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    Sun Nov 08 2009

    I got to see this film again as a rerun on cable, and must say it holds the same charm for me as it did at it's opening. Reed Richards is a science geek and a dork and Victor is a wise guy who thinks he owns the world, both out to get the love of Sue Storm (played deliciously by Jessica Alba). With origin stories in comics there is a pretty fast few pages and panels that explain what's going on and it's done. For a movie though they need to flesh out the characters which I feel they did here. The space scene where Ben is outside and about to get fried and Victor wants to keep him out there shows who we're dealing with in Victor. All five get powers from the storm (a deviation from the original comics story but that's fine). The action scenes include fights with Von Doom and a lot of falling, water, fire and even guided missles in the works. What works for me in this film are the character development, including the tension of relationships not only between themselves ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    It really is a cheesy movie, but I still like it. My kids, especially my 6 year old son, love the "thing". :)

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    This bland, forgettable movie is just shy of being bad. The movie's two main problems are that it is too short and the main heroes do more fighting with each other than the enemy. The movie ends just when its about to get good, and that left stale taste in my mouth. Since the release of Marvel movies such as Spider-Man and X-Men, I have looked forward to these kinds of movies hoping that they would raise the bar. This lowers it. I don't have anything else to say about this movie mostly because there's nothing really to talk about. All in all, this movie was average at best.

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    For all the Fantastic Four fans out there this is a must watch. Very good video effects and great action scenes. Not to mention Jessica Alba really made this movie worth watching too.

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    This movie is the origin of the Fantastic Four. There is not much plot, character development or even coherence. However, by turning off my mind and just watching, it was quite enjoyable. All the basic elements of a comic book movie are in place. The discovery of the powers is entertaining. The actual "battle with the bad guy" seems tacked in at the end. (But, who would doubt that the character named "doom" would end up being the bad guy?)

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    Fri Jun 05 2009

    Hoping for a good marvel action flick. I got nothing but dissapointment. making Dr Doom such a wimp was the worst dissapointment in the whole movie. Not being a Fantastic four comics fan I wasn't expecting anything big.

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    Sat Aug 02 2008

    Mediocre and formulaic.

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    Sun Jun 24 2007

    For the first instalment of the franchise, I have a certain threshold for mistakes, or mishaps in the script, casting choices, and how fast/slow the storyline unfolds. Fantastic Four the movie held up its front and can only look forward to get better, and to develop these characters just like how the comics have done. Developing the characters in any movie is a very important aspect for the audience to relate to the whole story. Comedy in this franchise will always be at arms reach, and action it will packed. It is also going to have some brainy aspects to solve problems, and for the family to act as a team. Overall, it was a good start, a good starter for the franchise.

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    Thu Jun 21 2007

    After all the suspence and the wait for an FF movie, it was to say the least a little disappointing. Effects were good but they should have gone CG with the Thing. Chickless is good but the costume just does not quite get it done. The plot is week and the ending sucked.

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    Tue Mar 07 2006

    I hated the Fantastic Four movie it portrayed the characters in their lamest. I actually think that the characters in the comics are great but in this movie it just isn't so::: The Invisible Woman was a bitch I mean she dumped a nice guy just because she couldn't get her way. And she hooks up with his rivel to make him jealous. THE BITCH! Well on the upside she was hott and bolnd like the Invisible Woman is. The Thing was lame I mean your body is hard as a rock and your strong as hell! I get that his wife left him because of that but I think he looked better as the Thing. I understand it can suck being like that but in the comics he found 'some' perks when he gained his powers. Oh and they tried to pull the corny "Beauty and the Beast" crap with his blind girlfriend which would have worked SO much better with the Beast from X-men. The Human Torch was an @$$hole with no personality, he was a total bastard. And on the commercials they made him out to be the coolest character ever but ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 08 2006

    A cinematic abomination, possibly the worst movie ever made about comic book heroes. The best part is that they got to the point and you didn't have to wait 45 minutes for it to get going. Dr. Doom in this movie was dreadful. Instead of being a slightly sympathetic fictional Eastern European dictator he got turned into some sort of evil yuppie cliche spouting awful lines. Ok, The Iron Curtain doesn't exist anymore, but still, they could have made him more interesting than that. The effects were decent, but the plot and dialogue were atrocious.

