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    Tue Jul 26 2011

    watch this show alot its pretty funny

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    Fri Jul 22 2011

    Five star show in the 1990s... Absolutely shit nowadays. Just dumb shit for dumb people.

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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    Funny as hell! but they play the same episodes over and over again.

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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    It's Not the Best Show ever, but it's entertaining and Fun to Watch. I like how it critisizes the society at some points (like in the Episode when louis gets to Be Major and her political Speech is shit but People Love it) My Personal favourite is Brian. A Talking, educated Dog with an alcohol problem - stupid but Genius ;)

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    Tue Dec 14 2010


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    Fri May 07 2010

    Oh god, plagiarism off The Simpsons, shame on you.

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    Wed May 05 2010

    I tried watching this show but I couldn't stand the sick humor.

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    Say what you want about Family Guy, but it's popular for a reason. This show is HILARIOUS, but I'll admit, I've actually been offended at a couple of jokes. The humor isn't victimless, but it's not nearly as crude or harsh as say, South Park. The humor is crude and immature, but damn, that's what makes it funny! Stewie is just great, especially gay Stewie. He's way funnier than maniacal Stewie. I'm really tired of the old episodes, These just seem to get funnier and more outrageous with each episode they put out. Peter is like a four hundred pound child, Lois is a hot house wife with some serious issues, most people can see a little of themselves in Brian, Chris is retarded and we all love to hate Meg! If you enjoy fart jokes, you will love this show. It's basically a half hour of fart jokes.

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    Fri Nov 27 2009

    Family Guy has their funny moments, but otherwise it's all plain stupid and nonsense. Nowhere as good as The Simpsons.

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    I am a woman, and I happen to think Family Guy is hilarious... Yes, it can be degrading to women and all types of people at that, but you've just got to have a sense of humor about it and find the humor in it.

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    Sat Sep 26 2009

    Its a show that's good for a laugh, but there's a lot of ick factor with it, seems like a lot of cartoon vomit happens for no good reason...but i have a fear of any vomit, cartoon or real so...yeah.

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    Tue Sep 15 2009

    Overall, it's decent. I am starting to find that it is starting to wear on me a little and it's starting to feel a little predictable. Some episodes are very funny, but overall it seems like a show more suited for the junior high and high school crowd (even though they might not understand some of the references). Unless they can make some episodes with completely new stuff, I'll pass on this for now and watch my season 5 DVD, which is one of the better ones.

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    Fri Jun 12 2009

    Arbitary and just plain stupid. What is the point of this random and childish show. 5th grade humor.

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    i like tottaly love this show it is so funny and it is sofunny how peter is a fat lard

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    Tue May 19 2009

    this should get 0 stars

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    Wed May 13 2009

    It's cute but I don't understand the hype? I'd give 3 stars but I'm deducting to 2 because I'm disappointed because other people have overhyped it for me.

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    Sun May 10 2009

    I wouldn't even give this show one star. but apparently I'm forced to. One episode was enough to not want to watch it again. It is degrading to women and the show makes fun of things that anyone with any decency would not find funny. The humor is SICK and a show like this should not be on at a time when kids could have the opportunity to watch it if their parents weren't careful. This show is just another example of why this generation is going down the tubes with perverts everyone corrupting our innocent children. God help us.

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    Sun May 10 2009

    I won't over-praise this show. . .it has legions of followers that (I believe) tend to oversell it- I find several misses with the hits BUT- Some of the scalding satire is quite funny and you have to really know your shite to get some of the jokes. Hit or miss for me. . .inconsistent. . .but it's a solid three or four. . .

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    Wed Apr 08 2009

    i think that the people that think this show is inapropiate should stop bein a big f ing baby and grow up..its a cartoon get over it people...but i think the show has always been funny..true there are some episodes that are not as great as others but a bad episode of family guy is better than a episode of any of that other crap u people watch that think family guy is inapropriate. So Family guy is the bomb!!! oh yea

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    Wed Dec 24 2008

    Deteriorating fast, but the new episodes are still good and worth watching. At its best, Family Guy is quite simply unparalleled in this millenium (but I suppose it hasn't had much competition...).

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    Wed Dec 24 2008

    Its still going strong, and almost everybody knows at least one quote from the series.

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    Good show.  As someone mentioned, Stewie (the baby) and Brian (the dog) are by far the best two characters.

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    Fri Sep 26 2008

    This is a pretty funny show about a loser and his family who live in Rhode Island. I only gave it a 3 because the show has dropped down in quality.

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    Sun Sep 14 2008

    Barely a 90's show, I don't think Family Guy qualifies. It is definitely a new millennium show.

