a joke! The package was suppose to be delivered today (Monday). You would think they would have gotten it here in the AM...NOT! Instead it had been on the truck since 6:48am and was suppose to be delivered before 4pm. Guess what time it finally showed up? 4:35pm! I asked the driver why he LIED (twice) and all he said was..."I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry). I don't deal with liers, cheaters and especially companies who do business this way and I bet the rest of the world won't for very long. Good riddance Fed Ex, you are no longer welco... Read more

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    Lets see..bought a brand new macbook ordered it online through my school apple store. I didn't get to pick the carrier...but i got stuck with Fedex..worst thing ever. So i am anxiously waiting the arrival of my new computer..and track the package all day..finally around 3:30 i get a message saying to attempt made. No attempt made i is this. So i call fedex and they tell me they don't have my street address..really i said to the woman..then i proceed to go online and look up my order info..and guess what there in plain english is my full billing AND shipping address. So what did fedex do upon realising that my address was incomplete...nothing. I left my phone number AND email in the event that anything happened and guess what nothing. So in the past when i've missed a delivery or been unable to get a package with UPS, i called to see where i could pick it up and what did they tell me..i couldn't because the driver TOOK THE PACKAGES HOME IN HIS TRUCK! Are you fucking kidding... Read more

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    Horrible service... it takes 5 days (or more because it has not been delivered) and charges more than $30 for 2 days service. WTH.... Below is a complaint letter submitted to Fedex, but who knows whether they read it... so I am posting this on here to avoid another mistake by others. Don't ship valuables through Fedex ever!!! *************************************************** ** Our company shipped a wine (more than $1000 value) to Hawaii as a gift for Thanksgiving. The shipment (tracking#954639269812) was sent by a 3rd party vendor (the packing company) on 11/24/08 (Mon) with 2 days Fedex Express service. It was supposed to be delivered by 5pm on 11/26/08. The recipient was patient to wait until 6:30pm but the delivery man never showed up. After Thanksgiving, on the 11/28/08, it wasn't delivered again. The business was open (The golf course was never be closed even for Thanksgiving). Today, 12/01/08, when I called Fedex to get some help, all Ive told was just to wait and it would be ... Read more

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    Tue Nov 18 2008

    fedex is horrible. shipped 4 packages to my daughter through fedex, she never recieved them. Driver was to lazy to bring them to her apt. door and left them in her apartment lobby and all packages where stolen. Fedex does not take responsibility. Customer does not come first with them. Claims reps where nothing but nasty!!!!! had to rate them one star but they are really a minus!

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    Mon Nov 17 2008

    I just received my flat screen. Television screen CRACKED!!!!!!I think you guys just threw my tv around!! Poor packaging too!!!No fragile stickers at all on the packaging!!!

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    on your systems when putting a tracking number the company needs to put a name on the side of the tracking number, in case people lose their tracking number when you try to look it up atleast you will have a name to go along with the package instead of just a number. who keeps numbers that long its bullshit you need to find a better way to run your company!!! your company just cost me 2500$. fed ex sucks. go with UPS BROWN they deliever good service...

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    Tue Oct 14 2008

    I paid $46cdn to have a document shipped to me, namely my driver's license, the next day (Oct 10, 2008) at 10:30am (From Canada to United States) At about 2am in the morning, I went online to track my package with the tract# provided to me. I was comforted by the fact that my package has arrived for clearing, so I went to sleep thinking that I would surely get it in the morning. 7pm, still no sign of the package. At about midnight, I finally had the time to give them a call, their response to me was my package was still stuck in custom after 24 hours. They do not know why and will call me back in the morning. Oct 11, 2008 Adakadabra! ... after my phone call, a representative called me in the morning (10:30am) to inform me that my package has arrived at the local fedex office, however it was too late for them to send it to me since all their deliverers have departed and they do not do shipping on a sunday. My only option was to go pick it up before they closed today. M... Read more