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Had al lthe makings for a great movie but then just fell flat on its face. Too much origin not enough story.

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    Sun Aug 14 2005

    All the critics I read said this was a lousy movie and should be avoided. I had to see it in a small theater, the old school kind, but I thought it wasn't bad. Jessica Alba was very attractive. All the actors weren't bad either. I really liked the guy who played The Thing. He played the part well. Some thing I didn't like; the music was ok, but it could have been better. They could have given more background on each character, and I didn't like the last oh... 20 minutes of it. It could have been more exciting ( Doom lost because he got some water sprayed on him.Come on!). Overall, not bad. Better than I thought it was going to be. I'm looking forward to the next movie.

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    Sun Aug 07 2005

    I do not get why Ebert and Roper give thumbs down on this movie and why some of my local newspapers give it just 2 stars. This is one of a kind, butit is ceratin that it will not match X-Men and Spider Man as the all time best from Marvel Comics, but it is one that the family can enjoy despite that it is rated PG-13. Funny at times, somewhat suspenseful, but the action and drama does fill in some of the gaps. This is good, but not great (I will see the mid 1990's version soon to compare); but hey, one star for each team member sounds fitting for this movie, eh?

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    Of all the movies based on comics that have been released, Fantastic Four is probably one truest to the comics and cartoons than any of the others. Already a great comic book series, Fantastic Four is fantastically realized as a theatrical feature. The plot centers around one of the main foes of the FF, Dr. Doom. After gaining their powers, they must face him down as he blames them for his own transformation. The continunity touches are great and include references to Doom's home country, the conflict between The Human Torch and The Thing and more. The acting is very good--especially the actors that portray The Thing and The Human Torch. Jessica Alba is also quite good--and extremely attractive--as the Invisible Girl. The special effects are amazing and the fast pace of the movie never slows down. There are also well-executed elements of humor, and a moment involving an action figure that nearly breaks the fourth wall. Overall, a very fun ride and a good movie.

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    Thu Jul 14 2005

    As a fan of the Fanstatic Four comic book, I was eagerly anticiapting this movie, hoping it would be as good as the X-Men and maybe even as great as Spiderman. It wasnt. It's not a bad comic book related movie like Daredevil and The Hulk, but it wasnt great either. The movie did have quite a bit of humor and the premise worked well enough as a variant from the comic. There were not enough action/special effects - it took too long to have the FF get their powers and manifest them. The battle scene vs Doom was OK, but rather limited. It should have happened sooner and there should have been a pre-battle scene between the group before the big finale shootout. Overall, I have a hard time recommending this movie to others, to have them spend their time and money to see. Best to wait til video and see how you like it. You really would'nt be missing that much.

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    Fri Jul 08 2005

    This movie was the best movie that I've seen this year. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole movie. I loved the way they incorporated the humour and action. The acting was great, the special effects were beyond belief. I don't know what people are thinking when they say this movie is boring. I can name boring movies, and this was not one. DO YOU EVEN WATCH THE MOVIE? The directing was superb and they picked the perfect actors to portray the roles. Jessica Alba was fantastic playing The Invisible Women. And I really liked the Human Torch, wow what a funny guy. Michael Chickless did a superb job, and I've got to hand it to them for not using a lot of CGI to do the Thing. It was perfect. The person who played Doom was great. When I hate a villain so much that I want to get rid of him, the actor did a great job. And last buy not least Mr. Fantastic. He was great too. Like I said, perfect actors for the perfect roles. My favorite scene was the battle between Dr. Doom and the Fantas... Read more