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    Sat Sep 13 2008

    A VERY poor man's The Simpsons...

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    Thu Aug 07 2008

    I love this show. It is one of my favorites and I never get tired of watching reruns of it.

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    Fri Aug 01 2008

    Lets not take ourselves so seriously.And what if there are random flash backs, they are all funny! People also said Archie Bunker was distasteful, but then put things in perspective.I love this show. My wife does think I am nots, but I love it.

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    Fri Jul 25 2008

    Don't get me wrong i love family guy but its a bit degrading to some people. I laugh out loud at some of the things but it gets very repetitive, random flashback after random flashback after random flashback.. but all the same family guy is a pretty cool show. 6/10

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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    I think family guy is stupid and very degrading to women. Most of the people that like this are men. I can see why.

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    Fri Jun 13 2008

    Family Guy is AWESOME!! Clever and unique jokes that even though people say anyone can come up with it, It only happens on Family Guy. A Laugh Out Loud Show. LOVE IT!!

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    Wed May 28 2008

    Anyone watching this program is sick. Its vulgar and disrespectful to say the least.

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    Sat May 24 2008

    The problem I have with Family Guy, is since being revived back from the dead, its always been the same kind of stuff. Random pointless flashbacks every minute or so and not focusing enough on the plot at all. Peter has become dumber and all the other characters are out of place, I'm just finding the series repetitive now and Family Guy used to be so good back in its early years (Seasons 1-3). Why can't things go back the way they were? There are a couple of fairly decent episodes here and there, but the series is just not the same as it used to be. Sometimes I feel that maybe the series should have stayed cancelled, and shows like The Simpsons and South Park managed to stay fresh and enjoyable for at least 10 years. How long will Family Guy last? How could this have happened to one of my favourite shows? If you've run out of ideas, then just cancel it and stop giving us recycled ideas and jokes!

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    Tue May 13 2008

    Me and my dad love this show and watch it all the time! It can be gross and vulgar more than we like at times but seriously people if you don't like the show or think it's bad for the kids then simply just don't watch it and block the channel from the kids. It is funny more often than not and the characters are hillarious! Family Guy gets my vote!!!

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    Sun Apr 20 2008

    While Family Guy is entertaining, it is not something children should watch. The time slot allows this to happen daily? What happened to protecting our childrens value system? Not all of the people, or children are conditioned to this type of content on primetime! Take a step back and get a accurate perspective! The Simpsons and South Park fair no better. It is a sad state of affairs for the average American family to have their children influenced by such vulgar programing. Michael Venable

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    I honestly despise this show, but I gave it 2 stars, instead of 1, because it can be very funny at times. But for me, it's not worth it. I think it's pure trash. And anyone who creates a pedaphile character and makes fun of child molestation seriously needs their head checked. For me, it's not about just offending people. If something is actually traumatic, especially involving children, you shouldn't mock it.

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    Way funnier than the simpsons! I love it I laugh everytime

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    Tue Dec 11 2007

    so wrong but oh so right....and hilarious

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    Sun Dec 09 2007

    cant stand the show its not appropreit

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    Tue Sep 04 2007

    What's not to love about an animated dysfunctional family with a talking baby & dog?

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    Tue Sep 04 2007

    HILLARIOUS tv show!  Peter Griffin is stupid but thats what makes the show funny!!  I love the different character on the show too.  The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is while it is one of my favorite adult cartoons, some episodes are too silly and off the wall lol.

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    Thu Mar 01 2007

    Family Guy used to be funny until they got obsessed with 80's pop culture references. IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY, DAMNIT!

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    Mon Feb 05 2007

    This show can be really funny, but there are times when it is too random. You stare at the show and wonder why am I watching this?

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    Sat Jan 27 2007

    The newer episodes are better, I think.

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    Tue Jan 09 2007

    I think that this show is occasionally brilliant and is capable of making me laugh out loud with it's satire. Written by many of the same people that did the Airplane movies. Not every episode is a winner, I have seen some real flops but, in this day and age anything that can amuse me at all on TV is going to get 3-4 stars. I quit watching The Simpsons a long time ago because its humor got too mainstream for me.

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    Tue Jan 09 2007

    This show is just a meaningless parody of everything in pop culture. I guess its many fans, whose viewpoint I can only try to inhabit, must watch it while patting themselves on the back for catching all the references to celebrity culture and whatnot. But why do we need to watch a TV show to catch a parody of Hollywood celebrities? Doesn't this shit already parody itself? The Family Guy is so parasitic on passing fads of our time that no one will be able to laugh at its weak humor in two years. At least South Park often reached for something deeper in the attempt to critique the culture.