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    Tue Dec 29 2009

    First let me say the people that go to this place are fabulous, Now for the Bad the WATER DOWN DRINKS, if I wanted water down drinks I would go to a regular club, 2nd is the attitude of the Employees they feel they deserve tips, HERE IS A TIP....LEARN to make drinks with real Alcohol not albertsons tequila. IF you guys want to go to a gay club try the one across the street Badlands, at least the drinks arent water down

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    Sat Aug 01 2009

    first the good. all the staff i encountered was very nice. went with my wife and her friends this weekend, i was the driver. we have been around a little and gone to some seedy clubs but this place is just gross every flat surface was sticky, no one ever picked up dirty glasses nor the one that shattered on the ground. the music is too loud and the system is not tuned well. a 1000 watts in my car, i know loud music, this was just crappy. no soap in the bathrooms. everyone that went with us said they had fun but one common complaint was the drinks were weak. 9 dollar shots of patron and after 5 a person expects a certain feeling. i watched drinks being poured for a minute and thought they sure are generous with the booze. but if straight shots are not working and they pour heavy maybe watered down?

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I've been here a number of times and have had a positive experience. There isn't a dress code, and while some people have a problem with that, I think it makes it more fun than the swanky expensive clubs. The drinks are good, and about average price. They do have a cover charge, but if you get there early (before 9) it is $5 instead of $10. The music isn't the best, but it's also not bad, and in general, people are friendly and fun. The crowd is mostly gay, but there are also a good number of straight people, and in my experience, there is never really any conflict.

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    I go to this club at least once a month... it has been reliable and we always know we will have fun there. I may be breaking the mold but I am not gay, and I still love this place. Everyone is really accepting and you don't feel like you are being judged, which takes all the anxiety out of clubbing and dancing with strangers, which just leaves the fun of it all. The drinks are good and not too expensive, and even though the dance floors aren't as big as some other clubs they have three so it's usually not too crowded.

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    Fri Feb 08 2008

    I've been going to Faces for many years now and one thing is for certain... Everyone is welcomed and the energy in the club is positive. It may be best for individuals who prefer dress codes and limited participation to perhaps locate a more prestigious lounge like environment where open mindedness is limited and true intellect rarely found!!!! Don't ruin it for the rest of us (the majority of the populous)!!!! Stay away if you like while everyone else who is less critical regarding their perspectives of other people within our wonderfully diverse society celbrates our existence and has the time of our life!!!!!

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    Sat Sep 29 2007

    Since the remodel I heve been there once and will not go back. They should have a dress code. Its a upscale atmosphere but when they start letting in the rift raft who look like they just come from the beach with their sandle it brings the class down. The bars and drinks are great, but they need to have a dress code.

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    Sun Jun 11 2006

    I"ve been there 3 times, and 3 strikes your out! First trip was a 18 dollar strip steak. One of the cheapest cuts of meat that can be very tough if not cooked properly and cut on the grain. So naturally they messed it up and then try to classy it up with four drops of A-1 sauce in the corners on a cup of rice....tacky! To make it worse this supposed upscale restaraunt served it with FRozen Veggies! No bread, no salad and horrible service. Trip two we had salads and I had their shrimp and avacodo. The avacado chunks were replaced by gaucomole. Who wants a wet salad that has nothing but romaine and croutons and then make more soggy by adding gaucomole. Again slow and bad service. I think they are using bar staff as restaraunt staff, who don't have any familiarity with customer service. Trip Three the chicken sesame salad. This salad was average with only romaine lettuce, good chicken but way too much dressing. Don't expect anything but the salad, they won't be offering bread with thi... Read more

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    Mon Apr 04 2005

    If you've got a thing for dancing then Faces is the place for you. If your thing is singing check it out on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday for karaoke. Basically, Faces offers a safe, fun, lively place to be yourself (GLBT) with reasonably priced drinks and a bunch of great bartenders (say hey to Marge in the Video Bar!). A special note to straight folks: if you're asked to dance or offered a drink by a person of your same sex, it doesn't mean we think you're gay just that we *hope* you are. Be flattered, not offended. Take a chance on Faces, you'll have a great time.

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    Sun Oct 24 2004

    The Scene The sheer vastness of this club can be overwhelming at first, but the layout is straightforward, once committed to memory. Just inside to the right is the fireside lounge and front patio with its own bar, mainly for relaxing and stocking up on free popcorn. Further in is the main dance floor, where everyone from country line dancers to shirtless techno aficionados revel in the sensory experience of the thumping sound system and special effects. A smaller video bar across the hall is often more about posing than grooving, despite inspiration from a wall of 16 TV screens, but can be fun on karaoke and drag revue nights. Outside, the homey vibe on the heated enclosed patio encourages mingling and flirting. The Draw Faces has been considered one of the hottest River City gay bars since it opened in 1985, but it also attracts a big straight crowd, particularly on the weekends.

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    Tue Nov 25 2003

    Indoor, enclosed smoking permitted, and the smoke moves throughout the entire club. Not bad for a GAY bar.

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    Wed Nov 27 2002

    I have to say that this place does not have DJ's--they merely spin really bad remixes of radio edits, in other words really loud music you hear on the radio--The crowd is a tacky dressed crowd. It is crowded, but it seems it's the only and best place to go in Sacramento?--Really REALLY Sad if it's true. It must be a factor of what the crowd likes, tacky people beg for tacky times. My suggestion--get some DJ's and give them a huge budget to buy some real music. As for the outdated crowd, well we'll have to work on them....Shorts and Sandals to a club is horrible!!

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    Sun Aug 11 2002

    Well I dont know if I would call it a club....yes there are dance floors but they are small and crowded....decent bar but kindof dirty could use a janator or 2 or 3. I liked the Depot Much more

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    Tue Aug 06 2002

    This Club could use some help While they have good ideas and theme's they dont put much time into them..no attention to detail......The DJ's play cd's and what they call a remodel is some new paint and a plant here and there........The staff could use some customer service training...and a smile wouldn't hurt